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Chapter-VIII-Heart of Quinn part III

Arkham Asylum

Harleen Quinzel, now called Harley Quinn, sat on the couch, watching TV alone. Everyone else was either playing cards or sitting around doing nothing or talking. Harleen was still banged up about what happened a week ago. She was feeling slightly better but still needed time to rest.

"What's with the long face Harl?" A friendly voice asked. Harleen turned her attention towards a beautiful red-haired woman with pale, almost light green, skin and dark green eyes. Much like Harley she was wearing an orange jumpsuit.

"It's nothing Red," Harley said. Sitting beside her was her best friend, Pamela Lillian Isley, also known as Poison Ivy. Gotham's beautiful but deadly eco-terrorist.

"Come on now, Harley you know hiding things won't make anything better. So what's bothering you? Is it those idiot thugs again? I could give them my new roses I just planted the other day." Pamela smiled at the thought.

Harley shook her head "No need for that Red. As much as that sounds like a good idea, I don't think that will make me feel any better." The beautiful blonde sighed.

"So let's have it. What bothering you?" Pamela asked.

"I just found out my boyfriend is still alive," she said with a frown.

"Boyfriend…boyfriend…boyfriend…" Pamela said over and over again trying to remember if she'd heard of him before.

Flashback: Three Months ago

"Dr. Quinzel, you seem a bit down today," Pamela noticed. The therapist wasn't quite herself lately. Harleen usually was asking questions about Pamela's life but today she been silent as a corpse.

"It's nothing," she lied.

Pamela raised an eyebrow. "There's something wrong, come on let it out. You're here to help me; you can't if there's something on your mind."

"My boyfriend died in an explosion. It happened last week and…" She paused. Then she talked about her boyfriend, and Pamela couldn't help but smile.

End of flashback:

"That boyfriend?" Pamela looked surprised for a moment. Harleen nodded.

"But why are you so down? Shouldn't you be happy? Wait, is he with another woman?" Pamela looked angry.

"No Red, it's not like that. Just we're having a bit of…problems." She sighed.

"What problems?"

"He's been dead for three months to everyone and now he's back. I don't know why, but I'm so sad when I should be happy. It won't be long before I'm out again. The doctors say I'll make a full recovery soon. I still love him Red. I don't think he loves me like he used to. I don't know what to say to him, he told me to stay away from Mr. J before I become Harley Quinn. But when he died…" Harleen again frowned.

"Well you thought he was dead for three months. You two been on a break so when you leave, why don't you two get together. Talk, and take his advice: stay away from Joker. And this is coming from me Harley." Pamela smiled at her best friend. Harleen smiled back at Pamela.

Half an hour later:

Harleen returned to her cell. While resting in bed, Harleen noticed there was card inside of a flower pot, neither of which had been there before. Harleen read the card.

Harleen, get well soon.

Harleen smiled as she knew who had sent her this. Harleen kissed the card before sighing. Thinking about what 'he' was doing right now. And wonder if, once she left Arkham would he be there, waiting for her?

One week later, somewhere in Gotham:

Walking down the cold streets of Gotham was a young man wearing a black hood over his head, covering his face, and dark blue jeans with white and black shoes.

The young man entered what appeared to be an abandon house. Once inside he went down a set of stairs before entering a room. Inside the room was small garden area. There was a small group of flowers growing underneath a build-in sunbeam.

"Sorry I'm late guys," he said to the plants. He looked to his right to grab a small backpack and opened it, taking out a bottle of water, which he slowly emptied over the set of flowers.

"Drink up guys I want you all to be beautiful when Harleen gets out. I am sure she'll love you guys." The young man smiled.

But soon his smile faded into a frown. The young man let out a deep sigh of sadness. His girlfriend was in Arkham Asylum following her breakdown after losing him, and even worse, she had joined the Joker. His big sister's whereabouts were unknown to him, but he knew she was safe. But that alone didn't help him; his archenemy was still out there somewhere.

He needed to get Harleen out of Arkham by any means. He wasn't going to let the last good thing in his life fade into dust before his eyes.

'NO!' His mind screamed. Upon that thought a nearby metal trash can was sudden crushed like a can. The young man notices it right away. He balled his hands into fists as his eyes burns with one goal in mind.

"Harleen I'll free you and we can be together again," he declared. "I promise."

