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Sarah's POV

I walked into the Morgans' household, greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan all dressed up as pirates.

"Errr..." I raised an eyebrow.

"We, are going to a pirates' show in Whitechapel's theatre so this-" Mr. Morgan pointed to Mrs. Morgan, who spun around, showing her costume. "is what we're going to wear." He grinned.

"Oh, okay. I guess?" Weird.

"Ethan! Jane! Sarah's here!" Mrs. Morgan shouted up the stairs.

Footsteps. I looked up and saw Jane running down the steps, and when she reached me, she started squeezing.

"Hey Sarah!" Huh. Usually it's Ethan's whose first to greet me.

"Hey Jane." She let go and smiled up at me.

"Ethan!" shouted Mr. Morgan up the stairs.

"I just woke up!" he shouted, irritated and tired. He was sleeping?

That's when I saw him in a whole new light. Well, not exactly.

He walked down the stairs, slowly and groggy, just like he woke up. Which he just did. I chuckled.

To my surprise, my heart started pounding so much when I looked at him.

His hair was a mess, sticking in every direction, he had on a black tee and black and white polka-dotted pajama pants. He looked really cute, in a nerdy kind of way.

"Hey Sarah." He shot me one of his famous lop-sided grins, and a little adorable wave.

I smiled. "Hey."

"Well, we've got to go!" Mrs. Morgan exclaimed, grabbing her jacket and bag.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan gave each of their kids a hug and kiss and a wave to me before they walked out the door and into their car.

As soon as the car sped away, Ethan trudged into the living and crashed.


The phone rang and Sarah picked the receiver up.


"Can I talk to Jane please?" a llittle girl voice asked.

"Sure." Sarah covered the bottom part and screamed: "Jane! Someone wants to talk to you!"

"Coming!" Jane took the phone up to her room as Sarah walked towards the living room.

Ethan was laying on the sofa, half-asleep, when Sarah walked in. No! Ethan, please don't sleep. I want someone my age to talk to. I pleaded in my head. I decided to talk to him. Jane's on the phone with her friend anyways.



I sat on his legs.

"Ow!" He opened his eyes.

"Sorry. I just need someone to talk to." I stood up. He scooted over and patted the spot next to him. I layed down besides him and he nervously put his arm around me. I could tell he was nervous since his arm was shaking.

"It's okay. You can talk to me."

"Well, you seem tired. Have you been sleeping for a thousand years or what?" I chuckled.

"Yes, I am tired. And yes I've been sleeping since I got home, but more like half a day, not a thousand years." I laughed. Oh my gosh, I can't be seriously be liking him. Well, he's so cute when he smiles, his hair is just-

He interrupted my thoughts. "So where's Erica? You're usually texting her or talking on the phone with her."

"Out of town for the weekend. She can't text or call since her mom took away her phone." He started laughing while I rolled my eyes.

"What's so funny?" I gently smacked him in the arm.

"Because, if anybody else took away her phone, she would have sucked the bood out of them. But with her mom, she can't. She must be dying right now." He's funny too.

I laughed with him.

"Speaking of friends, where's Benny?"

"Oh, his grandma won't let him, call anyone, text anyone, play video games, or get out of the house this weekend. She found out that he sneaked out last weekend to my house when she needed him so she banned him this week when she doesn't need him."

"Oh. Is she going to spank him with lightning or something?"

"I guess. That's what Earth Priestress do to their grndson's when they sneak out right?"

I giggled. I could of sworn I saw him blush.

"Okay, let's go." He sat up and held out his hand awkwardly.

"Go where?"

He scratched the back of his neck with his free hand.

"Well, you're the babysitter, I'm hungry-"

"Me too!" screamed Jane, running down the stairs.

"And it all adds up. Cooking time." Ethan continued. I grabbed his hand and he helped me get up. I walked towards the kitchen, Ethan followed in suit, hands still in mines.

All three of us headed towards the kitchen, Ethan and I awkwardly holding hands but not one of of us wanted to let go.

We arrived at the kitchen and started to get all of the supplies out to make Rice Crispies Treats. Ethan called the pizza delivery guy for a pizza.

When the pizza arrived thirty-one minutes later, the Rice Krispies were almost down.

Jane put the popcorn into the microwave and waited for it to finish.

Ethan went into the living room with the pizza and plates and set everything up.

Sarah was cutting the Rice Crispies into little rectangular pieces and putting them on a tray, stacked up like a pyramid.

She carried the tray to the living room as Jane poured the popcorn into the bowl.

Ethan sat down on the couch and Sarah sat next to him. Jane sat next to Sarah with a plate of pizza, two Rice Crispie treats, and a handful of popcorn from the bowl on Sarah's lap.

Ethan onned the TV and checked on the TV show guide.

"Want to watch 'Closet of Doom'?" (A/N: From "Good Luck Charlie")

Sarah and Jane nodded.

He pressed the OK button and got up to get blankets and pillows.

"We should make a fort like last time with Benny and Rory."

"Good idea Jane."

So they made the fort around the couch, crawled inside, and ate and watched the movie.

Jane fell asleep after they started watching their fourth movie, leaving Sarah and Ethan watching "Kiss n' Tell" by themselves. (A/N: From "Big Time Rush")

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