Prologue Page 1

Sirens blasted the hotel. the sirens sounded like a billion trains.
We all ran out of our rooms and ran to the third floor, where the weapons were ran to the Roof where there was alot of shooting was going on. It all was nothing out there.
Just total Blackness.
Dominik stood." North 2 cliks!"
We all looked, Ahead was 3 full buses of breathing humans! Behind Them were a Heard of The of us ran downstairs and started Shooting the undead, while the buses stoped and started to unload. The people Ran inside screaming. The undead were fallin behind, due to all the gunfire. I Ran inside and started Screaming.
"Everyone upstairs Now!"


The War Against the undead went on for 3 hours. i was helping the newcomers get there Rooms. we only allow them on the second and third floors. We sleep on the 1st, so that we can keep them safe.

" Hello and welcome to la quinta! Im Chris, the one in charge. ill be making your stay enjoyable, and completly safe! Due to the undead, you may not be outside from 7AM to 7PM. this is for your safty. breakfast is from 6-9 AM. Wakeup call is at 7AM. Any questions?"
One Of the Newcomers Stood up.
" yea, um how come you guys are soo young, and incharge?"
" well im 14 and why are we incharge? everyone else is dead"
i answered.
another newcomer stood.
"How are we supposed to survive?"
" that is what you have to figure out."
I walked away from the crowed when nobody else stood up. i closed the office door behind me.
'thats what we'll have to figure out'