My Idea of Perfect

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Chapter One

• • •

It was Friday night at the NCIS building. Tony, Ziva and McGee were just finishing up their paperwork from this week's case. Everyone was ready to go home for the weekend. It was going to be a hot one too. This weekend, the temperatures were going to break mid 90's. There was no better way to spend the weekend than to go to the beach.

• • •

Tony had his head in his hands and he smiled across the bullpen looking at Ziva for a couple minutes watching her finish up her work. He had a burning question to ask her. Actually there was more than one question he needed to ask her. One of them involving Ray, it had been over a month since Ziva had heard from him. In Tony's case, that was a good thing. But Ziva had never told Tony about the ring box, or anything else that had happened that day. She didn't want to talk about it. Tony stopped thinking too into things. He was going to ask Ziva this burning question one way or another.

• • •

Tony shook his computer mouse and his computer screen came on. He clicked his instant messaging icon and saw Ziva was still logged in. Tony smiled, looked over at Ziva, who was still on her computer, and he went back to his computer.

"I have a question for you" Tony typed fast and hit send. Ziva's computer chimed and she looked up at Tony and he winked.

"And that would be-?" Ziva replied. Tony read the message and replied.

"Uh, Do you have plans this weekend?" Tony swallowed hard and hit enter hesitantly. Ziva looked up again and started to reply.

"No. Why?" Ziva hit send and Tony's computer chimed.

"Would you like to go to the beach with me?" Tony hit send and was starting to contemplate whether or not he really wanted to ask Ziva. His computer chimed again.

"Sure :)" Ziva had written. Tony sighed and grinned.

"My house, tonight after work." Tony replied. His computer chimed.

"Okay. I'm leaving to go pack now." Ziva replied and logged off. She got up from her desk, grabbed her purse and shut off her lamp.

"Good night." She told McGee and Tony. McGee said goodnight and waved. Tony didn't say anything, he just smiled. Tony shortly left for the night as well.

End Chapter 1

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