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Twelve years later, in the sewers of New York, Master Splinter started evening's exercise with his students.

"Remember," he said through the shadows, "to be a true ninja, you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while the light reveals the ninja's presence."

He soon lifted his staff, allowing a lit candle to sit on the side of the staff.

"Now, can you extinguish this flame, without revealing yourselves?"

Right after that, a shadow leapt at the candle. But Splinter was quick, causing the shadow to miss and hit the nearby wall.

"Too noisy, Donatello."

Another shadowed figure spun a nunchuck as he leapt at the candle as well, but the rat caught the figure and threw him at the first one.

"Too clumsy, Michelangelo."

Then, a third shadow figure with sais took a chance. Unlike the first two, however, when Splinter dodged, the figure gave it another shot as it leapt again at the rat. But the rat positioned his cane, so that the third would trip, and land into the other two fallen figures.

"Poor choice, Raphael." Splinter remarked.

Soon, a fourth came; it took out its wooden tonfas and took a chance. Like with the third, once it missed the first time around, it managed to get back onto its feet. It soon went to strike once more, but the rat saw that one coming. He soon dodged the attack, grabbed the figure's wrist, and threw it at the pile of fallen shadows, causing it to land on top of the other three.

"To quick minded, Koji." The wise rat replied.

With Splinter distracted, a fifth figure leapt down from the ceiling. With a swipe of its katanas, the figure cut off the lit end of the candle, allowing it to land on one of the swords before blowing it out.

It was then Splinter used his cane to flip a switch that was on a wall nearby, lighting up the place to reveal four teenage mutant ninja turtles and one teenage sized being

"Well done, Leonardo."

However, Raphael was not happy.

"Teacher's Pet."

Leonardo then tossed his fumed brother the candle piece.

"Ninja dropout."

The remaining two turtles went "Ooooo" as Raph crushed the candle in his hand as he advanced on his brother. But something, or someone, got I between the two and kept them apart.

"Dudes, knock it off already! If you two keep this up, I might as well get a career in refereeing in freakin' hockey league."

That, people, was Koji (1). Like his brothers, he had grown in the past thirteen years. But instead of looking like a turtle, his antennae grew long and ended with blade like point, and even though he is tall like the others are, he was thin looking yet healthily built. He was dressed in a loose short sleeved monk top (2) covering his back, where a smaller red and silver colored 'shell' was, the old shirt he used to wear as a kid (3), black fingerless gloves, and black samurai pants which was supported by his brown belt, brown thick pads on his elbows, along with black tabi boots. Koji was also wearing a maroon colored mask on to cover his large ruby glossed eyes. Thankfully, he is still normal to a possibility of normalcy.

"My sons!" Splinter scolded his two eldest sons and his second youngest son (4).

He then sighed again once Leo and Raph backed off. Koji, while thankful that the two were separated, felt really bad for Splinter and two brothers.

"My sons, if you want to become true ninja, you must work harder."

As he said that, his sons lined up and kneeled before their sensei, with Donny on the far left, Raph after him, Leo after him, Mikey toward the end, and Koji finishing the line.

"Your path in life will not be an easy one. The outside world will not be a friendly place for you."

Soon, the rat gestured to his sons.

"You five are different in ways the surface dwellers would never understand. To survive, all five of you must master the skills I teach you. Ninjitsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become Kagé, The Shadow Warriors. And you must never be discovered by the outside world-"

But he was soon interrupted by Mikey, as he swatted a fly that had been pestering him. The orange clad turtle thought of it as a success, like a child taking a cookie from the jar without getting caught. But he gave a confused look as Splinter looked cross at his youngest son. Koji saw this and only placed a hand on his head out of embarrassment for Mikey being a fool, yet again.

Before Koji or Splinter said anything, the earth began to move, shaking the burrow.

"Huh? What is that noise?" Splinter spoke in confusion.

The five ninja students stood up, cautious.

"Whoa! Earthquake," Mikey stated.

The orange clad turtle, along with Leo, Raph, and Koji, moved back from Donny as he took the theory into perspective.

"In New York? Possible, but not likely,"

The smart turtle jumped back as the wall burst open, revealing what looked like a horde of cat-sized , bi-pedaled robots.

As the robots began to advance to the family, the five youths pulled out their weapons and prepared for the offensive.

"What are those things?" Leo asked out loud.

"New York City cockroaches?" Mikey asked.

