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Chapter I-The New Inmate part I

'My life wasn't all the greatest, I was born alone. I never knew who my parents were nor did I know did they even care about me? Well of course I was raised in an orphanage who can tell we're they murder or did they even care about me none of it matters.' Young eighteen year old Naruto Uzumaki was in front of Gotham's Bank, along with others around his age. Naruto wore a brown sweatshirt with hooded, with dark blue jeans wearing fingerless gloves.

Naruto put on a skull mask to hide his face as he and the others ran into the Bank robbing the place. Threaten everyone in the bank to tell them where the safe was, Naruto didn't like this plan but he didn't have anything money and living life on your own is tough. Naruto have to make the best he can make.

Naruto was in holding the workers of the Bank hostages as he told them "Now everyone keep still and don't try anything funny if you stay still all of you can go home tonight. All we want is the money." The people remain silence none dare to make a move, while Naruto's allies were in the back gathering the money from the giant safe gathering over thousands of greens.

Naruto overheard the sounds of the police forces on their way "Guys hurry up the cops are coming!" Naruto's allies hurry up and exit from the safe and went through the back door "Come on man!" one of them told Naruto.

"See told ya I had my word." Naruto told his hostages as he ran through the back exit door, while chasing after his allies. One of Naruto's allies looked back to see Naruto catching up with them, but saw someone running on the rooftops wearing black outfit with a long black cape.

One of the bank robbers took his aimed at Naruto and shot him in the right shoulder and left leg to slow down whoever was following them. Naruto fell to the ground bleeding from the bullet wounds "What hell are you doing COME BACK DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND YOU ASSHOLE!"

But they were already gone they escape in their get-away-Van. Leaving Naruto alone to bleed in the ally while the young adult mumble under his breath someone walked behind him slowly walking toward him. Naruto slowly turned over now on his back he looked up to face the person who now looking down at him.

It was Gotham's Dark Knight The Batman.

Naruto rest his head down and once again curse "Damn it. I didn't hurt anyone." He told the Batman. What he told him was true "But that doesn't mean you won't pay for your crimes holding them hostage and robbing the bank." The Batman told the young bank robber "This was my first bank robbing too." Naruto spoke as he let out a disappointed sigh.

"It will be your last. Your young don't waste your life with crime."

"I love to listen to the rest of your wisdom Batman but I'm losing blood right now." Lucky for Naruto paramedic arrived at the scene and took care of him. Since Naruto was eighteen he was listed as an adult and off he went to Gotham Jail.

However since he was eighteen they told him he can leave only by good behavior. Naruto smiled at the idea of leaving early from rotting in the cell.

Two Years Later:

It took some time for Naruto to get out of Prison, he got out for good behavior but Naruto wasn't like any normal orphan. Naruto came from an Orphanage called Sun Tree Orphanage the founder of the Orphanage was a man named "Hashirama Senju" a Japanese man who came to America with his family.

After his passing leaving the Orphanage to his Granddaughter "Tsunade Senju" who raised Naruto as her own son, to Naruto's eyes that was his mother. Although she was older then she looks, she helped raise over twenty orphans Naruto being the twenty-one.

But sadly Tsunade wasn't at her best when Naruto was seventeen, strike down by unknown illness. Naruto and the others were planning to get Tsunade better as her Doctor told her that her illness can be cured but the cured cost over an thousand dollars.

So a month later after Naruto's eighteen birthday the team plan to rob a bank so that Tsunade can be cured. That was the plan that was the reason of robbing the Bank. Naruto would have to tell them why he rob the Bank but he knew they would come up with bullshit to shut him down.

Naruto deal with two years of his life stolen from him, Tsunade had pass away on the second year of Naruto in Prison. The news of Tsunade's death strikes a heavy blow to Naruto's heart. The thought of what the others did with the money came to his thought what did those idiot do with the money?

With him out of prison, Naruto went to Tsunade's funeral.

