Hey guys ok I know some of you probably read my only story that I put on here and I bet you guys are wondering why I haven't updated that story yet. You see thing is a lot of stuff went down and although I have finished that story in the process of breaking up and moving out no one wanted to help me get the rest of my stuff so therefore the notebook was left behind.

I still kept writing but I wanted to put the rest of that story up considering people were starting to like it. So what i'm gonna try to do is finish that story from memory. I have a pretty good idea of how it went and I know how it ends so I'm gonna try to do that for you guys. But in the meantime I've gotten hooked with Twilight.

I love it and I especially love Jacob. Wish I had a man like that then I'll be happy. So I've written a couple of stories about Jacob and Bella so I'm post them too. They're not finished especially this one I posted up but I write pretty fast so I'll deliver them to you guys as soon as possible.

So this story was inspired by a song called "Falling Apart" by The Veer Union. Very good song look it up. So I thought it goes perfectly with this story. I'm gonna be doing this story from both Bella's and Jacob's point of view.

Disclaimer: As always I don't own the characters even though I wish I could but overall everything belongs to the lovely Stephenie Meyers.

Falling Apart

Chapter 1:Not Going To Forks High?


It felt weird being back here again. Forks. It had been years 5 years actually. And now I'm here going to finish up my senior year. Due to the fact I couldn't stay any longer in Phoenix. So I came back to Forks. I've been here for a several days before school started back up.

I've been like this for awhile you know with an attitude, bitter and hateful. Ever since I left Forks the first time 5 years ago. A fight is what caused me to leave a fight between me and my former best friend. A fight that lead to the end of our friendship. Ever since then we haven't spoken to each other or seen each other. I don't even know what he looks like right now. He probably changed a lot since then.

Who knows. It wouldn't matter anyway he won't talk to me and I don't need to talk to him. He's probably forgotten about me anyway. I shouldn't even worry about him seeing me anyway we're never gonna run into each other. Little did I know how fast that was gonna change.

"Bella I have some news about you attending school." Charlie said entering the house.

"What's the matter, Dad?"

"Well you won't be attending Forks High"

"What? Why?"

"Sweetie the school was full they have no more room. But don't worry there's one other school you can go to."

Oh my god no way it couldn't be. He's not gonna say what I think he's gonna say.

"You're going to the school on the Reservation."

Yup he said it. Dammit. So much for not running into him this it was for sure.

"Dad there must be another school I can go to."

"Sorry Bells the only other school is 2 hours away."

"I can do that."

"No Bella you are not driving 2 hours worth of driving over there. It's too dangerous. The roads are in bad shape. Besides I already registered you at the on the Reservation."

This is not good not good at all. Fucking great. Not the way I wanted to start the new school year. Well I guess I better prepare myself then. So I took out clothes for school tomorrow. Black low rider jeans, a red shirt that said "Dark Night" in black and white letters. My black high heeled boots and my black arm bands to hide certain scars. Even around the house I always wore a jacket or a long sleeve sweat shirt. I have never been the one to talk about what I'm feeling. It's never been anybody's business to know anyway. Besides it's not like they care anyway. Never had much friends either. I've always been alone but I'm used to it now. It's always been like that.

Next day I got up early to take a nice hot shower got dressed real quick and blew out hair which it fell gracefully up to hips. Went downstairs and noticed Dad wasn't here. He must've had to leave early for work. I didn't bother to eat anything I just wasn't hungry didn't feel like it.

I grabbed my bag and my keys. I was grateful that Charlie bought me a car. A black dodge charger to be exact. One of my favorite cars. Once I turned on the car I turned the radio on and put a cd in and let Godsmack "Love-hate-sex-pain" begin to play. I turned up the volume or should I say more like blast it. Took a deep breath and made my way towards the rez. Of course once I got there everyone was looked in my direction wondering who was driving a dodge charger. Good thing my windows were somewhat tinted so they couldn't see inside.

I had to take another deep breath cause for two reasons- 1: I was the only pale attending school on the rez not that I care but I hate when people stare. I feel like punching their lights out just for looking. Got nothing better to do. And 2: How long was it going take for me to run into him?

Once calm I took the keys out of the ignition, grabbed my bag and got out the car. Everyone stared. Great just great just freaking peachy as if I needed this kind of shit right now. Whatever I'll just ignore it. I had to hurry to the office to get my schedule I was running a little late. the chick in the office was taking forever to get my schedule and in which by the way classes had already started.

"Ahh here we go Miss Swan you're all set. And here's a paper to give to your teacher."


I grabbed the paper and left. Looks like I have Math right now and it was in room 203. I looked up at the doors on the either side of me. They read 197 and 198. At least I knew I was heading in the right direction and that I was close. I kept walking till I found room 203. Once I walked in I gave the paper to the teacher.

"Class we have a new student today. Say hello to Isabella Swan." God how I hated when they called me that.

"Bella. Just Bella." I whispered quickly to him.

"Bella Swan class." Good I like him already he got on my good side by complying with me.

Everyone looked up and as if faith had to stick her 2 cents in or just had it in for me in general I came across a very familiar face. And then matters even more twisted the teacher said.

"Bella why don't you take that empty seat next to Jacob?

I rolled my eyes. Even though it was the only seat left but the fact of the matter is that sitting next to Jacob Black still bothered me. Especially as I made my way towards my desk he kept staring at me even though I didn't look right at him I could still feel his eyes on me.

This was gonna be a long day and to my dismay a long school year to put up with this shit and with no way out.

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Next Chapter on "Falling Apart"

Once the bell rang I followed Bella to her locker.


"Jake I don't want to talk to you."

"But why? Bells I've missed you,"

She still has yet to look me in the eyes.

"Well then maybe you should've thought of that before you decided to end our friendship 5 years ago."

And with that she took a book from her locker and slammed it shut in my face making a loud noise throughout the hallway and walked away. Damn she was holding a grudge over what happened 5 years ago. Shit. I have to fix this. I hope it's not too late.