Chapter 1

-Dovewing P.O.V

Dovewing knew she would never forgive Tigerheart. He used her, he was a dark forest cat, and he was from another clan. There was no hope they would ever be together.

"Thunderclan is doing well and prey is running" Firestar reported to the cats at the gathering.

"The gathering has ended" meowed Mistystar. The clans broke apart as the cats started sharing tongues. Dovewing padded over to Ivypool, hoping to look like she was busy. She had already seen Tigerheart….and he had seen her.

Suddenly she was whisked away into the bushes.

"We need to talk" Tigerheart meowed.

"We have nothing to talk about, you betrayed me and your clan, I am done with you" she retorted, though she knew she was not being completely honest. Dovewing stalked away, hoping he would not follow.

"Dovewing" Bumblestripe called, "I was looking for you, and Thunderclan is ready to return to camp, we were all looking for you.

"Oh, well I was just talking to a dumb Shadowclan cat." She meowed

We walked over to our clan, Bumblestripe had been overfriendly these past couple of moons, and she was hoping he was like that to all cats. Though she would not forgive him, Tigerheart was the only cat who ever caught her eye.

On the way back to camp, Bumblestripe pulled her away from the clan. Uh oh, she thought.

"Dovewing, I was hoping that you thought we were a little more than friends," his eyes sparkled with hope.

"Oh, well I think, yea-"then he interrupted her.

"Gee, I'd hoped you'd feel the same way about me! Now let's catch up to the rest of the clan, mate."

Uh oh, this is bad, she thought, she had meant to say "Oh, well, yea, I think we're good friends, but that's it."

They walked back to the clan together, Bumblestripe was smiling, Dovewing was frowning. When we got to the camp she told Ivypool what happened, Ivypool twitched her whiskers in amusement.

"Well, I hope you two are a happy couple!" she meowed.

Dovewing cuffed her over the ear.

"This isn't funny!" she wailed. "What's Tigerheart going to thi-"

"Wait," she interrupted, "I thought you were over him?"

"Well, um, I'm going to sleep." Ivypool laughed softly and Dovewing grumbled about how Ivypool should stop worrying about other cats' lives, though, deep down, she knew Ivypool was right, she still had feelings for Tigerheart.

Chapter 2

Ivypool P.O.V

Ivypool snored softly as she slept. Her dreams melted away into darkness…..suddenly, she was standing on ground, somewhat awake.

"I have to protect Dovewing," she meowed to herself.

"Ivypool," Hawkfrost meowed, "wonderful to see you. Today you will be training with Mapleshade, I have to welcome a new warrior." He meowed. Ivypool hoped it wasn't one of her clan mates; Blossomfall had already joined dark forest, due to her mother not paying any attention to her.

But Ivypool would give anything not to train with Mapleshade. Mapleshade was taking a liking to Ivypool, but Ivypool thought she was horrifying.

Then Tigerheart came out of nowhere.

"Come to tell me off again for almost killing your brother, who was already dead?" Ivypool asked.

"No," Tigerheart said, and when Ivypool looked at him she thought he must have fought Lionclan recently. There were no wounds, but his eyes were shattered, and his pelt hung from his bones like a bag. He looked…broken. Ivypool fought back a shudder.

"No," he repeated. "I came to ask you how I could get Dovewing to forgive me." He said.

Ivypool was surprised, Tigerheart did love Dovewing.

"All I can tell you is this," Ivypool said, "she doesn't think you love her anymore, she thinks you used her."

And with that, Ivypool padded away to find Mapleshade.

Chapter 3

Tigerheart P.O.V

Tigerheart woke with a start. He shuddered inwardly. Dovewing doesn't think I love her? He asked himself. How could I not?

Dawnpelt, his sister, padded up to him.

"Would you like to go hunting?" She asked.

"Sure…" he replied in a dull voice.

They walked to the end of the lake to hunt, but Dawnpelt started talking.

