My Idea of Perfect

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Chapter Eight

• • •

It was morning. Ziva was slowly waking up and regaining her senses. She realized where she was. She was lying mostly undressed on top of Tony. He was just as unclothed as she was. Ziva's first reaction was to jump out of the bed and scream, but she realized she had wanted this. She had brought this among herself. Ziva should be happy because of the state she was in. So Ziva laid there on top on Tony, running her fingers around on his chest. Slowly, Tony started to wake up as well. Tony wanted to move after he felt the weight on top of him, but then he realized it was Ziva. Shortly after realizing it was her, he realized what he was wearing. The previous night flashed back to both of them in almost movie like clips. Just bits and parts, not the whole picture, but enough to figure stuff out.

"Well this is interesting." Tony moaned.

"Should I get off of you?" Ziva asked. Tony shook his head.

"We didn't do anything, did we?" Tony asked Ziva.

"No. Not really. We just fell asleep like this." Ziva replied.

"Harmless, right?" Tony asked. Ziva nodded.

"I still have some clothes on." Ziva added. Tony smiled.

"We have to leave today." Tony said running his one hand through Ziva's hair. She frowned.

"I never want to leave Tony!" Ziva said. She looked disappointed.

"We have to go back to work." Tony brushed the side of Ziva's face with his fingers. Ziva sighed.

"If we have to." Ziva rolled off of Tony a d got out of bed.

"Then we should probably go get breakfast." Ziva said pulling on a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. She started to brush her hair. Tony rolled out of bed and started getting dressed as well. Soon after, both of them went for breakfast downstairs in the lobby.

• • •

After coming back up from breakfast and going back into their room.

"What would you like to do today?" Ton asked Ziva and he sat on the bed and decided to lay down.

"I'm not to sure." Ziva said lying down next to him. She look up at the ceiling. "Have any ideas?" Tony turned to look at Ziva. He started to lean in slowly and move a bit closer to her. Ziva noticed this and turned to face Tony.

"Tony-" Ziva was stopped by Tony gently pressing his lips against hers. He pulled away slowly and Ziva opened her eyes.

"That was because we can't do that back home." Tony replied. "And I don't want to do anything else but lay here with you today." Tony finished as Ziva moved in closer to Tony. She pressed herself up against his front. Tony put his arms around Ziva and he put his head on hers. Ziva sighed.

"This is nice." Ziva mumbled from underneath Tony's chest. Tony smiled.

"Oh yes." Tony ran his fingers slowly up and around Ziva's back tracing little patterns. Ziva giggled.

"When do we have to leave?" Ziva mumbled.

"In an hour or two if we want to beat the traffic." Tony replied running a hand through Ziva's hair.

"Tony-" Ziva looked up into Tony's green eyes. "I don't ever want to leave." Ziva put her head back down. Tony enjoyed this moment.

"Zee, we have to leave the beach sometime." Tony replied.

"Not the beach Tony." Ziva paused. "Your arms." Ziva moved closer into Tony and he pulled her into himself tighter. Tony smiled and inhaled Ziva's scent. She smelled of coconut and saltwater.

"Me neither Zee" Tony whispered in her ear, tucking stray hairs behind her ear. Ziva smiled and closed her eyes. She just wanted to take in the moment herself. They stayed wrapped in each other's arms for the next couple hours.

• • •

Tony woke up still having his arms around Ziva. She was asleep. He turned to look at the clock. It was almost three. Tony gently let go of Ziva and rolled out of bed. They had to be leaving soon. They both had to go into the office early McGee told them. Tony packed up his bag and when he finished he packed up Ziva's. Tony put the bags by the door and got back onto the bed. He laid facing Ziva's front and looking at her sleep. She looked so peaceful. Too bad Tony had to wake her up. He brushed his hand along the side of her face a couple times, kissing her forehead and quietly whispering her name until she began to stir in her sleep. Eventually she opened her eyes and smiled. Tony instantly wrapped his arms around her again.

"Ziva. We have to get going sweetcheeks." Tony smiled. Ziva giggled at the nickname he called her and she gently let go of Tony.

"If we have to go." Ziva sighed getting out of bed.

"You're all packed, we can leave now." Tony said as he grabbed the bags.

"Thank you. I guess we should get going." Ziva said following Tony out the door and into the lobby. They checked out, loaded up the car, and headed back to D.C.

• • •

Tony parked his car outside of Ziva's apartment. Ziva sighed.

"So this is where the perfect weekend ends?" Ziva asked unbuckling. "Thank you for everything Tony." Ziva leaned in to give Tony a quick kiss on the cheek.

"It was fun." Tony smiled. "That was my idea of perfect Zee." Ziva opened up her car door.

"It was perfect Tony. See you tomorrow." Ziva got her bag out of the trunk and waved to Tony as she slipped inside her apartment door.

"My idea of perfect." Tony whispered to himself. "Perfect." Tony drove off back to his house with the memories of the weekend.

The End!

(Not really, alternate ending for my fans below)

After the amazing weekend, Monday rolled around and that meant everyone had to go into work. McGee and Tony were already sitting at their desks when Ziva walked in all happy.

"Did you have fun this weekend?" McGee asked. Ziva had video flashbacks of her weekend.

"Yeah. It was okay." Ziva lied. She had the time of her life with Tony.

"I have a question for you." McGee said as Ziva unpacked and sat down at her desk. She turned on her computer.

"What is it?" Ziva smiled at McGee.

"When I was on the phone with you the other night-" McGee paused and looked at Ziva and then at Tony and then back to Ziva.

"Why did you scream so loud into the phone?" McGee smiled and Ziva's eyes were huge and her face turned bright red.

"You-can ask Tony." Ziva choked out. Tony glared at Ziva and then his face got a shade of red. McGee asked Tony.

"Ziva was enjoying herself McNosey!" Tony said sighing with grief. He didn't feel like explaining it all to McGee. Tony's computer dinged and he got an instant message. It was from Ziva.

"I DID enjoy myself Tony ;)"

The End.

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