As the members of Titans East, North and South gathered together in the common room of Titans East tower they looked at the monitor replaying the explosion of the original Titan team tower. The monitor then switched to show clips of the Teen Tyrants vandalizing the city, causing people to flee in horror. Finally fed up with the images Hot Spot turned the monitor off. After a pause he punched the control panel.

"I can't believe it... I can't believe some of the greatest heroes I've ever met could fall to jerks like those," Hot Spot said furiously. Argent came to his side and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Believe me, we're just as furious as you are," Wondergirl stated. "But we don't have time to mourn. We need to take action."

"Couldn't agree more," Speedy began, punching his fist into the palm of his hand and narrowing his eyes. "Those guys are going to pay for what they did."

"Hey, I'm all for making them pay," began Kid Flash as he got off of the sofa and stepped forward. "But we need to be smart about this."

"Kid Flash is right," Aqualad stated. "We need a plan."

"Full front attack?" suggested Pantha. "We have the numbers. We can easily overpower them."

"These guys took out an entire team of Titans and have brought an entire city to its knees," reminded Herald. "There's no way we can just easily overpower them because our side has more man power."

"So then what do we do?" Argent inquired.

"I say we sneak into the city," Wondergirl suggested. "We take them down one by one until we get to their leader."

"Renegade," noted Prysm. Wondergirl nodded.

"So what do we do after we win? Just put them into prison?" asked Speedy, sounding angry as he stepped up to Wondergirl. "Look, you saw what these guys did! And I spoke with Robin before. These guys are from a different universe. In there world they destroyed their city. We can't just treat these guys like they're regular crooks. They need to pay!"

There was a pause as Speedy and Wondergirl stared at each other in a power struggle.

Wondergirl took a step forward. "We'll discuss what to do with them after they are captured and subdued, but right now we need to move before they take over the rest of Jump City."

There was another long moment of glaring but Speedy eventually moved away, turning his back to her. "Fine."

Wondergirl sighed and turned to Herald. "Open up a portal to Jump City."

Herald nodded and blew his horn. Within seconds a portal appeared.

Miss Martian jumped off the sofa and rushed forward. "Alright, it's time to kick some butt!"

"Hold it," said Kid Flash, stepping in front of her path. "You're sitting this one out kid."

Miss Martian's mood deflated like a popped balloon. "What?"

"Prysm," began Argent. "You're sitting this out, too."

Prysm's jaw dropped. "Why me?"

Aqualad turned to the twins. "You guys, too. You're staying here."

Mas glared and in Spanish he said, "No way! This is just as much our battle as it is yours!"

Menos stood by his side and crossed his arms. "What he said."

"Look, you guys are not only younger, but you two," Kid Flash looked at Prysm and Miss Martian when he said this. "Lack experience."

"We won't get in the way," Miss Martian pleaded with the twins and Prysm by her side. "We promise."

"I'm in agreement with Kid Flash on this one," Wondergirl announced. "These villains that we're about to face are lethal... And we can't afford to loose anymore members."

Miss Martian, Prysm, and the twins looked at her with wide eyes. Clearly the discussion was closed and they silently watched as their teammates stepped into the portal...

The mixed team of Titans North, South and East stepped out of the portal and into an alley in Jump City.

Wondergirl immediately jumped into command. "I think it's best we split into two groups. Kid Flash, Pantha, Hot Spot, Argent, Speedy and Jericho; I want you all to cover the west side of town. Herald, Jinx, Bumblebee, Aqualad and I will take the east. Remember to stick together and keep your communicators on at all times. At the first sign of trouble I want us to regroup and flee." She glanced at Herald. "Can you handle that?"

He nodded.

"Wait, hold on a second," interrupted Hot Spot. "If things get bad you want us to just run away?"

"Is there a problem with that?" Wondergirl asked flatly.

"Yes there's a problem," Hot Spot snapped. "Your plan sucks!"

"Maybe to you, but take a moment to think. All of you," Wondergirl snapped, looking at all of them with narroweed eyes. "We know nothing about this team other than the fact that they are evil counterparts of our fallen friends and that they clearly don't care about anything but themselves and getting what they want. I want to defeat these guys just as much as you all do, but I want us to walk away from this in one piece. That means everyone. Do I make myself clear?"

The silence from her teammates was enough to make Wondergirl realize that they had reached an understanding. Now that things were clear to everyone the team separated into two. As Kid Flash and his squad went one way, Wondergirl and her squad took the other. As Jinx followed behind Wondergirl she noticed that Bumblebee was standing still with a lost expression on her face.

Jinx went to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong? You've been quiet all day."

Bumblebee snapped out of her trance. "I'm sorry. I should be focusing right now."

Bumblebee moved forward but Jinx stepped in front of her. "This is about Cyborg... isn't it?"

Bumblebee looked away, her eyes rimming with tears. "... I never even got to say goodbye."

Jinx pulled her in for a hug. "You'll get your chance. Once we defeat these guys. I promise."

They stood hugging for only a short moment, and after pulling away they smiled at each other, their eyes filled with determination. It was a special moment between friends which was sadly interrupted by a flash of green energy that knocked them both off their feet. They looked up, their eyes landing on the person who attacked them.

Darkfire looked back at them with narrowed eyes. "We don't appreciate intruders," she said, pointing a glowing fist at them and firing.

Wondergirl appeared to deflect the shot with her bracelets. The amazon narrowed her eyes at the smirking villain and flew forward with clenched fist.

Herald ran forward and helped Bumblebee and Jinx up. As he did this Aqualad took out his communicator. "Kid Flash, this is Aqualad. We're being attacked by one of the Tyrants."

... Not that far away pinned against a wall by black energy was Kid Flash. With his one free hand he brought his communicator to his lips. "No kidding. Looks like we have something in common."

Pink Raven floated closer to Kid Flash. "Don't you know it's rude to be on your communicator while in the prescene of a lovely lady."

Kid Flash stopped struggling and grinned. "I do. Too bad there aren't any lovely ladies around me."

Pink Raven's eyes turned red and she barred her teeth at him. Seconds later she was being blasted away by one of Speedy's arrows. Seeing her go down made Speedy smirk in pleasure, but it was short lived for he was soon after shot down in the back by Cyberion's sonic cannon. Cyberion stepped forward, intended to finish the job, but Kid Flash speeded forward and got Speedy out of the way, resulting in a crater where Speedy's body had been just seconds before. Kid Flash looked at the smoking hole and then at Cyberion's cold expression. His eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and he gulped.

"I don't suppose we can talk about this?" Kid Flash asked. His response was silence. "Didn't think so."

... Over on Wondergirl's side of things; Renegade had entered the scene. He took on both Herald, Aqualad and Jinx while Darkfire fought it out with Wondergirl and Bumblebee. He had just finished dodging one of Jinx's attacks while simultaneously throwing an electric disc at Aqualad that was strong enough to shock the water lover unconcious. He then jumped behind Jinx and kicked her back, sending her to the floor, and engaged Herald in hand to hand combat. As Jinx stood up she took out her communicator, having recieved a mesage.