"Tigerheart, what's bothering you, you look like a ghost, and you've been ignoring your clan mates. Tell me, if it's a secret, I won't tell anyone, I'm your sister, can't you trust me?"

Tigerheart sighed; Dawnpelt would not rest until she got her answer. It was no use hiding anything from her; we had been a lot closer since Flametail had died.

Tigerheart began, "On the trip to bring back the water, I met an interesting cat named Dovepaw." Tigerheart looked into his sisters eyes; she already knew where this was going. "She dazzled me, I wanted to make a good impression on her, I wasn't sure how it was working until later on."

"We started meeting secretly at night, but one night, I told her how Littlecloud was sick, and that it was a shame Jayfeather didn't give us some catmint. She asked me "I thought the reason you wanted our territory was because you were trying to get the catmint by the twoleg nest…." Tigerheart told Dawnpelt everything, but just about Dovewing and him, not dark forest.

After Tigerheart was done he felt that a huge one was replaced. He looked into Dawnpelt's eyes and instantly regretted telling her.

"It's ok Tigerheart, I won't tell." Then she walked away.

Chapter 4

-Lionblaze P.O.V

Lionblaze led his patrol down to the lake, they were going hunting. It was new-leaf and prey was running. Cloudtail, Dovewing, and Thornclaw were in his patrol. They were hunting towards the Shadowclan border.

Dovewing pricked her ears, Lionblaze knew because of the prophecy, she could hear things and smell things from a wide range. Lionblaze and Jayfeather, the medicine cat and Lionblaze's brother, were in that prophecy too. A cat told Firestar long ago "there will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.

Lionblaze's power was he could not get hurt in battle, and Jayfeather's was he could reach cats' deepest thoughts and invade their dreams.

All of a sudden a mouse scrambled over the border and a Shadowclan she-cat, Olivenose, Lionblaze recalled, burst out of a bush chasing the squirrel, she was one tail length away from the border when she caught it, killed it, and scrambled back into her own territory.

"Hey!" Cloudtail called. "That's Thunderclan prey."

"No its not," she retorted.

"What's going on" Tigerheart said as two other Shadowclan cats, one apprentice and one warrior, stumbled out into the open. Lionblaze saw Dovewing narrow her eyes at Tigerheart.

"This warrior caught and killed a mouse on Thunderclan land!" Lionblaze said.

That's when the fighting started. Cloudtail threw himself on top of Olivenose. Lionblaze charged at a warrior whom he did not know.

Lionblaze heard a yowl and turned to see Tigerheart flee from the battle, untouched, leaving the fight, and Lionblaze realized, the only person left he could have attacked was Dovewing.

Chapter 5

-Dovewing P.O.V

"Are you alright, I heard you got in a border fight?" Bumblestripe asked.

"Yes, I didn't fight, they fled before I had a chance to." Dovewing replied

Bumblestripe was really annoying her. She padded to the warriors den when she was stopped by Leafpool.

"Congratulations Dovewing, I can't believe you're mates with Bumblestripe! You should move to the nursery soon, let Firestar know, I don't think you should go on any more patrols."

"What!" Dovewing asked.

"You're having kits!" Leafpool told her.

Wait, this isn't right, Dovewing thought, I don't love Bumblestripe in that way…so they must be Tigerheart's kits!

"Leafpool," she whispered. "I need to talk to you, lets go for a walk."

"Ok" Leafpool said, surprised.

Dovewing knew Leafpool would know a lot about forbidden love, and felt she would understand better than anyone else.

"Leafpool," she began. "I'm not carrying Bumblestripe's kits. It's a mistake that we're 'mates' he asked me when we were heading back from a gathering and he misunderstood when I was trying to turn him down."

"Then whose kits are you carrying?" Leafpool asked, bewildered.

"Tigerheart's" Dovewing whispered, barely audible.

Leafpool was silent for what seemed like hours. Then she said.

"I know how you feel." She said.

