Baby I will wait for you (Godric one-shot)

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"Father, I want to marry Godric", I told him.

He looked at me and laughed.

"Father, I'm serious. I want to marry Godric", I said.

He beat me to within an inch of my life.

Godric found me later on. "What has he done to you, my love?" he asked.

"Godric", I gasped, "I'll come back. I'll come back to you".

"I know you will, my love. I'll wait for you. Forever", Godric said kissing my hand.

My heart slowly stopped beating.

Godric held me and cried.

That would be the last time he would ever cry human tears.

*2000 years later*

*Olivia's Pov*

It was 7:00 and I was working at the local superstore. Suddenly, a figure came in front of me.

I looked up and saw a boy around 17. "Can I help you?" I asked him.

He smiled and I softly smiled back. "It's you", he whispered, "I've finally found you".

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"It's me Godric", he said.

I gasped and scooted away from him.

"It's okay little one", he said, "I have watched your bloodline for centuries in hope that one of you would look like her".

"What do you want with me?" I asked him.

"That is what I want. You. I loved you back then and I can love you now. I want you to marry me like you wanted too, before your horrible father ended your life", Godric said. His lips softly touched mine and it all came flooding back to me.

It was like my eyes had been opened.

I softly touched his face. "My love, you have kept your promise", I said.

"Yes, I have", he said.

"But…you must learn to let me go. Love Olivia for me. As a father, brother, or lover. Please, do this one last thing for me", I said.

"Anything for you love", Godric said, his eyes shining with love. His lips met mine again and it went black.

When I came to, I saw Godric. "What happened?" I asked.

"Nothing, little one. I merely scared you and caused you to pass out", he said.

"Oh", I said smiling, "Wanna get some breakfast?"

"I'd be delighted", Godric said.

"My love", someone said.

We turned and saw the spirit of a woman.

"Be happy", she said to Godric.

"I will my love", he said as she disappeared.

"Let's get outta here", I said. I took his hand and we ran out of the store.