Sorrow was only five when all of this madness occurs..

"Mommy! Daddy! Look at what I have!" sorrow ran to them as he jumped like a happy puppy.

" Now, now, calm down what are you going to show us?" His father asked as he kneeled down and petted the over exited boy.

"This! Hold on!" Sorrow moved forward so it wouldn't hit his father. Sorrow took a step back and turned his back against the anxious parents and at that very moment snow-white wings appeared on his pale back, feathers falling on the wooden floor of the kitchen.

"isn't it cool! I can fly now! And touch the sky!" Sorrow yelled out as he turned around with a huge smile on his face, which suddenly vanishes as he saw the look on his parent's faces..

"M-mommy? Daddy? What's wrong..?" Sorrow asked as he titled his head.

A few moments of silence only roamed the room..

Another silence..

Then finally the mother and father looked at each other and backed on their " demon" child..

" What the hell are you..? " His father asked as he stood in front of his wife.

" D-daddy..? What's wrong? I'm your son~" Sorrow explained with a slight smile.. Though this time he forced it out..

" no your not.. Who the hell are you? Wait no.. What the hell are you? " His father demanded as he yelled at him.

Sorrow felt tears forming in his dark crimson eyes.. ".. I don't know.." Was the only words that escaped his mouth..

"Your not my child! I don't know you! Get away!" The man said as he stood in front of the young boy..

"D-daddy..? " Sorrow said as he was confuse on why the man was yelling..

There it was again.. The Silence..

" D-daddy?" The voice repeated..

" Get away.. We don't want you.. Your not our son.. Go away.. You monster." This time his father's voice was filled with confusion and anger. He pulled his hand and slammed it on the boy's cheek.

Sorrow felt the stinging pain on his right cheek.. He turned to see his father , who is staring at the side of the kitchen..

" Get away.. Go to your room.. Get out of my sight.. You monster.." The father said as he glared at his own abomination.

Sorrow looked at his mother who seemed to be crying which only made Sorrow cried heavily..

" I SAID GO TO YOUR ROOM!" His father yelled.

Sorrow's wings has been folded and disappear making him look human

He quickly got on his feet and ran upstairs to his room with a few stumbles on the way.

" I'm sorry.." Sorrow whispered as the tears gently flows down his cheek , blending him and the dark together.

"AH!" Sorrow woke up screaming and sweat pouring out of his face..

".. Another dream.. Wait no I need to rephrase that.. A memory.." Sorrow took a deep sigh and looked around his room. Same a ever. White walls and red and black furniture. He rolled his shoulders and got up and stretch.

"Better get going.." Sorrow walked towards the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

Sorrow has also been the one that "fits in the crowd" due to his features...

Black hair, slim yet muscular, pale skin, and crimson eyes...

Sorrow sighed and turned around and looked at his two scars on his back where his beautiful wings that was once there..

"Nothing but a monster…" Sorrow said to himself before he changed into his uniform and walked downstairs seeing his roommates downstairs making breakfast.

"Hey sorrow! Your up already.. Breakfast is almost done so just wait a minute okay? " Late replied..

All sorrow did was nodded slowly and sat down.

"Yo sorrow.. Feeling okay? You seem so.. Out of it lately.." Late asked as he ran a hand through his brown hair and looked down on the lonely looking person sitting..

"Hm..? Oh sorry.. Just a bad dream…" Sorrow replied as he looked at the ground.

"Oh.. Is it.. One of those dreams? " Late asked as he sat down next to him.

Sorrow took a moment before nodding.

"Well I'm sorry about that... Here breakfast is all done.. Im going upstairs to change alright?" Late got up and took off his apron and went upstairs to get change for school.

" Such kindness.. I won't get use to that yet.. But I will eventually.. " Sorrow grabbed the mug in front of him and slowly sips the black coffee…

After a few moments, Sorrow began to hear footsteps coming from the stairs.

" Ah… Finally you came.. Well give me a ride to school okay? I don't feel like walking today.." Sorrow complained as he rubbed his head.

" Lazy as always.. Alright fine. " Late tighten his tie and grabbed his suitcase and opened the door.

" Don't worry.. It's only today okay, late." Sorrow replied as he grabbed his bag and headed out the door.

Late followed as he locks the door behind them and went into the car at the same time with Sorrow.

" Now today I'm going to be late from work so make sure you don't burn down the house , okay? " Late said as a small sighed came out of his voice.

Sorrow didn't listen to him at all. He just nodded each time late said something. Watching the scenery from the car window as they droved to his school..


"Hey sorrow.. " The voice repeated..

Sorrow finally snapped out of it due to the shaking on his shoulders.

"W-what? " He asked finally snapped out of it.

"Um.. We're here.. You know your school.." Late slightly laughs.

" R-right.. Well see you at home later okay." Sorrow went out of the car and closed the door behind him..

* Um after school? Don't ask why.. There was no point to it.. So here's the better part of the story..*

Sorrow stretch as he left the school.

" Why do the teachers hate me..? " Sorrow asked himself as he sighed slightly.

He began to walked to his part-time job at a small restaurant in town.

".. Why do I feel like I shouldn't go.. This isn't right.." He told himself. He quickly shrugged it off and went into the small restaurant

He went into the break room and changed into his uniform. A black suit with a finishing touch of a black tie. How boring..

He grabbed a few menus , small notepad , and of course a pen.

"Hey sorrow. Can you get table nine's orders? Im really busy right now. " One of the employees yelled at him.

"Alright, no problem.." He walked to table nine and his heart just suddenly stopped when he saw who it was..

"it can't be them..? Can it? They look like them.. No.. I might be wrong. " He quickly shook his head. He walked slowly to the table.

"D-do you know what might you be having today? " Sorrow asked nervously.

The man looked up and his eyes widen.

And once again that familiar silence. That silence Sorrow hated for so long.

"V-Vincent? " The man said as his stare suddenly turned violent.

"Y-you must be mistaken.. M-my name is Sorrow.. " Sorrow explained. He wasn't lying or anything. His name is Sorrow.. Vincent was his past.. A past he wish to fades.

" no.. Your Vincent… Why are you here? I thought you left to do suicide. ?" The man suddenly stood up and looked down on his own ex-son.

"Please.. Leave the past.. I understand your disappointed to see me still standing.. But with all due and re-" Sorrow couldn't finish his sentence he soon felt a tight grip on his throat.

" Why are you here? Monsters like you don't deserve to live! You have no reason! " His father yelled.

".. I'm not a monster anymore.. R-remember..?" Sorrow said as he tried to get out the man's grip..

His father didn't respond. Sorrow turned to look at his mother who seemed confuse and sad.

" Ha-ha.. I knew it my presences is a burden to everyone. Even my own mother is sad to see me." Sorrow thought to himself.

Sorrow looked at his father softly. Which only gained him a tighter grip on his neck, causing him to lose oxygen.

Everyone attentions were on them. The room began to fill with mumbles, murmurs, and rumors.

"Why won't you say anything? Vincent are you listening. ?" His father asked sternly.

Though sorrow can not respond.. His eyes were blank and lifeless.

"Monster.. That's all I am.." Sorrow said before falling into a trance.

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