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1: This is a realistic story, meaning all fighters have more realistic levels of fighting, suggested by their history and their talents.

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3: This is a reworked version of the original story plot, due to overwhelming amount of complaints due to my inexperience at the time of first publishing this story a few years ago. Please give this story a chance at least to chapter 3, and know that from chapter 3 onwards, the quality will drop (due to it being an inexperienced early work version, not a reworked newly fixed version like this chapter and the next will be) and progressively increase to what you see before you by chapter 25.

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Naruto was three years old, hiding in a corner, holding a scroll in his arms, staring in horror, his face stained with streams of tears. He was horrified at the sight before him. The man who was taking care of him, an old man named Sarutobi, he heard people call him, the Third Hokage as he was titled, was on the ground, gasping for air as red blood streamed from his nose and lips to the ground, his chest covered crimson with his blood spilling to the floor.

The reason for Sarutobi's bloody scene was due to a man he called Danzo, spiky black hair and a cross on his chin, his eyes piercing into Naruto's soul as the sword he held was piercing Sarutobi's heart. Sarutobi gasped, his eyes wide, as the sword withdrew from his body. He weakly tried to reach forward to Naruto. His breath was caught, he coughed blood on the floor as his speech failed him. He wished the young man to run, flee from the man on top of him.

Danzo stepped on Sarutobi to get over him, and started slowly to Naruto. He held his hand. "Give me that scroll, and your death will be painless." Naruto was scared, his body frozen against the wall, his small hands and fingers clutching the scroll fiercely in fear.

Danzo raised his sword again, and glared. "Give it to me, or die. I will make you suffer. Only the true Namikaze Heir shall have it, not some demon!" As Naruto clutched his eyes shut, Danzo swung. His first slice cut Naruto's arm. Naruto dropped to the floor, still clutching the scroll as his arm already started to heal. He stared in horror as Danzo came up for another slice. Naruto looked at Sarutobi, weakly smiling, his eyes dim.

Sarutobi spoke one word. "Survive..." Before a sudden flash of blue erupted around Naruto, and he vanished. As Naruto was nowhere to be seen, Danzo looked behind him, seeing the old man with a hand seal. Sarutobi chuckled weakly. "You... lose..."

His world came crashing to an end, as Danzo stabbed him between the eyes, the sword killing him with a swift cut into his head. Danzo huffed, pulling the sword. "Fool. You could have sent him anywhere. Even the afterlife, with all the Chakra you used to get him out of my sights. A final Whim, with which could have easily killed the boy. I won't stand for that weakness, or stupidity. The world is glad to be rid of such inadequacies." Danzo went to finally claim his rightful rule. Unknown to him, Naruto survived, but not in the way he would imagine, and nor would he find his death at the doors he would pass through to take his rule, for his traitorous actions would cost him his life.

XxX With Naruto XxX

Naruto was crying, alone and scared. When the light vanished, he was suddenly in a place as different to Konoha as anyone could imagine. Buildings that were shiny and glaring from the sun hitting it, smaller trees and more houses than he could count.

As he held his scroll, he rubbed his arm. The cut was mostly healed, but a dark red scab was barely formed, all along from his shoulder to his elbow. It glowed red as it stung. Naruto hid in bushes as people passed by, There were so many people walking and talking about, in clothes that were very weird to see.

As Night came around, he started seeing less people walking around, but still a lot, and the lights from the metal poles were bright all over the place. He started coming out and just walking, hoping to somehow get to a place that seemed familiar, or maybe find a place to get some food, he was very hungry.

Naruto was only 3, he barely knew how to talk, but also had trouble understanding some things. As he wandered he found a place that had a delicious smell. When he went in though, he had a lot of adults yelling at him. He just wanted something to eat, but they yelled and were trying to push him around.

As he was being pulled by one guy, Naruto just snapped and slammed a shoulder in the guy's knee, and the guy let go to grab his knee. Naruto just bolted out the door through the kitchen. As he dashed through carts he had accidentally got his arms and legs caught by sausage links for the customers.

As he ran out he just sprinted, Naruto ripped some of the links from his legs and ran out through the alley as fast as he could run, which some of the adults were having trouble catching him. When he saw a high fence he just did as he seen many in his village do from outside the window, and ran right up it.

