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Mai's POV:

"Mai, Tea." Naru called from his spot on the couch.

"What was that?" I asked, throwing him a glare that made him shrink a bit at the sight.


"That's better."I said, giving him a victorious smirk before I turned around to go to the kitchen and make his tea. It's been about two and a half years since Naru had purposed to me and Gene to Yume, and SPR was still in business. Surprisingly enough, the pack was fine with me not staying in the village, and instead allowing me to go back to Shibuya to continue working as a part of SPR. That is as long as I went back once a month to the pack and kept tabs with what was going on. They told me this when Naru and I came back from our walk, and saw the ring on my finger.

Mom and Aunty ended up crying, because their baby girls were growing up, while Dad and Uncle smiled at them. Actually, the two bastards knew about them proposing to me and Yume from the start of the reception. It turns out that Naru and Gene both went and asked to have our hands in marriage.' Not to say that I'm upset with the turn out, but they could have given us a little heads up at least!'

The whistle of the tea kettle brought me back from my musings, as I poured the hot substance into cups for everyone that was coming over here to help Naru and I plan our wedding. I lifted up the try, and made my way to the sitting area just as everyone showed up.

"Mai, you shouldn't be carrying something so heavy in your condition!" exclaimed Madoka, as she bounded over towards me, taking the tray out of my hands.

"I'm fine; remember that I don't show so it's fine." I said, taking the tray back from her, and placing it onto the coffee table instead.

"But your still six months pregnant, and this is your first child! You don't know what you can and can't do!" She reasoned, sitting me down onto the awaiting couch.

"Madoka, you were the same way when you were pregnant with Feng." I countered, remembering all the crazy things she did while her son was still a little fox kit inside her womb. "Speaking of which, where is the little guy?"

"Here I am Aunty Mai!" exclaimed a little three year boy coming out of his hiding place behind his father with his light brown eyes gleaming as his wavy black hair covering up one eye. He ran over to me and wrapped his small arms around one of my legs.

"Me too, me too!" cried another little boy that ran past his mother and father, and attached himself to my other leg.

"Careful Daiki, she's carrying a baby just like Mommy." Monk said, helping his wife sit down on a chair.

"Really?" Daiki asked, looking up at me with wonder reflecting into his light brown eyes.

"Yep." I said, lifting him and Feng onto my lap, and then tousling his light brown hair that matched his eyes.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Feng asked cheerily like his mother.

"Yeah Sis, is it a boy or a girl?" Yume asked, sitting down next to me with her and Gene's one year old son Miki in her arms. He opened his sleepy eyes to reveal two orbs that he no-doubt-about had gotten from his father, while he had gotten his mother's hair. Yume then relinquished her hold of him to me, as I cuddled with my nephews.

"You two did go to the doctors yesterday for an ultrasound right?" Gene asked, getting a nod from his twin to confirm his question.

"Sorry we're late!" called Yasu, as he and Demy came into the office holding hands.

"It's about time you two love birds got here." teased Monk.

"What can we say, we got so caught up into each other that we just lost control and-"

"Little ears Yasu, little ears." Demy said, cutting her boyfriend off with a kiss, then joining the rest of us on the couch and taking their cups of tea made for them. There were now only two cups of tea left, and then we would be able to move on.

"Where's John and Masako?" I asked, realizing that, that was who was missing from our SPR family.

"Probably running late from Masako's shoot." Ayako offered, with a huff.

"Yeah, that, or they could be-"

"LITTLE EARS!" We all shouted.

"I was going to say caught in traffic." Yasu said, pouting at us all of yelling at him.

"Hello everyone." greeted a familiar Australian accent.

"Wow, speak of the angel and the angel shall appear." Demy said, since she knew all about who was what blood type wise.

"Nice for you two to finally show up." Ayako said teasingly towards Masako, who only shrugged it off, and took the seat next to Ayako on the couch next to her chair.

"Normally it's Mai's job to show up late." Naru mused, causing my anger to spike drastically.

"HEY!" I shouted, chucking my slipper at him, which he skillfully caught with one hand and handed back to me. 'He really has gotten good at catching random things flying at him, especially since he pisses me off in my mood swing mode all the damn time.' I thought, as I slipped said slipper back onto my foot.

"It's true Sis, it's true." Yume said, taking back Miki, not trusting me when I got into pissed-off-pregnant mode.

"Sorry, but we were on a date." Masako said, drawing the attention back onto her and John instead of me. I threw her a much appreciated smile, which she returned with her own.

"Hmmmmm. I think I was right when I was-"

"Yasu, shut up. Demy, please get a muzzle for your boyfriend." I said, glaring at Yasu, who was dancing on my very last nerve with him.

"Trust me, I've tried." She sighed in defeat.

"But you always said that you like my voice, especially when we're in bed and-"

"YASU, SHUT. UP!" All the mothers exclaimed as I used my chest and hands to cover the children that were still on my laps ears. I looked over at Masako, and saw that she was holding John's hand. Smiling at the gesture between the two I began to turn back to Yasu being an idiot, when I saw a quick flash in the light. I looked more closely, and gasped at what I saw, drawing everyone's attention to me.

