Rocky Horror Facebook Show

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[Frank Furter] joined facebook.
[Magenta] joined facebook.
[Riff Raff] joined facebook.
[Frank Furter] dislikes this
[Columbia] joined facebook
[Eddie Teddy] joined facebook
[Columbia] wrote on [Eddie Teddy's] wall: "Cute name! Xoxo"
[Eddie Teddy] changed name to [Eddie]
[Columbia] dislikes this
[Janet Weiss] changed her relationship from [Engaged] till [its complicated]
[Frank Furter]likes this.
[Frank Furter] wrote on [Janet Weiss] wall: "Wasn't it pleasurable?"
[Janet Weiss] wrote on her own state: "Noo! It isn't like you think… its… it's…"
[Rocky Horror] joined facebook. [Rocky Horror] sent a friends request to [Janet Weiss]
[Frank Furter] dislikes this.
[Brad Majors] Joined facebook.
[Brad Majors] dislikes [Rocky Horror] friends request to [Janet Weiss]
[Rocky Horror] comment he's own friend request: "uh-uhu-uh"

[Magenta] changed her relationship to "In a relationship" with [Riff Raff]
[Columbia] comment [Magentas] relationship: "Grooowseee!"
[Riff Raff] comment [Magentas] relationship: "earthling…"
[Magenta] comment her own relationship: "It's not YOUR relationship, Col!"

[Columbia] changed from "In a relationship" to "It's complicated".
[Eddie] comment [Columbias] relationship: "What? Babe I just changed name!"
[Columbia]comment her own relationship: "Eddie, your kinda dead…"
[Frank Furter] like this.
[Frank Furter]comment [Columbias] relationship: "That's a rather tender subject."
[Magenta dislike this]
[Magenta] comment [Columbia] relationship: "Master, that's old. It isn't funny"
[Frank Furter] comment [Columbias] Relationship: "It is! Rocky laugh about it"
[Rocky Horror] comment [Columbias] relationship: "uhuhuhuh"
[Magenta] comment [Columbias] relationship:"That isn't a laugh! Rocky saying that to all"