Well, Kisara kicked some ass, and we got two more fights to come into the story before we hit the end of Ragnarok. Some might say I will do Naruto against Berserker, but I feel a Finale is a Finale, so I will wait. Let's see how Thor and the Valkyrie are doing, shall we? I won't waste any time here, best to get to the fighting.

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Thor roared as he grabbed the chain wrapping around his wrist and pulled the Valkyrie who wielded the ball and chain down int the pit. He grabbed her arm as she fell and threw her at her friends. Truthfully, he wasn't one to hurt a girl, but if he needed to he would fight, even if it were to just throw them around in the least harmful manner.

As she was caught by one girl, two more came in with their own weapons, the red uniformed girl with Tonfa's dropping in instead of jumping as her partner, a girl with Sai's, jumped at him. He lifted one leg and slammed it into the ground, making the girl with Tonfa's lose her balance. He pushed her back, hard enough to fly back into the wall and get the message.

The girl with the Sai's hooked his arm as he tried to swat her away, and she flipped under the arm and swung, the metal stinging against his cheek and leaving a bruise. Even if the tips of the Sai's were supposed to be sharp, Freya always made sure no lethal weapon was held by her Valkyrie.

Thor groaned a bit and turned, but soon got caught on the end of a pole staff Naginata. He stomped on the ground and turned, only for the girl with ball and chain to hook his arm he reared back. He saw them start to swarm him, and huffed. "You're not going to pin a SUMO!"

He roared as he pulled on the chain and slammed a palm into the Naginata, breaking the pole as he did. The girl with the chain flying up. As he reached up to catch her the girl with the Tonfa's slammed both down on his face, making him close his eyes and walk backwards. The girl with a whip caught his leg and pulled hard as it went up, and the girl with the Nunchuku slammed both ends into his chest, and finally slamming him into the wall.

The girl with the Tonfa's ran up. "GET HIM GIRLS! HE'S ON THE ROPES!" As she came at him, so did the girl with the Nunchuku, and the one with the metal fans. Thor seen the girl with chain and ball tugging him against the wall to keep his arm pinned, and the girl with the whip had a good hold on his leg to stay up. Without any traction he had no means of defense.

That was when he saw a lot of blonde hair fall in front of him. Miu, in her purple leotard and green sweatshirt she landed on all fours bent down to the ground like a cat. In an instant, as the girls came to them, Miu shot up and snapped both legs out, kicking back the two girls on the sides, the one with fans and the one with Nunchuku. As she landed on both feet she blocked the girl with the Tonfa's with her bare hand, catching the wrist of the girl before rolling in and sending a shuddering palm strike into the girls chest, sending her back.

As the three girls were recovering, Miu took her hair clip and unclasped the hidden blade, cutting the whip from Thor's leg before snapping it back and into her hair. She looked at the girls recovering. "Thor, you alright?"

Thor shrugged the chain off him and glared at the girl above him, making her step back a bit. He hummed. "I am, but these girls are not pushovers. They are stronger than I remembered. So, you beat the rest of the Ragnarok team sent after us?"

Miu shook her head. "They never showed up at the restaurant. We believe it was all ambushes on the way home. Me and Naruto split up to help you, Takeda and Ukita, Kisara said she wanted to fight alone whoever she fought against."

Thor huffed, nodding. "I guess that's how it's gonna have to be. These girls are tough, so watch out."

Miu seen one girl with a broken weapon just watching. She looked to Thor. "Why isn't that girl with the Naginata fighting us?"

Thor scoffed, getting ready as he seen the girls get their plan together. "They're weapon masters. Just like Freya, they hold to the code. If their weapon is taken from them or broken, they forfeit. No doubt she'll just kick me when I'm down to make the point with their Ragnarok loyalty to give me my beat-down. That ain't gonna happen though."

The girl with Tonfa's ran up again, swinging once at Miu. As Miu blocked it to her side the girl leapt back and Miu was greeted with the girl with the Fans. She clapped them shut before taking them from the girl and kicking her away. She tossed the fans out of the ring and was ready for the next girl.

Before she could get to the next girl attacking, Thor pushed her out of the way and blocked with his own body the ball from the ball and chain that was swinging around. He grunted as it hit him square in the gut, but grabbed it and pulled her down. Miu seen the girl with the whip crack at him, and leapt up, kicking the whip in the middle to make it flop instead of crack when pulled back.