"Whatever they are, they picked the wrong party to crash," Raph answered as he attacked the robots, sticking a few with his Sais. The others soon joined into the fray.

Donny attempted to hit one on the head with his Bo staff, but the robot avoided it and grabbed the staff with its 'teeth,' forcing Donny to lift his weapon and smash the robot like he was hitting a piñata. Mikey used his chucks to hit a few in the head before taking one and throwing it behind him.

"Leo! Think fast!"

Leo then sliced the bot that was thrown to him before slicing another one in half with ease. As for Koji swung his Tonfas down to each bot as they tried to bite his long pants apart. He then saw some of them advancing to a small wrapped up thing near a wall. With a hesitant start, Koji ran to them and swat away the bots before going near the item.

"Get away from there you reject dinosaurs!"

After Koji got them away, he swiftly grabbed the small item and placed it in his loose over robes, which act like pockets to the Ninjitsu Irken remarkably. 'Thank goodness that it is alright,' thought Koji sadly.

The Irken, along with Leo, then noticed that Splinter was surrounded by the bots, destroying them one by one with his cane.

"We've got to help Master Splinter!" Leo called out as he and his brothers fought their way to their sensei, "Come on!"

"You don't have to tell us twice, Dude!" Koji agreeably remarked.

As the family of ninjas fought the invaders, none of them were aware that a small group of them were eating the support beams until the roof began to cave in. Seeing this, Leo grabbed Raph and Koji jumping back out of reflexes.

"Look out!" Leo hollered, the roof collapsing with Splinter on the other side.

Seeing this, the five ran into the dust.

"Oh no!" Leo called out.

"Master Splinter!" Raph called out after Leo.

"Sensei!" Koji called out at the same time Raph called out..

But they found nothing but a pile of rubble.

"Master Splinter! Master Splinter!" Leo called out as he tried to pull the rubble away.


As Leo and Donny tried to pull the rubble away, Raph, Mikey, and Koji checked on the wrecked bots. After destroying one that was still standing in order to vent on his frustration, Raph soon joined his younger brothers.

"What the shell are these things?" Mikey asked, hunched over one of the robots destroyed.

"Whatever they were, they're junk now," Raph answered, kicking away the broken bot that Mikey was looking at.

Leo spoke as he frantically searched the rubble.

"Guys, Splinter. We've got to find Splinter,"

He then called out to the rubble.

"Master Splinter! Can you hear me?"

When nothing responded, the blue-masked turtle then spoke, not taking his eyes off of the rubble.

"Donatello, anyway to…"

But he was cut off by the sounds of beeping noises. Looking to his left, he spotted Donny dialing his shell cell.

"What are you doing?"

Donny turned to him, holding on to his device, "Shell cell. I'm calling Master Splinter, I hope."

As they waited for a response, Koji decided to check on that thing he rescued from the bots.

"Hey, Koji," Mikey said to the other 'turtle', "What's with the wrapped up thing-a-majig?"

"It's something that I saved from the 'bots, Mikey," Koji answered, but Raph, still frustrated, snatched the item without his consent.

Raph unwrapped the thing, and frowned even more. He soon threw the thing at the wall, causing all the turtles to look at the red-clad turtle in confusion.

"Why did you do that for, Raph?" Koji yelled frustrated that his brother almost broke the item.

" 'Why' oh I don't know, maybe because THAT PIECE OF JUNK IS THE ONLY ONE YOU SAVED?" Raph yelled at Koji, pointing to the wrapped up item, "BECAUSE OF THE DUMB ROBOTS, WE LOST OUR HOME! AND ALL YOU SAVE WAS A STUPID PIECE OF JUNK!" With that said Raph stomped away from Koji and decided to vent on his anger more on the destroyed robots again.

"That still didn't give you the right to throw stuff, dude," Koji growled at him, walking calmly to the item; he unraveled it slowly. Once it was revealed, it was the same robot 'toy' that Koji was founded with when the turtles and Splinter took him in their Family. Soon, Koji felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned and saw Leo looking at him worriedly, "It's okay, Raph's not mad at you, he's upset about our home…"

"okay…" Koji responded silently.

Very soon, their worries were soon replaced by relief and amusement as Splinter unknowingly spoke on the other end of the line.

"Hmm, now which button do you press to answer this thing?"

Koji, hearing that, bit his lip to not laugh at that, but snickered quietly.

"Hello?" Splinter asked on the other line as Leo took the phone away to speak.

