5YL:WDU Chapter 2

Authors Note: You may have noticed that Hermione is called Mia whilst she's in Australia. I've done that for 2 reasons: 1- She's a celebrity in Wizarding UK, and I've always had the impression that she hates that. By abbreviating her name, she sort of has a new identity. 2- Being Aussie myself, I've noticed that we tend to give everyone nicknames or abbreviations. My name is abbreviated, and even the abbreviation has an abbreviation! :-D Okay, now I've said abbreviate to many times…. On with the story!

PS: So sorry this took a bit to put up! I was starting what is now going to be chapter 3, but this chapter popped into my head and I had to get it written down. I promise, there will be Hermione's POV next chapter! Even though this is Dramione, I most likely will be focusing a fair bit on Drake...I've just made him too damn interesting! :-D

Authors Note 2: Copyright disclaimer as written in previous chapter.

"…No….stop it!...let her go!...NO!...NO!...stop hurting her!...leave her alone!..." Drake Black thrashed around in his king-sized bed, sweat whipping through the air.

"Sweetie, wake up! Wake up Drakey, it's just a dream," a soothing voice whispered to him. Drake woke up with a start.

"Mum?" his voice cracked.

"Yes baby, it's me," Narcissa said as she sat on the edge of his bed, stroking his blond hair. "Were you dreaming about 'that night' again?"

He nodded. "It's always of that night, and always of her."

His mother muttered soothing nonsense as Drake's heartbeat went back to normal.

"Mum, I'm very glad you woke me up this morning, but what are you doing here?" Upon their move to Melbourne, Drake got his own bachelor pad in Southbank and Narcissa and his little sister Sagitta moved into a small 3 bedroom home in Ivanhoe.

Narcissa rose and opened the curtains. Sunlight beamed into the bedroom, causing Drake to blink quickly.

"Sagitta is taking us costume shopping today, remember? I'm taking her to a party at one of her friends houses, and you need one for that nightclub party tonight."

Oops, he had forgotten that. "Where is Gitta anyway?" he asked.

Narcissa walked towards the bedroom door. "She's in the kitchen helping the elves make breakfast for us. Get dressed and meet us in the dining room sweetie."

Drake got up out of bed and threw on a pair of faded blue jeans, a white polo shirt, dark blue zip up jacket and a pair of white Volley's. He checked his reflection in the bathroom mirror on his way out, made a face, then ran some styling gum through his hair and running a toothbrush over his teeth. He clomped down the stairs and into the dining room.

"Man, am I hungry!" Drake said loudly, "I wonder what I'll have for breakfast!"

Little girl giggles from the kitchen reached his ears. He sat down and flicked open the local newspaper.

"Dray! Dray!" Sagitta yelled as she launched herself at her big brother. She plonked onto his lap and gave him a big hug.

"Hey Gitta-Gitta! Whiskey hug!" Drake rubbed his stubbly chin on her cheeks, causing her to burst into giggles.

Narcissa looked on at her children affectionately. She always wished she could've had more children after Drake, but she had a few miscarriages and a lecture from the doctor telling her to stop trying. This unwanted child borne of her insane sister and lying scum of a husband was a blessing, and she loved Sagitta just as much as she loved Drake.

She loved watching her children together. Sagitta had helped transform her son into a more relaxed person, a man who wore his emotions like a favourite shirt rather than the starched underwear of his youth. Her daughter was an angel, bright and bubbly, exuberant and kind. She reminded Narcissa of a very young Bellatrix, before their father took them from the nursery and into hell. She looks so much like Bella, Narcissa mused, except for the colour of her hair. Sagitta had inherited the pale white blonde Malfoy hair, but unlike Lucius and Drake's straight tresses, hers was wildly curly, just like Bellatrix's.

Sagitta stopped giggling and hopped off her brother's lap.

"Blinky and I made breakfast for everyone," she announced. "We hope you like it!" She ran into the kitchen. "Blinky, we're ready!"

Blinky the house-elf walked out with a big smile on his small face, levitating 3 silver cloches on trays. With a click, the trays made their way in front of each person.

"Good morning Blinky," Drake smiled. "How are you this morning?"

Blinky smiled and bowed. "Blinky is good, Mr Drake sir. How is Mr Drake?"

"I'm fine thanks. I heard Sagitta helped you this morning?" he asked enquiringly.

Blinky beamed again. "Yes Mr Drake! Miss Gitta is a very good helper, a good helper indeed! Blinky is grateful that Miss Gitta helped him today!"

Narcissa smiled at the excited elf. "Thank you Blinky, we'll let you get back to the kitchens now."

Blinky bowed again. "Thank you Mrs Cissa!" and with a crack, the elf was gone.

Drake lifted his cloche. A steaming hot mug of chocolate and a sandwich met his gaze. Sagitta looked at him, squirming in her seat.

"It's your favourite Dray. I've got one too, see?" she lifted her plate to show him.

"So I see," Drake smiled at her, "And what is my favourite?"

"A bacon sandwich, with not crispy bacon and smokey BBQ sauce, with un-toasted fresh bread," she recited. Drake ruffled her curls.

"Good girl! And what did you make Mama Cissi?" he asked, pointing at his mothers cloche.

