Sathon stood frozen to the floor at the sight she saw, "mama, papa" Sathon whimpered softly, staring at her parents. Pocahontas and Smith were tied up together with their backs against each other, Sacajawea and Nakoma tied up the same, as Sathon's parents were, Toussaint holding a spear pointed at Lewis and Clark. Ahkmenrah wrapped his arms around Sathon gently and held her close, rubbing her back soothingly, "how could you do this to my parents? And my family?" Sathon asked, her voice quivering. "Why my dear, if your parents told you the story then why are you asking us that question" Rolfe answered, looking at Sathon, "how could you do this to my parents?" Ratcliff mimicked, laughing. Sathon's eyes narrowed to slits and she glared at Ratcliff for mimicking her, "no one…mimicks me…ever!" Sathon snarled, her nose flaring, fighting her way out of Ahkmenrah's grasp and drawing a dagger from within her belt.

"Look Smithy, your daughter is so courageous she is holding a knife in her small hand" Ratcliff sneered, walking up to Sathon, "why don't you put your toy down and no one will get hurt?" Ratcliff asked, putting his hand on Sathon's dagger. "I wouldn't have done that if I were you" Sathon said, swinging the knife up into Ratcliff's hand and running past him, making him fall under her fast kick to his leg, Ratcliff held his hand and looked at Rolfe, "what are you doing standing there for? Get her!" Ratcliff exclaimed. Sathon dove down and sliced the rope around her parents, halfway to cutting it off, "wow Rolfe, I didn't know you were such a woman chaser" Sathon teased, jumping onto a bench as Rolfe tried to catch her.

"If you held still, I wouldn't have to chase you" Rolfe said, following Sathon as she jumped onto the Lewis and Clark exhibit, "oh but then there wouldn't be any fun if you caught me so easily" Sathon said, putting her dagger back in its holster and grabbing the spear, playing tug o war with Toussaint. Sathon turned the spear away from Lewis and Clark, giving a mighty tug back towards her way, making Toussaint trip and fall to the exhibit floor, Sathon threw the spear out the entrance to the room. Sathon jumped down from the exhibit and ran past Sacajawea and Nakoma, getting close enough to cut the rope off completely, Ahkmenrah stood watching near the wagon as Sathon jumped around the room. "Come here, Sathon, I want to give you a gift" Rolfe said, getting close to Sathon as she knelt to cut the rope around her parents, "I don't follow for those tricks" Sathon said softly, cutting the rest of the rope around her parents. Powhatan, Meeko, Percy and Flit were duct taped together in a sitting position in the Pocahontas exhibit.

Sathon walked over to the exhibit and cut the duct tape off gently, petting Meeko and Percy gently while holding her index finger out to Flit, Flit thankfully flew onto her finger and Sathon rubbed his chest feathers gently. Sathon cut the duct tape off her grandfather's wrists and smiled at him, balling the tape into a ball, "you did well, granddaughter" Powhatan said softly, hugging Sathon. Ahkmenrah smiled at the scene then ran at Rolfe when he was close to hitting Sathon over the head with a fire extinguisher, "oh no you don't, John Rolfe" Ahkmenrah said, holding Rolfe down with the spear pointed at his chin. Ratcliff was still on the floor, holding his hand, trying to stop the bleeding by pressing his thumb on the wound. "Thanks Ahk" Sathon said softly, walking up to Ahkmenrah and hugging him tightly, "your welcome Sathon" Ahk said, hugging Sathon with his free arm gently. "Let me up, please?" Rolfe asked softly, looking at the spear, Ahkmenrah dropped the spear to the floor and watched Rolfe stand up, "you never hurt my Sathon, ever, or I'll make sure your shredded wax" Ahk threatened, glaring at Rolfe.

