The Ones In Command

By: MyNameisJag

Chapter 1: Codes Suck

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Really these things get annoying after writing so many after awhile.

Notes: There are stories out there about the Praxians being closely related to the Seekers, so this idea popped up. Also there is a surprise guest from another TF generation in here for my amusement. Mech/Mech slash that kind of thing get it. Decided to put this up since I only have one chapter left from Of Angels And Demons to write and since it's coming to an end this one started. Odd pairings Prowl/Ratchet/Red Alert with other couples thrown in. Sorry, when I put this up, something happened to make it go all wonky and screwed up the words.

Being related to Seekers meant having some of the same programming and Prowl has been suppressing his for way to long. Now the codes are out and he wants a Trine and two poor bots won't know what hit them.

His doorwings twitched with hidden irritation, one would think it was from the lack of attention at the meeting where Prime was going off on one of his speeches. But no, even the dedicated SIC never really paid attention at these things unless it had to do with the current battles, Decepticon activity, or anything he deemed important enough. Prime going on and on in one of his usual torrent of words…he happily ignored…even if it looked like he was paying attention.1

No, today he was irritated from the rise of codes he had been fighting with for orns. He was a Praxian, a proud one at that, his kind were close relatives of the Seekers, much like a land cousin of the fliers. Some programming, different frames. Which meant the codes he usually made dormant were fighting there way back up and he wasn't sure if he could hold them back much longer without causing himself much pain. It was one of the earliest programs in the Seekers and Praxian systems, pit, Starscream had already followed his and it seemed to be working for him. Trine encoding was installed in them from creation and his was rearing it's ugly head, demanding that they had been ignored long enough and he needed mates.

And Jazz wonders why he was so uptight.

Bluestreak had it easy, even if he didn't know it, his codes already decided that the twins were his. The trio didn't even have a clue, but then again his wasn't rushing to get mates…his was happy enough with just being companions with the terrors until further noticed. He was too young to have the program fully active but old enough were it was accepting for future options. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were going to be in one pit of a surprise when they fully activated, Praxians were possessive and Blue would be no different.

As for Smokescreen…he had a trine at one time…he never speaks much about them or what happened but they were ether alive or his systems refused to find replacements. Perhaps he was holding to the hope they were still out there…

Prowl scanned the room before him, all the officers were there and it left him with a lineup to pick from, he wasn't going to have anything one else but an officer, anyone else would be underneath him. Well, at least that's what the codes screamed and he briefly wondered if it was the same codes that made the Decepticon SIC act like he did.

Jazz, the Head of Special Ops and TIC…was out of the question, besides being like a brother, he was already bonded to Blaster…no surprise there. Which meant the Communications officer was out of question too.

Ironhide…no…the Weapon Specialist would demand to be the Trine leader and that was NOT going to happen, he needed mates that would follow him. Besides, his programming demanded that he be the 'provider'…and Chromia would kick his aft, SIC or not.

He wasn't even going to think about the Navel Officers, that was just too disturbing…

Let's see…whose left…

Wheeljack, Head of the Science Division? Ha, he needed his mates to be safe and able to take care of their 'home', human females would call it being a 'housewife' and the scientist did not fit that bill at all. His needed to be able to take care of the ARK and it's children, cause that's what the entire crew including Prime seemed to behave like. Blowing up everything and everyone was not in the criteria.

Ratchet, Medical Officer? Not bonded, could be difficult to get him to understand what the codes demanded…well not understand exactly but follow them. Then again, his attitude mostly came from his 'mother hen' actions…even if he was somewhat unnerving about it, but he was taking care of soldiers and they called for tough love. Put a sparkling in front of him and the mech would change in an instant, field medics were big in the sparkling care and protection codes. It was supposed to help them with patients, the codes would trick the processor in open combat when someone was injured. It would see the wounded and place the line of, 'that's your charge, protect and fight off any danger.' Like a mother toward it's infant, but their was no way the CMO was going to tell the crew the reason he was so stubborn to heal and protect them was because his codes had suggested they were his sparklings that were in danger.