Thor kept good hold on the chain as the girl holding it tried to get it from his grasp, and seen the Tonfa girl start trying to get under Miu. He tossed the chain to the side and made it wrap around the girls legs, making her trip and fall as Miu landed safely. Miu saw the girl with the Sai's come up behind Thor and ran at him, sliding under his legs and kicking the girl's legs from under her, making her fall as well and lose one of her Sai's.

Thor rose a foot and crushed the metal Sai, breaking the handle off. As that happened the girl with the ball and chain wrapped the chain around Thor's neck and pulled hard. He groaned as he grabbed the chain, but with little leverage, and his back to the wall, he wasn't going anywhere.

Miu seen this and flipped upward, away from the girl with the single Sai, and kicked the chain and ball user with a swift snap kick to the shoulder, tossing her to the side and letting go of her Chain. She landed and kicked the chain away from her before snapped backwards, flipping away from the still functional Whip the girl using it had.

Thor was free and he seen the girl with the Sai come at him from below, hoping to hook his leg and have the girl with Tonfa's help her take him down. He seen the girl with Tonfa's rushing from his side and slapped a hand along the wall, making the sound bounce off beside her ear. It stung her ear as she stopped and held her hand up to the one nearest the wall.

Thor pushed off the wall and slapped his other hand on his knee, slamming nit onto the ground and making the girl with the Sai break off and get away. She snarled and was about to attack, when she got hit by her comrade, the girl with the Whip tied up and thrown at her. As the girls both fell, the second Sai left her hand.

Thor seen the leader beside him too late, as she slammed her Tonfa into his face, taking him off guard and making him stagger. As he staggered away from her she ran up and charged, jumping forward and at Thor's leg, hitting square as it rose up and making him tilt to the side.

As Thor fell on his side, the girl with the Tonfa's rolled and jumped backwards, spinning and ready to strike a finishing blow. Before she could, however, she was kicked by Miu, and slammed into Thor's belly, bouncing off and hitting the ground. When she tried to get up, Miu kicked her first Tonfa away.

The girl swung the end forward for a stabbing effect and tried to hit Miu, but Miu easily dodged to the side and slammed a heavy kick into her shoulder, making her throw the Tonfa away before Miu pinned her to the ground. "It's over. You're weapons are lost, and you've been beaten!"

The leader snarled a bit. "You Shinka losers are the one's who will be beaten! Freya and Berserker are already taking out your stronger members, like Naruto and Siegfried, even Kisara is not immune to defeat with those two."

Miu narrowed a glare and stepped away from the girl. "You have no idea how strong Naruto really is. He's held his strength back, knowing what would happen not lower level fighters if he were to give all his strength in a challenge. If he used his full power and with all the speed he could send it, you're Tonfa's would be splinters around this entire block. He's only had trouble because he holds himself back to where you can fight him, and where he wouldn't be able to do permanent harm to anyone. Berserker has no chance, and he's already defeated you all before. And Kisara is much stronger than when you all attacked her like cowards. It's Ragnarok and their crooked ways that will be ending here."

Thor smiled and got up, grunting as he sat up. "She's right. We're fighting for honor, friendship[, and truth. The Shinka will never give up the fight, and we won't let Ragnarok's ways of domination take hold. I joined Ragnarok to improve my Sumo and show how it can be used in real combat, but Naruto shown me that a real fighter doesn't need to dominate in order to prove their skills worthy. Siegfried found the same, and Kisara before him. The honorable people of Ragnarok woke up and realized their skills can be used for the better of all, and joined Naruto. Shinka or not, we follow him, our friend."

Before the girl could retort, she seen Freya, her orange jacket askew, but standing tall over the pit. "Freya! You're here? Does that mean you beat one of the Shinka fighters? See, Blondie? You were wrong. No one's stronger than Freya!'

Freya called out. "Valkyries! You fought well. You did your best, even if you lost. But I think it's time we changed. We've been fighting street trash and high school students, shoving our power against others, trying to make them follow us or feel our power. I've had enough. I've been rethinking our position in Ragnarok for some time, and I finally feel free. Kisara, a former Valkyrie under me as a weapon user, she followed her heart and left us, she left and shown how her belief of a woman strong enough to beat a man with only her fists can come true. And she beat me."