Naruto ran up the fence, caught the edge, and jumped over. The Fence was as high as the adults, and they were stopped in shock at seeing this turn of events. Naruto didn't even look back, he ran until he entered a park, a place more like his village than the rest of the city he had seen. As he hid in the deeper parts of the trees in the area he just sat and huffed.

As he relaxed he smelled the sausage on his neck and arms and grabbed some. He took a small bite and smiled brightly, finally able to eat. Naruto ate them all before resting. As he looked up at the stars he cried. "JiJi...Help Me..."

XxX Three years Later XxX

Naruto was laughing, having taken a bag of mixed deli's from a local market. He was currently running from some of the chefs in the area, who were being lost by his speed. As he lost them through the alley's he sat down. He took his scroll from his back and laid it down beside him, and opened the bag of food. He sighed as he took some cheese. "Those guys are fun to run from. But I need this more than those snobs who have money."

In three years he had learned much. He had found people in the park reading, and seen where they got books from. His JiJi had always shown him books as a kid, so he could learn to talk and understand. Naruto easily grabbed some and started teaching himself, sense others he wanted to talk to would just pull and push him around like he was a bad person for wanting to be helped.

As he was eating, he noticed his scroll was gone. He looked surprised and gasped, looking all around. "Where is it, what happened?!" he seen a shadow of it, and someone holding it, on the ground in front of him. He looked up to see a giant man in green with long blonde hair holding it, smiling.

The man chuckled. "Now now, you can't be going around stealing, what do you think they feel when it happens to them? Maybe I should show you, by stealing something of yours. What do you say to that, little boy?"

Naruto jumped up and glared at the man. "That's mine, old man! It's not something you can use, and it's something someone important gave to me, so give it back!'

The old man grinned and twirled it on his finger. "If you want it, come get it! Let's see you chase ME for something I want!"

The old man disappeared back behind the wall and Naruto ran back away from it before running up it, jumping down the other side to see the old man all the way down the alley. Naruto ran as fast as he could, but as soon as he got close to grabbing the old man, he fall on his chest mid-grab. The old man had moved, and was down the end of the alley to his side. Naruto groaned and gave chase again.

The old man hummed as he seen Naruto, the speed of the child was extraordinary for someone his age. As he was about to be caught, he vanished form Naruto's sight again, this time behind him the other way. As Naruto got up and ran again he just decided to wear the kid out. His mistake, as naruto had amazing stamina.

For a good two hours, he jumped from end to end on the alley, watching Naruto keep going, almost never tiring out. After the third hour, Naruto finally tripped and fell to his knees in front of the old man. As he huffed, catching his breath, the old man stepped up. "See how it feels when someone takes your things from you? Doesn't feel good now does it?"

Naruto snapped up, glaring at the old man. "Like you care! I'm just an orphan you can push around like all the other adults, you don't care about my needs! I don't have money, or fancy clean clothes, so I should starve? JiJi told me to survive, so I will survive! Now give me back my SCROLL!"

Naruto stood up and started punching and kicked the old man's legs. He wasn't getting anywhere though, he knew it, but he still fought to get his scroll back.

The old man was amazed. Impressive Speed, Ungodly Stamina, and a fighting spirit to admire with a fierce determination to boot. He seen in the boy everything he was when he was young. He chuckled and put his free hand on Naruto's head. "What's your name, boy?"

Naruto huffed, stopping. He glared at the man. "It's Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki! Like you care, old man!'

The old man handed him the scroll back. As Naruto grabbed it and held it away from the old man, he had knelt in front of Naruto. "But I do. And the name isn't old man, it's Hayato. Hayato Furinji. What would you say if I told you I could give you a home, a place to get food and shelter, as well as clean clothes and a chance to bathe yourself? A home, a good one."

Naruto huffed. "You're lying. No one's given me a home, why would you?"

Hayato smiled more, offering his hand. "I promise you the truth. And I offer a home for you because I see in you what I was when I was a boy. What do you say?"

Naruto was skeptical. No one ever offered help, all they did was yell at him and scold him for being a runaway or whatever. He had to admit, he was getting tired of stealing and having to run for his life, it was hard work, and he hated hurting people. He had no choice, but it wasn't something he enjoyed. All he liked was the exercise, making sure he had the ability to survive from those who sought to hurt him.