Only the officers knew about the codes and Jazz aggravated him about endlessly. It was a dirty little program to put into an officer but it was for their benefit, besides it was funny when the codes took full control and he went after a Decepticon like an actual mother hen, only to return and coddle who he was protecting. Prime didn't find it amusing when he was the one being protected though, even when the codes went back into hibernation until the next battle. Funny as pit when Megatron takes off running cause the ambulance somehow got his cannon and decided he needed to get rid of the threat. It didn't do much to defeat the enemy but it bruised their ego a lot.

Perfect, the CMO would be great to give offspring and protect them. Almost as soon the decision was made, his HUD flashed the medic in a circle, listing all he needed to know about the smaller mech and labeling him and giving the tactician information, 'Unattained Trine Mate Medical Officer Ratchet.' He knocked it down to Trine Mate Ratchet, no need to display things he already knew.

'Known for advance medical abilities among Cybertronians and other unofficial species,' what unofficial species.

'Installed Sparkling Protection Program, codes installed to increase patient and soldier protection and care,' knew that.

'Known to study in the healing and toxic plants on other worlds, rumored to have invented unknown concoctions using these studies. Not known if the studies have been used for anything against or for benefit to anyone, there have been rumors but no evidence of such acts.' Didn't know that…the Datsun briefly wondered if he could get any details out of the white mech and see any of it could be used to aid in the war.

'Habits include basic medical work and his studies, knowledge at keeping up aim, cooking, and basic self-defense.' …Ratchet cooking…must wait until after meeting to lock-up.2

More information scrolled by but most was things he already knew, from the brief reports given to him about the crew. Next was to find his second mate and he continued to scan the room, good thing Prime's speeches were long.

Silverbolt, Leader of Ariel Support…already had a gestalt and Prowl was not going to get involved with that, too much drama already.

Inferno, Head of Search and Rescue, was currently dating Firestar…and not the tacticians type. Too large and his personality was too relaxed, he needed someone with priorities in order.

Red Alert, Security Director, had a fallout with Inferno but was recovering from it by focusing on his duty and building the new program they had yet to discussed. Had glitch but so did he, so it would be someone who understood what he went through. Was a little bit paranoid but his job required him to be but it did keep everyone safe. Able to keep offspring well protected and stop any oncoming threats, was fiercely loyal, intelligent enough to come up with ways to stop the enemy and better yet, the Lambo Twins. And the SIC could appreciate his intelligence and humor…

Prowl nearly smiled as his codes accepted these facts and acknowledge the SD as the second and like Ratchet, information was pulled up.

'Unattained Trine Mate Security Director Red Alert,' again shortened to Trine Mate Red Alert.

'Known for advancements in security detail and for going beyond normal measures to protect," everyone knew that.

'Programs include Security and Defense codes, heightened sensors that reach beyond normal range, and combat training.' Explains how he knew what the twins were doing and how he to take them down.

'Advance strength hidden in smaller frame, gives him the appearance of being smaller but have the ability to take down anyone twice his size. Rumored once to be on Ops, but there is no records showing his involvement in anything but there have been sighting but there were turned in by Decepticon hostages looking for a bargaining tool.' That's how he is able to drag other to the brig…Ops member…have to ask Jazz about that one.

'Habits include camera work, detailed computer programs and hacking, not much else is given. A private mech, not many details can be given.' Another thing to ask Jazz and possibly Inferno.3

Now with his irritation down and his Trine protocols satisfied at the moment, he could continue on with the meeting. He stood up as Prime finished his speech and cleared his throat to gain the attention of those who had fallen into recharge. "I must bring up the topic of the Security AI, Symbiotic Artificial Robotic Intelligence, Red Alert."4 He looked over at the Lambo who was nodding with approval.

"So far, S.A.R.I has proved herself useful and is actually helping with the security around here, catching Ravage and Lazerbeak twice as normal. Has placed advance protocols and viruses to stop hacking and has given me the codes to disengage them if necessary. The self repair that was installed was useful when there was a party, cleaning up and immediately fixing any damages. Her ability to take a holoform has proven useful when the human officials come by, they seem to be at ease better with her then with us."

Prowl nodded, the SD needed help and Skyfire and Perceptor had came up with the AI to help him. "Any problems?"

A shuffle and a quick glance down before the multi-colored mech looked at him, "She follows direction well but I'm afraid she might be corruptible."

