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Kensei and Naruto were walking through Chinatown, heading to the Gekirin, knowing their path to find Sougetsu and figure things out for both Kensei and his brother and Naruto's view of real masters actually fighting.

They were both silent the whole trip thus far, but now Kensei was getting an edgy feeling... he felt it was a REALLY bad idea to have Naruto tagging along. He felt if Naruto were to keep following, bad things would happen, Naruto would be broken somehow...

He had no idea how he knew, but he knew. He would talk with his uncle, and then sneak out without Naruto noticing, and just blend before following on leads to Sougetsu, and Naruto was not a detective like he was capable of, so Naruto would be too late to be in any danger.

It was his only shot it seemed... They made it to the Gekirin fairly easily and went in and Hakubi was waiting for them, his head shining without hair. Kensei took his hat off and his own shone the same way as they greeted, Naruto bowing with Kensei.

They sat at a table, Kensei telling Hakubi they already ate so no food was brought out, but a drink or two was. Hakubi looked to Kensei with a serious expression. "So, Kensei. I can think of two reasons why you would come here today... Tell me, are you looking for Sougetsu?"

Kensei hummed at that. "So, it's true he's in the country then..." Hakubi nodded, and Naruto pulled his mask back to drink his tea. Kensei sighed heavily. "Well, I guess I will have to go and have a chat with him." "Really daddy, you only came here to see Sougetsu?"

Kensei and Naruto both felt the Ki above them directed at them, and sure enough, the person above them dropped and tried to kick Kensei in the head. Kensei had vanished from his seat beforehand, and Naruto jumped away in a hurry as the table was destroyed by a single shattering kick.

Kensei tsk'ed as he scolded the attacker. "Not a bad move from a lovely young lady, but I've had years of experience dodging similar attempts on my life..."

The woman turned to show Renka, smiling as she stood proudly. "If you hadn't dodged my kick, I would have been ashamed of being your daughter."

Kensei shrieked as he saw her, and more of the fact he was tempted to ogle her before he knew, which made him ashamed to be a father in the first place. He may be Ero and perverted, but he was still a decent man under all of it.

Naruto was stunned to say the least. Sure he had known Renka would grow up and be quite the sight, I mean come on, if Miu can grow up to have a super figure like she had after all these years he's been with the Dojo how can Renka not as well, but he hadn't expected THIS change.

She had a killer figure, long legs, and sexy looking arms, and she was well toned in her training, just enough to be called a fighter, but not enough to be called muscular, she had just the right amount of muscle in just the right places to be called a stunning, sexy womanly figure, and Naruto was having trouble looking at her face, and her current dress was not helping any... Hell, it took the latest years to finally draw his eyes to Miu's face, even though it was only a quick look up from where his eyes usually lay with Miu back then. What can he say? He's a healthy growing young man.

Renka pouted, looking sternly at her father. "Really daddy? That's all you got to day to me after all these years? Not even a hello?"

Kensei recovered himself, sweating a little in nervousness. "Well, sorry my dear, but I didn't see your face till after you tried that sneak attack. But yes, I guess I should say I am sorry for that. How are you Renka, it's been awhile."

Hakubi came behind him. "Don't worry, your wife and other two children are safe and sound in China. Sorry I didn't get word out to you sooner, I actually attempted to today but you weren't at the Dojo. Renka couldn't find it with her directions form her last time being here, she was younger and smaller, so she took too many steps and took wrong turns. Or else she would have gotten to you earlier."

Renka sported a long rope with a ball at each end and twirled it around. "That's right, I spent all this time looking for you, and you turn up missing? I'll just have to bring you back to China so mother can rightly discipline you!"

She thrown the end at Kensei, who caught it with his arm. He smirked a little. "This may work out after all... The two can talk, and get closer, whilst I go find my brother alone. Thank the heavens above Renka came here instead of my wife."