After a few minutes, and seeing the warmth of the old man in front of him, he decided to give it a try... He felt safe, like he did with his JiJi who raised him before being brought here. He lowered his guard and took the hand offered. "OK... but you better not be fibbing, old man!"

Hayato nodded. "I promise, I am telling the truth. Come, there's a few people I would like you to meet. I have a granddaughter about your age, she would love to make a new friend. And I have some friends of my own who are kind and strong, just like me."

Naruto hummed, still not believing it. Though, as they came up to a young girl who had the same blonde hair as the old man, long and with the same long bang, he had to admit, she looked cute. He noticed she had a Gi, kinda like those who he seen training in some kind of fighting thing, and on it was a cat toy badge.

She turned noticing them and she pouted at the old man. "JiJi, you are late again! You said you'd be back hours ago!... And who's this?" She noticed Naruto, but what she also noticed was everything about him. The Old man taught her to view all details of everyone she meets, whether they be friend or foe.

She could see his dirty clothes and unwashed face, she figured he was an orphan just running around. She seen his eyes, although dull from lack of good sleep, they were bright, full of determination. His body was presented with fear, as if he was anxious of something bad to happen, but also toned, like he had some kind of athletic skills. Besides all that, she noticed his whisker marks on his cheeks. Although the rational part of her mind wondered if they were real or just dirt, she went into kitty appreciation mode suddenly, as she came up in energetic surprise.

She started touching the whisker marks as her eyes sparkled. "Oh so cute, like a kitty!" Naruto was shocked by the sudden outburst, but as she started playing with his cheeks he brushed her off.

As he pushed her away he rubbed his cheeks. "Hey, stop that! It's my face, deal with it."

The Elder chuckled. "Miu, this is someone I found in need of a home. I thought we could go back to our home with the others before setting out on our journey. His name is Naruto Uzumaki." Hayato looked to Naruto. "Naruto, this is my granddaughter, Miu Furinji. Be nice, she loves kitty cats, and you happen to have some whiskers on your cheeks. Which reminds me, are they dirt, or actually some kind of birth mark?"

Naruto pouted. "It's my face! They have been there since I was born, or so I think. I didn't get my face dirty before seeing them, I would know if they were just dirt."

Miu bowed. "Nice to meet you, Naruto. I hope we can be friends, my JiJi seems to think you're a good person, otherwise he wouldn't want to bring you home."

Naruto looked confused by this and looked up to Hayato. The old man looked back, chuckling. "You have a good spirit, even if you are rude sometimes. I can tell just by looking at you, I see myself in you after all. Come, let's go back to the Dojo."

Naruto was confused by this. A Dojo for a home? It was surprising, but seeing them both in traditional garments, and Miu in a Gi, it made some sort of sense, but it was still weird.

As the trio made their way to the Dojo, Naruto was impressed by the love from Miu and the old man, how they cared for each other. He didn't get her everything, as he seen when they passed a pet store. She wanted a kitty so bad, but he said no, and that they needed to go around the world, not to mention going home to give Naruto a place to live.

He felt their warmth and carefree attitudes, and was relaxed. Naruto felt safe, and finally able to relax and let his guards down.

As the Trio got to the Dojo and home of Miu and Hayato, Naruto was impressed by it. It had large tall walls, and something akin to what he was born in, traditional and tile roofing and everything. They came to the door and Naruto was quite surprised by it's size. It was bigger than any gates he seen in books.

Hayato looked to Naruto. "Here we are. Ready to meet the rest of our family? They may not be really family, like relatives, but they are family in our hearts, as family should be."

Naruto read the sign above the gate. "Ryozanpaku? What does that mean?"

The Elder chuckled a little before answering. "It has a few meanings, but the one we create for ourselves is the place where ambitious, strong, and great people gather. It is, to us, where the Martial Arts are truly honored, and practiced to their true potential. And if you are willing, and desire such, you can learn from me and the others here in our great talents of Martial Arts, and live the way of a true warrior, and honorable fighter."

Naruto was confused by this. He seen people practice how to fight and everything, and he read that Martial Arts meant the Art of Life, or of Death to some. He wondered what it meant to the old man he was with and his granddaughter.

As the old man touched the door, Naruto thought it was a joke to push it open with a finger, as if the old man was either toying with him, or trying to be macho. Naruto had to admit, the old man was big, and very tough looking, so it could be pushed from him... But to his shock, as his mouth dropped to the ground, the doors did not push open gently.. but SNAPPED wide open like it was a rubber band on each door tugging really hard.

