The Ones In Command

By: MyNameIsJag

Chapter 15: Not Everyone Get's Happy Ever After

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with TF or any of the franchise.

Notes: There are stories out there about the Praxians being closely related to the Seekers, so this idea popped up. Also there is a surprise guest from another TF generation in here for my amusement. Mech/Mech slash that kind of thing get it. Odd pairings Prowl/Ratchet/Red Alert with other couples thrown in.


Being related to Seekers meant having some of the same programming and Prowl has been suppressing his for way too long. Now the codes are out and he wants a Trine and two poor bots won't know what hit them.

Hound stared out the ARKS entrance, the wind subtly blowing, bringing in the smells of the world outside. Spring…the season of life…the time to restart and begin again…it fit the situation.

"What are you doing?"

He wasn't surprised at the sound of the young flier's voice, he had heard him walking up and smelt the scent that was particularly his, "Nothing Fireflight, just…thinking."

"Are you thinking about the sparkling?"

He glanced over at the Arielbot before chuckling softly, "Yeah…"

"Oh…are you thinking of a name? I think it should be something cool like…something…I'm not that good with names…"

He shook his helm no, now hearing the pedes of the rest of the gestalt, right before he was suddenly hugged by Air Raid and Skydive, "Hi, Hound!"

The two seemed happy to just hang on to him, burying themselves in each of his sides, it sorta tickled and it managed to get a short laugh out of the tracker, "Glad to see you all feeling better, I take it Silverbolt is doing well?"

"Yeah, Wheeljack looked over him while the others were focusing on the new mech," Slingshot leaned against the wall on the other side, "I told Ratchet to look over him just incase something decided to go boom."

"Oh, I know! Sarge! No, wait…that's a terrible name…Scout…no…"

"What is Fireflight doing?"

The jeep just shook his helm once more at Air Raid's question, "He thinks I'm going to allow him to pick a name for my sparklet…I don't think that's going to happen though."

"Good, cause he sucks at that…besides, what if you have a femme? Huh? Oh, can we be the overly protective big brothers? I can be a great sitter, don't let Sling's though," Skydive leaned in as though whispering, "He scares small children…"

"I do not! …They just run away from me, that's all…"

"So do."

The green mech just watched as they all went off into their own conversation before returning his gaze back to the setting sun, his servo gently rubbed the area where the new life was growing.

Mirage…it wasn't the response he was hoping for when he announced his predicament…so much…anger… How could the spy blame him for it all, sure it was partly he's fault but still to go out and plainly say, 'Get rid of it.' That…that wasn't right!

He had spent his whole life alone, raising himself in the streets of Cybertron like a wild animal…sure it gave him the skills he needed to survive but…it hurt. There were other younglings as well, either abandoned or creators killed in the war like his with no one else to take them in…but eventually…they all perished as well.

He had learned how to be patient for the right time to strike, how to hunt, how to finely tune his senses to the environment…all in order to just survive.

Eventually he was caught by Sentinel Prime's 'recruitment squad', a group organized to do something with all the forgotten younglings that were left without a home. He had no idea what had happened to the other ones caught but he himself was dumped in a training facility…he was taught on how he should look, how to blend in to a crowd so not to draw attention to himself, to kill without a second thought.

He was the dog at the end of the spiked leash that would snap at the very servo that fed it…and the elder Prime…loved sending the beast out to take down anyone that opposed his decisions.

A life of hardship and spilt energon…he was a made killer…and he hated it…

Now, here on this planet with this new Prime, with this makeshift home…he was going to change all that, he was going to finally live for himself and now his sparkling. Damn anyone who tried to stop him, he was going to make sure his new spark would have everything he never had.

"Hound are you okay?"

He turned to look at Air Raid before looking away again, "Yeah…just fine."

"Liar!", and he was glomped by Fireflight, who was now wiggling his way between his brothers to hug the green chassis, "You're sad. You should be happy," the flier buried his face closer to the warm metal, inhaling the calming scent of a Carrier that the tracker was now giving off, "you're going to be a mommy."

Hound watched them try to get closer to him, he knew for a fact he was now letting off the scent…why he hadn't noticed before, he wasn't quite sure, it must have been one of those things were you smell something and don't realize it's you… He also new that young sparks were attracted to the smell…it signaled comfort…something he was unable to have when he himself was younger. He pulled them closer, "Mommy, huh?"

Skydive nodded, "Yep, Mommy Hound…we're going to call you that from now on and when the new sparkling comes, it'll call you Mommy too and we'll all sparkling sit for you while you cook and tell us stories about all the things you've seen…like when you tell the others in the recroom."

