Title: The art of winning.

Rating: T

Pairing: Yami Yugi/ Joey/ Yugi

Summery: Yami could not lose this game. He wouldn't, he would do everything in his power to win.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, I wished I did but I don't.

AN: I have no idea where this came from, none at all.

No, he would not lose. He was the King of Games; he could not lose, not in the field of Duel Monsters and not in this childish game either. It was the principal of it all, he was able to defeat opponent after opponent and save the world countless times over, losing to Yugi and Joey would ensure complete and utter humiliation.

Well, he supposed it was better then losing to Kaiba.

No, Yami could not think like that, it was a sign of weakness.

And anyway, since when did Yugi make him suffer like that? Other than that date with Tea... although, Yugi did say that was simply to help him regain his memories, but he didn't believe that.

Not many people knew this but Yugi did have a meaner side. Agreed, it wasn't as bad as Yami Bakura's or Yami Marik's bad side but it was surprising coming from the sweet, innocent looking Yugi.

Yes, at the moment, Yugi was about as sweet as Seth.

Yami expected this from Joey but Yugi? No it wasn't possible, Yugi was his partner, the one destined to carry his soul and help him regain his memories of his past life as a Pharaoh, and he wasn't supposed to do this to him. Joey, yes, Yugi no. Yami hoped that Yugi was being strung along, otherwise he had lost him and there was no hope.

Give up yet, Yami? Yugi asked, he was taunting him, mocking him. Hope was slowly fading.

Yami would have none of that. I don't give up, never have, and never will. He told him, reassuring himself.

Fine, remember the moment you think of it I will know and you will lose. Yugi told him, before returning to whatever it was that he was doing. All hope was gone.

So, where was Yami and what was he doing?

Well, it started over three hours ago-Yami knew that was roughly the time as he had planned on counting the seconds, minutes then hours that he lasted until that proved tiresome- when Yugi and Joey had set him the challenge...


"Hey, Yug, have you heard of this great game that I know about..." Joey had continued to explain the rules of this game and even Yami had to admit it sounded pretty difficult. Difficult, not impossible.

"Oh yeah, I've heard of that game, I always lose it."Yugi admitted sheepishly, smiling slightly, "I bet not even the King of Games himself could do it." He said. That's when Yami should have heard the warning bells going off in his head and been able to connect the dots to earlier in that day when the pair of them had been writing things down on a piece of paper, scheming together, but, unfortunately, he felt as though he had been issued a challenge.

A challenge he had to accept. For the principal of it all... and he was a sucker for a challenge... mainly because he was a sucker for a challenge.

So, switching his mind with Yugi's mind he accepted the challenge... and regretted it almost that second. After all, he never forgot anything, well except his name, his past and who he was before he became the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, but that didn't count.

Not at all, not even a little bit.

He was so absorbed in the idea of winning that he didn't see the tinniest bit of a smirk on Joey's face and the little bit of a chuckle from Yugi.


That's right, he was the playing the most evil game of all time. An infinite number of times more dangerous than The Shadow Games and The Seal of Orichalcos put together.

It. Was. The. Game.

He kind of wondered if it was revenge for the whole 'playing The Seal of Orichalcos and Yugi losing his soul' incident, but that was ridiculous, right? He had saved the world from Dartz and freed everyone's soul in the process, so that did cancel it out, right? Yami thought so.

His latest tactic of distracting himself was working very well. Until…

"Hey, Yug, do you want to turn on the X-Box and play a game on it?" Joey asked, smirking.

Yami couldn't control himself when he switched his mind with Yugi's again and slammed his head against the table with a cry of defeat, before straightening up and looking Joey straight in the eye and saying, "Best two out of three."

What could he do? It was a very addictive game and he was very competitive by nature and slightly childish as well.