"Actually,you don't." I began. "You see. Tigerheart and I aren't mates, anymore. He used me to get catmint for Shadowclan, when we met on the border one day Ivypool found us. We heard a Shadowclan patrol coming so he shoved me into a bush, they captured Ivypool then and its all my fault. Cherrykit and Sandstorm could have died."

"Oh…..but, do you still love him?" Leafpool asked.

"…..Yes….but I'm not sure he loves me."

"I think I am going to take you to the moonpool." She said

They walked there in silence, she had finnaly admitted it, she still loved Tigerheart.

Dovewing was amazed when they arrived, the water was crystal clear, the sun was bouncing off the water, it was beautiful.

"Wow….." Dovewing murmered.

"Now drink from the water." Leafpool ordered.

Dovewing bent down to drink, and immediatly the stars washed over her. There was fire all around, and suddenly, four cats padded up, a gray cat, a silver cat, a white tortoisshell with a dappled pelt and a white cat. Dovewing realized they were all she-cats.

"Hello Dovewing," said the gray cat. "I am Bluestar."

The silver cat stepped forward. "I am silverstream."

The white tortoiseshell padded up. "I am Spottedleaf"

And finally, the white cat padded forward. "And I am Iceclaw."

Bluestar began speaking. "We have all known forbidden love. I loved Oakheart, of Riverclan. Silverstream took up. "I loved Graystripe." Spottedleaf came forward. "I loved Firestar. Iceclaw padded up, "I am sure no cat remembers me, but I am the one that proved love can not be separated by boundaries." And don't worry about Tigerheart. He does love you, he's angry with you because you don't think he loves you, only you can fix it."

The dream began to fade and Dovewing blinked her eyes back to the world.

"I'm going to Shadowclan," I said.

"What did Starclan tell you?" Leafpool asked.

Dovewing explained to her. And suddenly Leafpool sighed.

"Let me tell you something." She said.

She began. "It's horrible to look at my sons every day and see them glare back then look away. I think we need to show something to every clan, love can not be torn apart by rules. When Iceclaw was saying to you "I am sure no cat remembers me, but I am the cat that taught everyone love can not be torn apart by rules, I think that was for me, but I'm not sure. I'm going back to see if Starclan has a sign for me."

Chapter 6

-Leafpool P.O.V

Leafpool knew starclan had a sign for her. She felt flames erupt around her as Starclan gathered to meet her.

"Leafpool, we knew you would come if you thought you had a sign. You do, but not in the way that you think. Leafpool, you need to become medicine cat again. Jayfeather needs help. He is sharp and strict but we also need someone gentle and kind. You need to be medicine cat.

Leafpool woke up, "Ok," she said. "There is one thing I would like to do before we visit Shadowclan.

Leafpool felt excitement through her as she pushed her way into camp

"Firestar!" she called she explained that she had a sign from starclan that told her she needed to become medicine cat . Firestar called Jayfeather in and explained it to him.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath hiledge for a clan meeting." He called. "Leafpool, Starclan has shown you it is your destiny to become medicine cat. So by the powers of Starclan, Leafpool is now medicine cat.

"Leafpool! Leafpool!" The clan cried.

She was medicine cat.

Chapter 7

-Tigerheart P.O.V

"Tigerheart," Toadfoot called, "You have some visitors."

Who could that be, Tigerheart thought. But he knew who it was, hoped really.

"Dovewing," he greeted formally. She was with Leafpool.

"I think they have a message for me, I'll take them out into the forest, I don't want them disturbing the camp."Tigerheart meowed

"I think I'll go," Tigerheart heard Leafpool meow as she headed off into the forest.

Dovewing turned to Tigerheart and began speaking.

"Leafpool congragulated me on carrying Bumblestripes kits, the whole clan thinks we're mates, it was a mistake, after the gathering he asked me and he misunderstood when I turned him down. I'm really carrying your kits. So I went to the moonpool to figure out what to do, they told me to follow my heart, and that you did love me. Right, you love me?"