"Is that what I think that is?" I asked, already knowing that it was.

"What?" Monk asked, voicing the confusion that most likely everyone else was feeling at this moment.

"That." I pointed towards Masako's hand, where a simple heart cut diamond ring sat on her left hand ring figure.

"No way!" Ayako exclaimed, reaching over and snatching Masako's hand out of John's to examine the ring.

"Congratulations you two!" Madoka said, giving each of them a hug to congratulate them.

"Now you're a part of the engaged club." I said fist pumping the air, glad that Naru and I were no longer the only ones since Yume and Gene got married last year.

"Yeah, well being a part of the married club is awesomer." Yume said, causing spark to start between us, as our usual sisterly stupid mini-fight started.

"Awesomer isn't a word." I said, making Yume's face flush at the realization.

"For me it is."

"Now I understand where Mai gets her level of thinking from." Naru said, picking up a wedding magazine and flipping through it.

"HEY!" Yume exclaimed, with a hurt look on her face.

"Don't talk about my sister like that!"

"And don't talk about my wife like that!"

"Mommy, is Aunty Mai stupid?" Feng asked, looking up at Madoka with questioning eyes, while Daiki just watched the petty fight.

"No, Uncle Noll is just likes to tease her a lot. That's just how he shows that he likes her."

"Oh, okay!" He said in understand, and then quickly went back to watching the fight with Daiki.

"Enough fighting, onto the first order of things, Feng, Daiki, happy early/late birthday." I said, giving them the huge gift bag of presents that everyone threw together for the two boys. Feng was born late November while Daiki was born early December, so we just decided to celebrate their birthdays on the same day, and today just so happened to be it. We handed the presents to the boys' parents so that they could open it up at home, and not make a big mess at the office in case a client came in.

"Can you two say thank you?" Ayako asked, making the boys look at each other, and then back at us.

"Thank you everyone!"

"That's much better then Naru is already." I said, giving the two boys a big hug.

"You love me anyways." Said narcissistic said.

"Did I ever say that I didn't? Anyway, second order of business, Happy belated anniversary Gene and Yume!" I cheered, starting a chorus of cheers along the same lines to be thrown their way. Their actual anniversary was last week when Naru and I watched over Miki for the night giving the two a night to indulge in themselves.

"Thanks." They said, as they cuddled closer to each other with Miki in-between them.

"Third order of business, Mai do you want me to tell them or do you?" Naru asked, moving to sit next to me as Daiki and Feng got picked up and taken by their parents, and wrap a protective around me and our growing child.

"You can." I said, leaning into his warmth.

"Mai is pregnant with a girl that we have decided to call Maki, and will be due in early November." Naru announced.

"Awesome! Ayako's due in late September, and she thinks we're having a girl this time too." Monk added

"Really?" I asked, hoping that it would be true so that our daughter could have a playmate.

"Yeah, this one feels like I'm carrying it higher then Daiki, so we decided to name her Chisaki if it's a girl like we think." Ayako said, rubbing her belly unconsciously.

"Awe, big tree and a thousand blossoms. How cute!" I said, realizing the translations to their kids names.

"But why all tree themed?" Yasu asked, thankfully without making any sexual joke in front of the kids this time.

"Because that's all that Ayako's abilities are good for."

"WHAT WAS THAT YOU STUPID MONK?" Ayako exploded, handing Daiki over to Masako as she then began to beat Monk over the head with her purse.

"You guys, the kids!" John said, covering Daiki's eyes so that he wouldn't see his parents fighting.

"Sorry." The both said, settling down immediately when their child was brought into this.

"It's okay, they'll be exposed to it eventually, so why not now." Masako said, giving john's hand a loving squeeze after she handed Daiki back over to Ayako.

"Shall we get back to the topic?" I offered, getting a nod from everyone in the room.

"Yeah, especially since now we have two weddings to plan." Madoka excitedly said.

"You've got mail."

"What's that?" Monk asked, as I reached for my laptop, and placed it onto my lap so that everyone could see.

"I don't know, Mom sent it to me."

"Let's see." I opened up the mail, and there was a pop up that said congratulations as well as a slide show of our time at the village together as well as our songs, and some song suggestions for Masako and John.

"Oh my Gods!" I said, unable to imagine how much time went into making something like this for us.

"That's so sweet!" Yume gushed, nuzzling into Gene's arm.

"She would do something like that." Gene said, electing a chorus of yeses and yeahs.

"Yeah, now back to the planning." Ayako said, as she and Madoka went into hyper overdrive to start planning Masako and John's wedding as well as finish up mine and Naru's. Everyone went straight to work and began to crack jokes and laugh. I couldn't help but look at them warmly as I pictured these types of scenes with my own children being a part of as well as my own grandchildren. 'Oh Gods I'm turning into Luella!' I thought.

"This is our family." Naru said, pulling me into his lap, where I just rested my head onto his chest and listened to his heart beat.

"Yeah, and I wouldn't trade it or change it for the world." With that said, we watched our ever growing family warmly until everyone went home with the only though being that from now on everyday would hold the same magic as the last.

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