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"Where are we?" Darrin exclaimed, looking frantically around.

"Somewhere private where I can prove it to you," Endora said.

"Private?" Darrin continued to look around, "It looks like we're in a cloud."

"We are," Endora said.

"Of course we are," Darrin shook his head, continuing to look around.

"Now, are you ready to hear the rest of how you've become a warlock?" Endora asked.

"And just how do you intend to prove this crazy story?" Darrin asked. Without saying anything, she popped in a drink, "Why don't you have this?"

"What is it?" Darrin took it from her.

"Just drink it," Endora gestured with her hands, "If anything happens, I'll be right here."

"That's none to assuring," Darrin commented. He looked down at the drink, "What the heck."

He took a sip and licked his lips, "Mmm, it's not bad… what is it?"

"A glass of cayenne, red peppers, hot sauce, and a little tomato juice," Endora replied.

"Oh," Darrin nodded as he took another sip and then spit it out, "What?! You trying to kill me?"

"It didn't bother you, did it?" Endora cocked her head to the side, "It bothered that Osgood Rightmire when Samantha and I tried that same test on him over a year and a half ago."

"That's really what this is?" Darrin held the glass up with a scrutinizing gaze.

"If you don't believe me, why don't you see for yourself?" Endora asked.

"How?" Darrin cocked his head to the side.

"To get through this man's thick head, show what you're made of instead," Endora cast an incantation. Immediately, Darrin's glass became larger and changed to be full of cayenne powder, a few red peppers, a little bottle of hot sauce, and a small cup of tomato juice.

Darrin raised his eyebrow and looked to Endora, "Not a trick? That's really what that was made of?"

"You've seen for yourself," Endora said.

"Not that I'm saying I believe you, but just outta curiosity, how come this 'latent effect' all of a sudden is becoming dominant today?" Darrin used quotation marks with his fingers.

"From all the magic in your life," Endora replied.

"Come again," Darrin turned his head to the side, eyes still on Endora.

"It turned out that more than likely, that part of your genetic make-up wouldn't have become dominant at all if you weren't constantly exposed to witchcraft," Endora explained, "In other words, your marriage to Samantha sort of sped up that process."

Darrin let out a long sigh.

"Welcome to the fold, Darrin," Endora smiled.

"Do me a favor?" Darrin asked. Endora nodded as he finished his thought, "Un-welcome me."

He put the glass down and went to sit down on what appeared to be a bench, "I can't believe this… wait a minute."

"Wait. A. Minute," Darrin raised his voice and stood up, "This has to be a trick, my grandmother couldn't have possibly have been a witch. She passed away and aren't you people supposed to be immortal or something?"

"She didn't pass away," Endora shook her head, "I looked into that as well. The coven had her turned into something useful."

"Turned into something useful?" Darrin nodded and then shook his head, "How? If she didn't remember she was a witch?"

"My dear boy, you don't have to remember you're a witch to have the coven decide you've outlived your usefulness…," Endora said, looking up, "If I recall, she's now a teapot."

"Oh no," Darrin looked down.

"What?" Endora walked up to him.

"My mother got a teapot from my grandmother's will… she said it was her favorite," Darrin said.

"Well, I should say so," Endora laughed.

"This is no laughing matter, Endora," Darrin started pacing, "I'm a… a…"

"Warlock," Endora finished for him, "You can say it. Your station in life has finally been elevated."

"I don't want to be a warlock," Darrin shook his head, "I've always been mortal, it's what I'm used to and… and… what am I going to tell Samantha? How am I going to tell Samantha?"

"You mean you finally believe me?" Endora asked.

"I hate to say this, but the evidence is overwhelming," Darrin took a seat again.

"I have an idea," Endora leaned down, "Why don't I teach you a few things?"

"Teach me a few things?" Darrin repeated.

"Yes, since you're brand new, you may accidentally do some things like making that handkerchief disappear, but on a grander scale," Endora said, "We call it 'involuntary magic.' I can try to teach you how to control it a little."

"That'd probably be a good idea," Darrin nodded looking down.