"Speedy and Pantha are down," Argent informed frantically. "And Jericho is freaking out!"

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Pink Raven has him under some trance and I can't get close enough because I'm holding off Beastling. We need assitance!"

"... What we need is to retreat," Jinx responded. "I'll tell Herald to get you guys out of here first. Then he'll come back for us."

"Just hurry."

Jinx nodded and closed her communicator, then she got to work on her plan. She sent hex after hex in Renegade's direction, forcing him backwards as he skillfully dodged her attacks.

"Herald, go get the others and teleport them to the tower. I'll hold Renegade off until you can return for us."

"Got it," Herald said before blowing his horn and departing.

It was after this that a smoke bomb went off by Jinx's feet. Because of this she did not see the kick to her stomach coming. In the sky Wondergirl was face to face with Darkfire as they braced hands, trying to overpower the other. Wondergirl, in show of strength, was able to pin Darkfire to a wall. Darkfire didn't remain pinned for too long, for she unleashed her eyebeams into Wondergirl's face, forcing the amazon back. She then attacked her again, this time with her fist, punching her not once, but twice, and then kicking her to the ground where she landed by Jinx's side. Darkfire grounded herself to admire her handy work and was shot in the face by Bumblebee, knocking off the crown she wore.

"Stay away from them!" Bumblebee yelled, firing her stingers and flying forward. She would have continued her attack but she was halted by Renegade who threw bolas at her which wrapped around her body, pinning her arms and wings and causing her to drop to the ground. Bumblebee struggled to break free but it was no use, the rope was to strong.

Renegade kneeled down next to her. "It's no use. I use top of the line weapons. You should give up."

Bumblebee glared at him and then she spitted right in his face.

Renegade frowned and calmly wiped his face but Darkfire was furious. "How dare you!" she shouted, her eyes glowing as she moved forward. Renegade stood up and held out his arm to stop her. Obediently she backed down.

"You and your team are disgusting!" Bumblebee yelled. "I don't care that I lost today. I'm never going to stop trying to put you five behind bars were you belong."

Renegade narrowed his masked eyes at her. "... That sounds like a threat."

"It's a promise," Bumblebee replied seriously with a look of hate.

"Then it looks like I'll just have to take care of you," walking away from her Renegade gave his command to Darkfire. "Finish her."

Darkfire smiled, her fist glowing, and as she stepped forward Bumblebee's eyes widened. As Darkfire prepared to attack a flash of red and yellow blurred past her, gusting up a wind that forced her cape to go over her head. She pulled at her cape in frustration, yanking it off of her head. Once she did that she saw that not only was Bumblebee now untied and carrying Jinx, but standing next to her was Hot Spot who had Wondergirl in his arms. Kid Flash then zipped up carrying Aqualad.

The speedster took out his communicator. "We got them, Herald. Open the-" A portal opened behind Kid Flash who grinned. "He works fast."

The Titans wasted no time and immediately jumped into the portal.

"No!" screamed Darkfire, jumping towards the portal, but it was too late. Just as she was about to reach it, it closed. Frustrated she punched the ground with her fist just as Pink Raven, Cyberion, and Beastling arrived on the scene.

"Soooo... you let them escape, huh," said Pink Raven. "That wasn't very smart of you."

Darkfire was in her face within seconds, her teeth clenched. "I did not let them escape."

"You could have fooled me."

Darkfire's fist began to glow and sensing the threat so did Pink Raven's. The two glared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move as Beastling chanted "fight, fight, fight."

"ENOUGH!" Renegade shouted, scaring his three out of hand teammates into straightening up as he stormed past them with a frown on his face. At the moment his team just thought he was frustrated, however it would be later that they realized this wasn't the case. In fact, Renegade was actually... pleased. There was much to look forward to in his future.


In an off-white room decorated with a gold pattern there resided a bed. In this bed was Robin, his masked eyes shut and the bed covers drawn to his chin. Next to the bed was a table and on it was his uniform neatly folded, boots, and utility belt. For some time the room was filled with silence, but all of that changed when Robin jolted upright, now fully awake and confused. As he turned his head left and right he concluded he did not know his surroundings. He jumped out of the bed and grabbed his uniform, quickly changing out of the robe someone had changed him into. Just as he was clipping his belt around his waist the two large gold doors burst open, and in stepped two brown cloaked men with their hoods up, shielding their identity.

One of them spoke. "He has finally awakened. We must alert the priestess at once."

Not liking the looks of these guys or their need to alert someone he did not know, Robin did what he did best... and that was shut them up before they could reach the door. Knock-out gas pellets, they were extremely handy in situations like these. With the two men knocked out cold Robin crept out of the room as quite as a mouse, but sometimes even the best stealth was of no use when faced with people who just so happened to be rounding the corner.

Two more cloaked men appeared, and one of them yelled "Stop him!" which caused Robin to flee.

As the boy wonder ran down the hall and made a left he realized he had no idea where he was going, so the best plan for him was to hide. Conviently there was a door to his right, and Robin wasted no time in going through it. He stood by the door, his ear pressed against it, and was satisfied to hear the two men run past. He sighed in relief, turned around to face the room and saw the faces of his friends, Silkie, and a woman with purple hair looking back at him with tea cups in their hands. It was at this moment the four men Robin had evaded burst forth into the room.

"Priestess Arella, we apologize-" began one of the men but stopped when Arella held up a hand. The men understood her gesture and left the room quickly and quietly.

Arella then stood up from her spot on the floor and walked over to the confused looking boy wonder. "It is so nice to finally meet you, Robin," she turned to look at Raven. "I'm sure you and your friends have much to discuss. If you need me I'll be meditating in the temple."

"Than you, mother," Raven replied kindly before Arella walked out of the room, shutting the doors behind her.

As she left, Robin waved goodbye to her, still in a state of confusion. As the doors shut behind her he turned to his team in need of explanation. "Okay, what's going-Ah!"

His friends tackled him with a group hug (even Silkie jumping in to lick his favorite masked hero) that was so tight his face turned blue.

"Can't... breathe..."

They pulled away, allowing Robin's face to go back to it's normal color.

"Robin, we have been so worried," Starfire said.

"I'm sorry I worried you guys," Robin said as he ran a hand through his hair. "Can someone fill me in on where we are?"

"We're on Azarath, my homeworld," Raven said, going back to sit on the floor where she had been before. In front of her was a small fire and as she waved a hand over it, it turned blue and showed Robin the last thing he remembered which was being in the tower. "When the lights went on in the tower the bombs started going off. As the ceiling began to cave in on us I put up a shield... unfortunately, Robin, you weren't close to me, and before I noticed and could protect you, you had already been hit on the head by some of the debris."

"Which is why you've been taking an extended nap since we got here," filled in Beast Boy.

"And how long have we been here?" asked Robin.

"Almost a week," answered Starfire sadly, and Robin looked away in shame but she took hold of his hand and squeezed, causing him to look back again.