Wheeljack laughed, "I doubt that any of the Cons can convince her of anything Red, she's programmed to only listen to you, Prime and Prowl."

A quick glare at the scientist was sent by the Italian car, but it was ignored, "Not by the Cons but the Twins, they were trying to get her to give them blackmail and help with their pranks!"

The engineer just shook his helm, "She looks young but she's advance, she wouldn't give blackmail unless you directed her to and unless you think the place needs a good laugh, she'll keep the twins out of trouble."

"I don't like her."

Surprisingly it was Inferno who spoke but was mostly ignored, it was a fact that because of S.A.R.I, the firetruck wasn't needed as often. Proving the saying, you don't know what you have till it's gone.

Jazz just smiled, "Why don't we have a chat with her, see how she likes working with Red." Meaning, 'You're an idiot and I'm going to shove it in your faceplates.'5

Prowl nodded at the Security Director, who sighed but obeyed, "S.A.R.I, come to the meeting room."

A flash of lights from the walls suddenly built up a hologram of an eight year old child, who smiled at them all as she appeared in the middle of the large table, dwarfing her immensely. Why the science team decided to make her holo image of a small red-headed Indian human femme in a peach and white colored dress was beyond them all. "Hi, is there anything you need?" The room was suddenly scanned but they ignored it, it was a protocol to check the systems of everyone in the room and alert them if anyone was out of the ordinary conditions.

"S.A.R.I., we were discussing your systems and your ability to work with Red Alert, is everything satisfactory?" It amazed the SIC how much the AI's smile seemed so bright as she turned towards him, big blue eyes happily staring up at him.

"It's great, I have to remind him to refuel once in awhile but he just get's absorbed into his job. It's fun to watch how everyone acts when they aren't fighting and I managed to keep the twins from doing anything wrong." She seemed proud of her last statement, then again if she was really keeping the twins out of trouble she should be proud.

"So you are pleased to be working as the Security AI?"

She nodded happily, Wheeljack seemed in high spirits…he must be planning on telling the Science division on how well her personality matrix was developing. Prowl wondered how much of their own personalities they put into her and how much she actually developed on her own. "Very well, you are dismissed."

She waved goodbye and dissolved instantly, Prime chuckled, "Abit enthusiastic, isn't she?"

"She's a good girl, but her appearance makes me forget she's actually a computer and she understands Cybertronian customs. She once alerted me to Mirage and Hound trying to face in middle of the hallway." Red Alert shifted under the looks he got, "She has heat signature in her mainframe and noticed a rise of temperature in the back section, apparently the two were what they called 'Invisa-facing'. It was a little disturbing to know they do it wherever they feel like and more so to have an eight year old tell you that two mechs are going at it like she discussing the weather."

"Wait…" Now they were looking at Ironhide, who had an unnatural shocked look to his face, "She knows when were facing?"

Jazz giggled, "In your case self-facing since Chromia ain't 'ere," he glanced over at the SD, "A'h wanna know more about this 'Invisa-facing' and how A'h can get in it."

"BUT SHE'S A KID!" They ignored the Weapons Specialist.

Prowl shook his helm, "Now that matter is over with, we need suggestions about the energon usage, we seem to be consuming more then we are producing. We need to do something but I'm afraid any quick fixes will not work in the long run. Wheeljack, has there been any advancements?"

The Lancia leaned back, a bit of a shimmer in his optics and his lights were flashing an amused blue, "Well, we've been thinking about solar energy and combining it with heat of the volcano. The two different energies should put out a faster and more efficient energon, doubling the amount and slicing the effort but the problem would be submerging two different sources into one. The machine we have prototyped allows us to do so, yet there is the chance that the two energies would just collapse inside of forming, if that happens the machine would literally melt from the extremity of the containment and well…"

"Go boom?"

"Yeah, like Ratch said, Go boom. And since the thing needs to be inside the ARK for us to monitor, we might go boom too."

Prowl tapped his digits on the table, "Do you have the schematics in the systems?"

"Yeah, Perc already had them in Telatran-1."

The SIC nodded, "Good, S.A.R.I."

The child's voice drifted from unseen speakers, "Yes, Sir?"