"Why don't you pop us back to your office?" Endora suggested.

"I don't know how to do that," Darrin protested, looking at his feet.

"Now, it's rather simple," Endora helped Darrin up and ushered him to the side, "Just concentrate on where you want to be and either raise your arms or snap your fingers and zoom, we'll be off."

"All right, I'll try," Darrin nodded. Endora grabbed his arm as Darrin closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip. He snapped his fingers and they popped out and reappeared in his office.

"You did it!" Endora exclaimed, "Oh, very well done… for an amateur."

"I did?" Darrin opened his eyes, "I did!"

He looked down at his feet and saw he only had his socks on, "Well almost."

"Let me take care of that," Endora made a gesture at his feet and his shoes reappeared.

"I don't know how I'm going to be able to tell Samantha… or Tabitha for that matter," Darrin shook his head and sat at his desk, "To be frank, this situation never crossed my mind."

"Never crossed my mind either," Endora commented, "But it's happened, and I couldn't be happier for you, Darrin."

"Endora," Darrin started. Endora gave him a look to urge him to continue and he did, "Can you do me a favor and call me Durwood or something? My name coming out of your mouth just doesn't sound right."

"Very well, Dagweed," Endora nodded, "Now do you want to learn a few more things?"

"No," Darrin stood up, "No, just because I'm a… a… you-know-what now, doesn't mean that I'm going to change myself. I intend to continue to do things in the everyday mortal way."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Endora folded her arms and glared at him.

"I do thank you for this information, Endora," Darrin said sincerely, "But if you wouldn't mind, I'd like a little time to myself to take this all in."

"Of course," Endora said, and started to raise her arms, but he stopped her, "And please, let me tell Samantha. Something tells me that it'll be easier… uh, better coming from me… I just hope we can survive tonight with the Tates and our client and his wife."

"If you want, I can come and-" Endora offered.

"No thank you," Darrin interrupted her, "I can figure this out for myself. I've watched you and Sam and her family enough over the years and I hate to say it, but I think I have a pretty good idea on how to… you know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to try to figure out how to perform these magic tricks without witchcraft."

"Oh, you're absolutely impossible," Endora remarked and popped out in a huff.

"Good," Darrin nodded and sat back down. He looked at all the little tricks on his desk and looked like he was about to cry. With a little whimper, he put his head down on his desk.

"Darrin?" Larry opened the door, "You okay, boy?"

"No," Darrin shook his head while it was still on his desk. Larry walked in and patted him on the back, "Now those tricks can't be that complicated, Darrin."

Darrin lifted his head, "That's not the problem, Larry. They're going to be too simple."

"I don't see the problem then," Larry shook his head.

"You wouldn't understand, Lar," Darrin shook his head and put his head in his hands.

"Right," Larry let it go, "I forgot to ask… what time should we come over for dinner tonight? Will you need time to set things up for your magic act?"

"Usual time of seven-thirty should be okay," Darrin said with his head still in his hands.

"Cheer up, Darrin, I'm sure you'll do fine and we'll get the account," Larry patted him on the back once again, "I'll see you tonight."

He closed the door and Darrin raised his head and looked down at the magic kit. He sat up a little straighter in his seat and bit his lip, "Now, you kit, go home in my den."

He waved his hand over the kit and it disappeared and then reappeared on his desk in the den, "Wow. That was actually a little fun… No, no, I'm not going to give in to this. I'm still Darrin Stephens and I'm going to act like Darrin Stephens."

"That's good to know," Larry said from the door.

"Larry!" Darrin jumped up, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Just for a moment," Larry walked in, "Up to the point you said something was fun and said you were going to act like yourself."

"What did you want, Lar?" Darrin wanted him to get to the point.

"I was wondering if you wanted Louise and me to bring anything over? Sort of a peace offering for me getting you into this little situation?" Larry tried.

"Is that supposed to be an apology?" Darrin raised an eyebrow.

"Depends," Larry replied, "Do you accept it?"

"Of course, Larry," Darrin nodded, "You can bring over some dessert if you want. Now, could you please leave me to uh… practice?"