Kensei chopped the line off his hand, making Renka, who was pulling on it, fall back and losing her balance. She quickly thrown the other end in an attempt to catch him again, but Kensei grabbed Naruto swiftly, which surprised Naruto to hell, and put him in the way.

Naruto grabbed the rope as it twirled around him, and thankfully his hand was stopping it from going taut around his neck, but that didn't stop Renka from falling, the pull on the line snapping and wrapping around Naruto's arm chest and a leg, effectively making him stalled.

Renka got up and hurried to him, trying to get the line off, but Kensei had other plans, kicking her legs from under her and causing the two of them to fall and get caught in the rope together before he sprinted and flew out of the Gekirin and into the distance of the crowd.

Renka grunted as she tried getting the Rope off her head. "Sorry, Naruto, this was a failure on my part."

Naruto was currently still and speechless, as Renka's firm ass was right in front of his face, and thanks to the tiny skirt of her dress, and the way she was on her hands and knees on top of him, he could clearly see up it, getting a prime-time view of her pink panties with yellow stripes.

Now, thankfully, Renka was good with knots so she could get out of it, and thankfully his battle pants were pretty loose, so even though he was a hot blooded male who was now getting a pretty good hard-on form his view so far, it wasn't bulging against his pants enough for Renka to notice... Or so he thought.

She finally got the Rope form her head and back and sighed, and was about to get up, but as she opened her eyes she blushed fire red. Both at the fact their position was probably giving him a good look of her ass, seeing as she could feel his breathing on it he was that close, and the fact that she was thus looking at a slight bulge in his way loose pants. Now, if you can see a guys bulge in pants this loose for martial arts, that did not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that he as average or even small.

She soon caught herself and got up fast, turning and helping Naruto out of the rope finally. "Sorry, Sorry, I am such a klutz with knots." "Not really, but I was having trouble gaining control of myself... This long, and first time seeing him since I went back to China and this happens, he must think I am a loser."

Naruto was insanely happy he had a mask on, because he was sure he was blushing scarlet in embarrassment. "It's no biggy. I have trouble with knots sometimes too. No doubt Kensei is already lost in the crowds, we might as well take our time."

Renka pulled him up and then she finally got a good look at him. He was damn hot looking in his outfit, secretive and strong, and when she pulled him up she got a good feel on his muscles, and nearly shivered feeling those strong biceps and triceps flex, hell she could tell they were chiseled inside and out for martial arts.

Renka smiled as she stepped back, regaining herself. "It's good to see you again Naruto. Miss me? I know I missed you."

Naruto smiled back, sliding his mask down, his blush gone now as he refocused. "Of course I missed you. It's not right to be so far from a good friend. And you have grown nicely, been practicing?" "Who am I kidding, of course she has, but what am I supposed to say? 'nice panties, may I see more?' I may train with Kensei-Sifu, but that doesn't mean I am a pervert!... Yet..."

He looked up to her face and, although not surprised to see she was indeed very cute in that category, was still kind of stunned by her radiant goddess figure. Sure, she didn't have the huge twins Miu did, but she still had a decent pair on her, and it fit her perfectly. Hell, he could call her Aphrodite, the goddess of love, just from her looks alone.

Renka nodded. "And I can tell you have as well. Oh crap!" She remembered, her father had ran out. "We gotta go get my dad. Come on!"

She started running, and Naruto put his mask back on and followed after her. He turned to her. "So, where you heading?"

Renka blinked blankly before stopping and cursing, stomping the ground. "Damn it! Sorry, forgot, he was always known as Kensei the Slick, so of course he would get away from us before we even began chasing him."

Naruto chuckled lightly. "Well, he is pretty slippery. He's after Sougetsu though, that would be a good start. Tell me, do you have any leads on Sougetsu?"

Renka bit her thumb at that. "All I know is he betrayed the mafia in this district and they are after him. But most likely there are only a few out searching for him. He is a pretty big guy, he always stuck out like a sore thumb so they wouldn't bother everyone over him in mass order."

