Hello one and all. It's been years since I've written a Naruto story, and all my old ones have been deleted for one reason or another. So in a way, this is my "first" Naruto story.

Now, some important info regarding the AU of this story.

-The Akatsuki are disbanded, but not all dead; Pain was defeated and sacrificed himself and Konan left like in the real series, but the rest of the members have survived. Zetsu does not really make an appearance in the story either; he's off on his own somewhere.

-The fight with Pain and Naruto did not involve Hinata's huge sacrificial moment; he is still somehow not aware of her feelings after the fight.

-Tobi is NOT Madara in this; Tobi is simply Tobi. Madara is not in this story.

-For age references, Naruto, Hinata, and all the others are pretty much in the 17-18 range. Meanwhile, Deidara is 19 (This is his real age actually.) Don't really know about the rest of the Akatsuki. And I'll just be having Deidara say "Hm" as opposed to "Un" or "Yeah"

-Hiashi is still a dick.

Now that THAT'S out of the way, let's begin this thing shall we? I'm sure some don't like the changes I've made, but now you can decide whether or not you want to read!


Disclaimer: Why would I be writing on some website if I owned this series?

It was a beautiful late afternoon in Konoha; the sky was cloudless with the sun shining brightly, choirs of birds and insects sang out, and the village was bustling with people of all sorts. The shops were full, the streets buzzing with conversation and gossip.

But not too far off from the activity, in the large forest that surrounded the village, one girl sat alone. Her lavender jacket was stained with tears; her usually kind and gentle eyes were stricken with grief and pain, red and puffy as opposed to being milky-white orbs.

Hinata Hyuga had no idea just how long she had been crying, but the tears simply wouldn't stop. She was still trying to completely process everything that had happened that day.


Hinata continued her walk to her house, hands in her pockets and head low.

We almost failed yet another mission… Because of me…


Hinata's team had just returned from an A-rank mission to apprehend some escaped fugitives from Konoha; her team was chosen for the fact that they all had great tracking abilities, as usual. However, once they finally found the fugitives (3 to be exact), a fight broke out, that during which they very nearly escaped due to Hinata slipping up in the fight. Had it not been for her sensei, Kurenai, quickly apprehending them, they would have escaped for sure.

Now while Kurenai tried to console her and convince her it was not her fault, her teammates were not quite as forgiving. Although they were still her friends, they told it to her straight; she was starting to drag the team behind.

And she knew it too.

It wasn't that they were mean about it or anything, but the two of them – Kiba especially – were usually not so blunt about that kind of stuff. They were normally much kinder in their criticism, knowing how sensitive Hinata could be. However, this time they clearly lost their patience; the fact that Hinata managed to somehow let one of them hit her from behind with her 360 degree vision was baffling ever to her. Regardless, the sudden sternness in her friends' criticism really affected her… And the worst was yet to come.

Hinata gulped as the Hyuga manor came into view.

Her father would not be pleased.

Hinata knew better than to try to lie to her father; not only was she terrible at lying, but her father always seemed to know when anyone lied to him.

Hinata hesitated as she approached the door, trying frantically to think of how to word her story, when the door suddenly opened.

Hinata gasped slightly as the intimidating figure of her father loomed above her, glaring. He let out a very audible sigh.

"Back from your mission then?"

"Y-y-yes father. The m-mission was,"

Hiashi raised a hand to silence her.

"Your sensei already informed me of everything."

Hinata's eyes widened a bit as she lost her breath for a moment.

"She said she wanted me to be able to think about it more. She hoped it would calm me down more than if I heard the news straight from you," Clearly it hadn't. Sure he wasn't screaming at her, but he didn't have to. His eyes said everything.

"W-Well, can we d-d-discuss it insi-


Hinata winced; her father's tone frightened her.

"Hinata… With each passing day, your failure simply seems to grow more and more,"

Hinata couldn't even look at her father as he spoke. She remained silent.