"Of course," Tigerheart meowed. "I'll always love you."

Chapter 8

-Jayfeather P.O.V

He heard the yowl in the camp and ran out to see what was wrong. Dovewing was crouched on the floor, yowling in pain. Her stomach was rippling. She was having kits! Leafpool was with her, she yowled at Jayfeather "they aren't due for another moon!"

Jayfeather ran in and found the herbs he needed and ran outside to help Dovewing. Bumblestripe was sitting next to Dovewing. His eyes wide.

"Leafpool," Jayfeather heard Dovewing gasp. "Tell…h-him…"

Leafpool meowed something to Bumblestripe but Jayfeather didn't pay any attention. The whole clan was gathering araound them. He raced to Dovewing.

"Brightheart, help when the kits come." He called

The first kit came out. "Lick Leafpool." Jayfeather said. She licked rapidly

Jayfeather felt Dovewing's stomach, "three more kits," he said.

Dovewing's own heartbeat was slowing down. Another kit came out. "Lick" he told Brightheart. Another one came. "Here Bumblestripe, lick." He commanded. Dovewing was close to unconsciousness. Finnally the last one came. "Foxleap, lick." He told Foxleap who was closest to him.

All the kits were alive, but Jayfeather wasn't sure Dovewing was.

Chapter 9

-Ivypool P.O.V

Ivypool was horrified, she was lying down next to her mother, It had been three days since Dovewing had had her kits, they were all healthy and Poppyfrost suckled them while Dovewing was healing in the medicine cats den.

No one was sure is she was going to make it. She had been unconcioss and sick for the past days. Jayfeather only cared about the prophecy, but Lionblaze was pulling his fur out witrh worry.

Nobody was allowed to visit, even if they were sick. They had to go to the twoleg nest to see Leafpool if they were sick.

"All cats going to the gathering gather here," called Firestar.

Ivypool walked over, she was going to tell Tigerheart about Dovewing.

As they walked to the gathering she thought about what she was going to say to him.

She made it over the tree bridge then saw him, talking to his clanmates. Tvypool pulled Tigerheart aside and without planning, felt tears running down her muzzle.

She began. "Dove..wing," Tigerhearts eyes grew wide. "Her k-kits came a moon early. There were four two she-cats and two toms. But-But there was a problem of course, no ones sure is she's alive, Ja-Jayfeather doesn't let anyone in his den, they- they have to go to the two-leg nest."

"Ivypool," Tigerheart whispered. "I've made up my mind, I've been thinking about it for awhile, b-but, I've decided, I-I'm going to join Thunderclan.

Chapter 10

-Lionblaze P.O.V

Tigerheart was standing in the Thunderclan line, Lionblaze padded over to him and was surprised to see, instead of the playful look, sadness.

"Wha-" Lionblaze began

"I'm going to see Dovewing." He rasped.

Lionblaze was surprised "Why, he asked."

"Bumblestripe isn't the father of Dovewing's kits, I am." He said dully.

This explains everything, Lionblaze thought, how she was so tired, how she's been so crabby, how she's been so secretive about everything, how had I not noticed!

Firestar walked up just then. "Tigerheart, the Shadowclan line is over there."

"I know Firestar, I just wanted to see my kits." Tigerheart responded. "And my mate."

"And, also, I would like to join Thunderclan, I don't think my clan would take me back after this." Tigerheart asked.

Firestar was not expecting that. Nor was he happy. "I see, you're Dovewing's mate." He said looking at Lionblaze, clearly asking if this was going to effect the prophecy.

Lionblaze shook his head, but then thought again and said "maybe."

Firestar nodded, and then spoke to Tigerheart, "Well, if you can contribute to the clan and be 100% loyal towards Thunderclan." He meowed.