Miu giggled at that. "Still got it, JiJi. You need to teach me how to do that, I can barely budge it!" The two started walking in, and Naruto was just floored. Seeing how strong the old man was, it was breathtaking. Naruto even tried to move the doors after they started walking, to see if they were trick doors, but found they were real, and HEAVY!

Naruto followed when called in and was quick to see two men and a young woman inside the huge dojo, one man standing in front of the young woman, and the other with a camera drooling. The old man grabbed the man in green robes by the head and lifted him up, grabbing the camera. "Sorry, Kensei, but no dirty pictures for you."

Naruto was confused by this as the old man crushed the film from the camera and gave it back, the man being set down and now crying over his lost film. "What's so bad about pictures?"

Kensei looked at the boy and was back to business, no more tears as he looked at the boy. "And who might this young one be. Hayato, you're not thinking of us training children like you are doing with Miu, are you?"

Hayato chuckled a bit, rubbing his beard. "Not right now, but soon. He needs medical treatment, a place to sleep, and a good bed tonight after some supper. After he's back to a healthy diet, he can begin training."

The man with the woman started moving, and to Naruto's eyes, it was all a blur as he and the young woman just started moving around, sometimes he would see glints of metal, or clashes of body parts being heard, but otherwise, it was too fast for him to see.

Kensei hummed as he looked the boy over. He looked back to the fight in front of him and started talking again. "I don't think training a child is a good idea, Elder. Especially since the last person we trained was a failure."

The Elder looked to Kensei. "I told you, he had a darkness inside him. You trained him, even after I told you it wasn't going to end well. Now, I suggest a young man to be trained, and you refuse. It seems you want to ignore my advice."

Kensei sighed heavily, grabbing his hat and lowering it. In truth, he felt like just leaving training be, no disciples until the stench of their last disciple's failure was gone. But ignoring the Elder's warnings got them into that mess. So if they followed his advice now, would it be a success? He did wonder. The boy seemed awfully athletic for his age.

As the fight in front of him came to a stop, he seen the man with a few rips to his clothes, and huffing. He seen the woman breathing heavy, but through her nose, trying to keep her breathing steady as her arm and leg seemed to be numb and unmoving. All her weight on one leg, and her sickle in her working hand. The Kunai was on the ground, as were a few small weapons, such as Nunchuku and even a ball and chain.

Kensei stepped up. "I think this one's over, Akisame. We have a guest, someone the Elder wanted to bring here for a home, and for training."

Naruto didn't hear the whispers before, but he heard this. "Training? For that? You gotta be kidding me! There's no way I can survive something like that!" Seeing the damage on both the man named Akisame, and the woman with him, he didn't wanna know what training under them was like!

Akisame and the girl looked to Naruto. Akisame seen the potential in the boy instantly, like his own was when his master saw him. He stepped up. "For the Martial Arts, training can be rough, but we would never make anything deadly. We follow the way of life, where we practice our moves, train our bodies, and hone our skills in our respective arts, to keep our traditions, and all who would learn them, alive. To us, the Martial arts is not a hobby, but a way of life, for it is the Art of Life we practice."

Naruto blinked, surprised by this. The man spoke very big weird words for him, and that confused him, but he understood the last bit. They were for life, not for killing. He hummed and crossed his arms, tilting his head. "I am still unsure about training here... But I guess I could give it a shot. But only if the old man is telling the truth!"

Kensei smiled and knelt in front of the boy. "He is. You have a home here, even if you are not our disciple. We will honor that commitment, even if it means our lives are at stake. That I promise you."

Hayato chuckled as he seen everyone getting along so well so far. "I think introductions are in order, don't you?"

Akisame stepped up, and looked to the woman. After nodding and gesturing her to come over, she did so, limping a bit. With a quick pinch of the arm and twist of the leg, she rolled her limbs like nothing happened, all normal. Kensei stood up in front of the boy. "My name is Kensei Ma, I am the Grand Master of all Chinese Kung Fu and Kempo. Anything to do with love and martial arts, I am the one to talk to."

Akisame patted his mustache a bit before bowing. "I am Akisame Koetsuji, a Philosophical master of many arts. Be it the Martial Art form of Japanese Jujitsu, or other arts, such as Painting, Sculpting, and many more. Questions about history, philosophy, or learning of any kind, as well as Martial Arts, you can talk to me."

