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The ending credits and customary theme song blared out of the speakers of the family TV, cut short by a crackle-fizzle associated with the discharging of a cathode ray tube, one Harry Potter dropped the television remote with an owlish blink of his eyes.

His jaw dropped open: morphing slowly into a subtle smirk, the flashing of his emerald green eyes, a plan of the most devious, delectable and delightful nature formed in his marauder addled brain.

It was on this day: by all other accounts, a very average day, that the future of the Wizarding world would be completely rewritten. It was on this day, that if anyone was paying attention to one very magical bird, they may have realised the doom that was about to befall them. For said phoenix tilted his majestic head, cackled in laughter in a very sing-song way, before un-majestically falling off his perch in mirth "flashing" to Merlin knows where in a wreath of fire.

As a Muggle raised child, one would think that Harry James Potter, would have witnessed the wonders of the Muggle entertainment industry. Those who know Harry Potter however would realise that he would be more readily seen wearing a pink tutu while simultaneously being held lovingly by the Dark Snake Tamer, than doing something as "dursleyish" as watching television, after all: "freaks" don't get to watch television.

Today however was one of those few times in his life, where he had free reign of 4 Privet Drive, a miracle in itself: borne out of the suffering of one Marge Dursley, currently enjoying time at Her Majesties Pleasure, for illegal dog breeding and organising a fighting ring. Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley had a "family day out" to court, to support the miserable woman, Harry personally wished there was still the option of hanging, but had to settle for having the house to himself.

Which is where we find our intrepid hero, still with the devilish grin plastered on his face. After all, It's not every day that a Marauder: second generation or otherwise, witnessed the wonders and delights of one George Lucas, and his "Force". It wasn't every day, that the boy-who-caused-varying-impossible-things-to-happen, learned about light-sabers, Sith, Jedi and death stars. Frankly it wasn't every day that the Phoenix of the greatest wizard in the world, fell off his perch in hysterics'. Sadly, for those who enjoyed a peaceful life, today was the last, in a very...very...long time.