"With the tower gone and you hurt I didn't know what to do, so I teleported us all to Azarath. I felt we would be safe here, and it would give you time to heal," continued Raven. "Since we've been here the Tyrants have taken over all of Jump City. Titans Noth, South, and East tried to stop them but they were defeated. Luckily they made it out of the city in one piece."

By this time all of the Titans were sitting around the fire, watching a replay of events as Raven spoke. Seeing everything that happened made Robin clench his fist in anger. "We have to go back," he said, standing up. "We have to save the city."

"How can we?" Cyborg objected, his head hung low. "You saw what's been happening. They wiped the floor with a rag tag team of our best members."

"Cy is right," Beast Boy pointed out. "The Tyrants are like no one we've ever faced before. They're too strong."

"They are not too strong," Robin snapped.

"They blew up our home, Robin," Starfire reminded him, her eyes sad. "They nearly ended us."

"And just look at what they've done to Jump City in such a short amount of time," began Raven as she took her cup of tea and angrily threw it's contents at the fire, extinguishing its flame. "There's no hope left."

"There's always hope," Robin stated. "Even if it doesn't seem like it."

The others looked doubtful. Even Silkie.

"We've faced challenges that have seemed hopeless and we've conquered them. We've been beat before but we always get back up. We've done the impossible time and time again... and we've done it together, as a team. We have never given up before and I refuse to let any of us start now. I've worked alongside you all, I know what you're all capable of. I know better than anyone else how strong you all are, but more importantly I know how strong we are. We're a team. And as long as we're together we can accomplish anything."

By this time four hopeful faces graced with smiles looked back at Robin, and one by one each of the Titans rised to their feet.

"So how about it," Robin continued as he stretched his hand out to the center. "Are you guys up for doing the impossible again?"

"Aw yeah, you know I'm in," Cyborg said, putting his hand on top of Robin's. "We're going to make those guys regret they ever messed with us."

"I'm in, too," said Beast Boy with a toothy grin, his hand now on top of Cyborg's. "We're the good guys. Good guys always win."

"We shall do the kicking of their butts," said Starfire as she placed her hand in the center. She looked at Robin and smiled at him. "Together."

Finally, Raven added her hand to the pile. "We're family, and family can do anything."

Robin smiled proudly at his teammates, and Silkie jumped up and down in joy to see his loved ones so motivated.

"So, uh, what's the plan?" Beast Boy asked Robin.

"We have to split up."

Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy were stunned, their eyes as wide as dinner plates as question marks floated above their heads.

"DUDE!" Beast Boy howled as he grabbed his hair. "You just said we had to work together!"


The five Titans gathered at a silver window in Azarath that was actually a portal to Earth. The team decided that although Azarath was a safe place for them to hide, they couldn't stay there if they were going to defeat the Teen Tyrants. Cyborg needed to build a device that would send the Tyrants back to their own home, and in order to do this he needed technology he could only get from STAR Labs. Accompanying Cyborg was Starfire who would be there to protect him if needed. In addition to this Starfire was ordered to go above Earth's atmosphere and recharge by absorbing sunlight. Also leaving was Robin. He was heading to Gotham, but when asked why by his teammates he evaded the question. When asked if he could join by Beast Boy, the green teen was given a prompt no. Due to this Beast Boy then decided to stay on Azarath with Raven who would spend her time learning from her homeworld's libaries. She hoped to find a spell in there that would prove useful in case of an emergency.

As they said their goodbyes they were promised by Robin that they would meet in one week, something that stressed Cyborg out. "A WEEK? I can't get that type of tech done in one week!"

The metallic teen began to breath into a paper bag and Robin patted him on the back with a calm smile. "You can do it, Cy. I know you can."

Cyborg turned to look at his leader, and after a moment he smiled and grabbed Robin into a headlock and playfully ruffled his hair. "In one week I'm going to have the most awesome doohickey you've ever seen."

He let Robin go, and very seriously Robin responded to him. "We're counting on you, Cyborg."

Cyborg nodded in understanding and then walked to the portal. STAR Lab passengers were to be the first to leave. "C'mon, Star. Time is a wastin'."

Although the goodbyes between the teammates had already been said, Starfire still had something she had to say to Robin. The princess ran up to Robin and hugged him tight, and Robin returned the gesture. Pulling away so they could look into each other's eyes Starfire said what she needed to say. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

The distance between them was sealed with a kiss, and after they pulled away, their hands slipping away from each other, Starfire departed with Cyborg. After the two were gone, Robin stepped in front of the portal, and sensing his desire to go to Gotham it switched it's destination. Robin smiled at Raven and Beast Boy, told them to watch after Silkie, and waved before stepping into the portal, disappearing from their eyes and leaving Beast Boy and Raven alone.

"So," Beast Boy began with a hopeful smile. "Does Azarath have video games?"

Raven rolled her eyes and smacked Beast Boy upside the head.


In Jump City's best hotelm in the penthouse suite, resided the Teen Tyrants. In the kitchen was Beastling shoveling food into his mouth, by the window was Darkfire sharpening a sword, sitting at the dining table was Cyberion going over plans, and stretched out on the floor was Pink Raven watching television. Unfortunately for her she couldn't find anything interesting to watch so she shut it off.

"I'm bored!" Pink Raven groaned. "How long is building a new tower going to take, Cyberion?"

"Time," was the robot's response.

"I want a new tower now!" she whined, sitting up in a huff. "We should have never blew up the one belonging to those losers."

It was at that moment Renegade stepped into the penthouse. "Did I hear someone mention the word tower?"

Three fingers pointed at Pink Raven who crossed her arms.

"You know, I've been thinking," Renegade said as he crossed over to the dining table and stole an apple from the fruit bowl. "Why just have one tower and wait around for it to be built, when we could have three towers that are already standing?"

Beastling jumped onto the dining table, Cyberion looked up from his notes, Pink Raven uncrossed her arms, and Darkfire stopped sharpening her weapon.

"What are you talking about?" Beastling questioned.

"I'm talking about Titans East, North, and South. Each a team that stands for justice..."

At this Pink Raven poked her tongue out in displeasure.

"...and each a team with their very own tower," Renegade finished with a wicked smirk, his teammates now sharing his expression.


Arella walked into the library to find her daughter Raven reading multiple books at once. Some were placed on the floor in front of her, and some floated around her. "My child, you have been in here all day. Don't you think it's time that you came out to eat something?"

"I'm fine," was Raven's quick response, her head still buried in a book.

Arella placed a hand on her shoulder. "You know it is all right for you to rest."

"My friends and I are about to face the biggest challenge of our lives. I do not have time to rest."

Feeling that she had failed Arella's face saddened and she removed her hand and walked towards the exit. Before she left an idea came to her and she turned around and stepped forward. "Raven, I've been meaning to ask you more about your friend... The green one. Maybe it's just me, but I sense that he hasn't been feeling well," Arella said, noticing that Raven had turned her head to look at her. "Perhaps you could check on him after you're finished up here."