"Ask Teletran-1 to send you the plans for the energon machine and put them up for us."

"Yes, Sir."

Ironhide twitched, "She knows things…"

This time Prime glanced over at his old friend, "Ironhide, I really doubt the AI spies on us in our private quarters, so you don't have to worry about her knowing what your doing in there."

"She's watching us…"

Red Alert smiled, "Of course she is, she is built for security and I commanded her for to keep up with all the activities going on and report back to me."


An 3D image of the machine suddenly popped up in the middle of the room along with the child's voice, "He wasn't happy about it but I got them for you…he's grouchy."

A sudden image of the young AI looking at an old man in a rocking chair that was supposed to be Telatran-1 yelling about how in his day, there were no days, flashed before them. Laughter ranged through the room before it disappeared and she went back to work.7

"Jokes aside, what suggestions are there?" Prowl glanced around the room, most only understood the basics of the machine and they only ones who really grasped the full idea was Wheeljack and Ratchet.

"What if took away the elements that were dangerous by atomic diffusion, since the energies are colliding with each other before they merge maybe we can slow the process of the collision by using a weaker energy transfer." Images shifted to show the energies at an micro level, spinning and colliding, then went to represent what speed they would need of the elemental swap for it not to explode as Wheeljack had suggested…the speed was nearly impossible to reach and would make the process slow.

"Hmm, what if we collide the energies and instead of making one, split it of into two different forms. One we can use and then funnel the other into a different section, it would be more to build onto though but the process would use what the flow that would make the energies explode and convert it." The image flashed to show Ratchet's theory.

Wheeljack jumped up, "S.A.R.I, instead of having one combination form but two, one for the main energies and one next to it for the extra that would be made…great! Now have that source connected into a sub-route…yes!" And with that, the engineer ran off, forgetting to explain the rest of his plans and leaving the image popped up in the middle of the room.

"Umm, I guess the meetings through with." Optimus stood up and looked around at them all, "We will wait for when Wheeljack has come back to his senses to finish this discussion." The leader gave them all an approving nod before leaving himself, ignoring what the image looked like.

A giggle filled the room, "It looks like a-"


"I apologize, Red Alert."


Prowl seemed to be in good spirits today, well…to anyone else he just seemed normal but Jazz knew the mech better then he knew himself. "Why ya all bubbly fo?"

The Datsun shuddered his optics at his friend, "Jazz, even though I am feeling spirited today, I am certainly not…bubbly, I see no connection of bath products to my mood."

A giggle came from the TIC, "Oh, Primus Prowler, A'h love ya ta death, but ya dense at times."

The winged mech just stared at him oddly, before dismissing it all as one of his friend's quirks and continued with his reports. Though it was getting a little hard with his codes running rampant, they were only satisfied for awhile with decision to finally have a trine but now they were wanting to further the process. If it was up to the SIC, he would have been satisfied with just being able to choose but his Praxian nature was getting the best of him with thoughts of being able to return to his berth with warm frames pushed up against his and the knowledge he wasn't alone any more. Which was probably giving him his 'happy' composition today, his programs couldn't wait to pull a mate close and fall into the desires he held back on for so long.

His door wings gave a slight flutter at the simple thought, he had been ignoring such basic things for to long and he was almost excited that that little self defiance was going to come to an end soon. If he could get them were he wanted them…

The problem with non-Praxian bots were they didn't understand the complexities of their courting rituals. Some may find it fascinating while others abit disturbing, but most would just shy away before seeing that the actions were just how the door-wingers expressed themselves. What others found slightly odd and perhaps embarrassing, the Seeker cousins found it beautiful and opening.8

One such thing was the gifts, if one of the mates in question had an enemy, it was leaders duty to bring the decapitated helm of said enemy to their interest. It showed that they were able to protect and fight for their loves, to demonstrate their strength and abilities. A Praxian that was being courted would gush under the fact that their enemies helms were brought to them as gifts and were often used as decorations. The bigger the enemy you defeated, the more attractive you were…show up covered in energon while acting levelheaded, you proved you could fight without losing your temper, the more your intended gave into you.

