Lily Luna Potter woke up at 7:00 o'clock that morning. She got up put on a shirt and a skirt that she left out for herself last night. She looked in her full size mirror. She had on a bright pink shirt and denim skirt her outfit matched her big personality. Lily brushed her medium long hair then she walked out of her room and yelled out "GET UP EVERYONE WE GOTTA GO TO DIAGON ALLEY!" Albus her brother who looked like a little Harry was already awake put down the book he was reading and got off his bed and leaned on his door frame.

"Why are you screaming outside my bedroom?" her big brother asked.

"Today I get to go to Diagon Alley!" Lily exclaimed

"Yea but I think were not leaving till around 10:00."

"Why do I always have to wait? I waited forever to get my Hogwarts letter. Now I have to wait just to get to Diagon Alley."

"I don't know Lils. But as soon as you get to Hogwarts its going to be worth it. You'll see." Albus said then he went back into to his room as Lily did the same. Lily picked up a book her Aunt Hermione gave her and started reading it. After about 2 hours Ginny walked in and looked at her daughter who was fully dressed and ready to go.

"Ready to go?" Ginny asked. Lily closed the book with a snap and looked up at her mother. "YES!" Lily said and jumped off her bed.

"Well everyone else needs to get ready. What time did you get up?"


"Well I made breakfast you can go downstairs and eat while everyone else is getting dressed."

"Ok Mommy." Then Lily went downstairs into the big kitchen and put two pancakes on a plate. She got a fork and poured syrup onto her pancakes. She sat down at dinning room table and began eating. Albus came down stairs and sat across from her with his breakfast.

"Well asking if your excited is a stupid question. So what house do you think you will be placed in?" he asked

"Anything but Slytherin."

"What's wrong with Slythrerin don't want to be in the same house with your brother?"

"No I just thought Slythrerin is where the bad guys go. Like that Draco guy Daddy sometimes talks about."

"Do I look like a bad guy? Would I be friends with bad people? I use to be afraid of going into Slytherin but I realized its not for bad people. It means you have ambition,drive,your cunning."

"I think ill be in Gryffindor."

"Like the rest of the family? I think you'll be in Ravenclaw."

"With Rose? I don't know. I still think ill be in Gryffindor. Ya know. Adventure and stuff."

"Well the sorting hat will make the right dissension." Lily and Albus were finished eating. Then James came running downstairs. He grabbed a pancake and ate it in two bites. James was tall. Sort of muscular and had very dark red hair. "Where's mum and dad?" Albus asked. "Upstairs." his older brother replied. Then the door bell rang. James opened the door to a boy Lily's age with red hair and a Chudley Cannons shirt on. Behind him was the rest of his family. James greeted them and then yelled up the stairs for his parents. "MUM! DAD! UNLCE RON AND AUNT HERMIONE ARE HERE!"

"Is that how you talk all the time? Or only to your parents?" Ron said then tossed his nephews hair.

"Hey don't mess it up!" James said swatting Rons hand away. The little boy sat next to Lily.

"Hello Hugo. Are you excited?" Lily asked her cousin

"Of course who wouldn't be!" Hugo exclaimed. He was just as excited as Lily. "People who have to deal with Malfoys." Lily's other cousin said.

"Oh Rose you know Scorpius isn't bad." Albus said to Rose. Rose had Brown hair and tons of freckles the most in the family some joked. She was very pretty.

"Easy for you to say. He's your best friend."

"A Potter being friends with a Malfoy who knew." Ron chimed in.

"Yea well I don't think its right." Harry said while coming down the stairs.

"Why do you care. If Al was friends with him I don't think he is anything like Draco. Al has good judgment." Hermione said.

"I wont chose who he's going to be friends with. But just keep an eye on Lily. I don't want him taking advantage of her. Or any boy for that manner." Harry said sternly.

"Oh if anyone does anything to Lily there going to have problems through the whole Weasly clan." James said.

"Yup." Rose and Hugo added. Then Ginny walked down the steps and said "Well time to go!" and with the help of some Floo Powder the Potter/Weasly family went to Diagon alley.

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