"Master Splinter. Are you alright?"


"Master Splinter,"

"Stupid device,"

The last remark made Koji and Mikey turning away from the others and snickered a bit.

"Master Splinter, you don't have to press any buttons. You've already answered it."

"Ah, Leonardo, whatever those mechanical menaces are, they have managed to eat through the support structure of our home. We must leave right away. Meet me at the old drainage junction at South Point."

It was then that Donny brought out a map of the sewer.

"If we take the south Conduit, it'll intersect with the old drainage tunnel."

"We'll meet you there, sensei," Leo spoke into the shell cell before hanging up.

Mikey, done with his snickering, looked over his brothers' shoulders, "What'd he say? What'd he say? Did he mention me?"

His only response was s shove by Raph and a sigh from Koji.

As the five were getting ready to move out, Mikey spoke to the lair.

"Good-bye broken pipe, good-bye grungy pay phone, good-bye dented manhole cover, good-bye Home Sweet Home,"

Raph spoke in annoyance to Mikey.

"Hello, cruel world."

He then grabbed Mikey by his shell, dragging him to the others, "Come on,"


As the five left the lair, Leo made a statement, "Looks like those things have been through here."

Donny then added in, "These walls are seriously compromised. It's lucky this roof hasn't caved in."

But they soon stopped as they saw another rubble covered wall.

"You were sayin'?" Raph asked darkly.

Koji slapped his forehead in aggravation, "Thank you Donny for jinxing us all…" he mumbled to himself.

Leo looked at the rubble before making another statement to his brothers.

"Can't go forward, can't go back."

As soon as Leo said that, Raph butted in, "Looks like we go up,"

As the group approached a ladder leading to the surface, Leo spoke out to them.

"Hitting the surface is a bad idea."

"We've got no other way to go, Leo," Donatello told him.

"I agree with Donny, Leo. And unless you want to dig your own way to the drainage junction, the surface is our best bet." Koji told his eldest brother, looking at him with the body language of 'listen to the smart one'.

Sighing in defeat and frustration, Leo spoke again, looking at his brothers in a serious manner.

"Alright! But we're only going up to come down the next manhole. Got it? No fooling around, remember what sensei said, 'It's dangerous for us to be seen, let alone be captured, we need to stay out of sight,"

"We've got it the first thousand times, Leo." Raph said to the eldest brother, already on the ladder, "Just follow my lead," he later said to them and started climbing up.

As the others were about to follow Raph, Leo placed a hand on Koji's shoulder.

"Are you positive that your okay, Koji? You seem… distressed of something."

"Don't worry, Leo," Koji said, smiling a bit, "I'm alright, don't worry about me, after all, you need to worry about the others, I'm alright."

Mikey soon went over to Leo as Koji made his way to the ladder. Leo sighed.

"I don't think so…"

Mikey placed a hand on Leo's back, "Don't worry so much, Leo. Koji has this under control."

Leo sighed in defeat, sure he was protective of his family, but he was more worried for Koji. Even if he stayed with them for almost their whole lives, Leo was worried that their 'special' brother would break in half like a twig. But Mikey was right; he didn't need to worry so much on one sibling with a unique appearance. Without another word, Leo, followed by Mikey, Koji, and Donny, climbed up to the surface after Raph


As Raphael removed the manhole, he looked around before jumping out. Soon, Leo looked out, more cautious than Raph.

"Come on, Leo. Move it," Mikey complained below the oldest turtle, "I don't wanna have to be staring at your but any longer than I have to,"

"Hey speak for yourself, Mikey," Koji called out below Mickey, "I don't like the view from here either but you don't see me whining like a kid who lost his ice cream,"

Leo then ducked back into the manhole.

"Shh, guys."

They all waited until Leo gave the signal before he and the three youngest of the group soon followed Raph. They soon arrived in time to see the red clad turtle kick a truck in frustration because it was on the other manhole.

"Way to be stealthy, Raph," Leo whispered to his brother.

"Yeah, I don't think they heard you over in Jersey," Mikey joked in a Jersey/Brooklyn accent.

Pointing to the truck, Raph turned to his siblings, "Give me a hand,"

Mikey was about to clap when Koji pulled the turtle's right arm down, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Mikey,"

The orange turtle raised his hands in defense as Leo and Koji shook their heads.

"Ah, forget you guys, I'll push it myself," grumbled out Raph...


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