Naruto looked around, seeing peaceful talking all around him, confirming her suspicions. He hummed in thought. "The only thing I can think of is to find at least one of them or an area they control and wait for a sign of their search."

Renka thought for a moment. She was part of Hakubi's neighborhood crowd control, keeping the district safe against the Mafia, she knew exactly where they like to go if they were just walking around. She started off to the nearest Secret Alley Entrance to one of their main base buildings, and Naruto was quickly in tow.

Naruto was pulled between focus, on either his objective to catch up with his master and see how he fights with another master of his level, and the firm ass currently running at high speeds in front of him. Now, he knew he was a growing young man, and his hormones kicked in four years ago, making his reunion with Miu a LOT harder on his training then one would think, but he knew that he was unable to actually act on his hormonal feelings due to his emotional training.

During his training, he was pounded with knowledge by Akisame, knowing about so many things and knowing what was right and what was wrong, but knowing it was not always black or white, Sakaki gave street wise advice which kept him from taking down the entire karate club for being bullies all the time, and Kensei taught him a lot about love, actual love and not the perverseness of it to be accurate.

Naruto turned focus back to the matter at hand, leaving the mental images he recorded for later that night, if he could find a quite place at the Dojo (unlikely). It didn't take long though for Renka to stop at the corner of a building and he looked with her, seeing a whole bunch of people in the dark alley.

Naruto looked around a bit though, thinking the guys in the alley were just for show or a blockade to some hideout around here. "Renka, whilst I know we can take them all, it will delay us too much. Let's look around the crowd a bit."

Renka nodded, looking around as well, and she saw a guy on a phone talking. She got closer and heard a bit of what he was saying, something about Sougetsu came up and she snapped, stamping the ground as she confronted him. "Hey you, Where's Sougetsu Ma?"

The guy hung his phone up and looked to Renka in confusion. "And who the hell are you" Renka scowled at him. "Just answer the question, Where is he!" Renka was careless it seemed, because he grinned and pulled at his belt.

Naruto rushed in, pulling something from inside his shirt on his back, it was two sticks connected by a chain, a Nunchuku. He pulled the chain taut enough that the sticks just came together and clicked against each other, the chain pulled into them and creating a short-pole.

He did that because the guy pulled his belt from his waist, which was actually a Sword-belt, a rather rare weapon, and blocked it's swing to Renka with his short-pole, which was made from solid steel, hollow on the inside to hold the chain, and wrapped in bamboo fibers all around, and slammed the end against the guy's shoulder, forcing him to the ground in pain.

Naruto put the end of it against the guy's chin, raising it to make eye contact with the man. "Now, you going to be a good boy and tell us where Sougetsu Ma is? Or do I need to break it?"

The guy looked horrified as he looked at Naruto, and spilled the beans about the location Sougetsu Ma was currently heading towards. Naruto twisted each part of the short pole a different way, and pulled the chain back out, making a Nunchuku once more before sliding it into the harness hidden inside his shirt.

Renka was amazed by Naruto's swift move and use of pole weapons. She came up to him. "Where did you get that thing? It's not exactly traditionally made."

Naruto smiled, turning to her. "Shigure-sensei made it just for me. She taught me how to use it very well, but also helped me to use both of them. See, I have two, and I can use both at the same time and form a staff when I bring it all together."

Renka giggled. "Well, I see you trained hard to gain every skill of the Martial Artist. Let's go, we have to find Sougetsu before my father does, and knowing Hakubi, he would have told him where instantly, but left us in the dust."

Naruto nodded and started off in the direction the guy told him to go. He was a little worried, bringing Renka along, but then again she was trained well, and so was he. They would be fine if they just stand back... and that was where his biggest worry was. Renka seemed a little off about Sougetsu, as if wanting more then to just find him to find Kensei.

Renka was indeed wanting more. She wanted to beat Sougetsu into the ground, for he was shaming the name of the Ma family, dealing with the Mafia and killing people for fun. It was not the Ma way, and yet he chose it. She would also prove her strength to Naruto, showing him the progress she made to protect him from evil such as Sougetsu.