Larry immediately popped from inside Darrin's office to the threshold of his office. Darrin's eyes just about popped out of his head. Larry stuttered, "Wh-What just happened?"

"What what just happened?" Darrin pretended he had no idea what he was talking about.

"Nothing," Larry shook his head, "Never mind, I'll leave you alone… in fact, I think I'm going to lie down for a little while."

Larry closed the door and Darrin ran an exasperated hand over his face. Endora popped back in, "You sure you won't let me help you? At least a little bit?"

"At least a little bit," Darrin nodded and emphasized with his finger, "But after this, I intend to do everything normally."

"Right," Endora replied dryly.

After a couple of hours of Endora giving Darrin some helpful hints for his newfound powers not to burst out like a dam, it was just about time for him to head home. Endora had already been gone for a few minutes, leaving Darrin staring at his phone. He took a deep breath and picked it up, dialing Samantha.

"Hello?" Samantha answered the phone. Darrin didn't answer right away, "Hello? Is anybody there?"

"Hi, Sam," Darrin replied.

"Oh, hi, sweetheart," Sam smiled, "Is everything okay at work?"

"As well as can be expected," Darrin said, "How are you?"

"Just fine," Sam replied, curling the phone cord in her fingers, "I was just putting the finishing touches on dinner. You're not going to be late or anything, are you?"

"No, no," Darrin shook his head.

"Darrin?" Samantha grabbed his attention.

"Huh?" Darrin answered distractedly.

"Are you sure you're all right? You sound different," Sam observed.

"Just a lot on my mind, honey," Darrin replied. Telling her over the phone was not a good idea. He changed the subject, "I actually was calling to… uh… tell you that I think the Tates are going to bring over dessert."

"Good thing I didn't start making any yet," Sam replied.

"Yeah," Darrin nodded, "I'll see you soon, sweetheart."

There was a noise in the background, "Oh, there's dinner… Love you," Samantha replied and made kissy noises to Darrin.

"Love you too," Darrin smiled as they both hung up. He ran a tired hand over his face and got up. He closed the door to his office and almost ran into Larry who was trying to come in, "Oh, Larry, sorry."

"That's okay," Larry assured him.

"You feeling better?" Darrin asked. He did feel responsible after all.

"A little," Larry nodded, "I was just overly tired. I'll walk out to your car with you… get my blood flowing again."

"To the car," Darrin nodded and the next thing they knew, they were by Darrin's car. His eyes widened and looked to Larry who looked even more scared than he had before, "Larry?"

"Darrin, I hope you don't mind, but Louise and I may be a little late tonight," Larry said, before slowly backing away from Darrin and his car before walking quickly in the other direction.

"So much for things starting off smoothly," Darrin commented to himself, "I feel like Aunt Clara."

1164 Morning Glory Circle

Darrin entered his house and put his portfolio on the cabinet by the front door and put his keys back in his pocket. Instead of calling Samantha's name to let her know he was home, he walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Thankfully no other supernatural occurrence happened to him on the way home. Endora was right… he did have to be careful. He wasn't thinking when he was with Larry and that's why they popped to the car. He hoped all the accidental stuff would stop soon. She warned him it would happen even with her helpful hints.

"Sweetheart, when did you get in?" Samantha came in and sat on the arm of the couch next to Darrin.

"Just now," Darrin replied with a small smile.

"Darrin, what's wrong?" Samantha knew something was wrong, "And don't deny it, you're not acting like yourself. Did something happen?"

"You might say that," Darrin said.

"What?" Samantha placed an understanding hand on his shoulder.

"Uh," Darrin started hesitantly and sighed, "Maybe I should tell you tonight."

"Darrin, you're worrying me," Samantha said.

"It's okay, Sam," Darrin said getting up, "I'm just over tired… a lot happened at the office today and I don't want to worry you before our guests arrive."

"As long as you're sure," Samantha got up too.

"I'm sure," Darrin nodded, "If you'll excuse me, I'll go in the other room to get the magic kit for the clients tonight."