There was a pause before the books Raven had been reading closed themselves and returned to their bookcases. Standing up, Raven spoke. "I'll being taking that break after all."

... After leaving the library it did not take long for Raven to find Beast Boy. He was in the courtyard by the fountain, and as Raven approached him she noticed he was in a stance not unlike her own when she meditated. She paused a moment to take in the sight of him before speaking. "What are you doing?"

Having had his eyes closed and being concentrated, Beast Boy did not notice that Raven was near, so when he heard her voice it shocked him and he jumped up with a small scream. He placed a hand on his chest. "Geez, Raven, have you ever heard of knocking?"

"You're in the courtyard. There are no doors."

He looked stumped. "Oh..."

"What were you doing?" Raven asked again as she sat down besides him.

He blushed and looked away while scratching the back of his neck. "I was trying to... uh... meditate."

He shielded himself with his arms, expecting for her to make fun of him, but she didn't. Instead she said, "That's nice."

Surprised, Beast Boy lowered his arms with wide eyes. Then he smiled as he scooted closer. "I can see why you like it so much. It's really relaxing."

She didn't reply, in face she wasn't even looking at him. She just had this blank stare that worried Beast Boy.

"Raven, are you okay?"

She sighed. "I'm just thinking."

"About what?"

"... Everything. The Tyrants. Jump City. Our tower... The future," Raven turned to him. "Do you think we can really do this?"

Beast Boy took her hands in his. "We can. And we will."

"But what if... What if I'm not strong enough."

"You'll be fine, Raven," Beast Boy assured her with a smile. "You're one of the most awesome butt-kickers I know."

Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes at that. "Gee, thanks."

"I'm serious. By the time you're done with them the Tyrants will be begging us for forgiveness."

"So let's say we do win... What happens after? There's no tower to go home to."

Beast Boy's smile dropped and he looked away. "I hadn't thought about that."

For a moment the two sat in silence, their hands still locked. As they sat in silence Beast Boy focused on their joined hands and was suddenly hit with a burst of courage.

"I don't know what's going to happen after, but... I know what I would like to happen," Beast Boy said, his smile having been returned as he locked eyes with Raven. "I want to be with you, Raven."

She looked back at him with wide eyes. "Beast Boy, I-"

He pulled his hands away, his courage folding to his nerves. "It's okay if you don't feel the same," he stammered. "I understand. After all there are more important-"

She took his hands back in her own and his nerves stopped and he noticed that she was blushing. "... I would really like that."

His eyes widened hopefully. "Really?"

She smiled and nodded, and before either of them could realize it they were suddenly moving forward, closing the distance between them. Their lips were just centimeters apart, they were so close, but Raven suddenly jolted away, her eyes widening as visions came to her. She saw the Tyrants... she saw them moving... she saw them heading north, south, and east... She could see the other Titan Towers... she could see the trouble up ahead...

Raven fell to the ground, and as Beast Boy helped her up she clutched her head. "Raven, what's wrong?" as asked, both worried and frightened.

She looked at him, her countenance a mix of the two emotions he was currently feeling. "Beast Boy, it's them..."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's the Tyrants... They not only after Jump City."


Cyborg was hovering over some equipment with his tools in hand when his mind was suddenly pulled from his body. All of a sudden he was in the common room of Titans tower, and all of a sudden his body wasn't made of metal. He had skin and he was dressed in a track suit with his old high school medals around his neck.

His eyes widened. "What the-"

"This is how you're mind has chosen to represent yourself," Raven explained, suddenly appearing dressed in white. "And this is the place our minds as one has chosen to meet."

It was at that moment Cyborg noticed the rest of his teammates. He saw Robin dressed in his regular uniform, Beast Boy in his Doom Patrol costume, and Starfire wearing a purple dress from Tamaran along with a crown and jewels.

Still feeling apprehensive, Cyborg spoke. "Okay, I'm stil confused. What's going on?"

"We needed to have a meeting, and the safest place to do it was if we met within our minds," Raven explained. "In our minds, this is how we see ourself, and this is where we feel safest."

"This is glorious," Starfire said in amazement. "Raven, I had no idea you could do such a thing."

"It's something I recently picked up."

Beast Boy looked at Robin. "Dude, you never take a break, do you?"

"Neither does crime," was Robin's response before looking at Raven. "Why are we here, Raven?"

"Because I had a vision of the Tyrants. They don't just want Jump City anymore. They're planning on taking over Titans East, North, and South's territories."

"How long until they move forward with their plan?" inquired Starfire.

"Three days."

"Three days?" Cyborg shouted, his expression a shocked one.

"So in three days we'll return to Jump City and put a stop to them before they can move," Robin commanded.

"Three days?" Cyborg shouted again, gripping his head. "I can't get the transporters done in three days!"

"You have to, Cyborg," Robin said. "Or else the Tyrants will win."


The day had arrived for the Teen Tyrants to put their plan into action. The sky above Jump City was grey and the streets were empty. Moving north was Pink Raven and Beastling. Moving south was Cyberion and Darkfire. Finally, heading east on his motorcycle was Renegade. The team was confident. They knew they were powerful, and more importantly they knew there was no one to stop them.


"Man, Jump City sure looks different," Cyborg commented as he uprighted a table on top of the pizzeria.

"A lack of people and abadoned buildings will do that to a city," responded Raven. She then looked over to Beast Boy who was sitting on the floor. "What's your problem?"

Beast Boy sniffled and rubbed his watery eyes with his arm. "I'm fine... I just... can't believe they wrecked our favorite pizza place," he then buried his face in his face and weeped. "Those monsters!"

Raven turned away to face Cyborg. "They blow up our tower with us still in it and he cries over the pizzeria."

Cyborg sniffled as his eye watered. "I know how you feel, BB!" he wailed, going over to Beast Boy and wrapping him in an embrace so they could cry together./

Starfire looked on with wide eyes as Raven glared at the two with crossed arms. "Those two are-"

"Unbelievable," said the person next to Raven.

She nodded, then her eyes widened and she jumped back, letting out a yelp. Cyborg and Beast Boy snapped out of their grief and jumped back with her, their eyes also wide.

"Wh-who are you?" inquired Cyborg.

The person who was dressed in black with a blue bird symbol on his chest took a step forward. "You guys seriously don't recongnize me?"

"He's probably a spy for the Tyrants," Beast Boy yelled, pointing an accusing finger. "Get him!"

"No! Do not hurt him!" Starfire said, jumping in between them. "He is our friend. He is-"

"Nightwing," finished the masked boy standing behind Starfire with a smile.

The others looked shocked.

"Nightwing?" Cyborg repeated. "As in Nightwing from the future? The identity Robin changes into?"

Nightwing nodded.

Cyborg smiled after a pause. "Well alright!"

"See you lost the stop light colors," pointed out Beast Boy. "Nice."

"Very nice," added Starfire with a smile, catching Nightwing's eye with a glance that could only be shared between couples.

"So what brought on this change?" Raven asked.