Soon enough they found the place, and the bodies of knocked out henchmen all around them. Naruto was kind of glad they didn't die, but wondered why Sougetsu, who teaches the art of Satsujinken, thus being one himself, would leave anyone alive.

Renka hummed. "Well, seems Sougetsu managed to beat us here. Not surprising, let's just hope Daddy hasn't gotten here yet, or is still here. Come on!"

Naruto followed her into the building, and saw guys still alive and awake trying to get their downed comrades awake or to a medic, and saw them. Naruto sighed. "He had to leave us a distraction, didn't he... Well, let's hurry up, shall we?"

Renka and Naruto flew in and easily beat them all down, slamming skulls to the tables and backs against the walls, but Renka grabbed the last guy, and was about to crash him to the ground, but Naruto stopped her. "Let's ask for directions, shall we? Listen, if you won't want your brain to be spilled milk over the floor, I suggest you tell us the floor Sougetsu got off on."

The guy was hyperventilating, scared seeing all the harsh attacks today. "Sure, whatever, he got up near the top, like the ninth floor! Please, just let me go, I won't do anything!"

Renka dropped him and followed Naruto as they entered the elevator. They started up and Renka smiled, looking to Naruto. "You got some moves since I last saw you. You used every style from Ryozanpaku and ripped through them like paper, I shouldn't be surprised, but I am amazed by the moves."

Naruto chuckled lightly. "That was just a few of the smaller things I learned. There's something only I can do apparently... Something Akisame did not foresee me able to do to the extent I was able to. I have the ability to imitate, to the letter, any of my masters and their moves. It's like I amplify my skill in a certain form, but it only happens on two conditions..."

Renka was confused by that. Usually in Martial arts you have to imitate your master to learn the style, and thus generate your own moves and be able to perform them effectively in combat to be a skilled fighter. But what he was suggesting was a little weird. "What do you mean imitate them to the letter?"

Naruto shook his head, shrugging. "I can't tell you. I would have to show you. But like I said, it only happens on two conditions so far. When I am unconscious, and when I absolutely need to in order to save someone. It's like a fire is lit inside me, and takes over."

The doors opened and Naruto started walking. "Come on, faster we find Sougetsu, the quicker we find Kensei-Sifu."

Renka hurried with him, but it wasn't ten steps before Naruto grabbed Renka and pulled her with him, dodging the bursting wall that almost fell on them. Naruto grunted as he rubbed his head, which was hit by a little of the rubble. "Damn, I guess we found him..."

Renka stood, growling as she seen Sougetsu coming from the wall. "Yeah, we did... My dad isn't here yet, so we'll have to take him on." That got Naruto on his feet as he tried to hold Renka back, but she ran and jumped from him. "Sougetsu Ma! You're done shaming our family!" "Just watch me Naruto, this is the skill I gained with the love I have for you!"

Her advance to impress her love, though, failed. Miserably. Sougetsu caught her flying kick and slammed her into the wall. "Interesting. That Kick, I recognize the form, but I don't recognize you."

Naruto growled. "Let go of her, She's your Niece. Satsujinken or not, family should never be on your list to kill!" Naruto then got into Meotode stance, ready to fight as he seen Sougetsu smash a palm into Renka's stomach, forcing her to the wall.

Sougetsu scoffed. "So, She's the daughter of my brother Kensei, huh? I should have figured that. Never the less, she attacked me as a martial artist. Besides, I left my family behind a long time ago..."

Naruto saw Sougetsu slamming his palm harder into Renka's body, making her scream in pain. Naruto cursed seeing this, but suddenly, he felt his energy change. He knew this energy well, it was the same energy that enabled him to imitate his masters...

He suddenly took the Praying Mantis Fist, his expression changing, and his normal stance for Praying Mantis was switched subtly. Sougetsu looked a little surprised as he seen this, because for a second he actually saw Kensei in front of him instead, but it was still only Naruto. "So, you are his disciple? Pity, he should be training his own body not weaklings."