"Okay," Samantha nodded and watched Darrin's retreating form into the den. Then she paused and furrowed her brows, "When did he get a magic kit?"

Darrin entered the den and headed to his desk, picking up the magic kit, "I guess it did work… I hope tonight won't be a complete disaster."

Samantha went back into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on their dinner. Darrin took the magic kit out of the den and put it in the living room on the coffee table after taking a few tricks out of it before heading upstairs to make himself decent for entertaining their client and his wife – as well as set up a few tricks.

The doorbell rang about twenty minutes later and Samantha hurried to the door to answer it, yelling up the stairs, "I'll get it!"

She opened the door to be greeted by all four of their guests for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Zatara came in first, shaking Samantha's hand and came inside and then Larry and Louise entered. Louise held a chocolate cake, "Here's that dessert, Samantha."

"Oh, thank you, Louise," Samantha took it from her, "It looks delicious."

"I hope we're not late," Louise said, "Larry took a little nap and it took forever to get him up."

"Louise," Larry whispered harshly, embarrassed.

"You all right, Larry?" Samantha was concerned for her friend as she took everybody's jacket and put it in the side closet.

"Overly tired, I guess," Larry answered, "I was… uh… I guess you could say, seeing things at the office."

"Seeing things?" Samantha furrowed her brows again. Was that why Darrin was so out of character this evening? Was Darrin under a spell by one of her relatives and now was freed from it? Did Larry see anything? A million scenarios ran through her mind.

"He's just slowly losing his mind," Louise teased.

"Makes me glad that Stephens is handling my account," Mr. Zatara remarked.

"Oh, now, Mr. Zatara, I don't think that's fair to Mr. Tate," Sam replied, "We're all allowed to have our off days."

"Yes, I suppose you're right, Mrs. Stephens," Mr. Zatara nodded and apologized to Larry, "I guess we're all a little overly tired… speaking of which, would it be possible for me to bother you with a martini?"

"Of course not, you all make yourself comfortable and I'll get your drinks," Samantha stated.

"Let me help you, Sam," Larry offered and she took him up on it. They both headed over to the bar as Louise and their clients sat in the living room.

"I'm looking forward to that little magic show Stephens is going to give us before dinner," Mr. Zatara started making conversation.

"So am I," Mrs. Zatara smiled.

"Yes, Darrin was practicing in his office pretty much all day," Larry said, "And if I do say so, he seemed to be getting the hang of everything."

"That's good," Louise smiled.

"I'll go see what's taking our resident magician," Sam said and headed up the stairs with a nod to her guests, "Excuse me."

Darrin was putting his cufflinks on when Samantha came into their room, "Sweetheart, you okay? You've been up here awhile."

"I couldn't find my cufflinks," Darrin gestured to them as he fastened them. Samantha took his arm and helped him out. He gave her a small smile and thanks as she helped him with his other arm. He didn't tell her the whole truth as to what really happened. As he stood in front of the mirror earlier, contemplating what to wear, almost every scenario had popped on him. After a few minutes of getting everything under control, he was finally able to dress the normal way.

"Sweetheart, can I ask you a question?" Samantha followed Darrin with her eyes as he put his tuxedo jacket on.

"Hmm?" Darrin straightened his jacket out.

"Did anything happen out of the ordinary at work?" Sam asked.

Darrin took an unnoticeable gulp and cocked his head to the side, "W-Why do you ask?"

"Larry mentioned that he thought he had seen some things at work," Samantha explained, "And I was just wondering if Mother had stopped by or Uncle Arthur or Serena or any of my relatives… giving you a hard time… putting any spells on you."

"No, no spells," Darrin shook his head, purposely not commenting on Endora stopping by.

"But did any of my relatives come by? Do anything to your office? Maybe Larry saw something without you knowing?" Samantha prodded. She knew her husband and he wasn't acting like himself. Something magical happened at work and he wasn't telling her.

Now that she outright asked him about Endora stopping by, he knew he couldn't tell her a bold-face lie, so he conceded that much information, "Your mother did stop by."

