Hi everyone this is my first fanfic on Ghost Hunt and I really hope that you like it. Anyway this story is about how Naru is on a mission to find a girl from his childhood and ends up involving all of SPR. That is except for Mai who went to spend time with her adopted family, but what happens when the search ends up leading them right into Mai's home town and they meet the people who raised her? You'll have to read to find out. Also I don't own any of the characters from Ghost Hunt. At least not yet anyways. Mwa ha aha ahaha. *the owner shivers in the distance*

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Naru's POV


I can still remember it now to this day. How her short starlight hair reflected the moon's beams as she moved. How her piercing ice blue eyes focused in on her prey as her petite body moved with balance and grace to dodge anything thrown at her while her midnight blue lacy tattoos seemed to dance across her snow white skin, though the thing that I remember most from my encounter with her was the promise that we made each other all that time ago.

"You have to promise that after ten years to come back here to see me, and in return I'll show you who I really am."That was the girl who stole my heart even now I hold that promise dear to me. When I meet her again only fate will know what will be in store for me and her. For now I'll have to wait until that promised time has come to see my beloved, my Aoi ookami*.

*End Memory*

It was another annoying day at the office. The other members in the SPR group has gathered in the meeting room, and are at this very moment discussing about something very trivial at a very loud volume. Though the worst of it all Mai has yet to come in today to make me my tea which has by no means helped my current mood. I never did understand why I've become addicted to her tea, and I could also never figure out how she makes it. 'Damn it, when is she going to get here I need my tea!' As if on cue Mai came bursting through the door in a big huff.

"Sorry I'm late everyone, I was busy packing and completely lost track of time." She said between pants. As she hummed while hanging up her coat I came out of my office and glared at her.

"Packing for what." Monk asked looking at Ayako as if asking if she knew. Said women just shook her head and looked back at Mai. Though she must not have heard them since she didn't reply, and continued on to hum.

"Mai, tea." Was all that I said waiting for her to go about her usual rampage on how I don't have manners, but strangely enough she just smiled at me and went to make tea. This must have taken everyone else by surprise as well since Matsuzaki-san and Monk's jaw dropped while everyone else had a shocked expression displayed on their faces. Though Lin and I didn't show it on our faces we were still shocked.

"Mai aren't you going to yell at Naru about not having any manners?" Matsuzaki-san asked snapping out of her shock.

"Yeah this isn't like you Mai what's wrong are you possessed or something?" Monk asked in a worried tone. Then he looked over to Hara-san and asked. "Is she possessed?" Hara-san simply shook her head as she hid her face behind her kimono.

"Relax you guys I'm just fine. To tell the truth I'm in such a great mood that not even the king of mood killers could get me upset." She said happily nodding at me as she gave everyone their tea. Though she didn't notice it, it hurt me when she said that.

"Than if I may be so bold as to ask wheat has gotten you in such a good mood?" Yasu asked pushing his glass up so that the light shined off them. It looked as if Mai was pondering over about telling us this since she was biting her lip. (One of her many habits that Naru has notice over the years) She quickly looked around as if trying to find a distraction when her eyes landed on me. 'Oh this will not end well if she's looking for me to save her'

"Um at this point and time I don't think that I should say since Naru is here that probably means that he has a case that he wants us to take care of." She said drawing everyone's attention now towards me.

"For once Mai you were actually correct on that assumption. I do have a case for us." I sated as everyone was waiting for a quick remark from Mai but only received silence. "Anyway it's more of a personal case."

"How so Davis-kun?" John asked completely confused that I would ask for a favor.

"Let's just say that it was a promise that I made a long time ago." I smirked at the memory of how serious she looked while she made me pinky promise.

"To a girl?" Monk teased though quickly stopped and looked at Mai who has completely stared off into space with a look of pure contentment on her face. She noticed his glance and sent a questioning glance his way. "Nothing." He sighed turning back to me. "Anyway what did you promise said girl?"

"I promised to help her with something on July 3 this year and I have a feeling that I'll need your help." I sighed. 'How could I be asking these lunatics for help? I mean the only ones that could really help would be Lin, Monk, John, and myself, though this would just cause the girls to become cross with me and I truly don't feel like dealing with it.'

"Um Naru I'm sorry, but I won't be able to help." Everyone looked in the direction of the voice to find Mai with a sheepish smile on her face.

"Why are you afraid of meeting the girl that Naru promised to return to?" Matsuzaki-san asked dramatically. Making everyone eye Mai carefully for some odd reason that I didn't know, and had no intention of knowing.

"No it's just that I asked Naru for that week off two months ago 'cause I'm visiting my adoptive Mom in my home town. Hence whey I was packing."

"I see, well than you may leave. As for the rest of you I would like you here in two days at 8:00 sharp." Everyone grunted and groaned in response as Mai simply hopped up of the coach.

"Well good-bye everyone! Good luck!" She called as she left the building with everyone else in tow. Once everyone left Lin turned to me and smirked with knowing eyes.

"So you're going to keep your promise to that girl?" He asked softly.

"If I didn't plan on keeping it I never would have made it. Besides I want to see her again. I want to see the hunter Aoi ookami." I said looking out towards the now darkened sky as her piercing eyes filled my mind.

So what did you think? I hope that I was able to get the personalities right for Mai and Naru. Honestly those two are the hardest to write. (Also Aoi ookami means Blue Wolf.)

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