AN: Hi! So guys as I promised this story contains spoilers. This story starts from the sixth episode, after Fukuchi-san died. Sayama-sensei doesn't come.

Also when I don't write whose POV it is it means it's Ainosuke's. Okay guys have fun. The begining might seem emo but it's not after...well a while. So just have fun :))

Chapter one

Fukuchi-san died. It was his fault. Against his better judgment he told Fukuchi-san the truth and now as a result he is dead. It was his fault so many people died. His and his alone. And now Kato-san is curious as to what he talked about with Fukuchi-san. Yeah right like he could tell anyone that his brother had planned all of this. His brother, his beloved brother. He is so tired to fight against him, defy him. How can he continue? I can't. It was the thought that passed his mind. Why should he anyway? Yes he saved peoples lives but in the end ruined them as well. So many people got hurt because of him. Well not just because of him. And his brother. He sighed. His once kind, understanding and helpful brother was his number one enemy now. It hurt so much to even raise his hand against him, to try and hate him for all he has done. Was that kindness all just a lie? Why? And if not then what changed? He sighed again. If only he had answers. He was so helpless. His brother would be laughing at him if he knew. That cold and evil laugh. Even that changed. His brothers laugh was once warm he himself would laugh if he heard it. His own brother told him to kill him. Why? Is that what he was supposed to do? Is that the reason this is all happening. No. He wasn't that important.

Three months; he said. Ainosuke almost laughed. In three months he will be able to kill someone as a cold-hearted murderer. Was three months the limit to his normal life? Well not exactly normal anyway. And then he felt it. His left eye. The reason he could defy his brother and stop his plan. His brother probably thought it was his doing alone, how wrong he was. Well no one could see him now to question his sanity. He sat up and looked at the wall beside him. It was made out of ceramic so it would probably hurt enough to activate his left eye. And without further thoughts he hit his head with all his might to the wall. Images flooded his mind more so than before. He wondered through the mist of images why was it now that he was given extra information, why now when he didn't need them or particularly want them. Was it his brother's sadistic way of thinking?

Images of the previous cases, the bombing, a new bomb in a chimpanzee toy, a shopping centre but what surprised him most was the image of him being taken away by a man. He was small than, it was probably around the time his parents died, eight at max, probably. He was being kidnapped by a man with a cross scar on his left cheek. He realized he knew the man but couldn't remember where from. The next image was of a bloody chisel. He wondered what could be the connection between the images but the next on answered his question. A box of chisel with his name on it. And then it was over. He wondered about the image of him being kidnapped. He wasn't aware that it has ever happened. If it had how could have he forgotten. The man did seem familiar but when he tried to think about it his head hurt more than he could imagine. He hit his head against the wall again so that that the pain should disappear but to his surprise it only brought new images. Image of his landlord planting a bomb in the museum and in the chimpanzee. Another with him being kidnapped, one where blood mixed with something white, the bloody chisel and one with a newspaper add that had random sentences. But that wasn't what made it interesting. No it was the fact that the first letters of each sentence together formed a word. And with that the vision ended. He stood and grabbed his notebook. No matter the sorrow he would solve this last mystery. He started to draw. He had to draw every image before he started to think about doing anything else.

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