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The Magic of Darrin Stephens

Tagline: There was more magic in Darrin's life than he knew…

1164 Morning Glory Circle

Samantha Stephens moved swiftly through the kitchen as she arranged a couple hors d'oeuvres on a platter and smiled at her work. The whole kitchen smelled of the dinner she had just prepared – rotisserie chicken, potatoes, and for dessert, an apple pie. As she was admiring her work, her husband Darrin Stephens came up behind her and planted a kiss on her cheek, "Everything looks perfect, sweetheart."

"Thank you, Darrin," Samantha smiled, "Did you just get back from the office?"

"Yup," Darrin nodded, "Did you pick up my suit for tonight from the dry cleaners?"

"Whoops," Sam thought, "I knew I was forgetting something… well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"Sam?" Darrin prodded after she was silent for a moment.

"Hmm?" Sam turned to Darrin, shaking herself out of her musings, "Oh, yes I did, darling. It's up in our room."

"Thanks," Darrin smiled, "I better change quickly. Larry and Louise will be here any minute with the client and his wife."

Darrin gave Samantha another quick kiss on the cheek before he ran upstairs. After Darrin was out of sight, Samantha twitched her nose and Darrin's suit appeared on the bed just a second before Darrin opened the door. She let out a sigh of relief and grabbed a platter of hors d'oeuvres to take out into the living room.

"That was a delicious dinner, Samantha," Louise complimented. Darrin, Samantha, Larry, Louise, and their prospective clients Mr. and Mrs. Zatara were sitting around the dinner table. They just finished their meal, including the apple pie.

"Yes, it disappeared… just like magic," Larry nodded.

"I was wondering how long it'd take you to change the subject to business," Louise commented.

"Just because I happen to run the biggest purveyor of magic tricks doesn't mean you have to drop hints, Tate," Mr. Zatara said.

"Sorry," Larry apologized.

"Maybe we should go into the other room and discuss the campaign," Darrin suggested. He got up and helped Samantha up from her chair as Larry and Mr. Zatara did the same for their respective wives. They all went into the living room. Samantha and Louise took a seat on the couch as Mr. and Mrs. Zatara took their seats in the chairs across the coffee table. Larry and Darrin remained standing.

"I'll go get the layouts I was working on," Darrin excused himself.

"I think you'll find Stephens' work is genius," Larry started talking the campaign up, "Pure magic."

"Stop saying 'magic', Tate," Mr. Zatara deadpanned. Larry gave an apologetic look and a nod as a further apology.

"I'll go help Darrin," Samantha smiled and scurried off to the den.

Samantha opened the door to the den to find Darrin shuffling his papers for the account, "Hey, Sam, I'll be right out."

"It's okay, I just came in here to see if you were okay," Sam said.

"Okay? Why wouldn't I be okay?" Darrin asked.

"Because your account has to do with magic," Samantha replied, "And I know you get enough of a dose of it around here."

"That actually has worked to my benefit," Darrin accented his point with his finger.

"It has?" Samantha furrowed her brows.

"Yes it has," Darrin said, "I've been able to come up with ideas I never would've thought of in a million years if I hadn't been married to you."

"Well, thank you," Samantha replied, "I think."

"And the sooner we seal the deal on this account the better," Darrin picked up his layouts.

"Yeah?" Sam prompted as she opened the door.

"Yeah," Darrin nodded, "Like you said… I've got enough of a dose of magic as it is."

"Oh, Darrin," Samantha shook her head and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before they both headed back into the living room.

"Here we are," Darrin announced as he and Sam came back into the living room. Samantha took her seat back next to Louise.

"Stephens has been working a great deal on this campaign, Mr. Zatara, he-" Larry started, but was cut off by Mr. Zatara, "Tate?"

"Yes, sir?" Larry asked.

"How about you let Mr. Stephens talk?" Mr. Zatara asked in a condescending tone. Larry pressed his lips together and nodded.

"Now, I had a couple ideas to reach out to different age groups in the market," Darrin started and pulled out one of his layouts, "This one is for the young adults. As you can see it has a young man and a young woman with a magician's hat in between them… and the caption reads: Bring a little magic between you with Zatara's Magic Tricks."

"Reminds me of the Caldwell soup campaign," Louise whispered to Samantha. She nodded and smiled in reply as Darrin continued.