The very next day~Arkham Asylum: Private Room

Harleen had a visitor today. She hoped it was 'him'. Once Harleen entered the room, the guard closed the door. She waited for whoever her guest was to arrive.

However, her guest wasn't the one she hoped for.

"How are you feeling?" A deep voice asked.

Harleen frowned upon hearing the man's voice. "I'm fine, B-man." She sighed.

"You don't sound too happy. Thought I was someone else?" he asked her. Gotham's Dark Knight came out from the shadows to greet the sad blonde.

"I had a rough week, okay? What do you want from me? I told you I don't know anything else about what happen that day." Her frown stayed on her face.

"Harley," he started.

"Harleen," she corrected him. The sudden notice of wanting to be called by her old name drew much attention.

"I thought you liked being called Harley," he said.

"Only when I'm around Mr. J," she told him.

"You're being honest with me. What's wrong Harleen?" Batman asked.

"It's nothing B-man, I said I had a rough week. I'm not quite fully healed, ya know."

"In four days you'll be out. Doctors tells me you'll make a full breakthrough, as long as you behave and stay away from the Joker."

"Since when did you become so friendly Bats?" she asked.

"I'm just happy for you Harleen. After all you used to work here before your boyfriend…Naruto Uzumaki was his name, wasn't it?"

"Puddin…" A tear rolled down her face.

"Wounds heal in time Harleen. Just take small steps. You deserve a second chance, don't waste it." Harleen slowly nodded. Batman walked towards the door and left but not before wishing Harleen good luck on her recovery from a broken heart and a new life from crime.

Harleen remained in the room alone and sad. Her thoughts wandered off but not before she heard someone else enter the room.

"Harleen?" The voice was familiar to her, and her eyes widened as she looked at a figure in the doorway.

Standing there was her boyfriend Naruto Uzumaki. In his right hand was a beautiful red rose with a heart-shaped box. His warm smile made tears run down her face. Harleen dashed out of the chair and into his arms.

"Puddin!" she cried. Naruto hugged his Harleen and judging from the tears running down her face, she missed him so. The hug lasted for over three minutes, not a sound broke the embrace. Naruto looked at Harleen and smiled at her; she couldn't stop tears from running. He kissed her on her beautiful soft lips. She was his girl, no one else's, and that's the way he wanted it.

The two broke the kiss after a few seconds. "Harleen, you're coming with me today," he told her.

"Huh?" She looked surprised.

"I'm busting you out," he told her.

"But if you do that Batman will find you and…" She paused.

"Harleen, every day without you I'm sad and lonely, I feel like I'm going crazy. I need you." His words were honest and pure.

"I'll be out in four days. Can you wait until then?" she asked. He frowned, but after pondering it, he nodded. They shared another kiss, and then he quietly left the room.

While walking down the hall, Naruto overheard some of the nurses and doctors talking in the staff's break room.

"It's good that Harleen will be out soon," a nurse said.

"Ah yes it is. She can start anew and get back on her feet."

"Yes it will take some time for her to heal, after the heart break and the tons of abuse she takes." The word abuse ringed in Naruto's ears. He stopped in his tracks as his right hand twitched for a moment.

"Don't know what's worse: losing her boyfriend in that fire or being abused by the Joker? Poor thing hides the scars underneath her makeup," a doctor said.

"Wait she's been wearing makeup since when?" one of the nurses asked.

'Scars…abuse…the Joker?'

Anger built up within him as a nearby water jug bust wide open in the break room.

"Oh my, what happened?" one of the nurses asked.

"Ah it's nothing, see there was a small hole," one of the doctors said.

'Four days…four days,' Naruto told himself.

'Four days won't do. Let's free her now.'

'No, I promised four days.'

'You think she'll be safe in her final days?'

'I'm not listening to you…four days…four days.'

Four days later:

"So you're seeing him again today? You know it's your last day Harley," Pamela said.

"Yeah, I can't wait. I know it's been four days but it feels like forever." Harleen bit her bottom lip.

"What about you, Red?" Harleen asked.

"It won't be long; I have a plan. I'll be free very soon." Pamela chuckled.

"What makes you think that?" she asked.

"I have some new freshly made plants growing. Let's leave it at that." Pamela winked.