He didn't say anything, anything he said would just ruin this moment and if he could allow himself just a little…he could imagine the warmth of the family he had lost so long ago…

Then…he heard the sound of pedes stopped behind him…he didn't look to know who it was, the waxy scent that held a tinge of what humans called wintergreen filled his senses, "Hello, Mirage."

Nothing…he could see Slingshot glaring at the noble from the corner of his optics, feel the other fliers tense…could they sense it too…the feeling of regret in the air…the smell of sorrow…the knowledge that not all was well.

Finally the spy spoke, "What are you doing?"

A light chuckle, "I believe I just adopted a brood of fliers."


He glanced over his shoulder to see the white and blue mech seeming to be lost in thought, "Is there something you need?"

Gold optics stared hard at him, "Can I talk to you," he glanced around them, "alone?"


Prowl glared at the mech that was slowly getting up, his doorwings were spread wide to keep his beta's from sight as Ratchet looked over Red Alert. Inferno was fine now, First Aid and Swoop had seen to that before leaving…by demand of the SIC.

The firefighter just glanced at him and snorted before looking away, "Figures."

"What figures?"

"You," he didn't explain any further but instead turned his gaze to the SD who was currently clinging to the medic, "he attacked me, why isn't he in the brig or something?"

"I didn't attack you! I was defending myself! You were…you were-"

"Easy, Red, calm down," the ambulance gently rubbed the Lambo's backstruts, "Prowl will handle it."

"Yeah, let your new handler take care of things."

"I'm his Trine leader, his mate," the Datsun paused and glanced at the two red and whites, "and hopefully…sparkmate one day…" He turned back to the larger mech, "I would never decided to share my berth with someone who I had no intentions of a long term relationship with," his doorwings flared out even more in display, "as a Praxian, as SIC of the Autobots and as Prowl, my mates are my first priority!"

Red Alert stared at the mech in front of him, his frame still in the arms of the healer…Prowl…wanted him as a sparkmate…he wasn't going to leave him or replace him with him anyone…his grip tightened on the ambulance as he looked over at the white face to be met with a small smile.

"You don't have to hold on too hard, I'm not going any where either."

A small whine escaped the SD's mouth as he buried his face into that window that took up most of that porcelain chest, he wasn't going to be left alone, he would never be alone again, Prowl pretty much said so in the way he told off Inferno.

The mentioned mech just seemed to glare at the white frames cluttered together before giving a sound much like a snort and turning to leave, let them have their moment…sooner or later they would get tired of him and he would have his little Lambo back.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The firefighter paused at the doorway, he didn't even bother to turn around as he spoke with distain, "Away from this sickness."

"Unlikely, you attacked a fellow officer and a superior, did you really think you would just walk away without punishment?"

"What?" He spun around quickly to glare at the Praxian, only to be met with a harsher one.

"You touched my mate…if we were on my home…you would be dead the instant I had stepped in here. But since Prime has forbidden me to do such things…I am unable to…yet since I am SIC…I can punish you as I see fit."


It was a whirl wind of emotions as he was suddenly grabbed and held close to the awaken frame, large servos refusing to let him move away even an inch. He didn't mind, he himself was gripping onto the other for dear life as well.

Bodies colliding the surge of the pure energy that filled both of their sparks as their very cores called out to each other in longing remembrance. Servos scrambled to map out the familiar trails and bits as well as new ones as memories linked to each other in attempts to make sure what they were holding would not disappear before them once again.

Words spilt between the once broken bond, echoing each other in their desperation, please don't leave…I missed you…I need you…

A cry escaped as they broke down on the medbay berth, their life lines clutched tightly into their chassis as finally…the sheer joy…relief…of having the missing part of their spark back…

"I love you…"


Bluestreak sighed as he curled closer to Wheeljack's frame, contemplating on how he should go about and officially court the scientists…he really doubt the Lancia would appreciate disembodied helms…but then again he did have weird taste…

The two were relaxing in the lab, Perceptor and Skyfire had left to conduct…equations…at least that's what they said they were doing but the way the shuttle took off with the microscope seemed for something more important then equations.

He carefully watched as some liquid was poured into another, watching the different colors melt into each other was almost beautiful as they swirled around before colliding and merging to form something new. He had no idea if the concoction was deadly or not but it was interesting to watch and comforting to heat the engineer mutter words he would never understand and the fins brighten with joy of success or dim with failure.

He giggled, "Jackie…you know you are so cute when you are working."

A light chuckle, "If you say so Blue, I must say with the lack of explosions occurring, you must be my good luck charm."

The Datsun slide an arm around the explosion masters waist, pulling them closer, "Does that mean I get to go everywhere with you then, like here….to the recroom…", he trailed a digit up the other's side where a sensitive transformation seam laid, "your berthroom?" He flashed his optics at the Lancia.