Naruto rushed in with speed Sougetsu didn't expect, and tried to crush Naruto under his fist and into the ground, but Naruto twisted around and rose up, putting a leg against the wall and slammed a kick into Sougetsu's armpit, forcing him to let go of Renka.

Naruto grabbed her, but Sougetsu was on him instantly, a powerful Ki aimed right at him from Sougetsu. Naruto threw both Renka and himself to the side, away from Sougetsu's strike, and landing on his back and skidding.

Naruto got up and rushed in again he spoke to Sougetsu as he did so and his speech pattern sounded like Kensei's. "You threaten your own family, for that you will face against true Chinese Kempo mastery for the Katsujinken!"

Naruto got close to Sougetsu, and Sougetsu thrust a hard jab to Naruto's face, missing slightly as Naruto twisted around it and got close. "Phoenix Rising Palm!" Naruto rammed a harsh palm strike up into Sougetsu's chest, making the master back up a few steps, his stomach smoking as Naruto got into Fong Ngan stance.

Renka groaned, getting up and looking at Sougetsu, and seeing Naruto facing him she gasped. "Naruto, you can't! I wasn't able to, so you won't either! Just get away from him, I can't lose you!"

Sougetsu smirked. "He taught you the sacred family technique? Not even I know that one. I think you bruised me, but that stance won't trick me. I won't let you crowd me!" Sougetsu rushed him and slammed a palm strike to Naruto's gut, Naruto unable to dodge the fast master strike from him.

Naruto grunted, flowing back from the strike, but he flipped and ran forward again, getting in close and striking with a front snap kick. Sougetsu slapped the kick down and kicked Naruto hard, making him fly back into the wall at the end of the hall.

Naruto hit the ground on all fours, coughing briefly. Renka came up to him, groaning from her own pain. "Stay down, we can't face him like this. Let's just wait for my Father." He got back up and ran forward again, and this time he kept his distance, sliding around Sougetsu's side-kick and even the Double Palm attack, before going on the offensive, twisting around and kicking his hardest with a Piercing Leg Kick.

Sougetsu blocked it with both hands before lifting Naruto up and slamming a fist into him again, making him roll on the ground all the way to Renka. Renka had tears starting to form and run down her cheek as she crawled to Naruto and rolled him so his face was see-able. She seen blood covering the front of his mask. "No, you're badly hurt..."

Sougetsu saw Naruto was down for the count, but walked to him, scoffing. "He was a better fight then the guy I just beat up through the wall. As a martial artist, I will let him have a painless and swift death. Get out of the way, and I may spare your life too, Niece."

Naruto was gasping for breath, his eye open as he watched Sougetsu getting closer. He could only have thoughts, since he was unable to breathe at the moment, and unable to move. "Damn it. Sorry Kensei-Sifu, I guess I got ahead of myself... This is a TRUE Master, not those- URK!- Pretenders that challenge us from time to time. I should have known I was no match for your brother, but I had to save Renka. I had to battle him to protect her... Please, you have to hurry."

Sougetsu raised a palm in the air before starting to rapidly descend it to Naruto's head. Naruto kept his eyes open, watching as it neared him, and Renka tried to cover him to take the blow. Thankfully, Kensei came through the window and kicked the strike away and getting between Sougetsu and the other two.

Kensei looked to Naruto and seen his lungs were not moving, cursing. He looked to his brother. "I see you decided to raise your hand against my disciple... For that I may just have to kill you. But that is not my way. Renka, you have to perform CPR, right now! Do as mommy should have taught you! I will give Sougetsu something to think about..."

Renka looked at her father as he was releasing a vast KI. She never seen her father so angry before. "Daddy... OK!" She tried to turn Naruto around on his back, but he tensed, keeping on his side. He looked intently at the two in front of him. She looked into his eyes, and saw the eyes of a warrior vastly stronger then she could realize was within him. He wanted to watch this fight...