"And this one is for the kids," Darrin pulled it out.

"Hold on just a second," Mr. Zatara put his hand up.

"Yes?" Darrin asked as he lowered the sketch.

"What happened to my trademark? You know. The magician's top hat, magic wand, and white gloves?" Mr. Zatara gestured with his hands, "That's been my trademark for quite some time with the kids."

"Yes, well-" Darrin started, and as per usual was cut off by Larry siding with the client, "Yes, Stephens, where's his trademark?"

"Gentlemen," Mrs. Zatara let herself be known and turned to her husband, "Give him a chance. Jerry, your trademark has been out there for so long, when people see it, they don't give it a second thought – maybe this new trademark will help our sales… Please go on, Mr. Stephens."

"Thank you, Mrs. Zatara," Darrin nodded a thanks, "You deal with magic, Mr. Zatara and if there's one thing I know about, it's magic… instead of your usual magician's top hat, magic wand, and white gloves, I thought, why not go with a witch?"

"A witch?" Mr. Zatara annunciated, "As in a double double, toil and trouble witch?"

"No," Darrin shook his head as he cut a quick apologetic look at Samantha who now had her arms folded, "I was thinking of witches that look like an average, beautiful woman; and not just a witch, but a witch and a warlock."

Mr. Zatara nodded, his lower lip sticking out as he was thinking, "Go on."

"Now, this one has a witch and a warlock on it," Darrin pointed out. The witch was a young pretty blonde dressed in a witch's hat and long black dress. The warlock was dressed in a three-piece suit.

"How will the public know that that's a warlock?" Mr. Zatara interrupted, "I can tell that she's a witch, but how can you tell he's a warlock?"

"He's the one performing the magic," Darrin said, "His hand is in the air and he's conjuring up the smoke with your name in it."

"And you think that will reach the kids?" Mr. Zatara didn't sound too convinced. He turned to Larry, "What do you think, Tate?"

"I think," Larry started, clasping his hands and stopped a second, "What do you think?"

"I like it," Mr. Zatara stated, "It's simple, clever, and unique."

"I like it too!" Larry exclaimed, "Great job, Stephens."

"Thank you, Larry," Darrin put the layouts on the table.

"I told you, Jerry," Mrs. Zatara smiled.

"That you did, Martha," Mr. Zatara smiled, "I'll sign the contract."

"Excellent!" Larry exclaimed again and took it out of his briefcase.

"Wow, Larry, you sure you aren't magic?" Louise teased.

"Just a moment, Tate," Mr. Zatara raised his hand, "I said I'd sign the contract, but I didn't mean right this moment."

"Oh?" Larry let the contract fall down by his side, "I mean, oh, okay, tomorrow then?"

"Tomorrow," Mr. Zatara nodded. He turned to Darrin, "I'm curious, Stephens, you said that you know magic, do you practice it?"

Samantha let out a small laugh. Everybody turned to look at Samantha, "Sorry."

"You don't know any magic tricks, Mr. Stephens?" Mrs. Zatara asked gently.

Darrin opened his mouth to reply, but before he could say anything, Larry cut him off.

"Are you kidding? He's an amateur magician!" Larry proclaimed. Darrin, Samantha, and even Louise whipped their heads around at the declaration.

"I'm a what?" Darrin asked quietly. Larry came around the couch to reach Darrin and pat his hand on his shoulder, "He's an amateur magician. And he's been getting pretty good if I do say so myself. I can barely tell how he does his tricks."

"Well, I'd like to see that," Mr. Zatara replied, "How about tomorrow night?"

"Fine, that's fine," Larry nodded, "And that's when you'll sign the contract."

"If I like what I see," Mr. Zatara nodded with a smile. He stretched out his hand to help his wife up and then turned to Darrin, "Mr. Stephens, I hate to be a bother, but by any chance, could you drive us to the hotel?"

"Uh, sure thing, sir," Darrin nodded.

"You can tell us about your magic tricks on the way," Mr. Zatara smiled. He turned back to Samantha, "Lovely dinner again, Mrs. Stephens. We'll see you tomorrow."

"Thank you," Samantha nodded, "Yes, we'll see you tomorrow night."

Darrin gave Samantha a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving with the Zataras. Samantha turned to Larry, "Really, Larry…"

"What'd I do?" Larry feigned ignorance.

