The Summer of Season 8

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It had been over one month since either E.J. or Ray had been at the NCIS building and some things were better off like that. It was now the middle of summer and it had seemed everything that those two had destroyed seemed to have mend again. Even the office space that E.J. had used was all put back as if they weren't even there. Some things were mended physically, some mentally. Ziva had seemed to be closer to Tony and she no longer worried about Tony going anywhere. It still wasn't the same for either Tony or Ziva considering they had both just broken off relationships not too long ago. They were slowly taking a step forward again instead of three steps back, one step forward. Maybe things would completely come around eventually. For now, this is exactly how Ziva wanted it. Herself and Tony.

It was another Friday night and Tony was inviting her over for a movie like they used to. This wouldn't be a summer like the one five years ago without Gibbs. Then they could do anything they wanted with each other because Tony was in charge. There were no limits. Both of them were different then, more feisty and careless. No. This summer would be different. It would be about trying to make amends and rediscover a friendship that had been almost completely lost about and forgotten for the past couple months. Right now, nothing mattered to Tony except the fact that Ziva was in his arms, in his apartment, on his couch.

The movie that Tony put in had just shut off. There now was a main menu screen and neither one of them wanted to move. Tony was on one end of the couch and Ziva was wrapped around him sleeping. She was still in her work clothes, but she pulled down her hair and let it fall down her back. Tony liked her hair down in curls anyway. Tony was almost asleep, but conscious enough to realize what they were doing. This is exactly what he needed after a hectic past couple months. He needed to be reminded of what he had. What they had. A friendship that was strong and building.

In Ziva's sleep she drew Tony in closer around her without moving too much. Tony knew this is exactly what Ziva needed. She needed to feel like she was worth something again. That and the fact she wanted something that would be there for her. Something that just wouldn't leave her, and not be there in the morning to stay with her. Tony would stay with her. He knew that she would stay with him too.

Slowly, Tony's eyes began to close and he put his head on Ziva's and they fell asleep holding onto each other, on Tony's couch. Exactly what they needed. Comfort. From each other. To make sure that they both knew that, that was the past and they would move on together.

The End.

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