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Today was the day.

John glanced around the park as the cool evening breeze swept through the treetops.

She's not here yet.

He drew a small, black box from his coat pocket and held it awkwardly in his hand.

A bright blue glow abruptly illuminated his surroundings.

He fumbled with the box, barely catching it before it fell. He held the box tightly and turned to find the source of the strange light.

His eyes widened when he saw the source. A massive, smoky blue sphere was descending on the park.

It touched the ground.

The shock-wave unbalanced John, causing the box to slip from his fingers. He dropped to the ground, frantically searching. He never saw it coming.

When they found him he was clutching the small black box. He was pinned underneath a heavy wooden bench that the sphere had dislodged.

He was smiling, and he was dead.

You can't argue with Space-Elves... Ha!