Kensei rushed in on Sougetsu, and Sougetsu got into stance, getting serious. Kensei twisted around and snapped his leg out against Sougetsu's palm strike aimed to his side, and swiftly kicked with his other leg to slam into Sougetsu's stomach.

Sougetsu blocked the kick and pushed it back before sending his own to Kensei's head. Kensei pulled his leg back and flipped back, getting on his hands as he rose his legs and kicked Sougetsu's leg up and away from him before walking on his hands forward and kicking downward on Sougetsu's stomach rapidly.

Sougetsu locked them as he backed up a few steps before using a Snap kick to counter him, Kensei pushing off the ground and using the momentum of the kick Sougetsu used to flip himself up. He then rushed in and rammed both his palms forward to Sougetsu's stomach.

Sougetsu blocked it with both arms and stepped back, knowing it to be the Double Palm. Kensei only managed to put a ton of strain on Sougetsu's arms before he had to jump back from Sougetsu's Cross Slash Strike, which made both his hands go outward in knife-hand strikes form inside to out, usually making the opponent fly off, but Kensei jumped back to dodge that.

Sougetsu rushed in and tried to slam Kensei's head into the ground or make him take a knee, but Kensei dodged it twisted around it before rushed forward, slamming a rising palm strike into Sougetsu's stomach, the same place Naruto placed his Phoenix Rising Palm, and Kensei did the very same move Naruto did and right where the first strike happened, and that was the end for Sougetsu.

Sougetsu backed off, coughing up a little blood as he took a knee. "That strike.. That kid did the same one right in the same target. Kensei, why did you teach someone not of the Ma family that technique."

Kensei stood, seeing his brother was done. "For a few reasons. I see in him, who I am. I see in him a Martial Artist that had the heart of a Ma such as myself, as Hakubi, as even my wife and Renka. I see him as a Son, whom is not even related to me. I asked permission from out father and mother, of even Hakubi, and after begging them, telling them of his character, they reluctantly agreed, but soon they saw and were happy with his progress, Hakubi included."

Sougetsu looked blankly before chuckling weakly. "I see. No wonder I lost, you trained him well. I could see in him who you are. In fact, as he fought me, I saw you as the one I was against. I could have sworn it was you speaking through him."

Kensei smiled. "He has that ability, to change into me, into my friends, the masters of Ryozanpaku, whom he trains under night and day. He can imitate us down to the simplest movements in combat. The fact he was able to even bruise you was testament to his increased abilities in that state. He is going to be the strongest Martial Artist in all of History."

Naruto smiled weakly at that. "He's bullshitting... No way will I be the strongest, but I won't let them down. I will keep training and getting better, so that one day I can keep the way of the Katsujinken alive till the day I die."

Renka looked down and looked worried, seeing Naruto's eyes fading from lack of oxygen, and he was even having blurry vision from it. She turned his body on it's back, his resistance nearly gone, but his head was still looking towards the two. She knew he wanted to watch to the end... She pulled her hair back and closed his nose, putting her head down.

She blushed, realizing this was going to be her first kiss, and with the one she loved. But that thought was gone, she had to help him stay alive. She placed her lips on his and started trying to get air in and out of him, attempting to get his lungs to work naturally again.

She put her hands on his chest and pumped once gently, and stopped, looking wide eyed. Five of Naruto's ribs were broken, two were important to sustain this technique, and the other three were puncturing his lungs.

Naruto coughed blood as she pumped though, and she was worried about him even more, but he breathed in once, gaining Oxygen enough to sustain him for a little longer. Suddenly though, the building shook around them and fires broke out in the rooms.

Kensei looked to Sougetsu, with sadness, and seriousness. "Sougetsu... If you think you are a true martial artist, if you want to prove to me that sparring matches you like so much are truly the way to go, then live on, train that boy of yours to be stronger, and when he beats my own, then we shall meet again to fight once more. If your will is truly strong, then you will find true challenges along the way. Stay alive, to fight."

