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Friday Night Frights. Episode 6. CHapter 7.

"Guys, just, can we do this is a girl-free zone?" Ethan pleaded, smiling bashfully at the petite brunette that was staring at him as he walked down the hallway with his two friends.

"So, how was your date last night?" Sarah asked, drawing her attention back to the tall blonde girl standing in front of her.

"Amazing," Erica smiled, rolling her head around her neck. "Kurt is so mic yummy. We went to dinner, and then we went to watch the movie "Super Dead 4". It was perfect!"

Sarah stared at her friend, her eyebrows knitted together. "Do you mean regular date perfect, or vampire date perfect?"

"You know I don't bite and tell." Erica smiled, turned around, and walked away.

With Ethan, Benny, and Rory. After Coach Ed got released from the trophy.

"First I'd like to thank you for letting me out of that trophy. Feels great after thirty years because now I can finally do this again." Coach Ed snapped his fingers and Ethan's jeans, er... fell down.

Benny and Rory laughed as Sarah walked towards them. "Oo, space themed huh? I would of pegged spider man."

Ethan smiled nervously, his face a red color, as the two other boys kept laughing and Sarah staring at him and his boxers.

During school break or something.

"Congrats on keeping your pants on," giggled Sarah, pointing at his pants.

"Yeah. About that. I have this ghost coach after me. He lives to humiliate nerds."

"Oh no. Nerds being humiliated. In high school. Oh my goodness."

"Sarah! Didn't you hear me? This is a ghost! An evil spirit?"

"I heard but it's a ghost! I can't punch, kick, or bite it. Now if you excuse me, I'm busy." Sarah started walking away.

"I thought you could help."

"I guess you thought wrong." Sarah gasped as she saw Ethan's eyes widened. "Ethan-"

"Just, forget. Sorry for wasting your time." Ethan walked away with his head down.

That didn't come out the way I planned. It wasn't supposed to come out meanful. I'm just mad that Erica might have bit Kurt. I guess if i were him I would be upset too. Arghh. Why does my life has to be like this. Sarah thought, mentally slapping herself.

With Ethan.

Ethan was about to walk inside the school building when a man's voice echoed through his ears.

"Where do you think you're going?"


"Wait, I've got to show you something."

Ethan followed the ghost to where he and Sarah was standing just a few minutes ago.

"That girl is waaaaay out of your league."

"Is this why you told me to come here?"

"Well, now he on the other hand, is on her league." The ghost ignored the boy's comment.

Ethan scoffed. "Can't believe it. What would anyone see in that guy? Besides that I mean."

Benny and Rory walked up behind him. Benny whistled. "Kurt "The Hurt" Lochner. Conway coligious three times city wrestling champ. Sarah would totally pick him."



"See now that guy is a guy's guy. If I was coaching you, I would turn you into him. Well, at least into a less of you."

"Forget it okay? I can't help you." Ethan ran back into the schol, with the ghost and the two boys staring after him.

At home, that night after dinner

"It's an email from Sarah. I thought she was mad at me."

Ethan clicked the "Read" button. The email said:

"Subject: Hey Ethan...

Sarah to me:

Are you free Saturday night?

Keep it open.


"What's that about?"

Coach Ed chuckled. "What do you mean what's that about? That's a date boy. Makes no sense to me either but it says right there in the intertube webernet."

"A date? Really? She was all mad at me today." Ethan's face said confusion all over.

"Yep. It's a date. Just you and her. And me of course."

"You stay away from Sarah."

"Oh, your all mad at her for snapping at you today but you still want to protect her."

"Quit bugging me! I've been teased by jocks since grade one. So I don't care how many wedgies or chicken legs you give me. If you're such a famous coach, you should be able to tell when you're going to lose."

(A/N: Sorryy. This isn't reallyy Etharah rite noaw. I can't jux skip a little bit then come bac. There'll be moar Etharah at the end, I promise.)

"Lose? Me? Never. I play to win." Coach Ed's eyes turned blood red and his face stretched out.

Ethan got scared. As in really scared.

"One of the winning techniques I ualize is that visualization. Let us visualize your future shall we?" He put his hand on Ethan's shoulder and there was a blinding white light.

"It's ten years later shortcake and guess what? You're still living at home. How impressive is that? And let me tell you. Not very. But hey! At least you got a job. Look at your new uniform." He snapped his fingers and a orange polo shirt appeared in his hands.

"I work at McFingers?"

"Hey. Where else are you going to hide after you got kicked out of college for being your professer's convertible with doggy dodo. But of course you didn't do that. I did." He laughed. "But it doesn't really matter now does it?"