"I just felt it was time," Nightwing replied. "But we can talk about that later. Right now we have some criminals to defeat. Cyborg, do you have the universal transporters?"

Cyborg nodded and handed out small grenade like devices that had his circuit design and a small control button on its top. "I didn't have much time to work with the design so the transporters aren't fully advanced. They're only good once so use them wisely. And make sure you're not too close when these things go off or you'll be sucked into its portal."

There was a nod of understanding and a gulp from Beast Boy, then it was time for the group to separate. They said their goodbyes quickly, wishing for a safe return and hugging one last time. Beast Boy and Raven flew off first, then it was Cyborg and Starfire's turn, but just before the Tamarian princess could go Nightwing grabbed her arm, turning her around and planting a long kiss on her lips. They pulled away, their foreheads resting against each other for just a moment, before Starfire pulled away and left carrying Cyborg.

Nightwing sighed and turned to look at the city, his broken city. The Tyrants had made a mess of the place, but he was confident things would be set right again. He and the others would save the city, he had confidence in that... and knowing what needed to be done Nightwing leapt into the sky and withdrew his grappling hook, swinging through the city, on his way to confront his enemy.


"I think we should go over some ground rules," said Pink Raven as Beastling leapt from street light to street light like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. "When we get to the new tower I get first dibs on the rooms."

Beastling landed besides her. "That's bogus! I should get first dibs."

Pink Raven paused in her walk to glare at her partner. "I get first dibs."

"No, I do!"

"No, me!"



"How about nobody," announced Raven, suddenly appearing with a green tiger by her side.

The two Tyrants looked on in shock...

"Can't you move any faster?" Darkfire snapped as she hovered by Cyberion.

Cyberion paused and turned his head towards her. "Perhaps you would like to carry me?"

"Forget it. I will go on ahead by myself," she responded as she turned to fly ahead, but a flash of blue energy knocked her down, and when she looked up to see the cause of it her eyes widened.

Standing there was Starfire and Cyborg.

Cyborg lowered his sonic cannon, his eye narrowed. "Booyah."

... Renegade speeded down the streets of Jump City on a stolen motorcycle, his cape flapping in the wind. Unbeknownst to him, he was being followed, and the person following him had just thrown a birdarang aimed at his front tire. It hit and the tire popped, causing Renegade to lose control. The villain ditched his motorcycle as it flipped and crashed. As he stood up Nightwing revealed himself.

Renegade smirked. "Why am I not surprised... Robin, I presume?"

"I'm going by Nightwing now."

"Well this is just fantastic," Renegade began as he took out his bo-staff. "You know, apart of me is really... happy that you survived the explosion. It makes things all the more interesting."

Nightwing withdrew six birdarangs, three in each hand. "It's over for you, Renegade."

Renegade chuckled. "No. In fact, it's only just beginning."

Nightwing glared at his opponent and threw his weapons...


"So how did you guys do it, huh?" Pink Raven asked, poking her head out of the ground and then disappearing beneath it when Raven tried blasting her. She poked her head up again. "Secret tunnel?" She saw Raven's attack coming and ducked down again, then she reappeared in a different area. "Teleportation?" Again, the process repeated itself. "Force field?"

As the two Ravens did their version of a whack-a-mole game; Beast Boy transformed into his beast form and wrestled with Beastling on the ground. Beast Boy successfully threw Beastling off of him, sending his evil counterpart flying into a street pole hard enough to make a dent in it.

Beastling recovered quick and stood up with a grin. "I always knew there was a monster in you. You're just like me."

Beast Boy switched to his human form, angry. "I'm nothing like you!"

"Maybe you're right. After all, you are dense," Beastling said before attacking him with a punch to the face.

Over by the girls...

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven cried, grabbing hold of Pink Raven and slamming her against the wall of a building and then the ground, knocking the girl unconscious. Wasting little time, Raven withdrew the universal transporter and pushed the button to start it up. The small device began to glow and Raven wasted little time in throwing it in Pink Raven's direction. As it glided in the air Pink Raven awoke, saw what was coming, and chanted.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Just as the universal transporter was going off a bubble of black energy wrapped around it. Light began to pour out of it, but Pink Raven closed her eyes, struggling to keep it together. When she opened her eyes, she had four glowing red ones and the bubble she created grew in size before it shrunk down and crushed the transporter before it could fully go off.

"You tried to send me back to my universe, didn't you?" Pink Raven said with a demon like voice. "That wasn't very smart of you."

Before Raven could put up a shield to protect herself she was blasted with a wave of dark energy...

Beast Boy shifted from a hummingbird to a hippo, and when he fell he landed on Beastling. At first Beast Boy looked smug, but that quickly changed when Beastling began to lift him up, and before he knew it he was being tossed into a construction site for the start of a new building. As he hit the floor and crashed into a wheelbarrow, Beast Boy shifted back to his human form. He was groggy as he struggled to sit up.

"Now there's an idea...," Beastling said to himself with a grin. "Pink Raven!"

The four eyed demon looked at her partner as she stood over an unconscious Raven.

"Let's bring the house down."

Pink Raven blinked, her face returning to normal as she stepped over Raven. As she stood next to Beastling, her powers stretching to cover what was built of the building, Raven's eyes began to blink. As things began to fall into focus for her, her eyes snapped open as she realized what Pink Raven was doing, but by then it was already to late. Raven helplessly called out Beast Boy's name as he was buried under a pile of rubble...

Raven could feel the tears pour down her cheeks as she ran past the two Tyrants and towards the construction site.

"Beast Boy! Beast Boy!" she called, hoping he could hear her. When there was no response she raised her hands, trying to concentrate so she could lift the pile of steel, wood, brick, and rubble. When nothing happened, she tried again, this time by saying her chant. Again, there were no results. "Come on!" she cried, frustrated. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Nothing moved, so she gave up on trying with her powers when she realized her emotions were getting in the way. Instead she tried using hero wn two hands.

"Beast Boy, if you can hear me I need to know you're alright," she said as she dug with her hands. "Please, just say something... anything..." She paused as she strugged to contain a sob. "You said that we were going to win, that after this was over we would be together... you can't break that promise."

"Sorry, but that's not up to him anymore," Pink Raven said before laughing.

Raven turned to her with narrowed eyes before getting up and running towards her with clenched fist. She took a swing at her, but Pink Raven easily dodged it before wrapping Raven up in her powers and forcing her against a wall. Raven struggled against her opponents powers, but it was no use.

"You blame me for what happened. I can see it in your eyes," Pink Raven said as she approached Raven. "But really, you're the one to blame. You weren't strong enough to protect him... but I can make you strong." She said as she raised a finger to the red gem on Raven's forehead. "With a little help from dear old dad."

"Stay away from me!" Raven shouted, struggling to break free.

"It's not as bad as you think, Raven. I'll take a little bit of his escence from me and pass it onto you. We'll be like sisters," Pink Raven said with a smile as she touched the gem on her own forehead. When she moved her hand away Raven could see a glowing ball of red energy, and before she knew it Pink Raven was guiding the ball towards the stone on her forehead, and once the two touched a wave of dark energy hit her...