"The amount of missions you've jeopardized is staggering. Your skills have diminished greatly and do not seem to be showing any signs of improvement." He paused. "The amount of dishonor you have brought to our clan is… Simply astonishing."

Hinata whimpered.

"You are nearly 18, and you are weak in mind, body… Nearly every aspect. Not only are you unfit to be the heiress of our clan, but… You are unfit to be a Hyuga altogether.

Hinata dared to look up at this. Never before had her father said anything this harsh.

"W-what do you-

"You are hereby banished from both our home and clan until you can prove you are actually worthy of being a Hyuga,"

The words hit Hinata like a knife straight to her gut. She could barely breath.


"Silence. Do not make me punish you further with the Curse Seal,"

"But where will I live?" Hinata quickly blurted out. Her father shut his eyes and took a breath.

"…That is of no concern to me. Now be gone,"

With that, the door was shut on her face.

The young (Former) Hyuga stood at the doorstep for a long while in silence. Tears fell from her eyes as her whole body shook.

Exiled from her clan… And this was no spout of anger, either; it was clear Hiashi had been getting more and more upset with her overtime. He would not go back on this decision until you actually proved she was worthy to him.

Hinata simply turned and began to walk away; she didn't want to incur any further wrath upon herself.

She knew she was slipping up more, that she wasn't keeping up with the others… But to banish her from the clan? She never thought it would come to this.

Where would she go? Who would she stay with? Kiba or Shino?

Hinata recalled their sterness from before. No… If they knew she was banished, it would get even worse. She didn't want to burden her friends anymore…

Her mind turned to Kurenai.

Hinata stopped for a moment.

Her sensei… Her teacher… Had been like a second mother to her all these years…


She noticed Kurenai had been taking far more pity on her than ever before; it further showed just how far she had fallen.

And after what just happened… How she had told Hiashi about the mission ahead of time… Perhaps if he actually HAD been told by Hinata herself this wouldn't have happened…

No… She couldn't bear it. Kurenai was kind, but she felt so sorry for Hinata that it made her feel even more pathetic than she already did.

She continued walking, hardly paying attention to her surroundings.

Maybe she could ask Naru…


"Hey, watch it!"

Hinata was snapped from her thoughts as she nearly fell over; she had collided with one Sakura Haruno.

"Oh my… S-sorry Sakura, I wasn't paying attention…"

"Ow…" Sakura rubbed her forehead for a moment. "Well it's not a huge deal…" Sakura stopped as she looked at Hinata's face. "…Have you been crying?"

Hinata looked away to hide her face.

"N-no… I'm fine Sakura, r-really,"

Sakura rolled her eyes; Hinata was SUCH a terrible liar.

"Don't try that. What happened,"

Hinata sighed. She knew Sakura wouldn't let her leave without telling her.

"Well… I was just talking with my father…"

Oh boy… Sakura knew Hinata well enough to know about how she and her father got along…

"He… He said I've dishonored the Hyuga clan too much and… And he…" Hinata hesitated.

"What did he do!" Hinata looked down.

"…He banished me from the Hyuga home and clan," She said quickly. "Until… Until I become strong and worthy enough to be a Hyuga,"

Sakura was taken aback. She knew Hiashi and Hinata were not on good terms, but to be forced out of her own clan by her father…

It was just cruel.

"That's… That's awful," Sakura placed a comforting shoulder on Hinata's shoulder. "Do you have anywhere to stay?"

"No…" Hinata sighed. "Nowhere…"

"What about Kiba or Shino? Or Kurenai, your sensei?" Hinata shook her head.

"No I… I just couldn't..." Sakura was curious, but she didn't want to trouble Hinata anymore. "And it sounds… Dumb I know… But I was… I was thinking about asking if Naruto had any room where he lived…" Hinata's face turned a bit red as she said this.

