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In a forest on a mountain in the kingdom of Goa walked an old man and a girl. Or more like the girl was doing everything in her power to get away from the old man who was dragging her by the back of the shirt. Why no one had given the man up to the child protection service was everybody's question for he was her grandfather. The girl 'who's name was Luffy' tried everything from screaming for help to holding on to trees, but no avail he kept dragging her.

"Jii-chan let go I don't want to be some Marine's trophy wife I want to be a pirate!"

"Nonsense you are going to have to grow up now and marry a good Marine, there is no way I'm going to let my princess become a pirate!"

As they walked on they came to a house in the middle of the forest, there Garp knocked on the door. A big orange haired woman opened. Luffy had lost interest and walked around the clearing when she felt something wet on her cheek.

"Eew, spit, who did that." She looked around and saw a boy on top of a bear she only caught a glance of him before Garp stood infront of her.

"Luffy this is your new older brother Ace." Luffy looked curiously at the 16 year old boy on top of a massive bear he had apparently killed. The boy 'Ace' looked angry and uninterested. Luffy wasn't sure whether to like or dislike him, he had spit at Luffy after all. But if Jii-chan said he was going to be Luffy's new brother then Luffy would try to get along with him.

Luffy stepped out from behind her Jii-chan to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Luffy lets be friends." she smiled at Ace. Ace gave her an angry glance before looking away with a slight blush on his cheeks. "You're a girl." he mumbled. Luffy glared slightly.

"Yeah so what, I don't see how that matters." she said. Luffy hated it when people looked down on her because she was a girl. Just because she was a girl didn't mean she was weaker than them, in fact she was a lot stronger than all the boys in fuchsia. Her Jii-chan had trained her well and she had her devil-fruit power. The Kaze-Kaze no mi had given her the ability to turn her body into air and a lot of other cool stuff.

"I-it doesn't, I was surprised that's all." Ace stuttered slightly and blushed harder. Apparently he was shy around good looking females and Luffy was very pretty for her 13 years of age. With her waist length spiky black hair, big black eyes and a love for rather revealing clothing, she made many boys and even men look twice. Even the scar under her eye made her look cute.

She currently wore black shorts with a red belt, a sexy red shirt (picture in profile) and her beloved straw hat. Of course Luffy 'being the adorable idiot we all know and love' didn't know that Ace was embarrassed. She clambered on the bear and put her hand on Ace's forehead.

"Do you have a fever? Cuzz your head's all red." Ace turned even redder and stuttered a bit before pushing her hand away and running into the forest. The forgotten Garp laughed loudly and was screaming about the romance of youth and how his little princess was all grown up. The bandits could only stare in awe for no one had ever managed to make Ace react like that.

Garp turned around and started walking away. "Well Dadan I'll leave her to you. Turn her into a lady would you." The bandits gaped after him, they turn a girl into a lady? A bunch of mountain bandits? No way, they couldn't do that. But Garp had already walked out of sight.

Luffy turned to them. "I hate bandits." And promptly walked inside the house.

Thus Luffy met Ace.

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