Sougetsu looked surprised at Kensei's words. But couldn't say anything back as Kensei grabbed Renka and Naruto and jumped out the window, running them out of the blast zone. Sougetsu smirked. "Natsu's training? Guess I do owe him for giving me all I can drink. Fine. Your disciple against my own. Should make an interesting fight."

With that said, the building burned to the ground around Sougetsu, who was laughing weakly but loudly. No one found his body, and that only meant one thing, since bones never burn to ash in fire, that Sougetsu was still alive.

Kensei rushed into the Clinic in the back of Ryozanpaku, laying Naruto down and setting Renka beside him. "Renka, keep a watch on him. Make sure you tell us everything about his condition if it gets worse or not. I have to go get Akisame. This is delicate work..."

Renka looked as her father ran off. She looked to Naruto sadly. "Naruto... I was a fool. I shouldn't have tried to face my Uncle back there. If I hadn't tried to impress you, you may not have had to protect my life, and this be broken down like you are now... Oh Naruto, I'm sorry..." She started crying over him, looking into his eyes as they were blurry, but still alive.

Renka got closer, put her hand on his cheek. "Don't you die on me though. I won't let you. You have to hang on until Daddy fixes you. Please, if not for yourself, do it for me. Because I love you... I love you, Naruto." She kissed him deeply on the lips, a true kiss this time.

She pulled back as she heard someone come in and seen Akisame and Kensei come back. Akisame cursed, seeing just from this close the ribs that were collapsed. "Kensei, you didn't perform anything on the spot?"

Kensei grabbed his needles as Akisame got Naruto on his side. "I couldn't, it was either fight my brother to save him or let my brother kill us all. We still have time, Renka was able to sustain him a few more seconds. Let's stop talking about what happened, and help him now."

Akisame rolled his sleeves and slapped Naruto's back with a slight chop, making Naruto cough more blood, but inhaling rapidly, giving him more oxygen. "Fine, but you should have been more careful. This damage is severe... Your brother is a brute."

Kensei helped Akisame with Naruto's top and take it off before sticking a few Acupuncture points in Naruto's chest, slowing the blood flow to the lungs as he did. That gave Akisame the needed preparation as he twisted Naruto's chest outward, and the back inward, forcing the lung to expand and the ribs to pull back and out of the lungs before turning him on his back again, delicately pinching and rubbing circles along his ribs.

That was when Miu came in, huffing as she was just about to go to bed when she heard Naruto came back in critical condition. She came up and seeing his mouth dripping from coughed up blood. "Naruto! Oh god, what happened!"

Renka held herself, looking in anticipation, waiting for her father and Akisame to heal Naruto fully. "He faced against a true master, to save me..."

Miu turned to her and saw it was Renka all grown up. She frowned. "Why were you even being attacked by a true master?"

Renka shook her head, closing her eyes as she gently cried. "To impress him by defeating my Uncle, who was shaming the Ma family so I wanted to punish him... I was so stupid to think I was able to battle him. Naruto faced him, saving me from death, and almost died himself before Daddy finally showed up."

Miu looked to Naruto. "Naruto..."

Akisame pushed the chest in, and the sound of popping bones was heard before Akisame sighed in relief. "That should do it. His own healing factor should kick in soon and heal him completely by tomorrow. We'll let him sleep here for now."

They went to check on Renka real quick, and she only had some internal bruising, but thanks to her training she would heal rapidly. Akisame left to go rest, and Kensei looked to his Daughter. "I left you and Naruto at the Gekirin for this exact reason... I had a bad feeling about this day, so I tried to wiggle out of it. But, I guess I forgot the old philosophy, one meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. I am sure you had good intentions when you went to face Sougetsu alone, but I guess you learned that lesson very well. I will not scold you on this mistake, but I hope you learn from it. You are welcome to stay at his side, but tomorrow you return to Hakubi. After that you can come and go when you like."

After Kensei left, Miu came up to Renka, looking a little confused with frustration. "Why did you even try to impress Naruto in the first place? You could have been killed, he nearly did get killed. So why did you-" "I screwed up ok!"