The Woman was silent a bit. Akisame sighed as she just stared at Naruto. "You can start with your name and age, at least."

The woman quietly spoke, looking away a bit. "I am Shigure Kosaka, a weapons instructor... and student. I am... age thirteen, and still... trying to become... a Grand Master... of weapons. But anything to... do with weapons and... stealth, I am free to... talk to..."

Naruto was confused by them all, because he didn't know about love, and didn't know why Shigure was talking so weird, but he accepted it. He bowed. "I am Naruto Uzumaki, and I am ready to finally have a home... Thank you for your generosity."

Hayato looked to Miu. "Miu, show him inside, you know where a free room is for him to stay in, give him the tour as the adults talk." Miu agreed and pulled Naruto along.

As they went off, Akisame took off his Gi top, and Shigure grabbed it. He looked to her and she stared back before he finally let it go. She put her sword away and went out back, her own Gi scuffled but not cut thankfully. Kensei pulled his hat down. "So, we are to take care of him and give him a home. For how long?"

Hayato rubbed his beard, smiling. "For as long as it takes. I think he would make a great addition to this family. And even though he may be rough around the edges, I think a good discipline and a place to learn and grow would do him some good. I have a feeling with him, that this is where he is meant to be."

Akisame looked to Hayato. "And that scroll, do you know what that is? It's old and ragged, dirty as well. He must have had it for a long time, but why? What purpose does it serve to a young man his age, and why for so long?"

Hayato nodded. "I agree, it is strange, but he cares deeply for it. Said it was from his JiJi, someone he apparently cared deeply about. Whoever it was, he must have died, or left him on his own. We can find out later... Maybe the scroll itself has some answers, seeing as it has never been opened."

Kensei sighed. "I suppose it could give us answers, but I don't know if it's going to be easy getting it from the boy. He is attached to it."

Akisame looked to where Miu took naruto. "Whatever is in Naruto's past, we should be wary. Even if you brought him to us, we can never be too careful with training someone in this gym. Who knows what he will grow into."

Hayato took a deep breath at this, closing his eyes. The two were deeply scarred by their failure, the man they trained turning to a dark path they tried to train him out of was a blow to their souls, and a taint on their forms of Martial Arts. He knew they were still fresh wounds, but he didn't take this, or the boy, lightly when choosing how to deal with all this. "Whilst I agree, we can never be sure what will happen to those we take in, we can do our best to give them care and treat them kindly, even when the training gets tough. How we train them, how we treat them, and how we show them what we feel is what makes them who they become in the future. Treat Naruto with care, and train him respectfully, as well as with a careful pace, and I feel he will become a great man, who will do great things."

The two agreed, and Akisame smiled. He felt good about this. Even if his former disciple with Kensei failed, this boy had a different look in his eye, a curious eye, one that spoke about life, survival. He obviously knew the potential death had over people. That scared him, somewhat, as the boy had the look of someone who knew about death. That made him think about this 'JiJi' the Elder said he cared about. Was it possible he died? And how? Was it natural, or was his fear the boy seen a murder founded... He would have to find out somehow, no matter what.

As Miu finished the tour, and Naruto said goodbye to her and the elder, who said goodbye to everyone, and left, she looked back to Naruto, slightly worried, and slightly sad. She already missed him. As they took the tour, he laughed a bit, liking the jokes she made of Kensei and Akisame she saw before she was to go around the world. He called them a little weird, but also kind when she mentioned how they cared for her well being, and how their food was amazing to taste.

She missed him already, as she walked out the gate. Her grandfather looked to her. "Do not worry, Miu. You'll be back within the year. You won't go more than a year without visiting him, I promise. Did I find you a good friend?"

Miu smiled brightly and nodded. "Thank you, JiJi, he is a very good friend. Please let us come back soon!" As he laughed and she smiled, they knew he was going to be in good hands, Hayato himself feeling good about his future as a Martial Artist.

What he didn't know, however, was his talent, his eagerness, and his dark secrets pushing him to be the future of Ryozanpaku. Hayato knew his future would be great, but what he didn't know, was how dark the paths in front of him would become, be it from future enemies, or from the dark secrets not even Naruto himself knew about.


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