Chapter 4: ~Alpha attack~

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It was the next morning and still Crystal was lost on how she felt. Sitting up from her bed on the couch she realized she'd been covered up while she slept. The smell of fresh bacon wafted past, making her stomach growl. Getting up, she followed it to find Derek in the kitchen cooking. "Morning sleepy head." he said over his shoulder as he turned the omelet he was cooking. She looked down as he turned and her eyes met his. She couldn't bring herself to look at him right now, not after what happened the night before. "Is something wrong?" he asked his tone sweet and concerned. "N-no, nothing's wrong..." she muttered as he plated up all the food he had prepared and lead her back into the living room. He sat a plate in her lap and dug into his own hungrily. Trying to avoid looking at him, Crystal flicked on the TV, and the news was on. The anchorwoman spoke, and a picture of Derek appeared on the screen beside her:

"Police are still on the lookout for Beacon Hills local Derek Hale, whom is wanted under murder charges for the death of the Beacon Hills school janitor. Student Scott McCall and four other students lay witness to the event, saying that it was Hale whom murdered the janitor, and whom trapped them inside the school, wanting to kill them as well. If you have any details on Hale's location, please call Beacon Hills police department."

Crystal's eyes widened in shock, and she looked over at Derek. " didn't. You couldn't were with me..." her words came out fast and jumbled. Derek just shook his head. "Scott needed an out, a way to cover himself to them, so he told the cops I did it. I am after all an easy target..." he said his tone growing somber. This only made her mad. How could Scott throw him under the bus like that! "I can't stay here any longer. If I do, then I'm putting you at risk." Derek said to her, stroking her hair gently. "Where will you go then?" her voice came out worried. "Stiles said he'd house me for now. I really am sorry about this." Crystal got up from her seat. "I'm going with you." she said, her tone serious. " can't." he looked into her piercing green eyes. "But..." She knew this feeling was her own. She didn't want him to leave her. She felt his strong arms around her, holding her tight against his chest. "Don't be sad, I'll make sure to visit you as much as I can." he leaned down and kissed her forehead, before gliding out the door. "Derek…" Her mind was made up, she needed to go see Scott, and either find out why he did this or pummel him. She bolted through the forest until she made it to the school, once again sliding through the window of the cafeteria to find him sitting at a table. "Scott what the hell is your problem!" She growled, plopping down in front of him. He didn't even acknowledge she was there, staring off into space as if there was something behind her. "ANSWER ME!" Her fists smashed into the table, causing a loud thump and the cafeteria to grow silent. Scott finally looked up shaking his head. "I..I don't know what you're…" Crystal cut him off right there. "No, you do know what I'm talking about!" her voice grew hushed and she hissed. "Why in god's name would you blame Derek for what happened at the school!" Scott's eyes grew dim. "I thought he was dead, they would have called off the search and everything would have been fine." He spoke in a matter of fact tone. "Well, he wasn't. After you left him there to die I showed up and took him back to my place to take care of him. Now, because of your little dick headed move the police department is after him, again!" Her hands clenched into fists and a small trickle of blood could be seen dripping from her palms. "I..I'm sorry what more do you want from me?" She just got up from her seat. "Just…leave Derek and I alone!" She grumbled, storming off.

Crystal had been wandering around the forest for hours now, trying to calm the torrent of anger that she was feeling. After a while, her feet grew tired, and she headed back to her house, slouching into the couch. The room was bare, almost empty without Derek there. Lying there, she flipped open her phone. There was one unread message, from Derek. Curiosity hit her as she opened the text. It was a simple text, but something of dire importance: "The Alpha is at the hospital." Hopping to her feet she jumped into her car and drove fast as she could to the hospital. Stiles' jeep was parked nearby and she shook her head wondering why he would be there. Throwing those questions off she headed inside, only to have to duck behind the reception desk to avoid a flying person. Upon closer inspection she saw it was Derek. Instinct kicked in and she was about to get up when a hand was placed on her shoulder and stopped her. Whipping around with claws bared, she saw it was Stiles. "What the heck are you doing Stiles! I was about to rip your head off!" She yelled trying to keep her voice down. "Do you want to get killed! Look, Derek's uncle, he's the alpha. You step in there and he'll kill you." Stiles answered, still holding her arm. "I can't just let Derek get hurt." Stiles shook his head no at her. "Right now it better you wait and see what happens." His voice was calm and logical. Rolling her eyes a bit at him Crystal nodded. "Fine…" She grumbled, peaking around the corner to get a better view.