He remembered being younger with his Carrier going to pick up some supplies from the store when a big commotion started. In the middle of town stood a very large Praxian covered in energon, littered with wounds and still bleeding out but he refused to go to the medic until his first court was done. His face was calm and showed nothing as he approached a small femme and a medium sized mech, the battle worn mech bowed politely and preceded to repeat the lines of opening the courtship before straightening back out and reaching into his subspace to pull out a bag. He then preceded to dump the contents out before taking a step back for them to observe the gifts. A mummer had went through the crowd, the helms had belonged to a group of rogue thieves that had recently plundered the small town. The mech's wings were high and spread out to look attractive as he kept his features cool as the two examined their gifts. With a few chirps to each other they seemed to agree before happily accepting the gifts and rubbing up against the large being. They had agreed with just one courting attempt, but then again it was a large and rough group of rogues, so it wasn't really a surprise. The town had cheered at the sight of a new trine and fallen enemies and the helms were hung around the town for all to see. Most would find the sight horrifying, to a Praxian trine leader to have their gifts shown on display for everyone to see and talk about was an honor. It meant he was the best in town and his mates were proud to be his.

Now Prowl really doubted that his intended really had what would be called enemies in the Autobot base, that and Prime would be after him if he took down a couple of soldiers cause apparently they needed them. But on the Decepticon side…he could name a few he wanted dead but none that wanted his intended wanted dead from some kind of rivalry. Most couldn't even get to Red Alert and if they did, he was intelligent enough to get out of their grasp and Ratchet…you just don't mess with the medic…

He was so busy in his thoughts, he nearly missed Jazz's face looming just a few inches from his, "Prooowwwwlllleeerrrrr….are ya therrrrrre?" A servo waved in front of him and he repressed the urge to suddenly bite it, he hard sharp denta and he didn't want to get on the medic's bad side if he bit off the saboteur's digits off.

"I'm fine, just doing some future planning and statistical outlining."

"Sure, A'h believe ya…LIAR!" The accusation was made dramatically by the Porsche jumping on the desk and pointing at him, "What ya done with our Prowler!"

"My name is Prowl and I've been here the entire time, now get off my desk. Your ruining it with your heavy aft." He shoved the smaller mech off the desk, who landed with a 'hmmp!'

Jazz sat up and rubbed the back off his helm, "Ya really need some good ole' lovin', ya might gain a sense of humor."

The Datsun snorted, "I'm working on that and I do have a sense of humor."

The other black and white mech let out a laugh, "Yeah, a dry one-wait…", he suddenly popped up, grinning from audio to audio, "Ya trying to get laid! Damn time!" Instantly the TIC was back on the desk, sprawled out like some kind of cat and propped up on one servo, "Tell me ya dirty little fantasies!"

A twitch was in the officer's optic, his friend was incorrigible, "Jazz, what have I told you about private matters."

"Don't go a snooping where ya ain't welcome!"

"Good, so why don't you go practice that." The SIC returned to his data-pads but the Special Ops mech took it away, "Jazz, give me back my work."

"Nuhuh! Ya looked happy awhile ago, A'h can tell by ya door-wings, so who ya thinking about. Ya can tell me."

"If I tell you will give me back my work?"

"Pit, I'll help ya with it and help ya get with-", the Porsche waited for his close friend to finish the sentence.

"…Red Alert and Ratchet…"

"See was that that hard-HOLY SLAG! DID YA JUST SAY WHO A'H THINK YA SAID!" It took a lot to get the trained bot to actually be stunned by something.

Prowl sighed and leaned back in his chair as he brought a servo up to rub the base of his chevron while his optic offlined, "Long story short, my Trine codes are active and it picked them and now my own traitors programs are demanding that I court them." He onlined his optics to see Jazz now sitting up on the desk, there was no expression on the others face…maybe he froze.

Then there was laughter and the TIC, "Ya know how to pick them don't cha?"

"It's not funny."

"Ya'r right," he finally settle down and gave a stern look at the SIC, "Ya always picking the hard ones aren't ya." The Porsche just sighed before smiling, "So how does a Praxian court?"

A twitch of the doors, "First court is beheading of enemies and gifting them to our intended to show I am capable of protecting them from harm."

"Ya…ya kiddin', right?"

"No, in fact I seem to be unable to pick the enemies helm as offerings, any suggestions?"

