Dear Lauren.

I may have left Earth to take my life elsewhere in heaven, I've never left your heart.

My arms are still wrapped around you.

Your tears are still wiped with my fingers.

When you cry, I'll always be beside you.

When your in danger, I'll alway be around to protect you.

When you grow old and remember me, I'll hope to see you soon.

When you get married, I'll be there sat at the back knowing that your happy.

When you have children, I'll be standing there holding your hand.

When your there at my funeral, I'll be there putting my arm over your shoulder telling you I'm ok.

When your daughter is born, call her Liberty it means freedom.

When your son is born, call him James it means fighter.

Keep my memory alive by visiting me, on my birthday, christmas, summer, easter.

I'll be sitting in our place on the corner of the road.

I'll be there when you graduate from Universty.

When you sleep tonight, I'll be watching over you.

Sweet dreams baby.

Peter xxxx