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Chapter I: Unfreaken Believable!

"Do you see the world

In different colors

Do you see the world

In black and grey

Alone in your thoughts

How many others

Have stood where you stand

Where you stand today"

-Wait for me, Rise Against

Disclaimer: If I owned Mirrors edge then I would have made a part 2.

When you see the "(BLIND)" that's the break.


Waking up groggily with a headache, spine pain, and cuts and bruises is never a good sign. Then again it is something Faith got used to. She always got hurt on many deliveries, but that wasn't what worried her. Nope! What scared the crap out of her was the fact she woke up in an unknown room.

She shot out of the hard bed and looked around the cold room. It was all freaking white. Everything is white! The walls, bed, bed sheets, door, and even her damn clothes were white. This kind of scared her because that means someone had to change her. The mental thought scared the hell out of her.

Faith struggled out of the bed and staggered to the sealed heavy door. Once she got to it she realized she was screwed. The door was way too big to kick in and had many locks on it.

Instead of going back to the bed she decided to look out the small window on the door. The second she saw what was outside of her room, she wanted to bang her head on the door.

On the other side of the room what looked to be inside a prison. The walls were painted white and green horizontal lines and judging by the stairs and railings, Faith is on the second floor.


The young runner decided she could play died on the bed and when someone came in she could jump them and make a break for it. Turing back to the mattress she spotted a camera in one of the corners of the room.

So much for playing dead! She can't do it now if they know (whoever they were) that she woke up already. 'Maybe there's a duct around here.' Her hopes rose at the thought but shattered when not finding one.

"Well this sucks."


Hours passed and Faith was bored out o her mind. It would help if there was something in there to do! Sadly the only thing that kept her company was the dumb camera, and at one point she tried to take it down. Unfortunately the camera was bolted down to the wall.

Right when she was ready to give up on ever finding out where the heck she was; the door opened. Her head snapped up to see who was going to get a beating but groaned at the sight before her.

Three PK troopers and a man in a lab coat entered in confidently like they owned the place. Wait-they may actually own the place but that's not the point. What matters more was making it past them and make a run for it.

"Miss Faith Connors. That is your name correct?" the man in the coat questioned. Faith in return did not give a response but a cold glare instead. Noticing this, the unknown man continued. "Well, do not worry Connors. We will fix your problem."


The man smirked, "Yes. Soon your mind frame will be…adjusted. You and the rest of the runners will soon be well kept citizens."


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