Later that day:

"Harleen Quinzel, you're free to go," the guard said. Beside the guard was one of Harleen's therapists who were there to greet her on her full recovery. Harleen had changed her clothes, and as of today, she was a free woman. She wore dark blue jeans with a light blue button up shirt, and a small pair of white shoes.

Harleen's therapist and the guard escorted her to where she'd be meeting her ride.

It was raining outside today. At the front entrance of Arkham stood Naruto, holding a large umbrella and wearing a big smile. Behind Naruto was a taxi.

With a final goodbye to her therapist and the guard, Harleen joined Naruto in the taxi and the driver drove them to Naruto's new home. On the way to her boyfriend's new home, neither spoke. Harleen rested her head on Naruto's right shoulder and she fell asleep.

When they arrived, Harleen was still asleep and it stopped rain for the moment. After paying the driver, Naruto carried Harleen into the house with great gentleness. The house was small, both inside and outside. Inside there was a stairway that went to the basement. On the upper floor there was a small kitchen, one TV and one large bed. There was one bathroom as well; in it were both a bathtub and shower.

Naruto laid Harleen down on the bed. Looking down at her beautiful face he kissed her on the lips before lying down beside her. His back was against hers, but he soon felt her cuddle up against him.

The couple slept together through the rest of the day.

That night:

Naruto ordered pizza for the two, and the couple enjoyed their meal together. They ate silently, occasionally glancing at one another, but nothing else. Shortly after they finished the pizza, Harleen took a shower.

Naruto leaned against the wall, listening to the running water. He reached inside his right pocket and took out what appeared to be a small box. He sighed and shook his head.

"Not yet," he muttered.

Once Harleen was done with the shower, Naruto heard her gasp loudly. Being so protective of her, he entered the bathroom only to see Harleen looking at herself in the mirror. Wondering why his girlfriend gasped he soon found out. His eyes widen for what he saw in the mirror.

-Dark Knight OST-Watch The World Burn Theme plays-

In the mirror he saw on each side of her mouth a scar line that went nearly up her cheek, forming a large glasgow smile. He also noticed on the scars there was small black line stitched into her flesh. She was smiling even though she wasn't. Thanks to the shower's water her makeup washed off, exposing the truth underneath. What on earth did the Joker do to her?

Harleen shut her eyes and looked away from Naruto. But he grabbed her right hand and pulled her towards him to face her. He looked at her scars, his eyes neither anger nor sad. But soon a look of disappointment came to them.

"It's my fault Harleen. Everything that happened to you is my fault," he said. His behavior surprised Harleen. "Why the glasgow smile?" he asked.

"It was a new thing with Mr. J, I mean the Joker. He always liked my smile and always wanted to see it. 'It was a beautiful smile,' he said. So one day after I screwed up robbing a bank…he decided to make sure I'm always smiling." She frowned, but thanks to the scar she was still smiling.

"He's right: your smile is beautiful." He placed his left hand on her right cheek.

"I'm so sorry. I should have listens to you. I…I…" She began tear up again.

"It's okay, Harleen," he said soothingly. "It's okay."

Her crying did not stop, so he went on. "I don't blame you for this. You've done so much for me. You saved me…and now it's my turn to save you." He looked her in the eyes.

"I love you Naruto," she said, her tears beginning to vanish.

"I love you too Harleen. And I mean it: I LOVE you, you're everything to me. Besides, a little scar like that won't ruin the love we have for each other. Sometimes…scars can be…sexy." He chuckled at the dark humor of this.

Harleen kissed her boyfriend. While doing this, her towel fell to the floor.

-Music stops-

Exiting the bathroom with a naked Harleen in his arms, Naruto put her down on the bed. Naruto stripped off his clothes, while Harleen watched in delight. Now fully naked, he joined Harleen on the bed.

The couple started to kiss first. Harleen could feel Naruto's hands slowly moving upward and downward from her belly to her breasts. She could feel his hard cock between her legs, while he kissed her neck softly. Harleen let out a soft moan from his kiss.

"No teasing. I want the main course," she said, her eyes filled with lust. Naruto reached for a condom, but Harleen shook her head. "I want all of you. And I want to feel us…together."

"Of course," he said. Harleen lay back down as Naruto mounted her. Harleen moaned as she felt Naruto's dick enter her. She placed her hands on his shoulders as she felt him thrusting inside her. Harleen's moans grew louder with every thrust. Suddenly Naruto thrust a bit too deep.