Wheeljack froze and stared at the grey and red mech, who purred and rubbed himself against the him and doorwings fluttered against his back. He placed the tubes down and retracted his mask, giving a leer to the Praxian, "Do we need a berth, this table here is made to take anything."

The answer was him being slung against the table and pinned down, he chuckled, "A little rough, aren't we Blue Darling?"

A low sound that was a mixture between a growl and a purr escaped the younger mech, "Hmm, you're made to take damage," a slight nip to the nose, "I wonder how much you can take though?"

Doorwings flared out as he practically crawled ontop of the scientist, the door flapped harshly, a signal he was dominant in this relationship to those who understood the language, "Mine."

He pressed his mouth possessively onto to the other's, he was not going to lose another mate again, his servos tightened on the metal he was grapping…no, he would make sure what was his remained his this time.


Wasn't it just this morning that those sea blue optics looked at him with nothing but love but now stared at him with such coldness, it seemed unnatural to look at them…it was amazing how much can change in so little time.

Mirage sighed as he tore his gaze from his lover…ex-lover…to make sure they were alone…the silence of the other cutting through the air left him no other option but to look back at the face graced by a green helm.

His line of sight went down to the servo that was gently placed over where the new spark was growing, an unconscious move to protect the unborn life…a life he helped create…

"What do you want, Mirage?"

Sharp and to the point, no sweet tenderness behind the name but the growing foundation of hate…something that did not fit the tracker.

He could answer that question in a million different ways with a million different reason for each one but it all lead back to one thing, "You."

A stiff laugh and the jeep turned away, "A little cliché even for you, isn't it?", he turned back toward him, a frown replacing that once friendly smile, "let me guess, you're going to tell me how wrong you were, why and how much you want me back, what we can do to make this better for ourselves."

The spy didn't say anything.

A scoff came from the green mech at the sound of silence, "Of course, that's how everyone expects it to go…how you expect it to go.", he turned away once more, "after what you said…after you told me to get rid of a life that hasn't even begun…a life that isn't just part of me but of you as well…you really expect me to come back at your command?"

"Hound, I-"

Optics turned sharply at him, "No, I'm tired of it, the lives I've taken…the secrets I have kept…all in the name of what? A dying planet…a useless war? This time…this time I am my own master and I'll do what I wish to do…and what I want…is for you to go away and continue your 'oh so holy' tirade while disillusioning yourself to the reality of the situation. Go on and ignore me and whatever…whoever…this being comes to be…live your life like you always wanted it to back in the Towers," he turned his back to the spy, "I have survived without anything before…but I won't let my child suffer what I had to go through…I can do this without you…"

A deep growl and suddenly Hound found himself being turned completely around and shoved backwards onto the ground, he stared up into fierce golden optics as the Noble start to speak in a cold tone, "No…you are not leaving me, everyone else already has, I refuse to let you go!"

The Tower's mech's voice lost it's edge as it begin to break apart, "I don't want to be left alone again…please…don't leave me…"

The blue and white frame shook as he pleaded…he was used to Hound listening to him when no one else would…always there when he felt like breaking. Yes, the tracker could survive without him…without anybody…but he couldn't survive without the green mech there to be his strong hold.

Strong arms wrapped around him, finally there was concern in the tracker's voice, "What is wrong with you?"

As a Noble, he should have been upset by the what the question applied but as a bot…it broke him, he shook his helm as he buried his face in the green plating, "I don't know! I don't know what I was thinking!" His digits dug onto the armor, anchoring him to the other, "I was scared…I had lost so much…I thought of what would happen if we lost…what would happen if both you and the sparklet we would raised together were killed. I couldn't handle it! I can't handle any more death but please…don't go!"

Arms that were wrapped around the slim figure of the Noble tightened, and even though Hound felt more like he should be the one crying…he instead let the broken mech in his arms release all he had been holding in…

To heal a wound, all the toxins must be cleaned out first before it can heal properly. It was a lesson he had learned in basic on emergency medicine from Ratchet…but it was also a lesson he recognized from life.


"It's not fair!"

But it was…

"He was ours first!"

Yet they left him…

"That was sickening!"

It was just an act of love…

Sideswipe watched as his brother stormed around the room, ranting continuously to himself about the little scene they had stumbled on. Apparently dominate Praxians had no problem taking it in the valve from what they saw in the labs. They had gone to get the Datsun back…only to interrupt a very private moment between the sniper and engineer.

Getting screamed at by Bluestreak to get the frag out while the younger mech was happily riding on top of Wheeljack was something that would forever remained scarred onto their processors.