Suddenly the door opened and Ethan's dad, wearing the McFingers uniform shirt, walked inside the house, throwing the keys onto the table.

"Make sure you clean the grease trap tomorrow son!" he shouted up the stairs.

"Get off my back old man!" a voice, sounding much like Ethan's, shouted down.

Young Ethan's eyes widened. "Dad works at McFingers too?"

"Yep. Ever since he got fired from insurance for accidently setting a house on fire."

Ethan's dad made his way over to the couch and sat down as Ethan shrieked: "What?"

He was in pure shock.


Mrs. Morgan came inside the house right after Coach Ed nodded his head. She was pushing Benny, who was in a wheelchair.

"Dinner's here! I got your favorite!" Benny coughed. "Sausage fingers. And for desert, ice cream fingers! Let's roll out!" He painfully coughed again as MR\rs. Morgan pushed him into the kitchen.

"You put Benny in a wheelchair!" Ethan cried, looking at the coach.

"Me? Nah, nah. He's been having trouble with that unicycle. All I did was cut the brake line." Ethan's eyes widened and his mouth was shaped as a perfect O.

"You see all this now huh?" His eyes turned a glowing red. "You're going to ruin your life. And this."

"No! No," Ethan shook is head, not wanting to believe what this ghost coach says. "I don't believe it. It's a lie."

"Hey! We're off, to a romantic wrestling of France. Can you ask Ethan if he could mansion-sit for us again?" asked Sarah, walking into the Morgans' household with Kurt, her husband.

"Make sure he waters my plants." Kurt threw the keys at Mr. Morgan. Ethan's face was absolute agony, seeing his love marrying Kurt "The Hurt" Locher while he still lived at home with his parents and working at McFingers.

"Come on baby lets go." Kurt led Sarah out the of the house.

"Sarah marries Kurt?" asked Ethan, turning his head towards the coach. They were back to the present and was glad to be back. Ethan felt all of his emotions toward Sarah bubbled up inside of him, not wanting to stay in but also not wanting to leave.

"And his abs."

"Okay, you win. I'll win your stupid trophy. For wrestling. I'm going to beat Kurt "The Hurt" Locher."

"Whoa kid," Coach Ed said, chuckling. "I'm just trying to put you on the podium. Not on the cover." He shook his head. "But I like your guts though."

Ethan nodded, smiling.

"Tonight you rest. Tomorrow, we wrestle."

After signing up for wrestling team, training, and round 1

"Get up. Take a seat there," said Benny, helping Ethan up from the floor and onto the wooden bench.

"You survived a whole round without him breaking your spine in half. Nice!" Rory said, trying to cheer the broken and bruised boy up.

"Sorry dude, but I'm 'fraid you make hilarious agony faces from him!" Benny laughed.

"Ethan!" He turned around and saw an upset brunette behind him. "Are you insane? You're up against this guy that's unstopable."

"Guess that's why you like him." Ethan shook his head.

"What? I don't like him."

"Come on. I saw you watching him, talking, laughing, canoodling!"

"Mad canoodling." Benny pointed at the petite girl.

"Canoodle what? I thought Erica turned him into a vampire so I was watching him. I even checked his neck for bitemarks. Which was hard since he was so ticklish. But I do not like im. I'd rather date you than him."

Rory and Benny patted their friend's hurt back as Ethan blushed.

"You can't win by points anymore. You have to pin him to win."

"I have to pin him? Impossible." Ethan stared at the coach, hoping he was just joking with him, which he wasn't.

"Magic? Let's see if he could wrestling with worms in his ears." Benny grinned from ear to ear.

"No magic. You have to beat him fair and square or else the deal is off."

Ethan looked up at his best friend. "No magic. We can't cheat."

"Then think of something! Everyone has a weakness right? Then just find it and exploid it."

Coach Ed grabbed Ethan, making him stand up, "Maybe you need a little heart"

He reached inside the boy's body, hurting the fourteen year old even more.

He fell down onto the floor, a hand clutching his heart. "Just please, stop. Leave me alone."

"Looks like he'spracticing new ways to beg fr mercy! Smart!" Rory looked oddly excited. Well, he is Rory.

"Ethan.." Sarah ran over to him and leaned down. She put his arm around her shoulders and helped him up.

"Guys. It's no use. I can't win. I've never won a fight. Ever."

"False." Benny raised an eyebrow. "Remember the time in grade 2 I took your money box? You whipped me good. I almost cried."