At Tsunade's funeral Naruto awaited for everyone to leave he didn't want to bring shame to being one of Tsunade's so called children. Since everyone knew Naruto rob the Bank his face was all over the news. Naruto walked up to Tsunade's coffin and saw how peacefully she looked she died with a smile, Naruto put a lovely blue rose on Tsunade's coffin "I'll miss you Baa-Kaa-san-chan. You were a mother and grandmother to me I'm sorry I'm truly sorry I couldn't help you. And I'm truly sorry I brought shame to you bring one of the children you help raised. You put me in school, gave me clothed, feed me you gave me everything I needed. I'm sorry I couldn't return the favor."

"She forgave you long ago kid." A voice spoke up behind Naruto; it was a middle elder age man. His eyes were green his skin tone was light brown his hair was long and black. He wore a black business suit beside him was a little girl with blue hair with ember eyes she wore a black funeral dress.

"Family?" Naruto asked as the man shown Naruto his wedding ring as Naruto's eyes widen his eyes filled with surprise he knew these two "Kakuzu it's you, you look different with your hair down. And isn't that little Konan I hadn't seen her since she was two."

"She's nine now, I told care of her after Tsunade gave birth to her; Tsunade was busy taking care of you during the day. I took care of our daughter during the day. You made a bad move kid, but Tsunade forgave you a long time ago. She knew what you were planning, she already decided her fate." Kakuzu rest his right hand on Naruto's left shoulder, Naruto had a pissed glare in his eyes.

"Do you know what happen to others?" He asked his adopted father, Kakuzu shook his head "No after they rob the Bank they vanish and left you in prison for two years. But I'll tell you this kid revenge isn't the answer if I were you I would enjoy new life. You're a man now enjoy it, start a family live a good life I know that what Tsunade would say if she was here."

Naruto chuckle with a grin "You knew her so well." Kakuzu let out a small laughed "Of course I married that woman, she was strong, beautiful unlike any other I have ever met and of course she made a hell-load of money." Naruto patted Konan on her head as Konan smiled looking up at her big adopted brother "Ah Kakuzu greedy old man you still are, but you have your limits. You're a successful business man I know little Konan is in good hands. I'll see you two around stay safe."

With a simply wave goodbye to his adopted father and little sister, Naruto left the graveyard to pay a visit to where he believes his old gang use as their Hideout "Hopefully they better have a good damn reason for doing this." Naruto looked around to make sure nobody was following him, Naruto enter the old subway station.

Walking down the stairs Naruto would hope they welcome him with open arms or open fists while carrying a small book bag in his left hand with a little surprise in the book bag.

A familiar voice call out once Naruto step on the last few steps "Well, well, well it isn't the star robber." Naruto turn his head to his right to see the gang were sitting down playing cards on a table "Still using the old hideout huh?"

The members of the gang Naruto once was with Kidomaru, Sakon, Ukon, and seven others. Naruto glare at every one of them "What did you do with the money?" he asked them kindly hoping they would answer him and give a good reason "We use it what else? Do you really think we would waste that good amount of money on that old-hag?" Kidomaru said to Naruto while smirking at the end.

"She raised us as her own sons. Why the hell you backstab her like this? Why steal the money if it wasn't plan for any good?" Sakon suddenly let out a big load of laughter "Oh we use it on goods alright. But not the goods you're talking about little goodie-boy."

Naruto grin his teeth he was pissed very pissed "Your all idiots all of YOU! You knew the Batman would show up and you use me to slow him down so you can get away! You wasted two years of my life just so you can use the money for stupid crap! You let Tsunade died!" raged was building up deep inside Naruto's heart.

Ukon toss a odd looking bag at Naruto as the young man caught it and open to see what was inside the bag "What is it?" he asked them "Taste it." Ukon said as Naruto open the bag again and saw green colored dust inside he took a small taste of it. The taste was terrible "What the hell is this stuff?"

"That what we use the money on." Ukon explain "Using this will make us unstoppable we can easily rob more Banks now and not even the Batman can stop us." The gang laughed but their laughter was stopped by Naruto's voice "Ukon you didn't answer my question what is this stuff?"

Ukon explain "Venom the stuff that Bane guy use but don't worry it won't affect you by tasting it. You have swallowed it for it to work. Or sniff it up like crack. Crack Venom." Suddenly Naruto started laugh loudly which got everyone's attention "Your all fucking idiot no I take it back your all compete fucking idiot and pieces of dog-shit."