The golden warrior plopped down on their berthroom couch, his arms crossed and a pained expression fleeting across his features before he gave a deep sigh, "We screwed more then we thought, didn't we?"


Nothing else was said as the red twin moved to curl up to his brother, their emotions flowing through each other, two parts of one spark…they felt everything the other did…separated by mere bodies…they would always have each other…but that wasn't enough…

Their combined spark will always call out for another…but their separated thoughts and actions…would forever chase away the chance.

The silence smothered them…but what could they do…they only had themselves to blame…

A quiet knock seemed louder in the silent drowned room, Sideswipe sighed and stood up, not without sending a sense of comfort through their bond to his forlorn twin.

They would make it through…

He placed his trademark smile on, a mask for the moment that fell instantly as the door slide open…he felt frozen at the sight of the familiar mech.

"I need to talk to both of you."

The crimson frontliner shuttered his optics before moving out of the way, "Umm, sure…"

He could feel the air in the room stiffen much like his brother's frame as the guest moved to stand in front of the seating arrangement, looking as uncomfortable as the other two felt.

"I suppose I should just go ahead and tell you then the reason I am here…"

Sunstreaker snorted, "No, we were hoping to make cookies," he glared at the wilting mech before him, "Just spit it out already and leave."

A slight shuffle of pedes, "I…uh…how do I explain this," optics focused on the two, "Look, Blue still loves you…I know this…I can see it, but he's too hurt to admit it."

A black helm tilted to stare at the guest, "Why are you telling us this?"

The sound of sighing filled the room, "Because…he's miserable without you two…and I understand how split spark twins work…listen all I want is for him to be truly happy even if it hurts me."

"So you want us to get back with Blue even though it might hurt you but you're willing to risk it all for his happiness?," a nod was all Sunstreaker needed as an answer, he gave a sad chuckle as he looked away, "You're either the most considerate mech I've ever met or the dumbest," he glanced back, "but we won't let this chance pass by."

"We learned our lesson, so how do we do this?"

Wheeljack smiled at the two earnest faces, "Slowly, happy endings only come quickly in fairy tales…actual healing and love is built slowly."

A snort from the golden Lambo, "Figures, but at least I'll be able to answer my question now."

Sideswipe laughed at the engineers questioning look, "What would that be."

"How bright your fins will go when you're screaming in overload…always had a thing for light shows."


Red Alert sighed happily as he sprawled out on the medbay berth, S.A.R.I was sending him updates, Ratchet was humming as he worked on replacement parts on the counter beside him, Prowl was in a meeting with Prime, Smokescreen and his mate had run off to get reacquainted…best of all…he was sure now he would never have to worry about being alone again.

Giggling, he flipped over onto his side and swatted at the red aft like a kitten playing with yarn, "Ratchet…give me love!"

A chuckle and the ambulance glanced over his own shoulder, "I suppose you have been through a traumatizing situation…maybe some physical therapy will help?"

The sound of purr resonated through the empty room as the SD grabbed onto those cherry hips fully, dragging the other onto the berth beside him, "You are the CMO, you know best."

A slight kiss before the two broke apart at the sound of doors sliding open, craning their necks they watched as the Trine leader walked in, a slight smile upon his face at the sight of the two, "Hmm…trying a different type of healing today, Ratchet?"

"Yep and since you're not hurt, you can only watch."

"Oh," the Datsun rounded the berth before grabbing a chair and pulling it up to them, "I do enjoy a good show."

The only response given was the medic smirking before rolling on top of the Lambo, one of his servos grabbing the others and pinning them above the red helm before using the other one to reach for his whip to tie around the trapped mechs wrists, "Can't have you trying to run around from the doctor, can we?"

"He has tried before, hasn't he," deep blue optics studied the glossa that slipped out of the medic's mouth to trail around the tips of the slightly sparking horns, Prowl titled his helm, "I should tell you the news…I had managed to get a suitable punishment for Inferno, seeing as our Prime isn't feeling well from his last trip over to the Nemesis," a purr escaped him cherry hips happily started a slow grind, "he is proud to say he has won the little game the others were playing, not so with the bill he has just received from Elita-1's new hobby…"

Red moaned as the servos hold him still made their way between the their two chassis, playing along the seams, lighting up his sensitive sensors, "Hmm, not my fault…"

The Praxian shifted his legs, "Not in a sense, oh, Megatron had given Optimus our gift on his way back…I have to admit…it is one of his better ideas," a heated growl escaped him as the other two locked lips again, "once Ratchet get's done trying to overload you with mere touches, I will be happy to use it on you both."

Suddenly two pair of optics were on the officer, paused in the middle of their play, their words mingling with each others, "What is it?"

A deep laugh filled the room, "Oh, you would like to know wouldn't you?"


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