Having taken the form of a snake, Beast Boy manuevered his way through the rubble and into the wide open space. Once he was free he shifted back to his human form and was bummed to his uniform had torn.

"Boy that was a close one," he said to himself, looking around so he could find Beastling and serve up some payback. That's when he saw Raven with four red eyes as black energy circled around her. "Raven? Raven?"

He ran towards her but his path was blocked by Beastling and Pink Raven.

"Man, you Titans are as bad as cockroaches," Beastling commented with a shake of his head.

"What have you done to my friend?"

"She's fine, don't worry," Pink Raven assured him. She smiled happily. "I'm just trying to make her more like me!"

Beast Boy's eyes went wide. "Well stop it!"

"I can't, the process has already begun. Once she stops fighting my influence, I'll have a new best friend."

"I'm stopping this," Beast Boy said as he ran past them. "Raven! Raven, I'm-"

Black energy wrapped around his ankle, yanking him backwards and hanging him upside down before slamming him into the ground. As Beast Boy got to his knees, Beastling kicked him in the stomach, causing him to roll backwards.

"Face it twerp," began Beastling smugly. "You can't stop us."

As Beast Boy got to his knees he considered if what Beastling said was true, and then he remembered the city and his friends. They were counting on him to not give up. They needed him. Especially Raven. There was no way he could give up. Not now. Not ever.

Realizing this, Beast Boy tapped into his powers, calling upon a strength he had never used before... and as he shifted and changed Beastling and Pink Raven took a step back in fear... for they were no face to face with a green, fire breathing dragon...

If Pink Raven was scared she didn't show it. Instead she gritted her teeth and attacked by hitting Beast Boy with spikes made of dark energy. The spikes were but a pin-prick against Beast Boy's large body and didn't bother him in the least. Turning around, Beast Boy swatted Pink Raven with his tail, causing her to fly backwards face first into a building. Seeing how easily Pink Raven went down, Beastling wasted no time in fleeing on all fours. Beast Boy saw this and blew out fire, but Beastling was clever enough to hide behind a car.

When the flames stopped Beastling took the chance to enter the car and (happy to see the keys still in it) started it up, and drove off. Beast Boy was not far behind, something Beastling was aware of as he pulled into an alleyway that was big enough for the car to fit through (minus the side mirrors), but small enough so Beast Boy couldn't enter. At first Beast Boy tried fitting through, but eventually he realized it was no use and he flew off roaring. Seeing this made Beastling relax, and he laid back in his seat with his arms behind his head and a grin on his face.

The moment of relaxation was short lived when something landed on the roof of the car and before Beastling could realize what was going on, the roof had been torn off by Beast Boy's beast form. The beast then dropped something into the seat next to Beastling, changed into a bird, and flew off. More curious as to what had been dropped in the seat next to him, Beastling decided to pick it up. It was small and flashing, and there was a weird beeping noise. Suddenly, just before the device went off, Beastling realized he should have never let his curiousity get the best of him. "Not cool."

As Beast Boy flew away the alley was consumed with a blue light...

With Beastling out of his hair; Beast Boy returned to Raven, shifting back to his human form, and was devastated to see Pink Raven's spell was working. Raven now had four glowing red eyes, and her blue cloak was now slowly changing into redd. Although it seemed hopeless, Beast Boy reached out to her, taking hold of her arm.

"Raven, I don't know if you can understand me right now but I need you to listen to me. I need you to fight whatever it is Pink Raven did to you."

"It's too late, Beast Boy," Pink Raven said as she picked herself up from the floor, smirkingg. "She's evil just like I am now, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Beast Boy glared at the laughing girl before turning his eyes back to Raven. "Don't listen to her, Raven! You're not evil! You're good! You save people all the time... even me. It was the sound of your voice that guided me out of that rubble," he said as he stepped closer. "Now it's my turn to guide you."

Having finished what he needed to say, Beast Boy leaned closer and pressed his lips to Raven. In that moment, something extraordinary happened. The red in Raven's cloak went back to being blue, and then her entire cloak changed into white. The black energy that had been circling her changed to white, and her eyes returned to normal.

Now back to normal, the kiss ended and Raven was face to face with Beast Boy.

"You saved me," she said after a pause.

He smiled at her. "Yeah, I guess I did."

She smiled back. "Thanks."


They then kissed, and when it was over they hugged. The blissful moment soon came to an abrupt end by Pink Raven's scream, forcing Raven and Beast Boy to recall their mission and end their hug.

"You two are going to pay!" Pink Raven screamed, blasting them with her powers.

Raven stepped up and easily deflected the attack, her concentration now fully intact along with her powers. "This ends now. I may not be able to send you back to your universe, but I can send you to another dimension. One that you'll never be able to escape from. One where you will be completely alone."

It was then that Raven started to chant words that Beast Boy did not recongnize. Pink Raven backed up, completely terrified, and then began to fly away, but by the time she decided this it was too late. Raven's eyes began to glow white and a portal had already opened up, sucking her in as she screamed 'no'.


A portal opened up in a white empty space, dumping Pink Raven out. She fell on her butt, the portal closing shut before her very eyes even though she tried to reach for it. She took a moment to survery her surroundings, which were completely white with no scenery. The place was quite, cold, and empty. Pink Raven dropped to her knees in dispair.


"I do not know how you survived the explosion, but I will correct that mistake now!" Darkfire announced as she charged towards Starfire, knocking her into a building as she slammed her through various offices and walls.

... Cyborg had changed both his arms into sonic cannons and successfully hit Cyberion, causing the robot to fly backwards. Before his body could hit anything Cyborg changed his arms back to normal and released one of his hand's grappling hook feature, taking hold of Cyberion's leg and pulling him back. Once he was close enough Cyborg punched his down. Cyborg went to punch him again, but Cyberion shot lasers from his eyes that hit Cyborg in his face, temporarily blinding him, giving Cyberion the opening he needed to blast Cyborg with his sonic cannon.

The blast was so strong that it forced Cyborg to land in the middle of the street. As Cyborg stood up, he ducked under the red energy of Cyberion's sonic cannon. Since Cyberion kept shooting at him and there was nothing to shield himself with, Cyborg jumped into an alley to hide. It was at this moment he took out his univesal transporter and turned it on. He stepped out of the alley long enough to throw his device at Cyberion, and then ducked back in as it went off. He heard it go off, saw the light the device emitted come and disappear, and then very confidently he stepped out of the alley, thinking his enemy to be gone... It was shocking to him to see Cyberion still there.

Cyborg took a step back. "But how...?"

"I was the one who invented the technology for my teammates and I to travel to your world. I also took the precaution of developing a device that would insure that I could not return to my universe just in case Renegade's plan to destroy you failed," Cyberion explained. "As you can see, I'm a lot more prepared than my teammates."

Cyborg's countenance was one that conveyed worry...