All the Valkyrie gasped. As Freya stepped back and let the light reflect on her body, they all seen her bruised and beaten. Kisara came up beside her, just as hurt, but both standing tall. Freya raised her voice. "I, Freya, announce my resignation to Ragnarok! Will you follow me? Or fight me when you've recovered?"

The leader looked up in shock. But as Freya looked in the light she could see her master, full of her former passion, the glow of her fighters spirit clear within her eyes. The leader of the Valkyrie smiled weakly, relaxing. "Freya-sama. We will follow you, who gave us a purpose, a fighting spirit we so desired, and shown the way to being truly amazing martial artists. The Valkyrie follow you! We will follow you to the ends of the earth!"

The Valkyrie around the pit, and the ones inside, all called out their approval of such. Freya smiled and sat at the edge of the Pit. "Then let's all go and recover form Tonight. I'm going to a Clinic, and you all need to get your weapons fixed, and your bodies recovered from any bruises. Thor, think you can give us a hand?"

Thor smiled at Freya. "I guess I can give it a shot. Sure, why not?"

Miu smiled at the whole ordeal. She looked up into the sky, having a thought to Naruto. "Please Naruto. Don't fail. Help our friends, and come back to us whole."

XxX With Takeda and Ukita XxX

Takeda was huffing loudly, his face bruised from the hit he took earlier. Ukita was on the ground, out cold. It was clear Ukita needed a little better training. Takeda had put hours upon hours into his days and nights, training and never giving up. He took a few tips form Naruto's own training, putting weights on and everything, hoping to so something to increase the effectiveness of his training. He felt inadequate now, like it meant nothing.

Ukita lay unconscious on the ground, and Berserker, a tall blonde with a red jacket and jeans was blowing a bubble from his chewing gum, a leg slamming into Ukita's chest to keep him pinned. "You're a wild one, alright. Takeda the Puncher, right? Heard stories about your powerful punches. You've built up quite the rep as a high level fighter. Last time you took on a Fist, Kisara had a bruise. If you've been keeping your training up, you may be able to give me something of a good fight."

Takeda scoffed, tensing up his blocking arms. "I said it once, I will only say it one more time. Get your foot off my friend, and I won't have to break your nose!"

Berserker sighed, his foot twisting into Ukita's chest. "You know, you're noble act is getting old. You're getting angry over something you obviously don't care about. In a fight you care about yourself, keep calm, and go for it. Why are you still putting up this tough nice guy act?"

Takeda raced forward. "BECAUSE I AM A NICE GUY! NOW GET OFF MY FRIEND!" Takeda threw a harsh jab, but Berserker dodged it and spun, kicking him. Takeda had managed to take the brunt with his arms, tensing his core, but it still stung like hell.

Berserker sighed. "Really, you're going to bore me with this Nobility act till I put you down? Tell you what, you tell me the real reason you want me off him, and I'll focus only on you.'

Takeda rolled his shoulder and snarled. "Because I am a Noble guy, and he is my friend. I don't like you torturing my friend like that, and I want you off him NOW!"

Berserker took a deep breath. "Nobility is such a cliche. Honestly, you're really going to give me this Nobility crap? Fine, have it your way. Come GET me off him."

Takeda roared as he went for it again, this time pulling out all the stops. He pulled a right hook to catch Berserker off guard, but as expected he dodged back a bit. Takeda ducked under Berserker's straight up kick and thrust a straight punch to his chest.

Berserker was a bit off guard here, but somehow he managed to bring his leg down and kick the punch away before sending a punch of his own. Takeda took it fully to the jaw, and was pushed back. Takeda almost hit the ground on his side, but managed to catch himself with some fast footwork. After an unsteady balance act he finally caught himself and held his cheek with his forearm.

He seen Berserker still chewing gum. "You're pretty good, staying up like that after one of my punches? Not many can accomplish that. Guess I do have a good fight on my hands." He stepped over Ukita but got off him non the less, walking up to Takeda. "Better get ready, Takeda, or you'll be seeing stars and tweety birds."

Takeda got back in stance. He spit the little bit of blood he had in his mouth. "Finally off my friend. Now I can concentrate without him hurting Ukita. Sorry, Ukita, guess I wasn't good enough to protect you as I wanted. Still, I will hit him good. I'll leave a bruise on this guy for YOU!"

