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Chapter II: Tour of Hell

"I'll tell you stories of a better time

In place that we once knew

Before we packed our bags

And left all this behind us in the dust

We had a place that we could call home

And a life no one could touch"

-Prayer of a Refugee, Rise Against


"Why don't I give you a little tour of your new home?"

Faith was ready to deny the idea but thought it would be a good idea to get a concept on how it building looked. Yes. It was a good plan. Maybe then she could find out more what's going on around this crazy place. After all, it was the most logical thing to do at the moment. Or if she was lucky, she could get out now.

'That can save me time.'

With a nod of her head she walked up to the door to follow but the PK troops thought other wise. One forcibly grabbed her arm. The other chained her feet together along with her hands tide behind her back. She could barely walk; let alone run.

'Or maybe not.'

During the "tour" she paid special action to the lay out, the guards' location, and who else was being trap there along with her. The fact that there were no vents upset her and every door required a password along with a card to be scanned. Faith tried to get a peak at the password but the guard turned her around when he saw her eyes wondering to it.

The doctor talked the entire time but then notice her lack of attention. "Miss Faith, please to pay more attention as I am about to go over the rules."

"Who do you think you are to boss me around? The second I am out of these I am going to drop you faster before you can even blink." The doctor growled angrily and shocked Faith on how fast his personality was changing. 'Mood swings much?'

"It is that attitude that got you here in the first place. All you runners ever care about is yourselves. Never once taking into consideration on the population's safety. That is why all of you must be stopped. In fact, you should be grateful to be here! The rest of those delinquents get to be put down and very few end up here. Can't you see I'm trying to help you and your misguided people?"

By that time Faith took the challenge of the argument. "Helping us? You killed off those who disagree with the government. Killing off the ones that speak their minds. Do you really think that what you are doing is helping us? Well, you are wrong on so many levels." She took a breath in and mentally added to herself, 'Also the ones that destroyed my family.'

The doctor gave her a sad look. "Forgive me child. I have just remembered that you have yet to receive any treatment yet. Hence, your rebellious behavior. I do hope in time you can be helped."

By then they were standing outside of another door. "Maybe spending time with the others may help." Faith raised an eyebrow. 'Others? Is this guy stupid or something?' "Now let me go over a few basic rules. Please reframe from asking too many questions. No fighting, yelling, Making physical contact, running around, I don't think that one will be a problem, arguing with the guards, and above all don't do anything that will get you in trouble. Understand?"

Faith wanted to laugh but instead shook her head. "Am I going in or what?"

The man smiled and unlocked the door. The guards shoved her in and slammed the door behind her. Looking around she saw a handful of guards glaring at her. The room itself was very roomy but lack furniture. Only one couch, three tables, and a maybe seventeen plastic chairs spread out. Many took a glance at her and returned back to what they were doing.

She walked took her time to examine the room and the people inside.

There were a handful of people inside but a small group in the back stood out. Everyone wore the same tacky clothing like her but it was mostly the tattoo marks that made the group stand out.

There were three boys and three girls.

The boy in the far right had two lines going diagonal from is eye. His hair was short and blond. He looked slightly sick. Then there was two girls sitting on both sides of him. One had dark skin with a mark on her upper left arm. She seemed to be the first to notice Faith. The other girl looked up. Her blond and skinny frame reminded her of Celeste. A tattoo covered the same spot as the other unknown girl. She nudged the boy next to her. His hair was jet black and his haircut almost reminded her of a jarhead.

The thought was thrown away when she caught sight of the slight spikes on top. Across him was another male. He looked just like the boy before him. Expect this one looked slightly older and his hair was spikier.

Lastly, the girl next to him had blond hair but the end had a bright red. In fact it was the only real color in the entire room.

By that time the group the people was too taking notes about Faith.

Faith could not help but feel slightly nervous when they go up from their seats and made their way towards her.


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