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Worth the pain

Olive eyes were dulled with exhaustion. Nevertheless, they refused to rest closed. Lovino lay on the hospital bed, calmly recalling the moments when he thought his pregnancy had made him completely useless.

He hadn't been allowed to go out, Antonio made sure of that, so Lovino had been left to wander the house until tiredness took over him and he'd had no option but to retreat to the dorm or couch, whatever was closer, to take a little nap.

At first the Italian thought he was going to pass out of boredom, sure Antonio kept him well attended but, it was never enough. Then months started to roll by and Lovino found there were some things that could be done before the baby was born, like decorating the new room soon-to-be-nursery, or buying all the items they might need in the future (at least he was allowed to shop online, dammit), as girly as all that may sound; but fuck he was pregnant, what could be more unmanly than that?

At least Lovino had had some fun dragging his Spaniard husband out of bed at ungodly hours so he could satisfy his strangest cravings; because sure as hell eating all kind of potato based foods and refusing his precious tomatoes was something Lovino hadn't been used to until Antonio had knocked him up.

Back to the present, Lovino couldn't bring himself to regret any of the past events. He now knew that all the morning sickness, all the mood swings and back pains that had kept him up at night were completely worth it, or so he decided as he observed lovingly the bundle in his arms sleep soundlessly.

He'd been told by the nurses that if he didn't stop holding the baby all day long he would grow accustomed to his mother's arms and then wouldn't want to stay still in his cradle. Frankly, he couldn't care less, Lovino wanted to spend all the time he could, every single minute with his baby boy… their baby boy.

All their visitors agreed their baby had the looks of his father but the unruly curl and the angriness were his mother's. Lovino had never been the kind of person to know who babies looked like, but he was fairly sure this one was the tomato bastard's son so he was going to love him with all his heart, just as much as he loved his oblivious father. And about the bad temper, what did those fuckers expect, they were just bothering him with the ruckus they were making.

Antonio's eyes were no better than his; dark rims adorned his esmerald orbs. His wavy brown locks looked even messier than usual as he napped curled on an uncomfortable chair by Lovino's bed. The idiot had refused to sleep until now, all because he promised to stay at all times with them… for them.

Lovino couldn't help the happy smile tugging at the corner of his lips, not when his life had become so utter happy and complete. Now he had a piece of himself he didn't know he was missing. Now he had a family to take care of, alongside the proud daddy Antonio and the little sack of joy which was their son. The Italian decided he would willingly do all in his hands to protect them.

Lovino continued humming a sweet tune while rocking softly the child in his arms.

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