Silence…Jazz's visor flickered, "Did ya really ask me that?"


"…Ya would actually go out and get the helms and give them to our CMO who if he comes across a Con will fix them because he hates to see others suffer and our paranoid Security Directory that takes everything as a threat."

The cruiser shifted, suppose it was a bad idea to walk up to the two in the traditional way painted in energon and hand over the helms of the dead to them. "Any suggestions then?"

"Yeah, don't go around murdering mechs and ya need a session with Smokes."

A short dry laugh escaped the Praxian, "Trust me, Smokescreen has already been through this, he told me he was so happy to receive his gifts from his trine leader."

The Porsche ignored that as he laid back down on the desk, "Praxians are serious when it come to this kind of thing, huh? What about instead of helms just regular gifts?"

Prowl frowned, it would be out of tradition but his intended didn't know the steps in the courtship so he supposed he could do substitutes. "I see…"


Jazz didn't know if he should laugh or be horrified, he was sure they had discussed suggestions of what gifts to get the two…but then again this was Prowl…9

By some strange coincidence, probably set up by the SIC with help from the AI program, both the ambulance and the Lambo were in the Rec-room. How that happen, he didn't know but it was a miracle in it's self.

Everything was great, bots were talking and relaxing, music was playing making a few swing to it…Prowl was walking through the room dragging two bodies behind him… There was a snicker from Smokescreen as everyone else stopped what they were doing to watch what was going on in shock. The older Praxian knew what was going on, it wasn't exactly traditional since the SIC didn't have a drop of energon or a scratch on him and his gifts were alive. But the times called upon a new approach he supposed.

The proud cruiser stopped in front of CMO and SD, wings arched and spread as he dropped his gifts for examination by the two with a quick bow. "Under normal circumstances I would have presented you with their dismembered helms but I was informed the two of you would not appreciate the gesture." He stood back up and glanced at their faces as they stared at the Decepticons at their pedes in shock, he took their silence as acceptance of the gifts. They must be in awe from the task, after all it wasn't everyday one was given the Decepticon SIC and Communication Officer as presents.

"They are courting gifts from me to you to do as you please, are they satisfactory to you?"

The two just stared at him along with the rest of the room…

Red Alert fainted on the spot as Ratchet could only nod from his shock. Prowl gave a quick smirk and puffed his armor up, he was sure the two were impressed, everyone else was. Courting step number one complete, his codes were so happy that he was finally going to have a warm berth and two new mates soon.

They did accept the gifts after all.



These was just something that popped up in my mind, it actually started of with the thought that these three seem to actually run the ARK and that lead to them sleeping with each other and that thought lead to this. Prowl has no idea how to sanely court someone, so his methods are odd but that was how he was raised so you can't blame him.

Got a suggestion on what the next step is, send it in. Give me you're the weirdest ideas you can come up with. So send in your reviews, no flamers please.

Wonder how Screamer and Wave feel about all this?

Until next time!

1: Optimus talks way to much…for some reason hero speeches get on my nerves. Less talk, hit him with something!

2: The image of Ratchet in apron while yelling at the 'children' for misbehaving while shaking a large metal spoon at them instead of a wrench made be put cooking down. Also the image of Optimus being coddled after a fight made me giggle too.

3: There's not that much on Red out there and I figured he would be heavily guarded about his past and present self as much as he was with his duties.

4: That was for my own entertainment, I figured they needed an outside source to help them and I like Sari from the TFA series, even though she was a little Mary-Suish at the end. I'm not a fan of OC's in my stories, so I try to avoid them. Besides she's mostly there for a quick comic relief.

5: Inferno may be with Firestar but he still gets jealous when someone else gets close to Red. Jazz thinks his an idiot because S.A.R.I is just a program and he already ruined his chances.

6: Hide isn't happy that the AI looks like a small human child and as knowledge of what most adults would blush about.

7: Teletran-1 was built before the use of the human number and dating system, so he is used to the old Cybertronian counting system and S.A.R.I thinks his old.

8: Their kin to Seekers…enough said…that enough should explain the insanity.

9: Jazz thought their conversation lead to the thoughts of giving gifts like flowers and stuff like that, unfortunately Prowl's stubborn so he brought in live mechs instead.