Starfire lifted up a desk and tossed it at her opponent who easily evaded it, and before she could defend herself, Darkfire had her pinned by her neck against the wall. While she had her pinned there, Darkfire took notice of the small device clipped to Starfire's belt. She took it with her free hand and examined it.

"I suppose this is some sort of weapon you and your friends have developed. Tell me what it does."

Starfire's response to this demand was her eyebeams shooting Darkfire's hand holding the device, which caused the villain to drop it and it roll across the floor. Darkfire let Starfire go so she could make a grab for it, but Starfire pulled her back before making a jump for it. She grabbed it, but Darkfire tackled her and they fell through the gaping hole in the wall they made earlier. As they fell through the sky, both of them struggling to get the device, it slipped from Starfire's grip and hit the ground, smashing into a million pieces.

Starfire's eyes widened in disbelief...

As the fight raged on between Cyborg and Cyberion; Cyborg found himself taking a beating. It only got worse when Cyberion detached both his arms, which flew like missiles, hitting Cyborg's knee and shoulder. As the flying limbs reattached themselves to Cyberion's body, Cyborg staggered. His hand went to his left knee which had been hit pretty hard, and he was disgruntled to see sparks coming from it and the metal hanging off.

"It must be hard to have your body falling apart," Cyberion mocked as he stepped closer to stand in front of Cyborg. "Perhaps you would be stronger if you were a full robot."

"I'm strong enough," Cyborg said as he tried to stand up, only to drop back down.

"You're human side is weak. It's holding you back. I used to be the same way, but then I upgraded. Now look at me, I'm more powerful than I've ever been."

"You're wrong about me, Cyberion. The part of me that's still human, that's what makes me strong. It allows me to feel, something you know nothing about."

"Feelings are a weakness."

"Feelings are not a weakness! Caring about people and caring about what is right and wrong is the reason why my friends and I are here today. It gives all of us strength."

"Maybe so," Cyberion said as he pointed his sonic cannon at Cyborg's face. "But it's not enough."

Before Cyberion could fire, Cyborg forced himself to stand so he could push Cyberion's arm away, deflecting the blast, and then with his own sonic cannon he punched Cyberion hard enough that his fist pierced through his metal and fired... leaving a gaping hole in the robot's chest and back. Cyberion's eyes flickered a few times before his body fell to ground, completely lifeless, as Cyborg sighed and slumped to the floor in exhaustion...

The sky was filled with green light as Darkfire and Starfire attacked each other. As Starfire evaded Darkfire's onsalught, Darkfire's attack continually hit the building behind Starfire. The building was taking on so much damage it started to fall apart. As large chunks of the wall hit the ground below, Starfire heard a small purring sound. When she looked, she spotted a stray cat, and falling about the cat's head was another piece of the building. Starfire wasted no time and quickly scooped the cat up as the debris hit the sidewalk. She grounded herself across the street and set the cat down.

"Run now please," Starfire advised the small animal. "It is not safe here."

The cat took her advice and took off, and when Starfire turned around she gasped. Darkfire was there.

"You are most pathetic," Darkfire taunted. "To take the time out to save an animal while in battle is foolish."

"Saving a life is never a foolish thing," Starfire snapped back.

"You are a warrior and you should act like it! You should cast aside such acts of kindness."

"I would never do such a thing! When I first arrived to this planet I thought such things as kindness and being nice were a sign of weakness, but my friends showed me I was wrong. Their kindness saved me. It is a gift that I treasure everyday of my life," Starfire explained proudly before narrowing her eyes. "I will never abandon that side of myself."

"Then you do not deserve the power you wield," Darkfire said, pinning Starfire to wall. As she held her there, waves of green energy poured out of Starfire and into Darkfire. Feeling her strength grow, the villain smiled. "I'll absorb your power and become even stronger!"

"But how?" Starfire asked as she struggled against her opponent. "Tamarians can't steal energy from each other."

Darkfire chuckled. "Who ever said I was like the average Tamarian."

As the power seeped out of Starfire, she was blinded by the green light being created between her and Darkfire. When it passed she fell to the ground in a groggy state, but she quickly shook the feeling off. Looking up, her eyes widened by the sight of Darkfire. Darkfire had lost her physical body and was now a being made of green energy.

Starfire looked terrified. "... Darkfire, what have you done to yourself?"

"What I have done is absorb most of your power. What I have done is become stronger," Darkfire answered with a crazed expression. "I am power. I am a goddess!" She turned her eyes to Starfire and raised her arm, a starbolt appearing in her hand. "And I will destroy you. Farewell, Starfi-Ah!"

Darkfire abruptly grabbed hold of her arm in pain, the starbolt in her hand fading. Suddenly, the green flames of energy covering her body began to grow in size as she continued to glow brighter and brighter.

She fell to her knees. "What's happening...?"

"You have doomed yourself," Starfire answered sadly as she mustered up enough strength to fly.

"No... NO!" Darkfire shouted just before she screamed as her body turned into a power that could not be contained, spreading destruction as it released itself...

Cyborg sat on the ground, his finger serving as a makeshift torch as he patched up his knee. He gave standing a shot and was thrilled to see he could do it with no difficulty.

"Well alright," he said with a smile as he dusted his hands off and turned around. "Now to find Star and-"

When he turned around Cyborg was surprised to see Starfire flying fast towards him, but he was even more surprised to see the wave of green energy behind her that cracked concrete, tore into buildings, and melted anything made of metal.

Cyborg screamed and turned around to run, but he didn't get far for Starfire scooped him up in her arms and carried him to safety as Darkfire's energy annihilated what was left of Cyberion's body...

With the explosion over, and their opponents gone, Cyborg and Starfire had a moment of silence as they looked at the damages the explosion caused from a nearby rooftop.

"What happened?" Cyborg asked.

"Darkfire," Starfire said, looking away. "She absorbed my energy and it proved to be fatal."

"I don't understand."

She turned to him. "Tamarians can only absorb a certain amount of energy. If they take on to much they...

"Go boom?" Cyborg finished. Starfire nodded, her expression a sad one. Sensing that the experience they just faced had been a terrifying one for her, Cyborg pulled his friend in for an embrace.


Nightwing kicked open the double door's to Jump City's play house. Once inside he touched his mask, activating the infrared vision that allowed him to see footprints on the ground. He followed a trail that lead him past the audience seats and onto the stage. Finally the trail ended just outside the large red curtain. He took out his bo-staff before grabbing a fistfull of the curtain with his other hand. Before he got the chance to pull the curtain back the spotlight fell upon him. Shocked, he turned around to see what was happening when a disc exploded at his feet, releasing a sticky red substance that covered his half of his legs. The sbustance then hardened, making it impossible for him to move his legs.

It was at this moment Renegade walked down the aisle. "You finally caught up to me. Good for you."

Nightwing was already chipping away at the substance engulfing his legs with his bo-staff. "What's the matter with you, Renegade? Afraid to fight me head on so instead you run and lure me into a trap?"