"What'd you do?" Louise got up, "You made it sound like Darrin's a wizard just to seal the deal on the account."

"What's your point?" Larry smirked. Louise and Sam glared at Larry and he tried to explain himself, "So, he'll learn… he's been marvelous at doing the things I've said he's done – remember when I said he knew Italian? He really learned it."

"That's an understatement," Samantha commented.

"Samantha, would you mind if I had one more drink before we leave?" Louise asked.

"Not at all, Louise, help yourself," Samantha nodded, "I'll be right back."

Samantha headed into the kitchen to try and tidy it up as best she could before cleaning it entirely. She turned around and almost ran into Endora who just popped in, "Hello, Samantha."

"Mother, what are you doing here?" Samantha sounded suspicious.

"Does a mother have to have a reason for popping in to her own daughter's home?" Endora placed her hand on her chest.

"No, but you always seem to," Samantha replied.

"I couldn't help but overhear the conversation in the living room," Endora replied, "Dagwood a wizard? I haven't laughed that hard in ages."

"Mother, now don't you do anything to Darrin," Samantha warned, "He's had enough magic with this account."

"I won't, dear," Endora put her pointer and middle fingers under her eyes, "Witch's Honor."

Samantha nodded and headed back into the living room. Endora changed out of her flying suit and into a casual dress before following Samantha into the other room. Louise and Larry were sitting on the couch, both with a drink in hand.

"Endora, when did you get here?" Larry stood up to greet her.

"I just popped in," Endora said, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had an engagement."

"Oh, Louise and I were just about ready to leave," Larry said.

The doorbell rang and Samantha excused herself to answer it. She opened the door to be greeted by a man in a green suit and a big smile on her face. As soon as Samantha realized who it was, she lit up, "Brian O'Brian! What a marvelous surprise."

"Hello, Samantha!" Brian greeted her with his Irish accent coming through.

"Won't you come in?" Sam beckoned him in.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't know you had company," Brian apologized when he saw Larry, Louise, and Endora.

"You're not intruding Brian," Samantha assured him, "Louise, Larry, Mother, I'd like you to meet Brian O'Brian."

"It's just grand to meet you, just grand!" Brian smiled while shaking everybody's hand.

"Going to a costume party?" Louise gestured to his attire.

"No, madam," Brian shook his head, "I'm a leprechaun."

"A what?" Larry laughed. Endora furrowed her brows at his statement.

"What brings you here, Brian?" Samantha thought it wise to change the subject.

"Why to see me cousin of course," Brian said and opened his mouth to say something else, but Louise stopped him, "Oh? You're Samantha's cousin?"

"No, no, no," Brian shook his head, "I'm Darrin's cousin."

"By blood?" Endora asked and Brian nodded.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Brian, but you just missed him," Samantha apologized.

"Oh, that is a shame," Brian pouted, "Would you give him something for me then?"

"Sure," Samantha nodded.

Brian stuck out his hands and two bottles of alcohol appeared in them, "Could you give these to Darrin? I wanted to repay him for letting me have the others during my last stay a couple years ago."

Samantha bit her lip at the drinks just appearing, but luckily Larry and Louise weren't looking – though Endora was.

"Where'd you get the liquor?" Larry asked when he looked back in their direction as Brian was handing the bottles to Samantha.

"I had them with me," Brian replied.

"Oh," Larry nodded and looked down at his drink, "Maybe it's best if Louise and I left… let you have a little family reunion."

"Must you?" Samantha looked to her friends.

"I think we should, Samantha," Louise nodded.

"I'll walk you to your car," Samantha nodded, "I'll be right back, you two."

Samantha left the house with Larry and Louise as Endora turned to Brian, "You're related to Dur- uh, Darrin by blood?"

"That I am, madam," Brian nodded.

"But you're a leprechaun and he's mortal," Endora stated the obvious.

"Again, that I am," Brian smiled, "Our family history is quite interesting. Would you like to hear about it?"

"That I would," Endora nodded, "Shall we go somewhere more private?"

"Well, I'd rather wait for me cousin to come back," Brian objected.

"I'm sure he's rather tired," Endora said, "He just had to drive his clients to their hotel and I'm sure he and Samantha would like some privacy when he gets back."