Rolfe nodded weakly then went and stood in his spot in the exhibit scene, the bleeding in Ratcliff's hand had stopped and turned back to wax, no sign he had been cut there. Ratcliff stood up and walked to the exhibit and stood in his spot near Rolfe, "you win this time, savage girl" Ratcliff threatened, "that is woman to you Ratcliff" Sathon sneered, glaring at Ratcliff. Ahkmenrah grabbed a hold of Sathon's arm gently then looked at her watch, "holy gods, its fifteen minutes till 3!" Ahk exclaimed, looking at Sathon, her eyes going from a glare to sadness. "I'm sorry my love but I have to go in ten minutes so I have enough time to put the lid of my sarcophagus back" Ahk said softly, sliding his hands into Sathon's gently, staring into her eyes. "Get a room you two" Sacajawea teased as she stepped onto her exhibit and stood in her spot near a bush, Sathon waved her off, looking up into Ahkmenrah's eyes, "why don't you go walk Ahkmenrah back to his exhibit, Sathon?" Smith suggested, smiling.

Sathon looked at her father then smiled and walked with Ahkmenrah to his exhibit to say goodnight, to have a few minutes alone. Sathon stopped near the sarcophagus as Ahkmenrah put the lid on the sarcophagus, keeping it open enough for him to slip in, Ahkmenrah wrapped his arms around Sathon and held her close. Sathon grabbed Ahkmenrah's robe gently and curled her fingers around it, resting her head on his chest softly, Ahkmenrah combed his fingers through her hair slowly, watching her relax. Sathon sighed contently, "I wish I could stay in here and rest with you" Sathon whimpered softly, gripping the robe more, "I wish you could stay here too but you have to return to your family for the rest of today until you awake again" Ahkmenrah said softly. Ahkmenrah put his hand under Sathon's chin softly so her eyes would meet his, rubbing her cheek gently with his thumb, "Sathon?" Ahk asked softly, Sathon looked up at him, "yes?".

Ahkmenrah smiled then bent his head down and kissed Sathon's lips goodnight, wrapping both of his arms around her as Sathon got on her tip toes to kiss him back, Ahkmenrah picked her up gently off her feet, kissing her lovingly. The kiss only lasted a few moments before Ahkmenrah pulled away and let Sathon down gently, Sathon whimpering in objection, Ahkmenrah chuckled softly, "you'll get more kisses tomorrow love, don't fret because I had to pull away" Ahkmenrah teased, kissing Sathon's forehead gently. Sathon smiled softly then opened her eyes, looking up at Ahkmenrah, "go, you better get into your sarcophagus before the clock turns 3" Sathon said softly, pushing Ahkmenrah gently away. Ahkmenrah slide one leg into his sarcophagus then sat down in it and looked at Sathon, "goodnight love" Ahk said softly, kissing Sathon goodnight once more before laying down in his sarcophagus.

"Goodnight Frankenstein" Sathon giggled softly as she closed the lid over the sarcophagus and placed a kiss on the lid gently before walking past the guards, waving goodnight as time froze over them. Sathon ran up to the American History room and stopped in front of Ratcliff and Rolfe, "you better not try and flirt with my mother" Sathon threatened, poking Rolfe's chest hard, "and you better not try and hurt my family either" Sathon threatened to Ratcliff, glaring up at him. " If you don't hurt my family and if you don't flirt with my mother we might be acquaintances" Sathon said as she stepped up onto the exhibit then walked to her canoe, throwing the blanket back so she could lay down. Sathon lay down in her canoe and rolled the blanket over her, cuddling into her makeshift bed before falling asleep peacefully.

- An hour before opening-

Dr. McPhee watched as the ship men unloaded four cargo crates onto a forklift, "you've been getting a lot of deliveries lately" one of the ship men said, "yes, because every exhibit is not complete till everyone in the exhibit is there" Dr. McPhee replied, holding a pen in his hand, ready to sign the delivery conformation papers. "Sign here and you can take the cargo inside" the head ship men said, holding a clip board with the paper on it, Dr. McPhee signed the signature then watched the ship men leave and got on the forklift and drove it inside, into the loading room. "Looks like more people for the American History room, I'll have the night guard do that" Dr. McPhee said as he turned off the forklift and closed the loading room door behind him.