Renka sobbed gently, shaking in anger and sadness form her own stupidity. "I made a mistake. I thought I could show him I grew to protect him, that I was strong enough to be able to fight by his side. I wanted to show him I was someone he could feel proud to be with... I wanted to impress him."

Renka looked up to Naruto, wiping her eyes. "I care about him a lot. I love him, my heart beats when I think about him, it has for a long time now. I couldn't just do nothing and let him see me as only a friend and only that, I wanted to feel closer to him, let him see the real me. But I made a fool of myself. I realize what I did was the wrong way to do so... So I won't try that anymore. But I will still try to be with him"

Miu frowned at that. She wanted Naruto, she was with him longest, she was with him night and day for years now. She wouldn't let someone who doesn't know the grown up Naruto she did just try to swoop in and take him under her nose. But, she wasn't going to hurt Naruto's friends. Renka was her friend as well too. "Renka, listen. I think you should consider his feelings first. Besides... I love him too, and I am willing to do what is right by him to be his, and him be mine. Remember that."

Renka nodded at that, gaining a little spirit back, enough to retort Miu. "And remember, the ma family doesn't give u on love so easily. I will still try to be the one he loves most, no matter who is my rival for it. May the best girl win." With that, Renka and Miu fell asleep, on either side of Naruto's body as they all rested.

Elder looked inside, and smiled. "The two are going to go at it for his love, and probably in the midst of it all, they will acknowledge he needs them both, and not just one of them. Let us hope... For all of their sakes..."

XxX Omake; Kisara's Choice XxX

Kisara was in her chair, looking down at the sleeping Noir. She remembered the fight with Naruto, every move she did, and every single one he made as well. She wasn't nearly as good as she thought she was, if he could toe to toe with Hermit right after that.

She would have to get better, and she only had a single way to do that. Be WITH Naruto. Sparring him would quickly gain her own strength, and that would make her better as a fighter. Freya wouldn't train her unless she used weapons, and being a Fist meant she couldn't spar with any of the others. Odin and the great Sage Fist's order's after all.

Each choice she had, only two, they had their ups, and their downs. Being part of Ragnarok she would be safe from the Three of Cards, the strongest of them all, but that would make Naruto an enemy, and she didn't want that. Especially if he was gaining strength enough to face even the Three of Cards.

If she chose to be friends with Naruto, she could be stronger, feel better, become a better person, and would have a true male martial artist who didn't care about Gender in fighting, which was a huge plus. But if she did leave Ragnarok, the Three of Cards would be after her, hell Freya would personally destroy her so she couldn't use Martial Arts anymore, and she didn't actually know Naruto's true power yet. None of them did...

She sighed. "This wasn't the smartest move... I found him all by myself, and Freya, no matter my respect for her, will never train me or see me as an equal to men without a weapon. Ragnarok has been a complete flop, seeing as we only cause pain in Fear-based hierarchy systems. What was I thinking... I should have kept an open mind to the possibilities... What do you think Noir?"

She smiled seeing Noir purr and snuggled in her lap. Hell, it was because of Naruto Noir was even alive. It was he who helped her time and time again... She decided to ask her cat about it. "Alright Noir, here's the question. Swish once for yes, and twice for no, ok? Should I stay with Ragnarok?" Noir swished her tail twice. Kisara smiled eased up a bit. "Should I leave and join Naruto?"

Noir swished her tail once, and Kisara waited, seeing if Noir was just happy about her voice, but Noir never swished again. She sighed, but smiled more as she looked up. "Then I should go talk to him, and see if he can help me leave Ragnarok without being nearly killed. My Choice is made. I am no longer a part of Ragnarok." "And who knows, I may find myself in Naruto's heart, because he sure as hell fell in mine. I wouldn't mind having him as a boyfriend if fate allows it."

With that, she slept on the couch in her warehouse, resting for tomorrow, it was going to be a big day...


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