"You're probably right," Brian nodded, "Well, in that case, I'd love to tell you all about our little family."

"Wonderful!" Endora smiled and raised her arm. They both popped out as a piece of paper floated to the ground where they were standing. Samantha came back into the house.

"Mother? Brian?" Samantha looked around, "You two still here?"

She noticed the paper on the ground and picked it up. She read it out loud, "Sorry I couldn't stay, Samantha, I had a previous engagement with another party. Perhaps I can stay longer next time – Mother… PS: Mr. O'Brian told me to tell you that he had to be on his way as well."

Samantha popped the paper out and looked up. She looked a little suspicious, but shook her head, "No, that's ridiculous. Mother would never voluntarily interact with any of Darrin's family… would she?"

About a half-hour later, Darrin came back, "Sam?! Sam, I'm back."

"Welcome back," Samantha smiled as she dried off her hands and came into the living room, "I was just cleaning the kitchen."

Darrin nodded and noticed the two new bottles of alcohol sitting on the bar, "What are those?"

"A present," Samantha answered.

"A present from whom?" Darrin asked, "Your mother? If I drink it will I turn into something?"

"Darrin, really, always suspicious," Samantha chided, "It's not from Mother. It's from one of your family members."

"Oh?" Darrin immediately looked apologetic, "Did my Uncle Albert send it? Dad?"

"No," Samantha started tentatively, "Your cousin."

"My cousin?" Darrin furrowed his brows, "What cousin? I- You mean Mr. Leprechaun was here?"

"Yes," Samantha nodded, "He wanted to pay you back from the last time he was here."

"Uh-huh," Darrin replied with that tone in his voice, "Well, at least he had the decency to pop out before I got back."

"Did driving Mr. and Mrs. Zatara to their hotel go all right?" Samantha changed the subject.

"Yes, it went just fine," Darrin nodded and sat on the couch, "I think Larry has really convinced him that I'm some sort of a magician."

"Well, you know Larry," Sam replied, "He'll do or say anything to get an account."

"That's true," Darrin nodded, "But I'm always the one that seems to have to do it all."

"If you want," Samantha started, but Darrin cut her off, "I know what you're thinking, Sam, and no thank you. I'll do it all by myself. And please tell your mother to not help me out either."

"She already did," Samantha stated.

"Good," Darrin nodded and then looked back up, "When? Uh, never mind, I don't think I wanna know... Listen, Sam, I'm beat, would you mind if I went to bed already?"

"That's what I was going to suggest," Samantha smiled as she wrapped her arms around Darrin's neck and gave him another kiss.

"I like your ideas," Darrin smiled as they kissed again.

The next day…

Darrin's Office

Darrin was sitting at his desk working when Larry walked in, "Hi, Darrin."

He didn't look up as Larry came further into his office and sat down on the edge of his desk. He had something behind his back, "How are you?"

Darrin finally looked up and just looked at him as Larry continued, "Last night went well. You really wowed them with your ideas."

Darrin cocked his head to the side.

"Oh, come on, Darrin, you're going to have to talk to me eventually," Larry said.

"You're right," Darrin said, "Why did you tell our client that I was an amateur magician?"

"You were the one who said you knew magic," Larry tried to defend himself.

"That's not what I meant, Lar, and you know it," Darrin said.

"Regardless, I'm sure you'll do a marvelous job with whatever tricks you decide to show them later tonight at your house for dinner and drinks," Larry said.

"Is that what you have behind your back?" Darrin pointed to whatever Larry had in his hand.

"Yes," Larry brought it in front of him, "I thought what better magic to perform than our client's kit."

"Gee thanks, Larry," Darrin replied sarcastically.

"I'll just leave you to practice," Larry said, "Right now this is your main priority, so let me take this off your hands."

Larry took the paperwork that Darrin had on his desk and tapped the magic kit, "Number one priority. I'll see you later, slugger."

Darrin gave him a sarcastic smile as Larry left his office. He rolled his eyes and looked down at the kit, "Magic… right… as long as I don't have to use a cow bell and a duck call, I think I'll be all right."

He opened up the kit and looked through it. He took out the pamphlet and a couple of the tricks, "Let's see now…"

After reading through the directions a few times, he decided to try one. Practicing, he picked up a handkerchief and spoke, "Now, I'm going to make this handkerchief disappear."

