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Not surprisingly, I got whisked away to do things on my birthday. Meaning, I was kidnapped by my mom right after school, and only taken home at 7:40. Meanwhile, I hadn't written ANY of my final chapter, and I knew it wasn't something I should rush in five hours to get done.

But I did promise to publish something in three days. Because I determined that it doesn't give away the ending, I decided to give you the sub-plot explanation early!

Now you can learn the full story behind Kuroni Kashiwa, Lady Chance, Kemi, and how their lives intersected with Naruto and Sasuke's to bring you the main conflict of my story! Read it, put all of the pieces and Trials together, and I'll give you the final piece for your reading pleasure this weekend.

But first, a quick note about my lemon chapter. Woo hoo, that was fun to write, but I did include SasuNaru in it. I know I didn't add that to my summary or disclaimer, but I did feel like including it for one little instance. I'm trying to be more open-minded for my friends over at the Sasuke X Naruto Fan Club at Narutoforums. So, when I saw maxridelover's comment about making Naruto the "uke" for a little bit, I thought to just add that splash.

But to be perfectly honest, even though they would perhaps be switchers, my mind does not handle SasuNaru much anymore. I don't think I'll be adding it in any of my other stories that I'll ever do.

Which reminds me . . . What do I write next? Should I write again?

And if I did, should I write it in the same switching point of view style like this one, or revert back to doing third person?

When it comes to telling me what you want to see, think about what you find really hard to find that you just love to read. My thing was Part I Naruto and Sasuke. Nooo, I didn't (often) read about the 12 year olds having buttsmex, but whatever. There are still different scenarios or universes that some people just can't find enough of. Probably the only kind that I won't touch is genderbending. If it's gay, I'll go all the way. I'm looking forward to seeing what my fans (Squee I have fans oh mah gawd) want to read, because I'm willing to keep writing and not drop off the face of the Internet like I did after Cold Shower/ Taste my Love.

Oh, and another thing! I randomly looked through my comments and saw myself being referred to as "Writer-sama". I literally thought that it was just referring to the fact that I'm the writer of this story, and then I look at my username. Derp, my name is SoWrites. So, this is my official declaration that, as a NaruSasu fandom author, I would love being called Writer (-chan, -sama, -dono, -san, -teme, -dobe , etc. honorifics are all up to you to add to it.)

Uh, what was I saying? Oh right, here's the Sub-plot Explanation for The Trials . . . I admit, it's not really written fantastically. I originally only wrote it for myself and I just did some simple editing! Pst, don't own Naruto, but I do own Kuroni and Lady Chance and Big Dealer and yeah you get it.

Kuroni Kashiwa grew up as a pampered boy with his half-sister, Un-chan. When they were young, they would play card games together and dream of their futures. Un-chan wanted to become famous, one way or the other. Kuroni suggested to her, because her name means Chance, to become a professional gambler (Rat Trial). When asked of what he wanted to do, he would always say that he wanted to be like Un-chan's father, and doing crazy experiments like him. His own parents were already dead, one from cancer, one from a heart attack. Kuroni believed firmly that he could find the cures for those and many other diseases. He hoped for a miracle.

Because of his high status, he was able to go to medic school. He and Kemi were both researching how they could contain mass amounts of Chakra, because they both believed that it was due to chakra deficiencies or blockages in non-ninjas that caused many of their diseases and weak immune systems. They thought that if they flooded their system with huge amounts of Chakra that they could kill any virus or unwanted bodies without harming the patient. While he was in school, he created a working chakra container that he used as his senior project. They kept it at the school for further research (Rabbit Trial).

When he just graduated, Kuroni was approached by a pale man who was seeking talented medic nins such as himself. He boasted huge laboratories and many willing test patients. Once they arrived at Orochimaru's hide-out and entered the labs, Kuroni realized that these test patients weren't so willing. He tried to refuse, but Orochimaru needed his knowledge of the containment of chakra for his many forbidden jutsus and for when he transfers his body. When he sees that Kuroni wasn't going to comply, he injected him with a highly addictive chakra drug that changes the direction of the flow of chakra, almost like turning around the poles of a magnet. The effect is an ecstatic high and heightened vision, due to the extreme amounts of chakra flowing to the mind and eyes. However, the withdrawal of this drug has horrifying side effects.

With Kuroni under his control, they would work together for years, experimenting with different ways to make Kuroni and Kemu's chakra flooder more effective. Orochimaru saw that, after so many years of abusing it, Kuroni was developing a high tolerance for the drug. His body was adjusting to the strange chakra flow. So, knowing it would cause a stronger effect, Orochimaru started mixing this drug into the chakra flooder. With that, Kuroni's body and mind changed with little hope of a cure. He became horribly paranoid, and he saw Orochimaru as a god. He'd board himself in his room for days with no sleep because he was too busy screaming at the demons crawling through his walls. Other days, he'd go running away from the labs suddenly, shouting hysterically that the chakra was chasing him.