Takeda stepped into Berserker's reach and tensed up his core. This was just preparation as he knew Berserker was going to dodge and counter his strike. He gave a swift uppercut, but Berserker dodged to the side and spun, turning his back and raising a leg. Takeda roared with a swift thrust. "LETHAL LEFT!" With all his might and speed he clocked Berserker, finally hitting, but not without a cost.

Berserker took the hit to the gut, and his attack hitched, his body thrown off balance, but he didn't let his strike fail as it hit Takeda square in the hips, and tossing Takeda to the side, finally hitting the ground. Takeda gawked as the strike to the hips felt like a boulder hitting him at high speed, he could of sworn he felt a rib break.

Berserker staggered back, but managed to catch his balance, lifting his jacket to see a bruise on his side. Takeda grunted, gasping as he pushed himself on his knees. As he huffed, Berserker blew a bubble and smirked. "Not bad, guess you're not so bad a fighter as everyone thought. You're Left Arm is definitely dangerous, as advertised, but you're still not going to take me down if all you get in is a single bruise."

Takeda stood on shaky legs, turning and lifting his block up. "That was for me... To show you exactly what I can do, Berserker. But there's still one more in me... You're not going to take me down without a second bruise!"

Berserker chuckled lightly before looking at Takeda. "That's the spirit. You're a Boxer, alright. Full of fighting spirit."

Takeda's vision was getting blurry, his stance staggering from side to side. He knew he had to get a grip, but he needed another second of focus. He had something to ask to stall for it too. "I gotta know.. Berserker. What style of fighting do you study? What martial Arts do you train under? There's no way your traditionally trained."

Berserker scoffed, shrugging. "You're a keen observer, but one thing you didn't figure was my answer. I didn't learn any, I'm just a brawler. I fight how I want, no moves to restrict me, technique only gets in my way."

Takeda took a deep breath. "That explains it alright... No way he got this skill and talent naturally, but it's not technique that's got me beat, it's experience and power, just raw blind might thrown around for years built up to what is breaking my ribs. But he's never trained. I can't go down without showing him what training REALLY DOES!"

Takeda tensed up, shifting his stance and tightening his core, his block narrowing in front of him. Berserker seen Takeda ready and rushed in for the first time. Takeda got ready and shifted a leg backwards.

Berserker threw a blind kick at Takeda's head, but Takeda ducked under it, weaving himself around and pushing forward, ducking down as Berserker twisted and threw another. Takeda ducked under it and kicked to the side. Berserker seen Takeda duck the second kick and twisted the other way, swinging a hooking uppercut at Takeda, but seen that nit was effectively dodged.

Takeda put his arms together, seeing Berserker catch him in a vulnerable spot. Berserker threw a punch down to his chest, seeing Takeda unable to dodge the next strike due to his reach. "STAY STILL!"

Takeda took the hit with his arms, but quickly moved to the side, pushing his arms to the side and deflecting it to the side, getting in close to Berserker. "THIS IS FOR UKITA! BASTARD!" Takeda slammed his Lethal left arm forward, clocking Berserker in the nose.

Berserker gawked and staggered back. Takeda took this as his chance, and followed, sending three flying jabs into Berserker's chest before clocking his chin with an ultimate uppercut. Berserker staggered back before finally catching himself and kicking off the ground with his back leg, which caught him, and slammed it into Takeda's chest, who was still advancing.

Takeda gawked in pain, breathless as the kick sent the air from his lung, and broke another rib or two. As he hit the ground he bounced and skid to a stop a few feet away. As he lay gasping, twitching in pain, Berserker huffed, rubbing the blood from his nose and spitting what made it to his mouth away. "Takeda the Puncher huh? Damn, you got me good. You've got a mean left, that's for sure. Get up, I want this fight to keep going, it's way too much fun!"

Takeda curled up, trying to do everything just to breath as he felt his ribs painfully telling his body to quit moving. Berserker seen this and spat again, growling. "Can no one give me a good fight? Damn it. These losers aren't on my level..."

As Berserker turned to leave, he saw someone walking down the steps nearby into the lower walkway he caught the two in. "Well, I'll be. The one who's been beating all the Fists single highhandedly. Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto came down and walked to Takeda. As Berserker watched, he seen naruto start rubbing Takeda's chest before quick jabs and turning the boxer over. Takeda took a huge breath, gasping as he lay there, drained. Naruto smiled. "Good to see you in one piece, buddy. Sorry I'm late, I should have been with you form the beginning."