Sakura sighed. She was worried she might say that…

"That's… That's not a good idea,"

"Huh…? Why?" Sakura looked away. "What's wrong? Did something happen to him?" For a second Hinata forgot about her situation. If Naruto was hurt…

"No, he's fine…" Sakura rubbed the side of her head a bit, trying to think of something to say.

"What's the problem then? Is there no room where he stays or something?"


"Is it because we'll be alone? I mean I can talk to him without freaking out now…"

"Look," Sakura paused. "It's not any of that… It's just…" Sakura winced a bit; she was REALLY hoping to tell Hinata about this under different circumstances. "…I'm already staying with him right now,"

Everything around the two of them grew quiet to Hinata. A very puzzled look appeared on her face.

"…I don't understand..."

"Look, we…"

"SAKURA!" A very loud voice boomed. Hinata glanced over, smiling a bit as she saw Naruto heading towards the two of them.

"Damn it… Not now…" Sakura whispered under her breath.

Hinata's smile instantly vanished as Naruto suddenly hugged Sakura. She quickly pushed him off without saying a word.

"Hey, what's wrong… Oh…" Naruto looked over and finally noticed Hinata. "…Were you telling her…"

"No… It was about…"

"…What's going on?" Hinata cut Sakura off, her puzzled look turning to a worried one as she looked back and forth between he two. "What are you two talking about? Telling me what?"

Sakura bit her lower lip a bit. She had not been looking forward to this…

"Alright I guess I might as well tell you…" Naruto spoke up.

Sakura braced herself. She wanted to tell Naruto about Hinata's situation first, but there was no chance she was going to get a word in. He had been very adamant about telling Hinata about them for a while…

"I don't know what she was telling you but…" Naruto exhaled a bit. "Hinata, Sakura and I have kinda been… Well… Together… For a few months now,"

Time stopped for Hinata. The world around the 3 blurred.


"Well… In secret… In fact she just moved in with me… Heh heh…" Naruto smiled nervously. "She finally gave in I guess…"

"Naruto, Hinata was just telling me her-

"And look," Naruto cut Sakura off before she could tell him. "Before that she told… Oh damn…" He could see Hinata's face beginning to turn pale. "Look Hinata don't… Look, she told me about you,"

"…M…Me?" Hinata squeaked.

She could tell what was coming; everything felt surreal to her. This was… She had nightmares about this moment…

"Yeah, and…" Naruto cleared his throat.

Don't be too hard on her Naruto… Word it carefully… Sakura knew Naruto could be very VERY blunt about things.

"Well I mean you've been such a good friend to me… And honestly I'm amazed I never noticed, but… Well… I can't say I feel anything like that towards you…"

Damn it Naruto…!

Sakura could already see the tears forming. She doesn't need this! Especially after what just happened!

"Naruto, we should go and…"

"It's not that I don't want to be friends," Naruto tried to be a bit comforting. "It's nothing about you in particular, just… You're not really the kind of person for me… Something about you just is off for me and…"

Whatever Naruto said after that Hinata didn't hear.

Something about you is just off for me…

Something about you is just off…


"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed.

"Oh crap… No, I worded that wrong… I meant to say you're just not…"

Hinata couldn't hear them anymore; she couldn't hear anything. Or feel anything. Her entire mind seemed to shut down; her heat seemed to stop beating.

The world around her grew distorted and hazy. She felt a sadness like nothing she had ever felt before. She had always dreaded this moment.

The day Naruto Uzumaki rejected Hinata Hyuga's love.

Suddenly, without warning, Hinata bolted off.

"Oh damn it… Hinata, wait!"

Hinata didn't hear him, and even if she could, she wouldn't have cared. She simply kept running, trying to get as far away from anyone or anything as possible.

"Hinata…!" Naruto tried to chase her, but she was much too fast. Naruto groaned as he slowed down.

He knew that was going to be ugly…

"You IDIOT!" Sakura suddenly screamed in his ear, causing him to jump up several feet. "Do you have ANY idea what this is going to do to her!"