His paranoia extended to his old father-figure and work partner, Kemu. Under the influence of the drug, Kuroni broke into Kemu's laboratory and murdered him, screaming about how Kemu was doing his work for the demons. What Kuroni discovered was that Kemu had been working on the chakra container even more so then he had, spending all of his time in his labs and away from love and family. In his search, he found the perfect chakra chemical, a green liquid that emits purple smoke (Tiger Trial). If a patient would drink it, the doctor would only have to bring in an animal (or human) sacrifice, given a red liquid, and every foreign disease, virus, or demon would be released and put into the animal, which will spontaneously combust into a sterilizing fire. Stealing Kemi's notes, Kuroni now had what would later become his most prized possession.

When Orochimaru was killed, it was like he had lost a god. But more importantly, he lost a dealer. Kuroni did not know its origin or the recipe for the drug he was so addicted to. Orochimaru never revealed that he spiked the chakra container with the drug, so the unwitting Kuroni was forced to go cold turkey. His patients, who he was using the spiked chakra flooder on, suffered from psychosis. Kuroni, while he was withdrawing, became less paranoid, but his "piety" reached its peak. He paid keen attention to the war, and saw Naruto, the container of the Kyuubi, to be the perfect vessel for the second coming of his god. Knowing that Orochimaru would need many bodies to transfer into, all with the capabilities to contain the Kyuubi, he turned to his first option: The prisoners.

He practiced on Orochimaru's prisoners, trying to make them fit for the Kyuubi and his master. "Practice" as in "brutal and horrendous surgeries" (Snake Trial). Girls were ripped into being boys, men were starved and their bones were broken and shortened. Their faces were ripped and patched and stitched horrendously over and over again. Infections took over many of them, leaving them crazed and scared. The ones who didn't have sex changes were forced to mate, and their children were forced to speed through the growing process with dangerous amounts of steroids, hormones, and chakra. While some of these creatures may look sixteen, they were truly only four.

Frustrated and growing more paranoid with each day of withdrawal from the drug, he realized that his god must feel spiteful. Perhaps it was because he was offering poor excuses for vessels, these patchwork dolls! He knew his god would want to be reborn in the most supreme conditions. Listening to the voices coming from the walls, he went to find a virgin.

Knowing that Un-chan was still living her sheltered life as a Kashiwa, Kuroni kidnapped her, unknowingly sparking a revolution between the clans (Ox Trial), for the Kashiwas completely blocked themselves off from the other villagers in fear of the next kidnapping. Only one Kashiwa man didn't suspect the Momiji clan . . . (A/N: I don't feel like keeping a secret. It's the old guy from the Ox Trial, Lady Chance's grandpa. Woo!)

The next kidnapping never came. However, the revolution was pushed to its boiling point when the Momiji's Golden Acorn was inexplicably found in the Kashiwa's possession.

Once he realized that he must not leave a trail, he did what he knew would distract them completely from Un's disappearance. She did not come quietly, but she had to be kept healthy to be a surrogate. So, forming a plan, he stole Rummy's Mask and the Golden Acorn from the Kashiwa and the Momiji clans' trinket collections. After planting the dupe acorn and escaping to his hide-out, he altered the mask so that it was able to hold chakra. Then, he imbued it with the drugged chakra flooder. He never realized the drug was inside of it, he had only observed its effects on his prisoners. It worked just as well on his half-sister.

Now that he had his virgin, he debated on how he would have the child conceived. He believed himself to be important enough. Unfortunately for him, he had become sterile due to his many years of chakra overloading and drug use. His next idea was even more complicated and impossible, for how was he supposed to get sperm from Naruto himself? Kuroni wasn't a ninja, so he went to his third and last plan. Orochimaru had left him with the knowledge of many dark sciences. Kuroni's particular favorite was cloning. So, following around Naruto and picking up items for DNA, Kuroni gathered what he needed to clone Naruto. One of those items was the stolen DNA from Orochimaru's former disciple and Kuroni's fallen arch-angel, Uchiha Sasuke.

He used his sister and successfully produced a clone. However, the baby was born prematurely and therefore dangerously ill. Kuroni couldn't use any steroids on him to make the child grow to the proper "age" quickly. Raising this child was going to cost him much more than intended. If he was going to keep it alive long enough to become the container for the Kyuubi, he would have to pool all of his resources. He enlisted three nearby villages for protection and supplies. After some plastic surgery on Un-chan, she officially became Lady Chance. He cut Rummy's Mask in half and instructed her to give it to the owner of a casino, then become his mistress. With her income, Kuroni could comfortably raise this clone and keep himself safe.

Reading over Kemi's notes, he saw that he needed to find how to reverse it; Naruto must drink the first liquid, releasing the Kyuubi, and then be the one to combust. His clone, however, must take in the Kyuubi but survive. He knew it would take him months, perhaps years to figure it out. His work was highly improved with the study of chakra-containing crystals (Horse Trial) that one of his guardian villages mined. He had all the pieces, and he had nothing but time...

That's what I had written, but now all of you have read Kuroni's death and you know what has happened to him since he began creating clones. Hope the pieces are becoming a bit clearer, and some Trials are looking less pointless! The only trials that aren't Kuroni-related ones (Elders or Dragon Knights related usually) are Dragon, Goat, Monkey, and Dog Trials.

You can ask me any questions that you might have had, and I will answer them as long as I don't feel like they might spoil the final chapter.

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