The sky was a rich, perfect gold, so of course it could not last. The sun was barely peaking over the horizon, dipping lower every second and turning the perfect gold into a soft pink, deep orange, red, blood red like the stain on Castiel's trench coat where Sam Winchester had, literally, stabbed him in the back.

Waves crashed monotonously against the shore, pulling sand away and pushing it back. The angel- no, former angel. He was a god now. The god. God. Because his God, his father, was gone and now Cas was strong enough to take his place, to make things better. He was God. Castiel still felt strange saying it.

A sigh escaped him as he stood on the empty beach, reflecting on all that had happened. Castiel had been loyal for thousands of years, until he met the Winchesters. They taught him so much, about freedom and family and love and doing whatever it takes. And now that he was trying, trying so damn hard, to fix the world, to keep it alive, they called him their enemy.

The day was almost over now, the sky changing as twilight approached. The first stars of night appeared, shining softly. Cocking his head to the side, Cas watched as a small fish washed onto the shore, pulling itself onto the sand. He stepped forward, gazing at the creature curiously.

"Don't step on that fish, Castiel."

Cas froze for a moment at the sound of the voice behind him. Slowly, hesitantly, he turned around. Smiling eyes locked with his.

"Big plans for that fish."

A name escaped Castiel's lips on a breath.


I don't own Supernatural! ...By the way.

Anywho, yeah this is super duper short, it's just a random, plotless thing that I felt like writing. Gabriel is one of my favorite characters (Yes I know he was only in four episodes. I DON'T CARE.) and if they were to ever bring him back (Oh I hope they bring him back), this is what I imagine his entrance would be like. Mostly, I really, REALLY want that to be his first line if he came back. I think it'd be awesome. :D

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