"Oh My Godric." Rose said after Lily had told her about what had happened at The Three Broomsticks.

"Yes. And then I just left. I couldn't take it." Lily felt good to get everything out but she still didn't feel better.

"What about the Malfoy boy you were with. What did he do?"

"I don't know if he did anything to Albus but he came out to find me and gave me a hug. Then we came back."

"Don't you think you two are getting a bit two close? I mean you two just had a fight. Or what ever it was."

"No. And it was not a fight it was a long break I guess. But other than Amy he's like my best friend. Now I guess he is my best friend. And we decided to pick things up where it was all good."

"So you and Amy are done?"

"Yes. For now I guess."

Rose didn't know how to respond to that. She just let out a small sigh. She didn't approve of Albus and Lily being close with Scorpius but they were fine and she didn't want to medal.

"Well I've really got to be studying," said Rose "Why don't you go find Malfoy."

Lily nodded and left the Library. She didn't go to find Scorpius she went and found her brother. He was in the common room.


"What do you want?" said James.

"I don't know. To chat?"

"Well what's up?"

"I caught Amy snogging Albus."

"Our Albus?"

"No the one on Mars. Yes our Albus!"

James chuckled at Lily's sarcasm.


"Well what?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Ignore them."

"You do that then."

Lily knew James wasn't going to be very helpful but she wasn't looking help. She was looking a release. She just wanted to yell or scream and get everything out. So she went to the covered bridge. She let it all out. She screamed out of anger. She kicked a rock she saw then rested her chin on the railing letting her arms dangle beside her head.

Then she was greeted by a familiar voice. She stood up and turned around.

"Hello Lils." It was Scorpius. A voice she was very glad to hear.

"Albus use to call me that. Hasn't in a while."

"Then I need to think of my own nick name for you, don't I?"

"I guess."

"Lily-Pad? Or how about Lily-kins?"

"Lily-Pad will do fine."

"Eh. For now. I'm not too fond of it."


Lily still wasn't in a good mood and Scorpius could tell.

"I don't like to see you like this." Scorpius said in a caring manner.

"I don't like to feel like this."

"Then don't."

Scorpius sat down on the cold ground and looked at Lily's shoes. Lily sat down along with him. She realized how cold it was and inched closer to Scorpius. He put his arm around her and Lily rested her head on his shoulder. Lily realized something; they both wanted the same thing. Why not have it?

Then Lily lifted her head off of Scorpius and re-positioned her self to where she was laying on her back her head resting in Scorpius' lap. Then she grabbed his shirt while leaning up and kissed him. Her arms were around the lanky teens back and Scorpius put one hand on Lily's neck the other on her back. It was a long kiss until Scorpius pulled away still in each other's arms.


"Who cares about him? He kept a secret from us. Why can't we keep a secret from him now?"

He thought about her logic then stared into Lily's hazel eyes that he always loved. They looked warm next to his cold grey eyes. It felt like a long pause then Scorpius finally said something.

"Ok. Lily will you be my girlfriend?"


Lily kissed her now said boyfriend more passionately then before.

"So now we must keep this a secret because if Al found out I didn't tell him about my first kiss he would be pissed."

The couple laughed and talked. It didn't feel so different. Now they felt more connected.