Gloria comes out of the kitchen. "Dinner's ready, Ma. Hi Daddy, come and eat." We don't hear her for a moment we're wrapped up in each other. "Come on you two come and eat. Daddy I'm glad you made up with Ma, but you both have to eat. Mike's going to be late. He's working on a group project."

"Good, that means more food for the rest of us." Archie says as he sits down at the table. "What did you make for dinner, little girl?"

"I made perogies, farmer's sausage and salad. I hope you like it." Gloria says as she brings out the salad bowl and the dressing.

"Aw, you've been living with the Meathead for too long. You've even developed a taste for that Polak food." Archie whines. Really he likes meals like this.

"Archie, that ain't nice to say. Besides, you like perogies. You used to eat perogies all the time. I just ain't made them fresh for a long time." Edith says as she piles salad on Archie's plate.

"All right, all right. Jeez, you've really been on my case recently. Lay off will ya?" Archie asks glancing at his wife.

"Archie I'm your wife. I gotta know what's goin' on in your life and if I didn't criticize you'd think something was wrong." I say quietly.

"I was just teasing. It's nice that you still care so much." Archie says calmly. "Can you get me a glass of water?"

"Sure, Archie." I say jumping up and going into the kitchen. "Do you want ice in that?"

"Do I ever want ice in my water? No, thanks, Edith." Archie says teasing his wife.

"Just checkin'. You change your mind so frequently." I say coming back with his water.