"Ouch!" she yelled. He stopped.

"Sorry," he said. "It's been awhile, yet you're tight as ever."

Harleen blushed. "Go slow, be gentle…for me please?" she asked.

Naruto went slow this time as asked. He felt Harleen's pussy tighten around his cock. He withdrew only a little just to thrust back in.

"Faster," she moaned. His thrusts became faster.

"Deeper." Again she moaned.

Harleen felt him pushing deeper inside. The bed quaked and the house was filled with Harleen's moans.

"AH! God puddin'! Ah God oh yes! Yes! I love this, give it to me puddin!" Harleen dug her nails into his back. Naruto didn't mind much of the pain; he knew he pleasing his girlfriend.

But suddenly Naruto withdraw his cock from Harleen's pussy.

"What's wrong?" She looked confuse.

"Turn over. I wanna change position." He looked away with a small blush.

Harleen turned over, now lying on her belly. Harleen shook her ass in the air. Naruto grabbed it and gave it a light slap, eliciting a hiss from his beloved. Spreading the cheeks, Naruto thrust his rod back into her.

Naruto reached forward and grabbed Harleen's hair without losing his focus.

"Ah fuck!" she shouted.

A naughty smile came across Naruto's face. He placed his right hand on Harleen's right ass cheek and slowly thrust his thumb into her.

"Ah Naruto…it no…stop…it feel so weird." She was powerless to fight back while having her pussy pounding and getting anally fingered at the same time.

After about three minutes. Naruto withdraw his thumb from Harleen's asshole. Again Naruto changed position. Naruto was lying down on his back while Harleen was on top, riding him cowgirl style. Holding her hips, Naruto was in complete bliss from the pleasure Harleen giving him. The buildup was nearing its edge for the couple.

"I'm…" Harleen started.

"Going to…!" Naruto spoke the next line.

"CUM!" Harleen shouted as they orgasmed together. Harleen gasped while baring her teeth as she felt Naruto shoot into her. She collapsed on top of him

Harleen let out a very satisfied moan. "That was great puddin'." Harleen cuddled her face against his chest.

"Three months without sex can do that do you baby." He chuckled.

"Well it seems you're not quite satisfied yet." He moaned a bit as he felt her grabbing his still hard penis.

"The night is young, Harleen." He chuckled only to be silence by Harleen's kissed. The couple spent the whole night embracing and making love.

Waiting four days for this very moment…in Naruto's mind it was well worth the wait.


Naruto woke to see Harleen cuddled up against him. Sound asleep, she looked truly happy. Naruto slowly got out of bed without waking her. Naruto got dressed and went over to the kitchen to fix her breakfast. Shortly after fixing breakfast, Naruto left his house.

Unknown location:

Naruto stopped in front of a door. Before entering the room, he put on what appeared to be a gas mask. He entered the room where a man dressed in a gray business suit sat tied to a chair, blood dripping from his mouth. The man didn't wear any shoes as both of his feet were broken. Lying next to him was a large sledgehammer. Upon hearing Naruto's entrance, the man looked up and gasped in fright.

"I already told you everything! I don't know where Orochimaru is! Please don't hurt me, please! You broke my feet, please no more!" the man begged.

"Well today is your lucky day. I'm not here to question you about 'him' anymore," Naruto said.

"W-w-what do you want now?" the man stuttered.

"Tell me…do you know where the Joker is hiding?" he asked the man kindly.

"No, you may have broken my feet, but I'm not telling you jack where he is. If he knew who ratted him out…" The man shook his head at the thought what the Joker would do to him.

"The Joker isn't here. Your life is in my hands."

"What the Joker can do to people is small talk to what you did to me," the man said.

Naruto remained silent for a moment, frowning beneath his mask. He remembered the other scars the Joker gave Harleen, namely the burns and lash marks on her back. Those thoughts made him angry. Very angry.

"I'm not ratting the Joker out. You'll have to kill me," the man continued.

Naruto could easily tell the man was more afraid of the Joker then him, even after breaking his feet. Naruto could kill the man and still he wouldn't be afraid of him as he was of the Joker. Naruto let out a deep disappointed sighed. He went over to grab the sledgehammer.

"When I get the information of Joker's location, then you have my permission to die."

End of Chapter

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