"Geez, you can be so loud…" Naruto stuck a finger in his ear. "Well… We both knew she wasn't gonna take it well, right? What's the problem?"

Sakura groaned loudly.

"You have no idea what we were talking about before you showed up… I was NOT telling him about us,"

"Then what were you talking about…?" Naruto was puzzled.

But it was too late. Even after Sakura explained what Hinata just told her, and as the two sprinted off to find her, the damage had been done.


Hinata was alone in the Hidden Leaf Forest, a crumpled, shaking mess on the forest floor as her crying showed no signs of stopping.

To recap, her friends had lost their patience (If only for a moment.), her father had essentially disowned her and kicked her out of her own house, and the love of her life had not only turned her down and had decided to date someone else, but had said something about her was "off".

She wasn't even crying about Naruto anymore. She wasn't crying about her father or her friends. It wasn't necessarily about those events (Though they were pretty awful.) It was simply the emotional weight of all of them combined; it had shattered her fragile mind and sent her into a surreal depression unlike any other. Her entire life seemed to be falling apart in one day. Her entire life had been building up to this one day that completely shattered it.

It must have been at least an hour since she broke down in the forest, and it showed no signs of stopping. But already the idea had begun to form in her head; an irrational idea that only her irrational state of mind could think up.

By sundown, when the crying would finally cease, she would know exactly what she was going to do.

Clearly Konoha was going to bring nothing but misery for her from now on… Though she would soon remember them, in her current mindset she felt no bonds to all her friends and family; they had all hurt her; they didn't care for her.

And so, she saw no reason to be here.


Hiashi Hyuga sat in solitude, the fireplace before him being the only light in the room.

He had no regrets about his decision earlier; he had been patient enough with his daughter. This was the only way she had any hope of living up to her clan's name.

Of course he realized what could possibly happen to her now, but he didn't care; if she truly was a Hyuga, she would be able to take this punishment. Otherwise… He couldn't even consider her his daughter.

A sudden noise upstairs stirred him from his thoughts.

"Hm… That's coming from…" He paused as his eyes narrowed.

"Hinata's room," He rose from his chair.


Hiashi stormed down the hall, fuming. He had made it clear she was not to set foot in this house!

"HINATA!" He shouted as he swung the door open. "I THOUGHT I SAID…" He trailed off.

On Hinata's bed was a backpack that had been filled with all sorts of supplies, and what seemed to be a few cloths tied up with other things in them. Hinata stood before them, placing what seemed to be a sleeping bag of some sort into the backpack. She froze as he entered; the two stared at each in silence for a long time.

This was Hiashi's chance to stop her. He knew she was planning to run away, and he knew this would most likely be the last chance before they would have to send someone after her.

He could stop her now, welcome her back, forgive and apologize. His one chance…


But no.

"Go then. Run away. Be a coward; be weak," He stepped out of the room.

Hinata continued to stare silently, unphased by his words.

"You are not my daughter."


With that final sentence, the door was slammed shut as hard as possible.

There was no going back now.

Hinata finished the last of her packing without a word. There were no tears anymore, not for her friends, her father, not even for Naruto.

In time she would most likely come to regret this, she knew, but she didn't care; her mind was still a warped from everything that had happened.

As she she stepped towards the open window she had come through, she took one last look at her dresser.

On it was an old photo of the Konoha 12 (Including Sasuke). In the picture, Naruto happened to be right next to Hinata, beaming widely as she stood with a blush.


The photo hit the floor as she dropped it.


With one swift stomp of her foot, the photo frame snapped in half; glass shards fell all around. With that final move, Hinata left the room.

It was dark now; nobody was out to notice or stop her. She ran past all the old buildings, each filled with forgotten memories.

Soon she was beyond the gate, beyond the training field and deep into the forest. Where she was going, she had no clue.

However, she would not be wandering for much time; before long, she would find herself in a new, much more sinister home.

Yet, in time, she would come to realize it would not be as evil as one might think…

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