You found me (Edward Cullen one-shot)

I do not own Twilight in any way.

I was engaged once, before Bella.

Her name was Abigail Smith and I loved her with everything I had in my body.

Then I caught the Spanish Influenza.

It ruined everything.

*Abby's Pov*

It killed me to see Edward lying on his death bed, dying in front of me.

"No change", Carlisle told me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I looked over at Elizabeth.

Lying there dead with a content look on her face.

Tears left my eyes.

"Don't cry love", Edward said.

"I love you so much Edward!" I squeaked, the tears flowing like rivers.

Edward's eyes closed and the breath left my body.

"No! Don't leave me!" I shrieked.

The nurses had to drag me out of the room.

"Somebody help him!" I yelled, "You can't just let him die!"

The nurses let go and I took off into the street.

The last thing I remember is a car horn.

*Carlisle's Pov*

I took Abby to a deserted old building.

"I'm so sorry Abigail. I hope you two find each other again someday", I said. I bit down and left her.

*Edward's Pov*

109 years later

I stood in my room, an hour from my wedding. I looked at the wedding band in the velvet box and threw it at the wall.

"What is going on?" Esme asked.

"Nothing", I growled.

Carlisle came in.

"You don't have to do this Edward", he said.

"I do. If I don't marry Bella, I'll never let her go", I said.

Bella and I stood at the altar.

Then the priest said those words, "If anyone objects to these two marrying, speak now or forever hold your peace".

Then I heard that voice from the past.

"I've held my peace long enough", she said.

I turned and saw Abby standing at the beginning of the aisle. "Abby?" I breathed.

"It's me love", she said.

I saw Carlisle step up and take her arm and lead her to me.

"Someone's getting married today Edward", Abby said.

I smiled and said, "Let's skip everything. I do". I leaned down and crashed her lips to mine.

She kissed me back. "I've waited 109 years for that", she said.

"How did you find me?" I asked her.

"Carlisle might have mentioned it", she said.

I laughed and kissed her again.