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The Malfoy family walked into their mansion late in the afternoon, having had brief statements taken from them at the Ministry of Magic, pending their Wizengamot trial. Lucius Malfoy placed his walking stick in the hallstand and removed his cloak, placing it on a wall hook.

"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. Won't be long until our former standing is re-established," he said with a slight smirk as he took his wife Narcissa's coat and hung it up next to the cloak. "We just need to grease a few palms, donate to a few charities, intimidate a few politicians, and the name Malfoy will command respect once again."

Draco Malfoy removed his own cloak and went to hang it up. Walking past a large ornate mirror, he caught a glimpse of his own reflection. What he saw shocked him. He saw a tall skeletal man with limp white-blonde hair, and dull washed out blue eyes with prominent crows feet etched in the corners. He looked eternally exhausted, and his expensive tailor-made suit hung on his thin frame like a scarecrows rags. He looked at his father, and then went back to hanging up his cloak.

"We will do no such thing", he said quietly. Lucius looked at him sharply.

"What did you say, boy?" his father asked stiffly. Draco looked his father in the eye and walked towards him.

"We are not bribing anybody and we are not going to be treated like kings ever again. I will not allow it," he replied in a calm even tone as he walked into the library. Lucius walked after him.

"You won't allow it?" he sneered, "I am the head of this family, not you. I make the decisions, not you!" He began to raise his voice. "We are Malfoy, we are from one of the noblest Houses in all the Wizarding World! We deserve…no, no, we demand!...a place of high regard and high standing! We are a noble Pureblood family with a proud history and fine lineage. I will be in charge again!" Lucius slammed his fist onto the desk, his eyes gleaming fanatically. Draco looked at him with scorn.

"Noble and pure? High regard?" he scoffed at his father. "You, Father, are a coward. A snivelling coward who gets others to dirty their hands so yours are kept clean. You have no sense of loyalty, you switch sides every time the wind blows, and you sold your own son into slavery!" He started yelling at Lucius. "You sold your own bloody heir to Voldemort as a plaything, a sex-toy!"

Narcissa let out a shocked gasp. Draco turned and ran to catch his mother as she started to collapse. He led her to a nearby chaise lounge and she sank down upon it. She looked at her husband.

"Is this true Lucius?" she whispered. He didn't answer, but guilt was etched into his face. Narcissa stood up shakily and walked up to her husband. She touched his face and looked into his eyes. "Did you give our son to Voldemort?" Narcissa asked again, with tears in her eyes. He nodded jerkily.

"You bastard!" she shrieked, slapping him hard across the face with a resounding crack. "You sick, depraved evil bastard! How dare you? How dare you get my son to whore for you?" Narcissa lunged for Lucius's throat, but Draco caught her and pulled her into an embrace. She turned to her son and ran her fingers lovingly down his face.

"My poor baby," she cried brokenly, "What did they do to you?" Draco stroked her hair and murmured soothingly to her as she sobbed into his chest.

"I'm okay Mum, he didn't touch me, he never got the chance. None of the other Death Eaters did either. Well," he conceded, "Rodolphus tried, but he got called to go Muggle hunting before anything happened."

Lucius looked at him in horror. "Rodolphus Lestrange? Your uncle?"

Draco nodded tersely. "He said it was time to pay you back for what you did to his wife 5 years ago whilst she was still in Azkaban." Lucius crumpled onto the desk chair, his head resting in his hands. Draco stared at him coldly, his arms still holding his mother.

"Aren't you going to tell Mother what you did to Aunt Bellatrix, Father?" he sneered. Lucius shook his head weakly. Draco glared at him and then led his mother back to the lounge. He smoothed her hair and held her hands.

"He had an affair," Draco stated flatly. "After Rodolphus said what he said, I decided to ask Aunt Bella whilst she was in one of her saner moments. I asked her what he did, and she told me that Father had stolen her baby from her." Narcissa gasped, clutching her chest. Draco continued. "It so turns out that about 7 years ago, dear old Dad used to disguise himself to visit with dear Aunt Bella about once a week for a quick fuck. It went on for a bit over a year. She used to brag about having shagged her brother-in-law to all the other inmates, including her husband, but as Father was disguised, no one believed her so-called 'delusions'. Then she got pregnant." Draco looked at Lucius, then back to his mother. "She had a difficult pregnancy, with no pain reducing potions. As soon as the baby was born, Father whisked it away to an orphanage and told Bellatrix the baby had died. That's when her mind snapped I believe."

Lucius stood up, trembling as he did. He walked over to his Firewhiskey decanter, poured himself a double measure, then knocked it back before pouring another and returning to the desk.

"You're lying," he croaked out. Draco marched up to him and punched him in the face.

"I'm lying? You fucked your own sister-in-law and had a love child, and you think I'm lying?" He punched his father again, and then leaned close to him. "In fact, I found the child." Lucius's eyes widened in horror. Draco smirked cruelly. "Oh yes, I did."

"Draco?" Narcissa asked. He turned to face her.

"Yes, Mother?" he replied.

"Where is the child?" she asked, her hands trembling slightly. Draco walked back over to her and rubbed her hands.

"Her name is Sagitta Noir, she is 5 years old, and she is currently at St Doris's Institution for the Parentless. I am going to go back to the Ministry soon and start the paperwork to bring her home, if that's okay with you Mother?" Draco asked. Narcissa nodded. Draco kissed her cheek.

"Thank you Mother," he whispered.

Lucius staggered up. "No!" he shouted drunkenly, "I will not have barmy Bellatrix's bastard child under my roof! I forbid it!" He slammed down his glass. Draco stood up.

"Fine," he said, lifting his chin. "I will leave your house. Mother," he turned to Narcissa, "Go and pack a bag, we're leaving." She nodded and made her way upstairs. Lucius went to stop her, but Draco intercepted him.

