Vampire fairytale (Eric Northman one-shot)

I do not own True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

I got to school and my thoughts were only on Eric. I practically slept through Chemistry. I got to History and pulled out my history book. I saw another book with a note attached.

"My dearest little Snow White, I purchased this book of Nordic fairytales for you. I know how much you love learning about my history. When I am unable to be with you, you can read them and go to bed thinking of me. Love, E", the note read.

I smiled and started reading. I imagined Eric as the brave knight who comes and rescues me. I had 4 more hours, until my prince would come and whisk me away.

The final bell rang and I rushed outside. I found my prince waiting for me. He leaned down and softly kissed me.

"I've come to return your glass slipper", he said.

"Wrong fairytale genius", I said, "Maybe you need to read this book".

"So you enjoyed it?" he asked.

"Of course", I said, "This is the part where you sweep me off my feet".

"That I can do", Eric said.