"Our Story: PART 2"

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Summary: Fred & Daphne found Fred's real parents in the story "Our Story: Fred & Daphne" they got married & had one son, Brad Jones. & another one is on the way. This time their trying to raise their kids & be good parents, & also struggling to keep the mystery solving..a secert. Hope you like it! R&R please :)

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Chapter ONE:

Fred rolled over in his bed, lifted his tired self up to look at the alarm clock. Then mumbled.

"Anytime now..." He said. Daphne looked over at him & giggled.

"Just wait till we have to kids.." She laughed.

"5.." Fred said.

"4" Daphne said.


"2"Daphne said.

"And blast off." Fred groaned. As his bedroom door slung opened & a little blonde toddler came running in.

"Mommy & Daddy! Wake up it's Christmas!" The little blonde boy, shouted while tugging his parents sheets.

"Christmas...today?..Nah, I don't think so." Fred joked, teasing his son.

"Daddy!" The little boy wined. Fred just laughed.

"Mommy, tell daddy to stop making up stories!" Brad wined. Daphne giggled.

"What stories..daddy's telling the truth, Christmas isn't for a whole 365 days away." She grinned.

"Mommy! Come on! I wanna open my presents!" He said with excitment bursting out of him.

"Alright, alright we're getting up." Fred said.

"Let us get dressed then we'll open presents." Daphne said to her young 1 and a half, year old son.

"Please mom! pretty please." The boy said while batting his eyes. Daphne rolled her eyes.

"It will only take a minute for mommy, to slip off her Pj's & get into something nicer." Daphne told Brad. "Why don't you do in your room & look out the window for your grandparents. They should be here any minute now."

"Okay!" The little boy said jumping off his parents bed & running down the hall.

"Can we handle one more Freddie?" Daphne said.

"I think so...maybe.." He teased. Daphne grinned then kissed him on the cheek. Five minutes later Brad heard a knock on his bedroom door.

"Who is it?" The toddler asked.

"It's daddy. Wanna go get some gifts?" He asked.

"Oh yeah!" Brad shouted throwing down the toys he was playing with & running to the door to his parents.

"Alright, I'll carry you down stairs." Fred said. Brad pushed Freds hands away.

"No thanks daddy, I'm a big boy now, I can go by myself." Fred backed off his son & watching him run down the stairs. A sad look crossed Freds face.

"It's okay Freddie, he's just growing up." Daphne said.

"Yeah, too fast." He sighed. The couple walked down the stairs and saw their son sitting by the Christmas tree just waiting to open the gifts. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Grandma & grandpa!" Brad shouted.

"I'll get it." Daphne called. She opened the door & there was Fred's parents, Brad covered in presents carrying them & Judy with some other small boxes.

"Here let me take some of those for you Dad." Fred said, taking a load of boxes from his fathers hands.

"Thanks Fred." Brad said.

"Hi Mr. & Mrs. Jones!" Daphne greeted them cheerfully.

"Oh hello honey!" Judy said. Hugging her daughter-in-law.

"Not much longer before baby number two is here." Judy said.

"Nope, just two months." Daphne said.

"The suprise thing is killing my kids!" Brad Jones said while holding his grandson.

"Ha ha, it's killing us too. But, I think for our Christmas gift we'll go to the doctors & find out soon as we can." Daphne giggled.

"Suprise!" Fred said.

"We'll keep an eye on Brad for you." Judy said.

"Thanks mom, that would help. Now that he talks & runs, it's getting harder to keep up with him." Fred said. Fred's parents laughed.

"I wish we could have saw you grow up." Brad said.

"Ha ha, maybe it's best you didn't then." Fred teased.

"I'm sure he was a hand full." Daphne joked. Fred turned slightly pink on his cheeks.

"Well Daphne are you ready to get started with the Christmas meal?" Judy said.

"Sure thing, Mrs. Jones." Daphne said.

"Daddy, I thought you said we were gonna open presents now." Brad said looking up to his father & pulling his jeans.

"Well we could open gifts or..we could take you somewhere special for a special suprise!" Fred said looking over to his father smiling.