"Also Father, today is the last day I call you that. I disown you. I will no longer be called Draco Malfoy. Instead, I'm changing it to Drake Black, to honour my cousins Sirius, Regulus and Nymphadora, and to honour my mother." He stared into his father's eyes. "The name Malfoy, the family Malfoy, will end with me. No child of mine will bear that name, I swear to you!"

Lucius staggered back. "No! You can't be serious!"

"Yes I am," Draco hissed menacingly. "The Malfoy reign is dead and finished!" Lucius fell to the ground, weeping into his hands.

Narcissa came back downstairs, clutching a small suitcase. Draco offered her his arm, and together they left the broken-down man without a backward glance.

Draco and Narcissa travelled via Floo to the Ministry of Magic. Once inside the Ministry, they made their way to the Auror's office and made statements against Lucius Malfoy, and provided memories for Pensieve evidence. Mother and son then went down to the Department of Registry. Draco officially changed his name to Drake Black, and Narcissa filed scrolls to start divorce proceedings and to begin the adoption process to bring little Sagitta home.

At 9.00am the next morning, Harry Potter, Auror in Training (AiT), was knocking on the door of the Hotel Merlin's Suite 642. Drake opened the door, very surprised to see who his visitor was.

"Potter! What brings you by?" he asked curiously.

"Mal…er…Black. Can I come in for a few minutes? Auror business, y'know," Harry replied. Drake stepped aside and gestured him into the living area. They both sat down in velour armchairs by the fireplace.

"So, what can I do for the Auror department, Potter? Do you need anymore evidence or statements?" Drake inquired. Harry shook his head gravely.

"No, nothing like that. You've given us heaps already. No, I'm here because there has been an accident."

Drake leapt forward in his chair. "Is my mother okay? What happened? Is it serious?" His fingers dug into the plush upholstery, his knuckles white with tension.

Harry started. "What? Your mother? No, no, it's not her!" Drake visibly relaxed. "No, its your fath..err…Lucius Malfoy. He's dead."

Drake looked at him blankly. "When?"

"Last night. Went to kick a House Elf whilst he was drunk and fell down the stairs. Broke his neck instantly," Harry replied. Drake stood up and looked into the fire. He rotated his shoulders, and then turned around. Harry could see a smile of relief on Drake's face.

"I'm free, Harry, I'm free!" Drake said ecstatically as he sat back down. "He can't hurt anybody ever again!" He jumped back up and grabbed 2 bottles of Perry's Pumpkin Ale out of the mini-bar and a bottle opener. He popped the lids and passed one to Harry.

"Cheers, Potter," Drake said as he raised his bottle to take a swig. Harry sat there quietly, looking at the bottle.

"You alright there, Potter?" he asked. Harry looked at him.

"I saw you're memories in the Pensieve," he said quietly.

"Ahhh," Drake replied, "And?"

Harry looked at him. "I can't believe how much shit Voldemort and Malfoy put you through. All that shit, and you're still sane and alive." Harry shook his head. "And to think I added to that by being a pompous git at Hogwarts." He extended his hand to Drake. "Forgive me, Drake Black."

Drake took his hand. "Likewise, Potter. I gave it to you just as good. Lets just call it even." Harry nodded, and the 2 blokes took another sip of beer.

"So, you are now a very rich man. Malfoy didn't have time to disown you, so you inherited it all. What are you going to do next?" Harry asked.

"Sell and donate most of it," he replied automatically. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I inherited all the Lestrange estate recently as well. I need to talk to Aunt Andromeda, but I want to sell all the Lestrange properties and items, and then give Andromeda and Teddy 75% of the proceeds. It won't bring back Uncle Ted, Nymphadora or Professor Lupin, but it will help raise Teddy. I'm going to do something similar with the Malfoy estate I believe. Let Mother keep what she wants, maybe keep a few portraits and heirlooms that mean something to me, then sell the rest. The Manor, the company, the holiday houses, everything. I'll donate a sum to St Mungo's and another to St Doris's. The rest I'll keep for my family," Drake explained. Harry nodded.

"What's St Doris's?" he asked.

"The orphanage where Lucius stashed my baby sister Sagitta. Mother has just gone to pick her up from there," Drake replied, his eyes darkening slightly. Harry nodded again.

"Yeah, I saw that in the Pensieve too, now that you mention it. What a prick!"

Drake's lips quirked slightly. "That's putting it mildly." He swigged the last of his beer and put the bottle down. Harry followed suit.

"So, after you do that, what then?" Harry asked again. Drake grinned.

"Culinary academy."

Harry's eyes widened. "Really? Cooking school?" Drake smiled sheepishly.

"I like to cook. It's just like Potion's, only tastier. After that, work hard and get my own restaurant." Harry grinned.

"Good luck with that, man," he said as he stood up. Harry shook Drake's hand again.

"Well, I'm off. We'll let you know if we need you to appear in the Wizengamot. Take care and keep in touch," Harry said as he walked out the hotel suite door.

Drake nodded. "Will do."

5 years pass. Drake attends and graduates from 'The Greta Catchlove Wizarding Culinary Academy', and moves his mother and sister to Melbourne, Australia to open 'The Gastronomy Tower' in Wizarding Lygon St. Sagitta is a happy girl of 10 years, with the same blonde hair and eyes as her big brother. She is in Grade 4 at the Wallaby Primary School for Witchcraft, has lots of friends and is doted on by her 'Mama-Cissi', as Narcissa is affectionately known as. Narcissa meanwhile has started a small but thriving boutique called 'Garters and Robes' in Wizarding Bridge Rd. Life is good. But one day Drake bumps into a face from his past, and everything starts to change.