Tigerheart dropped his head and padded along with the rest of the clan. Firestar waited until Tigerheart was out of earshot then began to speak. A lot of things are changing, Leafpool became medicine cat again, more cats are breaking the warrior code, and it seems like the fights around here are getting more….." Firestar groped for a word. "Vicious." He finnaly said.

Lionblaze realized he was right, Lionblaze didn't trust Tigerheart because of dark forest, and if Tigerheart was going to join Thunderclan, he needed to know.

Chapter 11

-Dovewing P.O.V

Dovewing felt as though she couldn't breathe. Something was crushing her. She opened her eyes to see what it was, nothing. Suddenly light washed over her, and she realized Tigerheart was sitting next to her.

Where are the kits, she wanted to ask, but she couldn't find her voice.

"Jayfeather," Tigerheart called. "She's awake."

Whats Tigerheart doing here anyway? She thought. Has he joined the clan?

As if he heard what she was thinking Tigerheart began to speak. "You have four beautiful kits, two toms and two she-cats. Theyre healthy, but they keep asking where there mother is. I joined the clan once Ivypool told me what had happened. I was already deciding if I should join, when Ivypool told me, I finally decided, I was going to join."

"What about their names." I croaked.

"I was waiting till you woke up to name them." Said Tigerheart.

"Get them in here." I ordered.

Tigerheart left to get them. A little while he came in with four squeaking kits behind him. "Are you our mother?" asked a little brown tom with a white chest. "Yes," I purred.

"Ohh," sait my kit. "Are you ok, we could stay with you. If ou want." He said. "Oh, Im fine.: He was clearly the leader.

I turned to Tigerheart. "I would like to name him Bravekit." Bravekit ran out of the den screaming. "I'm Bravekit I'm Bravekit!"

Tigerheart looked at an orange tom kit who looked like Flametail, "I would like to namethe orange one Flamekit." He said. "Of course." I replied. He smiled.

Flamekit came up to me "Hi Dovewing!" he squeaked. "Hello, my kit." I greeted. He ran outside with his brother.

I turned to a white and gray she-kit. "How about Willowkit?" I suggested. Tigerheart nodded, then looked at a light brown she-kit."How about Maplekit?" he asked. "Perfect, I agreed."

Chapter 12

-Lionblaze P.O.V

Lionblaze was hunting with Tigerheart, and Brambleclaw, Jayfeather and Leafpool were with them collecting herbs. They were hunting on the Windclan border. Jayfeather kept pricking his ears, like he was expecting something.

Suddenly Leafpool stiffened. "Lionblaze, Jayfeather." She whispered. Brezzepelt v=came bursting out of the bushes, Heathertail following, stunned. Breezepelt suddenly jumped on Jayfeather, "Half clan filth," He hissed. Brambleclaw jumped over to defend Jayfeather, but Lionblaze was faster.

He jumped on Breezepelt and for and held him down with one paw. "You are horrible, you visit Tigerstar in dark forest and attacked Jayfeather bye the moonpool, you don't deserve to be a clan cat, let alone a cat."

Brambleclaw's eyes widened. And Lionblaze knew Breezepelt deserved it, so he bent down to kill him, but stopped, he was not a murderer so he let Breezepelt flee towards the border.

"Lionblaze, come with me for a while." Called Jayfeather. "We need to talk."

Lionblaze left with Jayfeather. When Jayfeather started talking.
"Lionblaze, we need to tell the clan about our powers, I know they will treat us differently but, we need to stop any more cats from joining dark forest. I'll speak to Yellowfang to see what to do you speak to Dovewing and tell her, I'm going to the moonpool.

Chapter 13

-Jayfeather P.O.V

"Yellowfang?" Jayfeather whispered.

"Jayfeather," Yellowfang meowed. "Do not tell your clan until the fourth one comes, three will become four, you have not met her yet but you will, she will come and then you can tell."

Whats that supposed to mean? Jayfeather thought.