Takeda chuckled with heaving breaths. "Don't worry about it, I can handle a few bruises. This guy's no joke though, he took me and Ukita out with little trouble. I managed to get him a few times, but he's not very fazed by it."

Berserker narrowed his eyes. "Hey, stop stalling. You're going to face me whether you like it or not, so stop trying to show nobility by helping those weaklings."

Naruto glared at Berserker. "Nobility is what I fight for. I help my friends, regardless of what others say."

Berserker groaned, scoffing and shaking his head. "I'm getting sick of these nobility acts. First Ukita, then Takeda, now you. Honestly, s there one fighter who's actually a skilled fighter and not putting up some stupid act or false sense of nobility?"

Naruto looked to Takeda. "You can move?" When Takeda nodded he did too. "Get Ukita and get out of here. Head to the Clinic. I'll handle this... Trust me."

Takeda scoffed with a smile, grunting as he sat up. "I always do. Kick his ass, Naruto." With a thumbs up he got up on weak legs and started around Berserker to get Ukita.

Naruto stood and got into the Meotode stance. "Berserker, there is no act or false Nobility. I am who I am, you can accept it or not. Either way, for hurting my friends you leave me no choice but to break some of your bones.:

Berserker narrowed his eyes. He seen clearly Naruto was not kidding, it was all serious. He was kind of impressed by that, seeing real nobility. He looked to Takeda, who was picking Ukita up, and seen the friendship and nobility. It was all true. He looked back to Naruto. "I suppose you all do have real friendship and nobility, but that doesn't change the facts. You're weak for having such, and will be going down by my hands like the other two."

Naruto took a deep breath. "The only way for you to be right, is to prove it. Come and show me what you got, Berserker!"

XxX Omake: Kitty Chronicles part 3 XxX

It was late in Ryozanpaku, Renka was coming to give Naruto a little kiss goodnight and hope to tell him how she feels. It was going to be in secret so her rival in love, Miu, wouldn't know a thing. She was stealthy and quiet as she opened the door to his room and went in.

As her lithe, but generous, frame rested against the door she closed, wearing only a simple one piece nightie, she seen naruto asleep in his bed, his breath deep and slow. She came up to him, her pig-tails swishing in excitement as she crawled up next to him.

She turned him over on his back and seen his whiskers. As the night's full moon danced with the leaves of the tree's outside, it was as if they were moving with his each and every breath. She blushed and her pigtails swished more. As he shifted and curled up in bed, sort of like a cat, she squealed and jumped on him, pulling him tight in her arms. "KITTY! SUCH A CUTE KITTY! AWWW!"

Naruto snapped awake as was tense. He looked down in shock as Renka was grabbing him so tightly, and blushed as her pig-tails swished like cat ears do when being rubbed. As She wiggled against him she smiled with a cat-like grin. "My kitty Naruto, so cute with your kitty whiskers, awwwww."

Miu burst in the door, snapping the both upright in bed. Miu was pouting as she looked angrily at Renka. "HE'S MY KITTY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Renka smirked and clung to naruto, and rubbed her face against his. "Nope, all mine now, bimbo! Can't take this one from me, he's MINE. These whiskers caught me and they won't let go, as you see."

Miu tackled them both, and as Renka and Miu struggled, Naruto was just relaxed and dumbfounded, groaning. "These two are going to kill me someday. First Miu's kitty crazy over the Whiskers, now Renka. What am I gonna do..."

The two stopped and both clung to him tightly. As Renka's hair swished around, Miu perked up. Naruto blushed as he seen this and imagined what could possibly happen, in the real world and not in Miu';s imagination, on what could happen. He did not like what he imagined.

Miu started petting Renka and clinging to both him and Renka. "Awww, so cute, like a cat. Kitty Kitty Kitty!" Renka purred like a cat as she enjoyed it, being taken by surprise like that, and all three of them sitting in his bed, Miu petting Renka and holding him in her cat frenzy.

Naruto groaned more. "She'll be at this for awhile, and who knows when Renka will finally snap out of it... Best just relax and wait, but I should definitely cover my whiskers more often, especially when asleep. It's dangerous to go with these birth marks in plain sight."

XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX xXx XxX

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