"Strawberry flavoured waffles with strawberry sauce!"

Narcissa lifted up her cloche. "Thank you sweetheart, they look wonderful!"

The 3 Blacks ate their breakfast, punctuated with chatter from the youngest. Once they had finished, Drake pushed away from the table and stood up. Blinky appeared to take their dishes.

"Thank you for breakfast Blinky, it was delicious," Drake complimented his tiny chef.

Blinky's ears turned pink. "Thank you Mr Drake sir!"

Drake patted him on the head. "You and the other elves are to take the rest of the day off. No buts!" he raised his hand, "Tonight is Samhain, and I won't be home for the rest of the day or night."

Blinky's large eyes brimmed with tears. "Mr Drake is very good to us elves! Us elves are very lucky to be employed by Mr Drake!"

After the war, Drake had freed all of his house-elves. After seeing Dobby's loyalty towards Harry Potter, he rethinked his views upon his 'perpetually indentured servants'. All elves that remained with him were employed, and each wearing a uniform depending on their job. Blinky wore a small double-breasted chef's coat, black trousers and tiny toque perched between his large ears.

Drake gave his chef a smile. "Have a good afternoon off, Blinky. I'll see you tomorrow." He looked at his mother and sister.

"Ready to go?" he inquired. They both grabbed their coats and nodded. He grabbed their hands.

"Righto, off we go!" Drake said as they Apparated together to the costume shop.

They appeared in front of 'Madame Millie's Custom Costumes' in 'Wygon'. Sagitta rushed inside, with the 2 older Blacks walking in behind her.

"Hi Madame Millie!" Sagitta sang out. A statuesque woman dressed in multi-coloured silk robes turned around.

"Ah! Hello there, young Sagitta! Looking for a costume?" the shopkeeper smiled kindly at the little witch.

"Yes please! And one for Mama, and one for Drake too!" she lowered her voice, "He's going to a grown-ups party tonight and I want him to find a girlfriend!"

Drake blushed and coughed as he overheard, his mother just smiled.

Narcissa clasped hands with Millie and touched cheeks. "Nice to see you again Millie dear. How's the family?" Narcissa and Millie used to be pen pals as children, and they kept up correspondence through the years.

Millie beamed at her. "Cissi darling, great to see you! The family is doing fine. My eldest girl, Maria is getting married soon! You'll probably see her in your shop in the next few weeks!"

Drake left the 2 older women chatting family and business, and took Sagitta to the costume books. She clambered up onto the stool and started flicking through the books eagerly.

After about 10 minutes of scanning pages, Drake heard a triumphant sound from his sister.

"Found a costume you like, sweetie?" he asked.

Sagitta nodded. "Yep, I want to be a gypsy! See?" She pointed at the picture. It showed a curly haired witch with a purple kerchief tied around her head, a floaty white peasant top, a long black velvet skirt and layers of floaty purple scarves. The witch had golden bangles halfway up both arms, rings decorating each finger, and a wealth of coins attached to her clothing. Instead of the traditional crystal ball, she had an elaborately carved wooden walking staff with a small crystal ball topping it.

"It looks very pretty Gitta, go see if Madame Millie has it in stock." Sagitta skipped off to the older woman. Drake kept flicking through the costume books.

"Hmm, what to be… what to be… surfer? No, too cold for that, it is Autumn… vampire? Nope, too cliché… Muggle policeman? ...way overdone…" Drake muttered as he went through the different costume ideas. His mother came up and looked over his shoulder.

"How about that one?" she asked as she pointed at the picture. The costume in question was of a builder, complete with hardhat and tools. The model wore faded jeans with a few rips and tears, a pair of Blundstones, a navy Bonds singlet, and a faded checked flannelette shirt.

"Great choice Mum, I have everything but the hat and tools at home. And better yet, I don't have to shave!" Drake grinned at Narcissa. Eyeing the shopping bag in her hands, he asked curiously, "What did you pick to be?"

Narcissa reached in and pulled out a set of black cats ears.

"Black and white cat, to match my harlequin hair," she replied dryly. "Your sister picked it out, and you know I can't refuse her anything."

Sagitta came running up with a large bag in hand. "I got it Drake!"

Her big brother ruffled her curls affectionately. "That's great Gitta. Just let me get some bits for my costume from Madame Millie, and then we can go look at the animals in 'Felix's Felicitous Familiars', okay?" She nodded. Drake grabbed the pattern book and took it to Millie. She looked at the design, and beamed at him.

"A very nice choice, young Drake, and very fetching! You have the six-pack to pull this off very nicely!" Drake turned a bit pink as he heard that. "Just the tools, belt and hat dear?"

Drake nodded. "Yes please Millie, I've got the rest at home."

Millie smiled and strode to a shelf, grabbed the required items and bagged them. Drake handed her his Wizpac card, paid for the costume and thanked Madame Millie for all of her help. Sagitta grabbed his hand, and half-walked, half-dragged her brother and mother out of the costume shop and into the next to look at the kitties.

Just a few clarifications:

Wygon: abbreviated term for Wizarding Lygon St

Blundstones: slip on work boots, also my favourite shoe to wear when I was growing up.

Wizpac: Wizarding bank, my little version of Westpac.