"And in grade 4, I took your homework and you almost punched me in the face. Well, you kicked me hard in the stomach first... Well, I guess I deserved it since I took your older cousin's homework. Man, you guys could have seen the size of him." Rory was grinning so big that they thought his face was going to stay that way. WOnder why his smiling... thought Benny.

"Does him winning a tickling fight against me count?" asked Sarah.

"This gives me an idea. Thanks guys!" Ethan ran back onto the mat, leaving the three confused.

ROund 2 started and when Kurt was about to attack, Ethan slid under him and grabbed him by the waist from behind.

"Dude. Are you hugging me?"

"I'm wrestling old school. Elementry school in fact."

"The snuggy bear hug," explained Benny, tapping Rory on the knee. "He's got him locked on. There's no way to escape."

"Coach! Hugging is so not cool! Let go!"

"Fine!" Ethan threw Kurt on the floor and sat on him. "Somebody told me you were ticklish!" So that's what he did. He tickled him.

"Dude, dude. Stop tickling me!" The coach, not the ghost one, slammed his hand on the mat, ending the game.

"May the last laugh loses!"

Sarah, looking really inpressed, Rory, looking overly excited, and Benny, looking amused, stood up as Coach announced the winner.

"The new WhiteChapel wrestling champion!" He raised Ethan's hand.

The crowd cheered, while Kurt "Not The Hurt" LOcher looked furious.

"I did it. I did it? It's hurt for Kurt "The Hurt" Locher!"

Coach handed Ethan the trophy. "Well done Ethan. But remember. It's not about winning right?"

Ethan smiled and raised his trophy in the air.

He ran over to his friends and Rory gave him a pat on a hug and a pat on the back while Benny gave him a high-five. He handed the trophy to the two boys. Before Sarah could say anything to him, Coach Ed's voice was heard.

"What? That's it? Nah, nah, nah. You got to be kidding me."

"Oh, yeah. I won the trophy. Time to move on Coach. A deal's a deal."

"Bear hug? Tickling? COme on! You just did this for a joke! So you can just forget it! The deal's off!"

Ethan's eyes grew as big as saucers.

"I'm going to be on you until the end of time."

"Benny! He's backing out of our deal."

"He can't. The supernatural pack is binding all dimensions."

"Stuff tortias! (A/N: I don't know how to spell it lol. Help?) You lose. Amd you nerds can't make me go."

Suddenly, a box fell down to the gym, making the coach, say: "Oh crud."

The door opened, reveiling long tentacle like rope things. "But maybe those nerds can."

"What? What is it?"

"I cursed a lot of nerds during my day. And I supposed those nerds have to go somewhere. So behold. The locker of denial."

One of the rope things grabbed the coach and pulled him insid. Before Coach Ed got sucked him, he screamed: "Don't just stand there butt face! Help me!"

Which he didn't. The locker blasted off, leaving Ethan standing there shocked.

"I will not be beaten by a geek!" Kurt ripped his suit and charged towards Ethan. But too bad a fist blocked his way, knocking him to the ground.

"Update? YOu just gotten beat by a geek, and a girl. Go get yourself a new suit."

"Thanks Sarah."

"Your welcome. You did great out there."

Ethan smiled which made Sarah smile too.

"So uhm, about Saturday night?"

"Oh that. I thought that if Kurt was a vampire, I would've need back-up to take him down. And you did."

"Kind of."

"Kind of? You made him lose. For like, the first time. You ruined his reputation and raised yours I guess."

Ethan nodded.

"So we're all good now."

"Right, yeah. Good, good. Thought it was something like that."

"But if we're not catching vampires, we could go catch a movie?"

"Yeah. Cool. SHould have the feeling back to my fingertips by then."

Sarah chuckled and smiled greatfully at the boy.

Saturday night

Ethan and Sarah were sitting at the movies with Jane, Benny, and Rory at the back of them.

They were at the movie theatres, watching "SkullsSewers 3".

Ethan and Sarah both reached for the popcorn, their hands touching.

Ethan pulled his hand back, but arah just smiled over at him. She grabbed his other hand with her other hand, the hand that isn't in the popcorn, and held onto it, then turned back to the movie. (A/N: So, like, Ethan's sitting on your left and Sarah's sitting next to him, your right, Ethan's left. Ethan used his right arm to get the popcorn while Sarah use her left. She grabbed Ethan's left hand using her right. Got it? If not, just imagine them holding hands.. X_X)

So that's how they looked like for the rest of the movie. Rory hiding behind Benny, Benny eating popcorn crazily, Jane laying over the two boys, not even a slight bit scared, and Ethan and Sarah holding hands and eating popcorn.

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