"She did," Samantha nodded slowly. Now they were getting somewhere, "Did she do something? You can tell me, sweetheart."

Darrin opened his mouth to respond, but Larry's voice came from down the stairs, "Hey, you two! Did you forget about us down here?! Everything okay up there?!"

"Coming right down, Larry!" Darrin yelled back and looked at Samantha, "Can we talk about this later, honey?"

"Of course," Samantha nodded a little begrudgingly and followed Darrin down the stairs. As soon as they reached the living room, Darrin made a gesture for Samantha to sit down who took her seat next to Louise again. Larry was on Louise's other side and the Zataras once again took their seats in the chairs across from the couch.

Darrin took a deep breath and braced himself. He had a feeling that tonight was going to be a crazy one – just another night of entertaining guests at the Stephens'. He cleared his throat and addressed his guests, "Can I get anybody any drinks?"

"Samantha and Larry already took care of that, Darrin," Louise held her drink up.

"Right," Darrin nodded, "Well, I'll get myself one then. Darrin started to turn around as one appeared in his hand. Unfortunately, all eyes were on him and they all noticed.

"How did you do that?" Mr. Zatara's eyes lit up.

"Do what?" Darrin feigned ignorance once again.

"Make that martini appear in your hand," Mr. Zatara gestured to Darrin's drink.

"I wish I knew," Darrin mumbled to himself and put the drink down. Louder he said, "You of all people, Mr. Zatara know that a good magician doesn't reveal his tricks."

"Of course," Mr. Zatara nodded and sat further back in his chair.

"That really was remarkable, Darrin," Louise complimented him.

"Thank you, Louise," Darrin nodded and picked up the magic kit, "I guess the show has already begun."

"I'll say," Samantha's eyes were wide and she started biting her fingernails with nervousness.

"How about some beautiful flowers for the ladies?" Darrin offered and swiftly stuck his fingers into his sleeve. A bouquet of flowers appeared and he handed them to Mrs. Zatara. He thought to himself, "Thank God I put some of those flowers in my sleeve before I finished dressing."

"That wasn't as remarkable as your trick with the drink, but well done," Mr. Zatara commented.

"Jerry, are you going to comment on every one of Mr. Stephens' tricks?" Mrs. Zatara was annoyed. Mr. Zatara made a face and crossed his arms, turning his attention back to the act.

Darrin looked a little uneasy at that, but didn't let it bother him. He turned to the other side of the room, "And some flowers for Louise."

Before he could slip his fingers into his other sleeve for the trick flowers, a bouquet of real flowers appeared in his hand. Samantha's eyes widened and then narrowed, growing more and more suspicious every second. She started looking around for any wise-cracking witches, otherwise known as her mother.

"There you are, Louise," Darrin handed her the flowers.

"Thank you, Darrin," Louise took them from him and put her nose to them and looked back up quickly, "These are real."

"They can't be real," Larry took it from her and sniffed them, "They are real."

"Much better, Stephens," Mr. Zatara commented again.

"Uh, thank you," Darrin said uneasily. Samantha got up quickly, "I hate to interrupt the show, but uh, I need Darrin's help for a moment."

"Mrs. Stephens," Mr. Zatara objected.

"If you need some help with dinner, Samantha, I'd be more than glad to help while Darrin continues his act," Louise offered.

"No," Sam let out harsher than she meant it, "Uh, I mean, no, Louise, you're a guest… we won't be too long."

"Excuse us," Darrin nodded at their guests as Samantha pulled Darrin into the kitchen.

"Those are real flowers?" Mrs. Zatara pointed to the bouquet in Louise's hands.

"Yes, they actually have a scent," Louise held them out for the other woman to sniff. She looked down at her own and took a sniff – nothing. She shrugged it off thinking nothing of it.

"It seems Stephens does every other trick brilliantly," Mr. Zatara remarked, "Strange."

"Not that strange," Larry said, "I'm sure he'll do every trick flawlessly when they come back."

"Uh-huh," Mr. Zatara replied dryly. Larry gave him an uneasy laugh and a nervous smile in return.

