Chapter 3

Meet Madame Varcolac

We push the door open a little bit more and walk in.

"Hello?" Dad asks

No response.

We walk into the main room. Then all of a sudden the doors behind us close with a big BANG! We look back in curiosity. Then look forward to see a middle-aged scary looking lady In front of us.

Its like she came from out of nowhere. I say in my mind shocked

We stand there for a moment

Then dad says; "Hello, I'm David Sands and you must be…" He gets cut off

"I Am Madame Varcolac"

Then a wolf howls in the background.

We look around in confusion.

Then Madame Varcolac says; "you will follow me!"

She Turns around and starts walking away. So we start to follow her up the stairs.

It is Silent for a while then dad breaks the silence by saying; "so have you lived here long?"

Madame Varcolac growls then keeps walking.

"DAD!" I say as I hit his arm

"What! Just trying to make conversation." Dad says to me

We keep walking up the stairs. Then when we reach The Top Madame Varcolac Turns around which causes my dad to almost run into her.

"Boy, Girl your rooms this way."

Madame Varcolac points a laser towards some doors behind us.

"Father Your Room. That way."

Then she points the laser towards another pair of doors in front of us.

"Have 1 rule. Stay in room at night. Lock door."

"Actually that's 2 rules." Hunter says

"Hunter, don't ague with Madame Varcolac." Dad says

We hear a wolf in the background again!

There is a long pause. Then Madame Varcolac Tilts her head and cracks her neck.

Our dad turns around in a hurry.

"OK, go to bed."

We don't move

"Go go go go go!" He whispers sternly

He pushes us lightly. We have frightened looks on our faces.

"Lock your doors! I'm locking mine. Love You."

We run through the doors.

"Check This Out!" Hunter Says

I turn around and look

"To Dragomer

The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.

Best wishes,

Rudiyard Kipling"

"That's what mom always use to say"

"Who's this Kipling Dude?"

"Its from the jungle book. By Rudyard Kipling." I say correcting him.

"Mom was quoting him."

"Now come on lets go! Do you really want to get her angry? !"


"Madame Varcolac!" I whisper

There's the wolf again! Man what is up with that name? !

"GET TO ROOMS!" Madame Varcolac yells

"Come on! Come on!"

We run down the hall to our rooms.

I slam the door behind me locking it as I catch my breath. Then I look around.

This is such a gorgeous room I think as I look in awe.

I get dressed for bed. Then I fall asleep