"On the contrary," Renegade said as he sat down in the first row and folded his hands. "Consider this a detour. I merely wanted a chance to talk to you calmly before we start beating each other over the head like bafoons. Who knows, you may even come to like me at the end of my story and we can become friends."

"I will never be your friend," Nigtwing responded furiously, pausing in his work so he could glare at his counterpart. "I could never be friends with someone like you. All you do is endanger lives."

"What if I told you I used to be a hero?"

"I'd say you're lying."

"But I'm not."

Nightwing paused once more and looked at Renegade curiously.

Seeing that he had his attention, Renegade continued. "Before we were villains, we were heroes, but that all changed the day we lost one of our own."

"Who?" Nightwing asked after a pause.

"Darkfire... After we lost her the team split up for some time. While the others went away to reflect I stayed in the city, locked away in the tower conducting experiments."

"What kind of experiments?"

"... Cloning. After several tries I finally succeeded with my work. I had Darkfire back," Renegade said with a smile. "And I wasn't going to let anyone take her away from me again; so I changed my attitude. I became rougher, unforgiving... and I liked it."

"You crossed the line," Nightwing said as he took out a small laser from his utility belt without the distracted Renegade noticing.

"I crossed the line with good reason. And when the others returned and had seen what I had done, they agreed with me. They knew it was time for change, time to become stronger then ever before," Renegade ranted, leaving his seat so he could pace the aisle. "It started with Cyberion. He decided to become a full robot. Pink Raven was next. She tapped into her father's powers. It may have made her a little bit crazy, but it was worth it! Then Beastling changed. He started relying more on his animal instincts. It was wonderful! We were impossible to beat. No one could stand up to us! No one!"

As Renegade laughed liked a lunatic, Nightwing finally freed himself from the hardened glue trapping his legs thanks to his small laser. He leapt off the stage, calling Renegade's name furiously before he tackled him to the floor. As he continued to strike him with his fist, Renegade wrapped his legs around him and pushed him foreward, tossing him above his head. Renegade then got to his feet.

"What are you doing?" he snapped.

"Trying to stop you," Nightwing said, throwing three birdarangs.

Renegade took out his bo-staff and used it so he can push himself higher into the air so he could dodge the birdarangs and land behind Nightwing. "Why? Haven't you realized my mission is justified? You could join me."

"Your mission is a sick and twisted one. I would never join you."

Renegade narrowed his eyes and withdrew a handful of fire bombs that he threw on the floor. They exploded, creating a wall of fire between the two and allowing Renegade to flee towards the exit. Nightwing gritted his teeth and took out two disc grenades, both of them letting out a fire extinguishing foam. With the fire put out he went after Renegade and saw him with his grappling hook. As Renegade was taking off Nightwing threw an electric disc at him. It hit his back, stunning him enough to make him lose his grip on the grappling hook and fall.

As he fell Nightwing took out his own grappling hook so he could rush to grab the falling villain. He grabbed hold of Renegade's cape, and as they swung through the sky, unbeknowst to Nightwing, the villain had already awakened.

Renegade gritted his teeth and grabbed Nightwing's arm so he could pull himself up, causing Nightwing to lose focus as the two headed straight towards a building. As Renegade headbutted Nightwing the two crashed through a third floor window, tumbling into an empty room with unfinished painted walls.

Renegade recovered first and withdrew a birdarang, but just as he was about to throw it, Nightwing threw a disc at him. It hit his wrist, went off, and incased his entire arm in ice. Nightwing charged forward then, but Renegade saw a can of paint and grabbed it with his free hand, striking Nightwing across the face with it. As Nightwing went down, Renegade took out a small torch from his belt and began to melt the ice. It melted fast, and by the time Nightwing was on his feet again he was ready.

Or so he thought.

Nightwing threw smoke pellets on the floor, and as Renegade was blinded he landed a punch to his face, then a kick to his stomach that forced the villain out the window. As the smoke cleared Nightwing stood at the edge of the window and looked down to see Renegade flat on his back.

Renegade shiftewd to his side, but winced in pain as he held onto his left shoulder. He was certain it was broken, but despite that he laughed. "You think this means you've won? Go ahead, throw me in prison! I'll just come back."

Renegade laughed again, but Nightwing paid it no mind as he activitated the universal transporter. Before he dropped it, Nightwing only had one thing to say to his counterpart, something that made Renegade cease his laughter and go wide eyed.

"Get out of my city."

The transporter went off the second it hit the ground, opening up a massive portal that dragged in anything that wasn't nailed to the ground, and as Renegade was pulled in, he took out his grappling hook and aimed it at Nightwing. "You think you've won, boy wonder? Think again."

Just as Renegade was sucked into the portal his grappling hook wrapped itself around Nightwing's leg, pulling him out of the building and towards the portal.

Nightwing shut his eyes as he neared the portal, but before he could be sucked in someone grabbed his hand. He opened his eyes and Starfire. And holding onto Starfire was Raven. Beast Boy was next; he had both his arms wrapped around Raven's waist, and holding onto his legs was Cyborg.

"Everybody hold on!" Cyborg yelled.

"No kidding," Beast Boy groaned.

"Just pull!" Raven snapped as she held onto Starfire's arm with both her hands.

It was seconds later when the portal finally closed, causing the Titans to fall backwards and land in a pile.

"Are you injured?" Starfire asked Nightwing as he helped her up.

"I'm fine," he said as he squeezed her hand. "Thank to you. All of you." He said, looking at his team with a proud smile.

As they all got to their feet and dusted themselves off the sun finally broke through the clouds, casting a light upon Jump City.


It was months later, but JUmp City had finally jumped back from the devastation the Tyrants had caused. With the help of all of the members of the Titans Network, Jump City had been rebuilt to its former glory. Along with it came a new Titans tower. It was in this new tower that all of Titans Network had gathered. They came to celebrate the joys of victory and their friendship. They chatted amoung themselves, but all mingling stopped when Nightwing took center at the front of the room. With all eyes focused on him he spoke.

"The last few months haven't been easy. We've struggled to rebuild, to reclaim what has been lost. There were times when we wanted to quit, but we didn't. We pushed through, not only because it was the right thing to do, but because we care about each other and the people we protect."

At this Raven and Beast Boy smiled at each other and held hands.

"Facing the Tyrants was one of the most difficult experiences we have faced, but we learned from it and we grew."

Cyborg smiled at this and Bumblebee patted him on the shoulder happily.

"But we can't forget that there are more challenges ahead. There will always be villains, sometimes stronger then the next that will push us to our limits. What's important is that never give up. What's important is that we rely on each other. If we do that we can achieve the impossible and become better because of it."

Silkie crawled at Starfire's feet and she picked him up before looking at Nightwing and smiling.

"We are heroes," Nightwing continued, gaining a smile of his own. "We are Titans. Forever."

The room erupted into applause and cheers. Some embraced and some kissed. There were high fives and pats on the back. And as they celebrated... the moon shined down on Titans tower and the night sky filled with fireworks, courtesy of Larry who appeared with fairy wings and a smile. He waved his magic finger, chuckling before saying "That's all folks!"


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