"Darrin, are you okay?" Samantha asked him as soon as they got in the kitchen. Before he could get a chance to answer, she looked up to the ceiling and started calling for Endora, "Mother… Mother, you come here this instant."

"What are you calling Endora for?" Darrin asked.

"So she can take whatever spell she put on you off," Samantha said as if it were obvious. Darrin opened his mouth to reply, but Samantha cut him off before he could begin, "Now it seems to me like it's some sort of spell that makes whatever you say happen, like when you went to get your drink, how it just popped in your hand… or how the first flowers were an actual trick, but the second was witchcraft."

"Sam," Darrin tried, but she kept going, "Don't worry, sweetheart, Mother will come and she'll take the spell off, even if I have to run interference in the meantime."

She turned to the ceiling again, "Mother!"

Darrin tried to grab her attention again, but Samantha was so intent on trying to get Endora to pop in, she didn't notice and turned to Darrin, "She doesn't seem to answer… Mother always was stubborn. Come on, let's go back out there and I'll try to help any way I can until we can get her attention."

She pulled his arm, leading him back out to the living room before he could get a chance to explain the situation. He was right… tonight was definitely going to be another one of their usual crazy evenings. Except this time it was because of him.

"Everything okay in the kitchen?" Larry asked when he saw Sam and Darrin come back.

"Just fine," Sam replied and turned to Darrin, "Sorry for interrupting your show, sweetheart."

"That's fine, honey," Darrin said with a smile, "I only have a few more tricks up my sleeve anyway."

"Then maybe we can talk shop," Larry said.

"After dinner, Mr. Tate," Mrs. Zatara told him.

"After dinner," Larry nodded, "Please finish your act, Darrin."

Darrin nodded and took out three rings, "For my final trick of the act, the three-ring trick."

"Ah, my favorite," Mr. Zatara smiled.

At that Larry gave Darrin a look of 'don't mess this one up or you're fired.' Darrin gave him a small nod to let him know he got the message loud and clear and prayed that nothing supernatural or mortal would mess him up. He looked to Samantha for some reassurance and she gestured for him to continue, telling him with her eyes that she had his back.

Darrin held the three rings together and grabbed a magic wand with his other hand, "With the wave of my magic wand, I'm going to join these three rings together." He waved the wand over the rings and tapped it, put the wand down and let the rings go – they were connected. And he did it without any witchcraft. He let out a sigh of relief.

"Very well done," Mr. Zatara clapped and everybody joined in.

"Thank you," Darrin bowed a little, "And now to separate them." He picked up the wand once more and tapped the rings. Two of them fell to floor, unlinked with the third. Everybody clapped for Darrin's performance.

"Wonderful job, Stephens," Mr. Zatara praised him, "You performed that wonderfully… not as amazing as your drink and flower trick, but considering that was my favorite, you handled it just fine."

Samantha let out a sigh of relief and thought, "At least I didn't have to run any interference… maybe Mother took the spell off without popping in."

Darrin shook Mr. Zatara's hand as he continued to praise him and pulled him closer, "You're gonna have to teach me that drink trick, Stephens… it'd come in handy."

"Sorry, Mr. Zatara," Darrin said, "That one's mine."

Mr. Zatara let out a laugh and nodded, patting Darrin on the back. Darrin let out a sigh of relief that nothing else happened. As long as he concentrated, he wouldn't let any 'involuntary magic' loose. Samantha suggested everybody head over to the table and they all followed her suggestion. She turned to Darrin, "Mother must've lifted the spell off without popping in."

"Sam," Darrin started hesitantly.

"Yes?" Sam raised her eyebrows expectantly. Darrin bit his lip and let out a small laugh. It wasn't the right time. He'd wait until after everybody left and they were alone, "Nothing… let's eat."

She gave him a smile and joined their guests in the dining room with Darrin trailing behind her.

"Another fabulous dinner, Mrs. Stephens," Mrs. Zatara complimented.

"Thank you," Samantha smiled.

Martha Zatara looked at her watch at let out a small gasp, "Oh my… we really should get going. We've got an early flight tomorrow."

