AN: This is a little extra for my one shot because I sure wondered how this would have turned out. And I was bored in Ethics class. ENJOY!

To this day the Pharaoh hasn't won any rounds of The Game.

He has played as many rounds as he has duelled.

But, due to his competitive nature, he won't give up.

He will, however, plan a very slow, very painful death for one Joseph Wheeler…

…Who is entirely clueless on this matter.

Not that Yugi hasn't tried to warn him…

…The death may or may not involve the Shadow Realm, the Pharaoh hasn't decided yet.

He has, on the other hand, decided to introduce The Game to one Seto Kaiba.

In his mind, it is only fair to torture Kaiba as much as possible before he discovers his true name…

…It probably isn't, but who cares?

It is only fair to torture Kaiba as much as possible, he would do the same.

At least that is what the Pharaoh tells himself… and Yugi… mainly Yugi.

Every time he loses yet another round of The Game the Pharaoh can't help but wonder why he can't forget this but he can forget his own name…

… It's a conundrum he must admit quietly to himself.

As Yami bangs his head against the walls of his labyrinth mind the count goes from 2,999 to 3,000.

"Ra damn you Joseph Wheeler!"

AN: Okay, I'm done now.