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Teaser 1

This was not supposed to happen. Luna thought as the two Moon cats looked as while the Guardian Senshi trained. By the grand scheme of things, only the Princess deserved everything, and the girls, nothing. That was why she and Artemis had deliberately kept them at second stage, to prevent any of them from surpassing Usagi. But now, with the appearance of a more powerful Sailor Mercury and her significant half, the others had taken it upon themselves to reach Mercury's level of power and to find their soulmates by reawakening their memories. "Artemis, this is bad." she told her male counterpart. "What if when the girls regained their memories and remembered what Princess Serenity did; that she had used the Ginzuishou to make their soulmates fall in love with her?"

"Then, there's nothing we can do." Artemis sighed. "If this is what Destiny has planned, who are we to go against it? Maybe, it is time for the Silver Era to end. Perhaps we had been wrong in the first place, to bring back the past."