"Not before I sign the contract, darling," Jerry Zatara replied and gave Larry and Darrin a smile. Larry happily took out the contract as Jerry signed it. He looked up at Samantha and Darrin, "I'd really hate to eat and run, but Martha's right… we have an early flight."

"No apologies necessary, Mr. Zatara," Darrin assured him.

"Can we expect a call from you tomorrow after you land back in Salem, Mr. Zatara?" Larry asked as everybody headed into the living room.

"Of course," Mr. Zatara nodded. He put his hand on the small of his wife's back and thanked the Stephens' hospitality once again before heading out. Once they left, Darrin let out a relieved sigh.

"You did it again," Larry smiled and playfully slugged Darrin in the back, "You son of a gun."

"Thanks, Lar," Darrin smiled.

"I'll see you at the office tomorrow," Larry said.

"It really was a wonderful show, Darrin," Louise complimented him.

"Thank you, Louise," Darrin nodded a thank you. He gestured to the real flowers he had conjured up in Louise's hand, "And you can keep the flowers."

"I was planning on it," Louise grinned, "See you guys later."

"'Night, you two," Samantha bid them both a good night. They returned the pleasantry and went out the front door. Sam turned back to Darrin, "Some night, huh?"

"Yeah," Darrin nodded and let out a sigh, "And it's not over yet."

"How do you mean?" Samantha furrowed her brows.

"It's about from what happened at work today," Darrin started.

"You mean Mother's visit?" Samantha guessed, "Does it have to do with that spell she put on you for the magic act?"

"She didn't put any spell on me, Sam," Darrin shook his head. He put his hands in his pockets and slowly made his way over to the couch. He sat down and gestured for Sam to come join him.

"If it wasn't Mother, then who was it?" Samantha was confused as she sat next to Darrin. They were both turned slightly so they were partially facing each other.

"No one," Darrin shook his head, "There wasn't any spell on me… today."

"If it wasn't a spell, then what's going on?" Samantha was beyond confused now.

Darrin bit his lip and sighed. He didn't know how to say it, "I found out… that is, your mother told me something today that I didn't even know myself."

"And that would be?" Sam gently prodded.

"There's more magic in my life than I knew," Darrin started.

"You mean like your leprechaun cousin Brian O'Brian?" Samantha wanted to make sure she was on the same page.

"Sort of," Darrin replied. He took yet another deep breath, "Uh… I don't know how to say it."

"Just say it quickly," Samantha suggested. She could tell that whatever her husband had to tell her was, for some reason or another, difficult for him, "Like ripping off a band-aid."

"I just found out today that apparently," Darrin said slowly and took yet another deep breath, bracing himself, "… Apparently, my grandmother was a witch and that that gene skipped a generation to me… I found out that as of today, I'm now a… a warlock."

"A warlock?" Sam repeated.

"Yeah," Darrin said, "I didn't believe it at first, but the evidence Endora gave me was pretty convincing. I even drank that cayenne pepper and hot sauce warlock drink thing and it didn't bother me."

"Darrin, all this seems pretty far-fetched. Are you sure Mother isn't playing some sort of trick?" Samantha wasn't convinced.

"To be perfectly honest… no," Darrin shook his head and put his hand on her knee, "But, you know what? It doesn't matter."

"You mean because despite of whatever this is, you're still going to do things like we always have?" Samantha guessed, "In the everyday mortal way."

"That," Darrin nodded, "And because it doesn't matter if I'm a mortal, a warlock… or even an artichoke."

Samantha grinned at the inside joke.

"All that matters is that I love you and that wonderful little witch upstairs," Darrin smiled.

"Well then, we're a matched set," Sam said and scooted closer to Darrin as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"A magic set?" Darrin asked with a playful smirk.

"No," Samantha shook her head, "because I love you and that little witch upstairs too."

Darrin playfully raised his eyebrows and gave her a smirk as he leaned in for a kiss. She happily reciprocated. Darrin and Samantha Stephens had the greatest and strongest kind of magic in their lives of all – love.


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