A/N: Hey, do u think I would invite a few from shock treatment?

[Brad Majors] wrote on [Janet Weiss] wall: "Em, Janet i'm going too… erhrm… buy some.. apples. Yeh, buy some apples. So I'm coming home quit late, I maybe don't come back til tomorrow.. its hard to, hrm, buy apples. But don't worry Janet. Everything going too be alright."
[Frank Furter] like this.
[Janet Weiss] comment this: "But Brad! You're allergic to apples!"
[Brad Majors] comment this: "I know. But I love apples. So I'im.. going to buy some medicine too. Don't worry Janet."

~ 20 minutes later ~

[Janet Weiss] wrote a state: "Where's Brad? Where's anybody?"
[Magenta] comment this: "So vhat, are little Janet going to cry?"
[Janet Weiss] comment her own state:"y-es… actually. B-but I can at least say my "w"'s!"

[Brad Majors] checked in too: "Denton-castle-who-has-no-phone" through Iphone.
[Janet Weiss] comment this: "DO YOU WENT THERE? OH BRAD.."
[Betty Munroe] comment this: "DO YOU HAVE AN IPHONE?"
[Frank Furter] comment this: "smirk, so you're finaly here. I'm in the bedroom. ;)"
[Janet Weiss] went offline because she swooned.

[Columbia] wrote on [Frank Furter's] wall: "Sorry to disturb u and Braaad frankie! But Rocks gone! He's like, the chains like broken1111111111111!1!1!11111111"
[Dr Scott] comment this: "Coluhmibiah, can I call u carooline? Columbiah zuch a creeppzy name! but anywayz, vat doz "1" mean? Eddie gotta marrie a zmart girl!"
[Eddie Teddy Scott] comment this: "Cool down Scotty! I think Columbia tried to write "!". "
[Frank Furter] comment this: "HOW COULD HE? I bought a gift for my little baby! And that's no way to behave on our two years day!"
[Rocky Horror] comment this: "at least im prety…"
[Frank Furter] comment this: "That's old! I aint gonna forgive you for you're pretty. Come here, so you can pay your guilt in a much more funny way! With me and Brad.."

[Janet Weiss] wrote a state: "ROCKY IS OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!"
[Betty Munroe] comment this: "IM COMING OVER!"