Kidomaru as he sighed "Boys take care of this former…alley of ours." Everyone took handguns aiming them at Naruto. Naruto knew this was it this was final moment of his life this was it his life ends now. Naruto quickly think he looked at the bag of dust venom. He grabbed a handful and took it into his mouth and swallows the load of dust as everyone fired their handguns at him.

"Heh that took care of him." Kidomaru said as one of the members of the gang walked up to grab the bag of venom dust from Naruto's body. The gang member decide to see what is inside Naruto's book bag when he open the book bag his face became a big frown "Boss…"

Kidomaru walked over only to see the numbers…fourthreetwo…"I didn't see this coming."



The bomb went off taking all of Naruto's former friends and allies with him. The underground subway station was now destroyed in ruins of flames. The screams of those who survive the bomb that were cover in flames.

Gunning the former member down however luck always was on Naruto's side even at birth. After being gun down by his former friends, Naruto's heart slowly stop beating but three minutes later his heart began to beat again.

His eyes shot open red as his body became to transform into a large big hulking version of his body. His pants were torn becoming shorts his sweatshirt was destroy he was now shirtless. Naruto let out an insane roar as he burst through the ceiling of the subway as the subway cave in killing anyone else who was alive down there.

About the height of 7'1 Naruto was now on the streets roaring out like a wild beast anger like a mad bull. Naruto grab a nearby car and toss it into a building, people on the streets scream in terror. As Naruto went on a berserker run, a police car was driving toward him the police car stop right in front of Naruto.

He grabs the police car as the police officers inside began to yell for help. Suddenly something hit Naruto in the back the sound of a small beep was heard a small explosion went off which cause Naruto to let the police car go.

Naruto was now on his knees he turned to look who attack him from behind it was the batman. Naruto's mind wasn't in the right place right now, drooling from the mouth his eyes were blood colored. His fingers nail grow starting to become like claws "BATMAN!" Naruto yelled his name in a roaring voice.

Naruto stomp/run his way to Batman however since Batman was smaller, Batman jump over Naruto before he can grab the Dark Knight, once he was on Naruto's back. Batman stab a small needle device into Naruto's back which cause the young man to howl in pain, he grab Batman from behind and smash him down to the ground was about to smash the Batman right there and then.

But something kicked in Naruto's size started to shrink down to his normal height which was 5'9. Naruto's eyes colored change back to their normal eye color crystal blue. Once he was defeated Batman saw there was bullet holes in Naruto's body however when he return to normal his bullet wounds slowly began to disappear as if they never there.

Bleeding from his mouth Batman took a small DNA from Naruto seeing what the sudden cause was for his. The boy was dangerous for now but a normal prison won't do for him the only place that could hold and also help him would be one place and that place name was.

Arkham Asylum

End of Chapter I

Next Chapter-The New Inmate Part II

There everyone a new Naruto X Batman fic idea, Naruto in the DC world and is born in Gotham City. Will Naruto be another Bane? No he will not be it was just a start for him, what Batman gave Naruto was a cure to the Venom but the venom Naruto has was a different one 'Crack Venom' so its effects will give Naruto powers what powers they are, Are unknown for now.

I look at my old fic "Let's Put a Smile On That Face" and have decide to put Naruto in Batman world, with a different origin.

Naruto will be in Arkham Asylum because of this and Batman believes Naruto is either gonna be another enemy to face or someone he helped Naruto by sending him to Arkham Asylum.

Now then the pairing:

Right now the pairing will be a single pairing which means Naruto will have one woman. I might change my mind later on I MIGHT! But right now one woman.

Who will she be?

The beautiful and yet poisonous "Poison Ivy"

The Fun Sexy Joker's henchmen "Ms. Harley Quinn!"

The beautiful Batman's other partner "Batgirl"

The sneaky and sexy "Catwoman"

Which Version of Batman and Joker and other I am going with?

Well I am thinking going with either Arkham Asylum version of themselves or the old classic cartoon that use to be on cartoon network. I might do Dark Knight for Batman and Joker.

That's all for everyone the next chapter will be up very soon.