He waved it a couple times and in a blink it disappeared right out of his hand, "That wasn't how you do it… okay, who's the wise witch?"

"Hello, Darwin," Endora popped in.

"What's the big idea, Endora?" Darrin came around his desk.

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Endora furrowed her brows.

"You know darn well what I'm talking about," Darrin raised his voice, "You made my handkerchief disappear."

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you have a cold?" Endora smirked.

"Very funny," Darrin gritted his teeth, "I order you to make the handkerchief come back."

In an instant, it returned in his hand, "Thank you."

"I didn't do it," Endora said, her expression dead serious.

"All right, if you didn't do it, then who did?" Darrin placed the piece of fabric down on his desk.

Endora kept looking at Darrin, "You."

"I made it disappear, huh?" Darrin was keeping his cool, "That's not how you make it disappear according to the directions. That was witchcraft."

"Exactly," Endora stated.

"Endora, I'm tired and I have to practice this for my client tonight," Darrin pinched the bridge of his nose, "Just admit you did it and this time I promise, I won't get mad."

"You don't even want to hear the explanation, Darrin?" Endora asked.

"I-" Darrin started and stopped, "You just called me Darrin."

"I did," Endora nodded.

"Why?" Darrin started getting a little scared.

"I wanted you to know I was serious and calling you by your real name was the sure-fire way to do it," Endora said.

"Okay, you have my attention," Darrin nodded.

"Why don't you sit down?" Endora gestured to the seat.

"I'd rather stand," Darrin said. After one more moment he changed his mind when he saw Endora smiling a little at him, "On second thought, I think I'd better sit down."

"I had a little chat with your leprechaun cousin yesterday," Endora started to explain.

"You were at the house?" Darrin pointed, sitting up and then sat back, "Why am I even asking? Go on."

"We had a chat about your family," Endora said, "I was curious as to how you could be related by blood to a magical being and I must say that the information was very interesting."

"What?" Darrin asked with a small gulp.

"It's a rather long explanation," Endora said, "And I must say that I couldn't have been happier when I learned it all."

"That's reassuring," Darrin commented.

"You know your Aunt Madge?" Endora started. He nodded as she continued, "You know how she thinks she's a lighthouse?"

Darrin nodded again, afraid of what his mother-in-law was going to say next, "Well, it turns out she really is a lighthouse."

"Endora," Darrin stood up, "My Aunt Madge is not a lighthouse. That's impossible."

"Coming from a man who's wife and daughter are witches," Endora remarked.

Darrin sighed and crossed his arms, but remained standing, "Go on."

"It seems you have more magic in your family than you've known," Endora said, "Apparently, your grandmother was a witch and in her younger years, she accidentally turned a lighthouse into a little girl… later she lost her memory, along with the fact that she was a witch and thought the little girl to be her daughter. Later when she and your grandfather had your mother, they just told her she was her sister."

"That's ridiculous!" Darrin yelled, "Endora, instead of concocting these ludicrous stories, why don't you just admit what you did? I told you, I won't get mad."

"Would you let me finish?!" Endora widened her eyes. Darrin nodded, afraid at what she might do, "As I was saying, your grandmother forgot she was a witch and it turned out, as you know, that gene didn't pass on to your mother… it did however, skip a generation and passed on to you."

"I'm not a warlock," Darrin argued, "You of all people know that! I'm mortal! How could you take anything that drunk leprechaun says with any grain of salt?"

"I didn't believe him at first, of course, until I researched it a little more thoroughly," Endora said, "It seems that since it skipped a generation, the gene had a latent effect."

"A latent effect?" Darrin repeated. He didn't believe her.

"Yes, and after a few hours of calculation, I calculated the trait to become dominant… today," Endora stated.

"Today?" Darrin repeated with a single nod.

"Today," Endora nodded.

"What kind of a fool do you take me for?" Darrin narrowed his eyes, "I am not a warlock. I am a human being. The fact that you think I'd believe that is ludicrous. You're pulling some sort of a trick on me and I won't allow it."

Darrin stomped over to his window and pulled the blinds up and gestured out the window, "Now would you kindly get out of my office?"

"Don't believe me, huh?" Endora folded her arms, "I figured as much… Well, it's a good thing, I can prove it to you." She raised her arm and popped her and Darrin out of the office.


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