Chapter 14

-Hollyleaf P.O.V

Hollyleaf knew it was time to show herself. She had been hiding for many moons, it was time. She padded out of the tunnels. Please except me back, she asked Starclan. Please let everything be ok.

She couldn't wait to see Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Suddenly she climbed up a tree she heard them. "Lionblaze, you almost killed Breezepelt, it was wrong." She heard Brambleclaw say.

"He attacked Jayfeather by the moonpool a while ago. And just now, hes a disgrace to the clans." Lionblaze retorted.

Hollyleaf couldn't take it anymore. She hopped out of the trees, "Lionblaze!" she cried. He turned to face her, alarm spreading in his eyes. "Hollyleaf," he said, amazed. "Jayfeather and I , w-we thought y-you were dead…." His voice trailed off.

"We need to talk," she meowed. "Alone." She said looking at Brambleclaw, who was dumbstruck.

They walked along, Lionblaze began talking. "I am going to tell you everything that happened since you left, well, we told the clan that you died when you chased a squirrel into the tunnels and it collapsed on you.

"Later on, a cat named Dovekit was born, and her sister Ivykit. Dovekit was my apprentice, and Ivykit was Cinderhearts apprentice…" he told her everything, about Tigerheart, Dovewing, Jayfeather, Ivypool. Everything.

She was dumbstruck by the end. Then Hollyleaf began "I am still part of the prophecy. There are not three cats, there are four! I am the fourth. My power is that I can tell the future." She burst out.

Jayfeather came into the view just then. "Lion…." He started. Then looked in amazement as he scented Hollyleaf. "Hollyleaf, are you the fourth?" He asked. "Yes," Hollyleaf said, surprised.

"My power is I can tell the future," she said.

Then Jayfeather said "Ok,thank you Yellowfang, now we are going to tell the clan about our power.

Chapter 15

-Tigerheart P.O.V

"Let every cat gather around the highledge for a clan meeting." Firestar called.

Tigerheart padded out of the warriors den, so far, the Thunderclan warriors had welcomed him. Tigerheart looked at the highledge. Why was Dovewing on it? He thought. And Jayfeather and Lionblaze and….Hollyleaf! This was going to be interesting.

"Has every cat gathered?" Jayfeather asked.

"Yes.." a couple cats murmered.

"Ill start," said Jayfeather. "There was a prophecy, many moons ago, that said. "There will be three kin of your kin who hold the power of the stars in their paws. I found this out when I was a new apprentice medicine cat. Later on, Lionpaw showed me the underground tunnels, there was a river inside…." Jayfeather told the clan everything that he knew. Lionblaze and Dovewing and Hollyleaf didn't know as much, they were standing on the rock, their mouthes hanging open.

Tigerheart had the same reaction. Dark Forest was going to attack the clans was what he was upet about. Tigerheart stood up to speak. "I visit dark forest, but not anymore, I'm sorry, I thought they were just trying to make me a better warrior. But I'm not special, I'm stupid.

Blossomfall stood up. "I went too, I knew they were evil, but I didn't know what they were planning. I just liked the way they paid attention to me."

Hollyleaf froze on the rock. "They're coming." She rasped. "Dark a moon."

The clan gasped. "Should we tell the other clans?"Thornclaw asked. "No," Jayfeather answered. "Only one clan is meant to survive."

Chapter 16

-Dovewing P.O.V

They came to them in their dreams. A moon later, every cat was visited by dark forest. Thankfully, every cat in Thunderclan was on our side. Most people woke up confused, but they soon figured it out.

Dovewing was fighting beside Ivpool, which was a dangerous place considering she was a traitor to dark forest. Mapleshade came into view then.

"Help m-…" Dovewing screamed, but was cut off and sucked into blackness.

The End

TigerxDove Fanfic

Not very good

Im sorry if you didnt like it, give me tips on how to make it better, I didnt want dovewing to die but I didnt feel like writing anymore, sry, though I dont think youd have want me to continue, (excuse my grammar)