"A s-suprise?" Brad, Fred's son said, with his eyes sparkling.

"Mmhm! A big one!" His grand father agreed.

"Suprise!" The little blonde shouted with joy.

"Okay, get your heavy coat on & wear some snow boots." The older Brad Jones said.

"Okay grandpa! Daddy will you help me?" Fred nodded his head then follwed his son to the closet & got him dressed. The three got in the car & drove to a park with hills & blankets of snow on them.

"Wow! That's awesome!" The little Brad said , looking at the other people sliegh riding down the hill.

"Wanna do that, buddy?" Fred asked.

"Yeah!" Brad shouted. The three went with their sleds riding down the hill most of the day. Daphne & Judy made the Christmas dinner. It was now 6 in the afternoon. Fred, Brad & Brad Sr. all came back home.

"Looks like someone is gonna need some hot cocoa, Mrs. Jones." Said Daphne who was, looking at the three ice burgs sitting on the sofa next to the fire.

"It's a good thing we made some!" Judy said, grinning at Daphne.

"Get washed up guys, dinner is ready, & theres hot cocoa for dessert, along with some yummy cookies." Daphne said while sitting the table.

"Yay dinner!" Brad Jr. said jumping off the sofa & running to his mother & grandma.

They all sit around the table & ate their lovely Christmas dinner, Fred & Daphne both had never had such a great Christmas. All Daphne's child life, she got everything she ever wanted, except for good fun family time. It was always big & fancy, she was loving the simple dinners & little gifts under the tree. Fred was thrilled to be with his real loving & caring parents. He married the girl of his dreams & had a little mini him that ran around It was all he ever wanted & more.

After the dinner they all gathered around the Christmas tree & opened their presents. Brad Jr. had ripped open all his & slowly fell asleep on his stomatch while playing with his toys on the rug. Brad & Judy had went home & Daphne had cleaned the kitchen & the living room that was once covered in wrapping paper.

"I put Brad to bed, hun." Fred said.

"Poor little guy wore himself out." Daphne said before sitting on the sofa in her robe & slippers. Fred was also in his pajama pants & a white plain t-shirt. He went & sit beside her.

"It was a really great day." He said.

"I'll say." Daphne agreed.

"Hey theres one more gift I didn't give you" Fred said,

"Oh Freddie, you shouldn't have gotten me anything at all." Daphne said, with a little pink showing up on her cheeks.

"Now Daph your an awesome mom, a perfect wife & a hard working women..& you think I'd just get you nothing?" Fred said. Daphne giggled.

"Your so sweet." She said.

"Now, close your eyes." He said. Daphne closed her eyes.

"Now open!" Fred said. Daphne opened her eyes & her mouth fell into an O shape as she saw Fred holding up a sign that said.

"Daphne Ann Blake Jones we're finally going on a real vacation! TO THE BEACH!" Daphne smiled.

"Oh Freddie! This is so exciting! I've always wanted a real vacation with no bad guys in masks, monsters or anything else awful!" She cried.

"Well we're going on one, after the baby is born! It's going to be totally perfect!" He said. Daphne leaned over & gave him a kiss.

"I have a present for you too Freddie." Daphne said, while grinning at him.

"Daph, really..I don't." Before he could finish Daphne got out a box & handed it to him.

"Open it." She said. Fred opened the box & his eyes got wide. There was two baby girl dresses, one pink & another purple, he picked them up & there was a card underneath.

" Congrats Freddie Jones Jr. your gonna be a daddy to two little twin girls." Fred jumped up & picked up Daphne & spun her around, then kissed her.

"This is great Daphne! & the best present I've ever gotten in my entire life!" He said happily. Daphne smiled.

"I'm so glad your happy about it!" She said.

"Of course! What could be better than two mini Daphne's running around here?" He said. Daphne giggled.

"Or should I say, falling down around here." Fred teased

"Hey!" Daphne said.

"Oh boy, triple the dangerprones!" He joked.

"Freddie!" She said.

"Ha ha, I'm only kidding." He said.

"Mmhm." She smirked. Fred grinned.

"I love you Daphne Ann Blake." Fred said.

" I love you too Freddie Jones." She said,


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